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I am a palliative care nurse working in an active Hospice unit. I also am a musician, and together with my husband, sing a variety of genres of musice- including original compositions. I sing everything from folk music to early Renaissance and Opera. I love life, and am thankful for the gift of waking up to new days and possibilities. I am also a writer. I have worked as a research assistant (biochemistry), and as a high school teacher (chemistry, math, biology, and music). I have been blessed with a wide variety of interests and am an avid life long learner.

I like honesty, authenticity, and shared values and interests. God is very important to me, so any relationship based on knowing God and learning to love those created in His image is important to me. I want to be a better person, and being in relationship with others is one of the primary ways of doing just that. I like to give, and am challenged in learning how to receive love from others...likely due to some pretty primal trust issues stemming from an abusive and traumatic childhood.