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Rectum Scar Tissue Itching 12 years after Surgery?

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Posted: Mon Jul 18, 2011 7:56 am
My rectum scar tissue has started to itch and feel strange recently, though there are no outward signs of any infection, it all looks as usual.

It first started about 4 weeks ago, justy before I had a groin hernia op, and I was wearing a support belt. My GP put it down to the belt pushing the hernia back in, and a piece of gut pushing down onto the scar tissue.

So I had thehernia op, all went well, started walking a bit more to recvover, after spening some time sitting around and resting, then went on a 3 mile walk. The day after, my rectal area started itching again, feeling of stuff gurgling round near it, feeling that when I stood for awhile there was downward pressure almost like an "urge". Goes when I lie down, gets worse when I walk for a while, or sit in one place for long. When I stand up, I feel downward urge pressure a couple of minutes later, or after eating or drinking. Very much in sync with my stoma working too.

Saw two GPs early last week, who said it was fungal infection. Gave me cream and anti-histamines which did nothing,the cream made it itch more!!! Not an infection, there are no outside issues or soreness.

Saw another GP on Friday, who agreed with the first, and said it was very likely that the successful hernia op had pushed my guts back. She told me to do pelvic floor exercises to strengthen the rectal area which she said may have got a bit lazy, and that men were being encouraged to do these exercises anyway.

Then my surgeon rang me today as a follow up. He then said that this was not possible, the guts stay where they are, that the itch could be to do with the original ileostomy surgery. he said itwas not possible for the intestines to move about the cavity, even though I have less to move around and more space for them to move around in.

People with a rectum wouldnt feel this though, the rectum would keep any gut away from that area, and surely my ileum would fall down into the space where my colon was

So I have a whole range of medical professionals who cant agree on a very annoying and irritating sensation in my body, that I CAN feel, I know is there, and is not "psychological"

Maybe its muscular, it get worse after walking for a while.

Maybe its circulatory, sitting on it relieves it a bit, but when I stand up, it feels like stuff is pushing down a bit.

But its driving me mad, especially as the hernia repair is doing very well and gives me little discomfort less than4 weeks post op.

Anyone experienced stuff similar to this
  Past Member
Posted: Mon Jul 18, 2011 3:54 pm
I am a total '_'itch today ... that is not a witch - you might try a 'B'. I 'hate' doctors. Why can't they ever say "I don't know", or "we will try this if it doesn't help 'call me' or come back".

I am reminded of several older posts that speak of having rectal discharge - often excessive - of mucus, blood or left over fecal matter. Try looking at old posts and see if any of their suggestions seem to fit.  Or try a search of "rectal pressure" or "rectal discharge". There might be some answers. Phantom push feelings are relatively common.  Maybe something really wants to come out.  Be careful but keep looking for answers.
Posted: Tue Jul 19, 2011 1:30 am
I feel this way when there is build up of the mucose in the last of the 2 inches of colon and the rectum that I have left. I will go to the restroom and pass this and then I am fine. I am very sensitive to this area because of the amount of fistulas that I have (4). I have just began my week 5 post op for the ileostomy. I don't know if this will help or not, but I have experienced the itching issue also and this always meant that I had another fistula forming.
Posted: Tue Jul 19, 2011 5:34 am
The thing is I have nothing there at all, its all gone and completely sewn up. apart from a few little cavities where the stitching was done.

I dont pass any stuff at all out of the back end, I had it completely removed a year and a half after the original op, as it used to bleed constantly from whatever UC was left in there.

I have a complete Barbie Butt, so the feeling of pressure is very odd, as is the hot and cold itchy sensations. Yet I have no outward soreness, my GP examined me this morning and saw nothing wrong there, no herniation, no lump no inflammation at all.

Went to my GP today for a referral, which he had to get some blood test result before he could do. But again he said that my insides could be causing the pressure, that I could have a loop of bowel pressing against the area.

Something that the (general) surgeon who did my hernia repair said couldnt happen.

So thats three GPs that say my bowel could be irritating it by resting there, and one GP and a surgeon who says it cant possibly happen. The same surgeon who said that the early hernia repair aching and stinging couldnt be caused by internal bowel pressure!!!When it was obvious to me that it was, it doesnt do that much now, apart from when I eat a big meal.

The same surgeon who then suggested that the itchy rectal area could be a hernia!!! So what would come through that hernia apart from abdominal contents? Which surely would be there in the first place.

Doesnt inspire me with much confidence in the guy who did the hernia repair either

GP said I could have a piece of bowel resting on a nerve there, as there are still a lot of nerve endings in the muscles there, which I still have as I still have anal muscles there.

It could also be muscular as it tends to itch more when I have been walking around and stood up for a while. Maybe its internal bruising from all the sitting about I have been doing recently, and then using that muscle to walk and move more post hernia op.

Waiting for the blood tests to come back, and I am seeing him on Friday anyway to review my return to work after the hernia op.

Still itching though, just got to get on with things and not worry too much about it.

A real pain in the bum, which I thought would be a thing of the distant past
Posted: Fri Jul 22, 2011 6:13 am
Seems like the itching is being caused by a few varicose veins around where my anus used to be, probably due to some poor circulation and sitting around more post hernia op.

GP prescribed me some steroid cream but said to use it sparingly.

Doesnt explain the downward pressure though, which seems to come from my coccyx area.

GP said that it could simply be the fact that my ileum now rests in my lower bowel cavity more, and after the hernia repair where part of it was living outside the cavity, it had to find its natural place again.

Even though the general surgeon who did my hernia op denies that this could happen!!!

I'll put up another thread about this somewhere, regarding what fills the space once a colon and a rectum is removed.
Posted: Fri Jul 22, 2011 6:26 am
Hi telecaster, it's three years since I had my final, end of the line, surgery and I still have similar
sensations. Maybe it's like the sensation amputees have when they can still feel a limb and want to scratch an itch that can't possibly be there.My only consolation is that the cancer cannot return to something that isn't there, even if I do want to scratch the life out of it !!!!!
best wishes, you are not alone.
Posted: Tue Jul 26, 2011 6:28 am
Well, I have been using this natural herbal cream, which has taken away a bit of the itching, though I can help feeling that the itch is related to my guts moving around after the op.

When I sit for awhile, or eat, and the stand up, my whole insides seem to go mad, drumming against my lower back and then my rectum area, which makes me itch more.

Cant help feeling that simply stuffing my guts back in and putting a solid mesh in my tummy has increased my abdominal pressure and moved my looser guts to a new location, and when I stand up and sit down they fall into a new place, sometimes right on my old scar tissue.

Last night I had a big tea, then went out to helptie up some tomatoes in the greenhouse.

The sensations nearly took me over for half an hour, guts banging against different parts of my body, my stoma doing its work. Had to sit down for a while.

Feels like ive got a back passage again and nothing to push through it!!!!
Posted: Thu Jul 28, 2011 5:09 pm
Much more sore today, been on my feet most of the day.

Looks like I have a nice little set of external piles on a non-functioning rectum!!!

Itch all day, especially when standing for a long time. Area is sensitive so I can then feel my guts working through it.

Creams dont help, maybe I need to have them removed.

Anyone else have barbie butt piles???
  Past Member
Posted: Thu Jul 28, 2011 5:56 pm
Not that I ever had any real doubts ..... But, life really isn't fair.  

Shouldn't there be enough at some point?  Done enough, given enough, been through enough, suffered enough,  ...ssscccccrrrrrrreeeeeeeaaaaaaaammmmmmmmmmmm. STOP

Telecaster, Are you sure you don't want to see a doctor again - another doctor.  This one should be fixable.  Seems a bit beyond ordinary side effects.   Carol
Posted: Sun Jul 31, 2011 7:05 am
Saw another doc on Friday, who also said it could be different parts of my scar tissue stretching at different rates, such that some parts of it are pulling, which it does when I am active and walking a lot and stuff (ie going about my busy life!!)

This could be sending off odd nerve signals to my brain.

Doesnt explain the odd pulsing I get after eating much of which seems to be in sync with my stoma working. This pushes against the scar tissue and makes it twinge and feel either sore, itchy or even cold.

He also was a one who said that my guts couldnt be pressing down, then in passing he asked me how big my hernia got to.

When I told him it was the size of a mango for its last few months, he then said, "Ah, possibly.....!"

He has referred me to my original surgeon who removed my rectum, (luckily he is still practicing at the same hospital) and also prescribed me some anaesthetic cream which seems to have taken the edge off. It also has castor oil in it which seems to soothe things too.

Just trying to ignore it and get on with things, but want it sorted before I go away on my hols with my family.

Funny thing is, walking a lot makes it worse, but riding my bike doesnt.

So thats what I am doing this afternoon, transferring the soreness to somewhere else!!!!
Posted: Sat Aug 06, 2011 10:27 am
Hopefully get my referral soon, its not so bad today, but if I have an active day, the sensations drive me nuts.

GP on Friday said I could use more of the anaesthetic cream, plus I could also use stuff like Anusol as well.

Been slapping it on more, and noticed it is less irritating.

Anyone else have Barbie Butt problems this long after surgery.

Could I have a nerve trapped in my scar tissue somewhere, that has only just happened?
  Past Member
Posted: Tue Aug 09, 2011 5:54 pm
Sounds like you've got a case of phantom rectum. I had a total colectomy 10 years ago and get the sensations you describe from time to time. Your recent surgery may have triggered the feelings you are experiencing.
Take comfort in the fact that they are temporay irritations and as time goes by these feelings will subside and hopefully dissapear.
Posted: Wed Aug 10, 2011 10:18 am
I did a rehearsal last night where I was stood up all evening. Damn thing was feeling cold, wet, sore, etc all night. Especially when moving around and stuff, seems to be something in there twingeing and setting off nerve signals. It was also seeming to occasionally spread up to around my coccyx area too. Very odd.

One of my bandmates is a GP by profession, and he was asking me how my recent hernia op went. Told him hernia was doing fine, but then I mentioned the other trouble.

His immediate response was nerve issues, as he said if it was an infection it would just be sore, and creams would relieve it.

He suggested I saw a doctor at my local practice and get some nerve medication.

Which I did this morning, so see how that goes.

She prescribed me some Amitryptyline tablets to take one a day at first then up to two or so.

Who knows what they will do......?
Posted: Tue Aug 16, 2011 6:18 am
And these tablets seem to be having a very mild effect on the itch, yet a big effect on me in general.

Making me sleep like a baby at night, then feel manic in the morning. Feeling sort of jittery and not able to concentrate either.

And apparently I have to watch my alcohol intake on them, not good for a trip to France I am doing in a few days.

Anyone else taken Amitripyline?
Posted: Fri Aug 19, 2011 9:17 am
Not really getting any better, wondering if I have got an incisional hernia there to be honest.

Seems to feel sore when I take big steps or climb stairs

Yet I can't see any obvious bulging or anything.

Or is it just a pulled muscle there, or one of the little webs left over from the surgery pulling a bit.

Seems to work in sync with my stoma working, and when I get up from a sitting or lying position, I definately get a sensation of downward pressure there.

And it varies between feeling itchy, sore and cold even
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