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Posted by newnormal, on Thu Sep 05, 2019 11:14 am

I was doing okay for a while. My Crohn's has been calm, ileostomy working well, but my pancreas isn't happy. I had my first attack of acute pancreatitis over a year ago and I was told it was caused by azathioprine so I was taken off it. About a month ago I ended up in the hospital again for a few days with acute pancreatitis, and then had another attack about a week ago. I have been losing weight and am extremely fatigued. I will see a pancreatic specialist in a week. I will have more tests done, but most of the tests so far have come back ok except of course my enzyme levels which are off the charts. Doc thinks maybe it's autoimmune. Apparently AIP is fairly common with IBD, and Crohn's patients are more likely to get azathioprine induced AP. I have searched this site for similar stories and found some but most of them are no longer members. Has anyone who is currently a member gone through something similar?

I am taking enzymes and eating a very low fat diet. Haven't had any alcohol in years. Having Crohn's, ileostomy and pancreatitis really limits what I can eat and drink. Trying to go with the flow but am getting really sick of being sick. 

Reply by iMacG5, on Thu Sep 05, 2019 12:18 pm

Hey Newnormal, I need to explain.  I hit "liked" though I dislike everything you're going through.  What I liked is that you're reaching out and sounding as strong as anyone could imagine with what you're going through.  My thought is you might try other sites with forums of wise, caring folks like here but more familiar with your situation.  Please keep us posted on your successes.



Reply by Bill, on Thu Sep 05, 2019 3:24 pm

Hello newnormal.

I cannot offer any words of wisdom on this particular topic,  but I would like to thank you for the concept and the title of my next rhyming verse which will be 'I'm sick of being sick'. 

For the most part, I just get on with my life and take chonic illness in my stride. However, every now and then I become melancholic about the whole sickness thing and wonder how long I can stay positive. 

It is people like you(and others who share their stories on this site), who have so much to put up with and do it with dignity and perseverance, that gives me strength and hope to carry on.

I thank you for your contribution and I hope that you can very soon link up with others who have similar experiences you can share.

Best wishes 


Reply by newnormal, on Thu Sep 05, 2019 4:57 pm

Thank you both for the support. That's what I like about this forum in particular, I am a member of a few other forums/online support groups but they are not as welcoming.

I just made a big bowl of pho with fresh ginger, tofu and some basil from my garden so that made me feel good. 

Reply by freedancer, on Thu Sep 05, 2019 5:00 pm

Gosh!! I do hope you are better soon!

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