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A Tribute To Seven

Posted by Angelicamarie, on Tue Aug 27, 2019 4:56 pm

It was a quiet night at louisville radio station when the phones started lighting up.

The song just played struck a healing note in a community pained by tragedy. Local boy Seven Bridges. Just 10 years old took his life(The song was Be Alright.)

He had a colostomy for much of his young life and struggled with the pain of multiple surgeries and bullying at school.

Damon Little a Gospel singer learned of the detais of the child's death and a flood of emotion came over him.."A flashback came to me, I had blocked it out for years. The kids story is my life.

I was torn into pieces," Little recounts.  Little was born with a birth defect that resulted in a colostomy during much of his childhood. He had five to six surgeries over the years before a sucessful

final reversal surgery around the age of nine.

He was often teased by kids who did not understand his condition, but he still was a popular student. He remembered being told  that he would never have children or do things that his peers did.

Those around him did not undertand that you could live a full life with an ostomy.

"Little says seven story hit him in his heart. Nothing shook me or got my attention like this. I needed to raise awareness."

His ostomy outreach goes way beyound the stage. In South Carolina, He gave hope to a grandmother with a new granddaughter born with a birth defect that required an ostomy.

A young man aprroached Little and told him his brother had Chrohns disease. The doctors wanted him to get an ostomy, his brother refused becaause he couldn't see living like that. He later died.

It's amazing to me that something that happened to me over thirty years ago is still powerfull and can touch peoples lives. I felt like giving up at times as a kid. "A lot of people knew I was a sick kid,

But I was a blessed child. Music was my outlet", Little confessed.

Little wants people to know they are not alone. All kids that are ending up with ostomies that are being bullied, they have to know there is HOPE.

Damon Little/Be Alright-2019/Utube



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Reply by Bill, on Wed Aug 28, 2019 2:09 am

Hello Angelicamarie.  I like and appreciate the song and the sentiments behiind it. These positive and reassuring messages can have a profound influence on the lives of those adversely affected by incidents of bullying and the ripple effect of the tragic concequences which can result from bullying.  However, poets, songwriters and singers are unlikely to be the ones to persuade the bullies to refrain from their lifetime habits.

What is needed is that our whole societies need to be designed so that these bullies are controlled and managed in similar ways as other 'criminals'. 

At present, it appears that bullies are rewarded and praised for the way they exploit and bully others in their pursuit of personal power and gain. Until this element is controlled, then the bullying will continue and there will be many more tragedies like the one you describe. 

Best wishes


Reply by Angelicamarie, on Wed Aug 28, 2019 2:25 am

Bil, I agree it will continue to happen because there's no punishment for that behavior. However it always start from the top and work it ways dowm. It's allowed behavior, the sad part is not only will children suffer but adults too. 




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