i am 45 yrs old. i am a positive person. married 21 and a half years. with two young teenagers. 13 and 14 yrs old young ladies. my husband and daughthers have been my rock and strength through all my surgeries, to get this far in life. i believe tha God has a purpose for us all, and this is why i am still alive today. most of my free time is spent taking care of my husband house daughters, for they are very busy with school. dance etc, plus i am not allowed to work for i have been sick for a long time. but i am a strong lady. and i depend on Gods strengh and faith in him to keep me strong , because some daus i cant move to well. but i dont pity myself at all. i live my life to the best i can each day. i exercise and workout, to keep me strong. and i make sure my family does good, for they have suffered tremedously through out there yopung lives. i love to paint stuff, when i can, i love dance art etc. i am a very visual person. professional hairsylist retired, from working. use to model and dance. i have an exciting life, because off my wonderful family , friends, and daughthers who are so beautiful and talented. they and my husband keep me young.

i am looking for other ldies who have ostomies, especialy an illeostomy. just nice people who have a life like mine, and simular clean, good morals, married like me , or single, for i like helping people with advice with the experiences i have been through with my health.
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