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I'm here hoping to meet some people who have had similar life experiences to me to talk to and do things with. I don't know anyone else with any type of ostomy and have been thinking it might be nice to be able to talk to someone without having to give a medical lesson first. I'd also like to help anyone if I can that's going through similar things to what I've gone through. I've had an ileostomy now for about 13 years, permanent for about 9. Originally, about 23 years ago, I was diagnosed with UC, but it was later discovered (2004) that it's Crohn's.

Besides all of that, I enjoy doing a lot of different things including hiking, kayaking, camping, going to concerts, movies, dinner, Atlantic City. I'm hoping to meet some new people to talk to and do some of those things with.
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Hi there. I've had Crohn's for about 12 years now. Got an illeosto...
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