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What to expect post Barbie-butt surgery?

Posted by cmdcwc, on Tue May 29, 2018 7:59 pm

I had my colon removed in 2003 due to UC; an ileostomy in 2010, a few stomal revisions, and then in 2012, because of a parastomal hernia, we moved my stoma from the right to the left. all during the first 2-years, I had constant leakage from my rectum, to the point where I was hospitalized for three-days and every test was run. my colon-rectal doctor could not determine why I was having bowel coming out of my rectum ( not just mucous.) One day while teaching, I had a stream of bowel that hit the floor in front of my class. My bag filled up normally. So, during the parastomal hernia repair, I had my rectum and anus removed. I hate my ileostomy, but removing the rectum and anus was the best decision I made. The recovery from that surgery hurt less than three episiotomies and a C-section. I wouldn’t even use the word “hurt.” I was given a pillow to sit on, which I only needed for three-weeks. I’m not sure what procedure was used although I have the medical records. I just know that where the opening used to be, it was all stitched up and it’s like I never had an opening. It never causes me pain, and someone passes gas, they can’t blame me! That part of my surgery was probably the easiest thing I’ve ever had done.

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