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Stoma retracting

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Posted: Mon Jan 03, 2011 10:27 pm
Hi. I was wondering if anyone has experienced their stoma retracting? This has been happening to me more and more often. It is very painful and every time it happens it causes my bag to leak/fail. I was wondering what is done for this. I have an appointment with my surgeon in a few days. Any advice or information will be appreciated.  Thanks, Dani
Posted: Mon Jan 03, 2011 11:58 pm
Dani, Had the same situation a couple of years ago. The stoma loved to retract and leak at night when I slept on my back.  When the stoma retracts the liquid works its way under the wafer, irritates the skin and finds a way out. I had a crease from a scar which made a great place for it to leak. 95% of the leaks (and thus the pain) stopped when I began to wear a Nu-Hope ostomy belt to bed. Also used a Eakin cohesive seal around the stoma. The belt provides an even light pressure around the stoma area so it will not retract. This, for me, is a more comfortable situation that a leak and pain at night. I wear the belt in the daytime also. A little extra protection when out and about. Good luck.  Roger
Posted: Tue Jan 04, 2011 6:26 am
hey there i cant completely say my stoma retracts in that much but it does retract i am now using a shallow convexity pouchy you also can get a deep convexity..Please have a word with your stoma nurse come down and see mine in Oz we are old friends ..Goodluck i am sure someone might know more than me mine leaked so i just cany wear the flat pouchy.      Goodluck darl. mare     mooza               
Posted: Tue Jan 04, 2011 6:30 am
  Love the Cup dancer.. its pretty SHIT though hahahah    
Posted: Fri Jan 07, 2011 7:06 pm
Yes i have a retracted stoma which i have had for 7 years in the last 3 yrs i have had leaks both day and night . I saw my surgeon after my stoma Nurse tryed all different flanges  well the surgeon said she would try putting staples in the stoma to keep it from retracting . Well this did not work,So back to the surgeon she then  said she would try something new she would inject the stoma with a substance that makes the stoma go hard . Well only half the stoma has stayed out ,So i am still getting leakes.and this was not cheap £1000 a go.

Iam now waiting to see the surgeon  and the next step is to reform the stoma and i cant wait i hope this will be the end to my nightmare of always looking for the toilet ,always afraid of going out just incase ,and the changing sheets every night

My sergeon told me that these ops do work  on some people i was just unlucky, I do hope that your surgeon will get you sorted, Good luck
Posted: Sat Jan 08, 2011 4:35 am
yep thats tru unlucky what sort of stoma u get my first was perferct but i had a choice at the time Well crohns fixed that up ..tell surgeon or sta nurse mine stoma nurse is my buddy in hos. and is listened too so they were re sighting to the left still not like the first but i am kucky no leakes been there thou cant rem wat op.. goodluck tellnagg them u need your freedom bugger the surgeon p.s i hate em sort of.... mare
Posted: Sun Jan 09, 2011 8:57 pm
I am experiencing the same thing lately and after my last endoscope all drugged up I spoke to the ET nurse at the hospital.From what I can remember about the conversation....My caving is due to the mesh from my hernia operation shifting, causing caving in downwards of my stoma. She suggested I use a paste ring to build up the bottom of my stomach where it turns in.

Since I was still basically under sedation, I can't remember names of products but I have sent an email to my connection at Hollister explaining my situation and I'm awaiting her reply. My leaks happen mostly at night, sometimes during the day but when the pain starts I try to get to the bathroom in case I have an eruption. If this doesn't work looks like it will be backon the table for me.

Does anyone know if a hernia mesh repair can be done laproscopicly? I'm quite happy with my little scar and don't want to have to go through that healing pain again....

And why do Doctors and Nurses explain things to you while you are still groggy?
Posted: Sun Mar 13, 2011 9:17 am
I recently was admitted with a retracted stoma - so far in that I couldn't see any red tissue, just a tiny dark hole.  I'd been constipated due to chemo antisickness drugs (I was constipated when I started chemo and discovered a rectovaginal fistula which is why I now have the transverse colostomy to stop leaking there).  Still have issues with leaking mucous and blood - which as another topic would love to hear from success stories on such fistula repair.  I cannot have a bowel resection or my redundant colon removed because of my terminal cancer state - recovery time would prevent chemo and that's all that's keeping me alive at the moment stopping the tumours growing.

The colon joined itself up again and I spent a week sitting in my own faeces, cleaning myself up hourly day and night in hospital with bleeding sore skin.  The most humiliating uncontrollable situation.  Utterly miserable.  With a convex bag the stoma showed itself again and now has this bizarre habit of prolapsing and growing to the size of a satsuma or becoming flat and flush and only an inch in diameter - but so far no retraction.

Anyway - the actual point of my post.....

The bags I'm using now are Pelican Select Convex.  They have an incredible instant seal! The flange is SO soft and comfortable on my skin it's unbelievable.  Even if the outer seal lifts a little with movement, the convex part doesn't shift and I need adhesive remover spray to get it off.  Because it changes in size so much I have to cut the hole a little bigger than the stoma at its smallest but skin barrier wipes have so far protected my skin and not a single leak.  I'm on permanent laxatives so my output is only a bit thicker than with an ileostomy.  

If you are able to get samples of these, I'd suggest you do, I was quite happy with the bags I had, and worried that a convex wouldn't suit me but I really barely notice it unless it's filling up and a bit heavy.  There are different levels of convexity and mine isn't the deepest.

The only problems I really have now is if I need to change it when it's enlarged.  I can't get the bag off and I can't get another one on so I try and get in there when it's small, safe in the knowledge that the barrier wipes have worked so far.
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