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I am from Calgary, Alberta, Canada, born and raised. I have a permanent ileostomy due to Ulcerative Colitis, which I was diagnosed with at age 10, in 1991. I had my colectomy in 1992. I've had a straight pull-through, a j-pouch and Koch pouch prior to this but all of them failed. In December 2011 I had emergency surgery to have my k-pouch removed and a permanent end ileostomy created. I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 2013, but had symptoms since my early 20's. I think some bowel issues were related to that.

I used to work for a heavy equipment dealership as a service advisor but went on disability leave after my last surgery. I decided to go back to school part time and do something different. I enjoy rock n roll. I love animals, especially cats!! I mostly do activities that are not too physically strenuous at this point since I'm not feeling great these days. I like swimming, karaoke, camping and stuff like that when I am feeling up to it. I enjoy volunteer work and going to church and studying the Bible, especially cult apologetics since I grew up in one. I have a cult survivor ministry and am glad I have a strong testimony to share.

I love to talk about poo and am glad to have friends who understand IBD. It is so hard not to laugh about diarrhea with someone who can relate! My one friend and I change the lyrics of songs and sing about diarrhea and bad food and stuff, it's so funny it makes me cry. :D It's also important to vent and not allow the disease and sickness to consume you. We are already so prone to depression and anxiety because of vitamin and mineral deficiencies. I also encourage people to read about the function of the intestine to gain an understanding of why they are sick... i.e., if you are missing your terminal ileum you need B12 injections, or you will end up being tired and depressed and can wind up getting dementia eventually. Many doctors may not understand the difficulty in losing particular sections of intestine. Each section of the small bowel has a different function, and the colon has a very different function. Read about the medicals terms and "short bowel syndrome" to understand. Another lesser know fact about our blessed country is that there are provincial medical plans to assist in incontinence and ostomy supplies. In Alberta it's called "Alberta Aids to Daily Living". We are also entitled to a Disability Tax Credit because of our ailment.

If you are rollin' with no colon, I have a FB group to chat and pray, it's called The Colonless Angels Prayer Group, and you can add me there. Send me a wink if you wish to talk. Thanks for checking my page! Tiffany