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Posted by Past Member, on Thu May 05, 2011 3:14 pm
It is with a certain degree of satisfaction that I put these words to print, confident that I can do so without fear of reprisal or suffering any kind of harm for doing so.  Not like in some other countries around the world.
     There are a myriad of religions through out our planet that advocate that their's is the only true way of salvation, of the possibility of entering Heaven.  You know what?  Somebody's
wrong.  Is it the Baptist,the Methodist, the Presbytarian, the Jesuit.  But that I know of, there is only one religion that advocates the slaughter of those who do not believe as they do.  They are definately wrong.  I am an American and as such believe in tolerance, in that anyone should be free to worship as they see fit.   But not to practice brutalty against non belivers, as do the Moslems.  We as a nation have embraced  all religions and given them guarenties of freedom to worship as they choose, as well we should, if we are to expect those same priviledges for
ourselves and our prosterity.  However, when one advocates the aforementioned atrocities,  
it is time to say, enough.
     I am fed up with molly coddling those I describe an then being held in ridicule because I will not sit down and break bread with them, I don't wanna, I ain't gotta, and by thunder I ain't gonna.
    That's my piece and I stand by it.
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