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I have been injecting insulin into my body from little glass bottles for about forty seven years (today is 2010) so I am described as diabetic. Maybe I am. My ostomy is due to removal of rectal cancer. Boy has that made my life more convenient. I wish I had learned about that twenty or fifty years ago! Our two boys still live at home (isn't that the new rule?) one is a senior in high school the other will soon start college (he says).

I am actually retired, but before I retired I was a cardiovascular perfusionist. I used to, also, race bicycles and roller skate on quads. Boy THAT was long time ago!
I also fly toy airplanes (I used to fly big ones -- sailplanes). Do not tell my wife, but what I am REALLY looking for is a really cute, funny nineteen year old girlfriend.

Good grief. I may have forgotten what one DOES with one of those.