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Hi everyone!

I'm just coming back to using this site, now as a full member (yay!), after several years of being MIA. I decided I really want to get more involved with this beautiful community of people, so here I am! Need to update all the profile stuff below, but for now I just thought I'd post this little message at the top of my "about me" to re-introduce myself. Please feel free to message me just to say hi, or for any reason at all!

general: looking for friends, activity partners, information, support, advice and just chatting with others who understand.

a bit about me: i'm a city girl (born and raised in New York) who also loves the outdoors, and grew up visiting Nat'l Parks with the family...mostly in the glorious southwest. i'm curious, intellectual, and perhaps a bit feisty. i'm a massive consumer of art: movies, tv, music, books. i LOVE the water, although that's a bit trickier now. i've been practicing yoga, on and off as my health allows, since age 19. trying to rid myself of perfectionist tendencies, and realize that 15 minutes of yoga at home is better than nothing, even if i can't necessarily make it through an intense two-hour sweat-fest class like i used to. i will do that again someday...but baby steps, right? :) i've also studied tibetan buddhism since college. it's the only philosophy that makes any sense to me. i'd love to visit india and tibet someday, health and politics permitting. that's a "Capital D" dream, as I call it.

update, September 8, 2013: ok, this is sort of embarrassing, as i consider myself a tech-savvy person. but i just kinda realized the limitations of the free membership, ie, not being able to initiate messages, only winks, which don't exactly progress to conversation if neither member has messaging privileges. so i'm going to be bold here...if you want to contact me and can't because you don't have a full membership, here's my email--please, only friendly, respectful, courteous emails (ie, no spam or unsolicited photographs). yikes--hope i don't regret this...


update, October 30, 2016: to all of you who have reached out to me over email, i'm very sorry if i haven't gotten back to you. life has been kind of crazy for the last few years, and i will definitely be better about responding going forward. at some point i will alsol go back through my emails to try to find people i missed. i am doing much better now, but the last couple of years have been difficult: my own health has been relatively stable (although "stable" in this community probably means something very different than it does elsewhere, ie, to people who have never dealt with chronic illness!), but my family members have unfortunately been dealing with a variety of health issues. most notably, my mother donated a kidney to my father last year. but i am happy to report that he is doing quite well! and she is too :) they are both tough, i think it runs in the family. they have been married for almost 50 years, and although they have their ups-and-downs, they are best friends, and i think they are amazing. still looking for the right person to share the rest of my life with, and hopefully, have the kind of companionship they have for decades to come.

also going on in my life: i moved to boston! (from los angeles.) i moved in may 2015 with my then-boyfriend, but we broke up recently. about the move: after nearly eight years in LA, i decided it was time to leave the west coast: i wanted to be closer to my parents, who live in upstate NY, and my brother, who lives here in boston, too. i also decided i didn't want to work in the entertainment industry after all, and...well, there are a few more reasons.

i also recently went back to school. i am currently enrolled in a 12-week "bootcamp" to become a web developer (for those who don't know much about tech, similar to a software engineer), and it is a VERY intense program! even with my ostomy, it is testing the limits of my health. but i am determined to graduate, or at least do my very best. i am excited about a career change, and working in tech in boston, there are a lot of opportunities it seems, and it is especially a good industry for things like working remotely (ie, not having to go into an office), which is great for those days when i don't feel so great or just need a rest. my dream is to eventually "come out" as an ostomate here in the tech community in boston, and try to make the industry more inclusive, not just for people with ostomies, crohn's, or IBD, but chronic illnesses in general. i have a journal filled with ideas for start-ups that would help our community, and i'd love to try to get one of them funded by a VC firm. but one step at a time. for now, classes are keeping me busy, and i need to focus on graduating, and trying to balance school with taking care of myself...mind, body, and soul.

apologies for this very long and narcissistic-feeling post...but then again, this is the "about me" section i suppose! i guess i've historically been more of a lurker than a poster on forums like this, so it feels strange to talk about myself so much.

sending hugs to all you wonderful ostomates out there, my beautiful sisters and brothers. and remember these two things: be kind to one another, and never ever lose hope.

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