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I am a Sales Co-Ordinator for a large vehicle Dealership. I live in London, Ontario. All of my family live in the Toronto area (where I am from originally) I have traveled quite a lot in both the US and Canada. I am 5'6" blonde and green eyed. I am still underweight from my illness 94lbs at present, but hoping to gain more weight. I love good food and wine, old movies, good books and the internet. I try to learn at least one new thing a day and I try to love,live and laugh as much as I can every single day. I am considered a good listener - if you listen to others not only do you learn about them but about yourself - also it can help put your own life into perspective. I really just want to meet someone who is willing to be a true partner and share their life love hopes dreams and disappointments. I'm looking for what we all are.

I am looking to meet new people of varied interests and hobbies. I would also like to meet men who are interested in sharing their lives with a caring partner. I am not a full member so do not really have access to sending email