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Posted by Rhian, on Wed Mar 31, 2010 5:02 pm
Hi Shitbag.... it does sound derogatory, however seeing as you chose it yourself, my answer is do what makes you happy mate!
Reply by beyondpar, on Fri Apr 02, 2010 9:19 am
Before I begin let me just put the disclaimer out there, that you can keep your name if you like it and change it too if you feel the need,  However

Here is my opinion on the  matter and let me tell everyone on here that I think i had asked you to change it early on when i first noticed it.

        Words are powerful and names too and they all carry with it preconceived notions and stereotypes and connotations, and SHITBAG is everything negative..We used to call kids we hated or thought were being stupid that name and that in and of itself is all NEGATIVE..I feel its on par with the word SCUMBAG  and I dare anyone to find that to be funny or cute or laugh out loud teriffic that one would feel comfortable with a name like that.
             We in the Ostomy world already face a boatload of negative steretyping by the world and to even perpetuate anything negative for a second( and yes even in a name) is unacceptable to me in my journey..To even call the pouch a shitbag allows the stigma to continue and I will not stand idly by.   It also does a disservice to the ostomy as at its very elemental form it might well be that, but what it offers is everything but.
            What we call ourselves is also a continuation of our psyche  Beyondpar,  facing my fears, wonded doe,  1 happyme.  etc  etc  and to call yourself shitbag doenst sit well with me or for that matter baffles me that others feel its ok. As i read the thread i could nt help but notice that that some who were repulsed by the thought of having to have the "bag" and couldnt wait for reversal ,   find the name laugh out loud funny and encouraging another to keep it.......i find it disengenuous and a disconnect on what the journey is all about.
While I know I too need to lighten up a bit,  this touches a deep chord for me and most of us on this site  and I will continue to speak about all that the pouch offers.

One last thing beofre I go,  and that is that "shitbag"  wants to meet someone and to keep the name will only attract flies..........we have all suffered in some way shape or form and want to move foward with only positive good feelings and thoughts and i dont see that happening with a name like that..........Till next post.........Michael
Reply by Buffi, on Wed Sep 04, 2019 5:17 pm

I think it's a hoot and it shows that you're a hoot with a great attitude and sense of humour. 😊

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