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I had emergency surgery 6 weeks ago (10/3-4/10). I went to the ER at 300 pm and was in surgery for 4 hours at 1100 pm after a CT scan showed a perforation. No time to think about what might be. And, frankly I didn't know if I would wake up in the hospital recovery room, or some other more distant location. This was my first surgery ever. It was also the first time I faced death since realistically I had a good chance not to make it. I woke up with a stoma on my left side, had an end colostomy. The surgeon was a good guy. His name was Federer, and since I am a big tennis fan of Roger it was something we laughed about in the ER. I told him if he did his best and I woke up, we would go see him play at the U.S. Open. LOL. So far it appears he did a great job as my scar is healing very well in this short time, and so far no complications. Must say I never heard of a stoma, and certainly I have a lot to learn about managing it. I have called Hollister and Convatech multiple times. Anyway I went for a long walk today and worked out with some very light weights for the first time per the surgeon's OK. It is my plan to buy a weight bench and when/if reasonable return to weight lifting like I did before this incident, to stay toned. I am/was also a tennis player since college, and hope to be able to play again since I had just bought a new Babolat tennis racquet (like Nadal uses) ha ha. This is a whole new world now. However like most things in life it is our attitude that matters most and determines to a large extent, the quality of our life; that is, how you cope with adversity. Have been doing online searching and came across this and other websites;so decided to participate. Anyway, best wishes to everyone. More later.

It would be nice to interact with others on this site; hopefully make a new friend(s) with someone in my area (or anywhere within a 4 hour plane ride) to hang out with, dinners, activities and share common circumstances.
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