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Back with my new Barbie Butt!

Posted by beatrice, on Mon Nov 14, 2011 4:52 pm
Hi all!

The surgery (proctectomy/sphincter saved) went very well. Had ileo in Dec 09.

Had an awesome surgeon who did some magic - he's tops in BC - one of the 5 top rated in Canada. What did he actually do? Why do I not have a messy or hurting bum? Who knows ... these surgeon rock stars are not the best communicators. I have a follow up appt on Dec 19 and want to know exactly what was done. Apparently the majority (all?) was done laparoscopically.

Have a pubic line small (horizontal) incision. Belly button incision. Tiny incision for the drain. Had an epidural in addition to general anesthetic - I don't respond well (high tolerance) to pain blockers. What a difference it made! I woke up from the ileo moaning and in such pain. This time I woke up pain free (they left the epidural stint in and administered pain meds via it).

So ... very little bum pain. Don't have to sit on a special cushion. I could ride a bike today if I felt like it . The pain I do have is coming deep from one side of the pubic incision. That is where I was 'stapled' inside. But it's a come and go pain, not bad at all ... definitely a healing type of pain.

Why did I wait almost 3 years to get this done! (Ileo in Dec 09). I had been wearing a pad (often with extra toilet paper wedged in my bum) for almost 4 years solid. I have not had a pad on since I woke up from surgery.

Best of all ... that troublesome rectum that decided to plague me with UC is gone! No chance of rectal cancer.

I'll describe in better detail what was actually done once I know. But let's just say this gal is a happy Barbie Butt camper. Today is 3 weeks post op and I'm taking the dog for a 20 min walk and then driving myself to the optomitrist.

And many thanks for all the good wishes ... they made me happy.
Reply by Bill, on Mon Nov 14, 2011 5:09 pm
Hello Beartrice,
Thank you so much for this update,
It is such a relief to hear that this operation has gone well for someone.   My surgeon was telling me that it was not an operation that could be done laparoscopically.  He also said that it was a major operation that did not have a high success rate so I declined that one.  However, it does look as though I will have to reconsider this at sometime in the future as things are not as they should be in that region. It made me laugh when you mentioned the extra toilet paper wedged up your bum - I know it only too well.
I look forward to the next installment when you find out exactly what he did and can I get my surgeon to talk to him? (Only joking - they sometimes get uppity about questioning their knowledge or competence)  
Best wishes  
Past Member
Reply by Past Member, on Mon Nov 14, 2011 7:25 pm
Excellent news it all went well Beatrice!  

What a relief never have to wear a "surfboard" (Oz slang for pad) again mate!
Reply by beatrice, on Tue Nov 15, 2011 2:47 am
Hey Jo - It's funny ... in the scheme of things ... wearing a pad doesn't seem like it would be a big deal. But it turned out to be the most depressing thing for me since my ileo. The discharge, blood and continued UC pain did was not allow me to get on with living with an ileo (as well as forget about living with an ileo - if you know what I mean.)

Bill - Re this operation not having a high success rate ... just make sure you are on the 'same page' as to what 'success' means to you and what it means to your surgeon. From all the research I did ... yes, it's a tricky complicated surgery -- but there are so many components to the operation. For me, success was still having my sphincter muscle (a very good idea for women especially) - and this was doable as there was no cancer. I wanted less pain. I didn't want to wear a pad. I didn't want the possibility of rectal cancer.  

Sure - thinkgs could still go wrong later ... but right now it looks good.

Also, a colo-rectal specialist surgeon is who you should be doing this surgery. I'm thinking it wasnt' a colo-rectal specialist who said that to Bill. The specialists are doing it night and day ... they know how to improvise once they get in there. From my research, there was no way even a great general surgeon was going to touch my butt.

If any of you have any questions, I'll try to answer them all. Don't mean to  come across as an expert (far from it) ... but both the ileo and the proctectomy were a long time in coming and I feel like I've taken a Master Class
Reply by mooza, on Tue Nov 15, 2011 3:27 am
awwww wonderful love that your so happy ..cheers to you darlzz  xxxxxx YEY THis bits for me hahahah  way to go matey xx
Reply by beyondpar, on Tue Nov 15, 2011 9:12 am
Im so glad you finally had it done,  and you are now on your way miss Barbie Butt.........Getting the surgery really frees you up to move on.....No more bottom issues to deal with.........I have watched and read your posts over the last two years,  and  its now done
..........Now go on and enjoy your wonderful  Ken truly is the greatest feeling never to worry about my butt again......I to am one happy Ken butt person.......
Reply by Pinky, on Tue Nov 15, 2011 6:36 pm
Hi Bea - I'm so happy for you, that you are finally getting some relief.  Believe me, I know the battle of the pads.  Sometimes that part of it drives me crazy and the cost is unbelievable.  I'm working with a new urologist now and I hope he can help me.  Personally I can live with the rectal discharge but the other (urinary) has become just too much!  Way to go, lady!
Reply by grandy, on Tue Nov 15, 2011 7:21 pm
I am sure you will think I am out to lunch but I don't know what a Barbie Butt refers to.  Can you expain it to a dummy?  Have been a member of this club since August.  Not a lot of fun but getting by day to day.  Tks.
Reply by beatrice, on Wed Nov 16, 2011 1:55 am
I heard it here for the first time awhile back and it just describe what happens so well.

The operations/etc are done to the 'bum' but the bum still looks 'normal' ... but it isn't anotomically correct ... i.e. bum doesn't work  --Just like Barbie's Butt. LOL

And so, or course there are also Ken Butts too.

Past Member
Reply by Past Member, on Wed Nov 16, 2011 4:44 am
Here's Barbie post surgery and doesn't she look well!

Reply by beatrice, on Wed Nov 16, 2011 2:31 pm
LOVE IT! She's rockin that fashionable bag big time! LOL
Reply by santabelle, on Wed Nov 16, 2011 4:33 pm
Well Barbie butt I'm glad to hear you are doing well!  When you have an ileostomy the colorectal surgeon will automatically remove your sphincter muscle and then they will sew up the wound. I unfortunately have never healed fro that procedure in the last three years.  I've had two perennial debridements since but I still have a gaping wound that is constantly draining but I have Chrohn's disease which is much harsher than colitis and as a result my disease keeps attacking my perennial wound and it constantly drains!
I also had a great surgeon, the head of Georgetown University Hospital, Washington D.C.  Five and a half hours later my ileostomy was secured!
Reply by beatrice, on Wed Nov 16, 2011 6:00 pm
FYI -removal of the sphincter muscle is definitely not automatic with an ileostomy - nor with a protectomy. Many factors come into play as to whether or not the sphincter muscle is left in place.

Reply by macsac1, on Thu Nov 17, 2011 10:38 am
I guess I have a Ken butt then. Mine still hurts!
Reply by reddog, on Fri Nov 18, 2011 9:56 pm
I can"t believe how many issues you all seem to have with butt problems after an ileo. I can"t figure out why everyone just not have a their rectum removed with a permanent anal closure.I had that on 1/10/11 and have had absolutely no issues whatsoever. Anyone contemplating an ileo I would strongly recommend you get this. Why deal with all the other hassles?

The sphincter muscle never even was discussed with my procedure. Have no idea whether it"s in or not and don"t care.
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