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Back With My New Barbie Butt!

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Posted by beatrice, on Sat Nov 19, 2011 1:19 pm
Reddog - if you're doing fine with no butt issues ... that's all that matters . But I've heard from some peeps who have had the rectum removed at the same time as the colon (like you) who still experience some bum problems ... we're all different.

Here's what I know: The rectum is sometimes left (with an ileo op - especially for non-cancer diseases) for various reasons. The potential for a J-pouch is one ... you need the rectum if you are contemplating that. Even patients that say to their docs that they are not thinking of going J ... especially if they are young, once the surgeon gets in there and sees the rectum looks healthy - the rectum is often left. Leaving that option open for a J pouch.

Taking the rectum out in the same operation ... adds hours to an already lengthy op. In my case this was the main reason the rectum was left when I had my ileo ... I was not doing well during surgery and they wanted to close me up and get me off the table asap.

I'm sure there are other reasons too -- there are quite a few of us that woke up with our rectums inactive but still there

Found out yesterday ... to remove my rectum I had a Single Incision Laparascopic Protectomy - Sphincter Sparing. It's a finicky op ... not all surgeons feel comfortable doing it - rectum removal is most often done 'non-laparascoptically'. Reason sphincter was left ... it is a helpful muscle to stabilize the pelvic floor.

Today I'm going to start decorating outside (we're Griswold wannabes) ... feeling so good!

Have a wonderful day, all!
Reply by beyondpar, on Sat Nov 19, 2011 1:35 pm
Beatrice ,

You are a seasoned veteran,  and your explanation is right on...everything,  but something that's never talked about enough is the pelvic floor issues, as you mentioned,,,,for women, i believe its very important to keep a good pelvic floor, and that too is  a major reason to keep that rectum area in tact for women,  as a weak or damaged pelvic floor  can alter the vagina area in ways, that aren't pleasant for the woman...and therefore its imperative to find a good surgeon who has done many rectum removals and is very comfortable with the surgery........Your other point and probably the biggest point is the difficulty and length of the surgery time,  that's involved for a surgeon  to do an effective rectum removal...

So thank you for a great post.......and welcome to barbie butt........Michael

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Reply by gutenberg, on Sat Nov 19, 2011 2:47 pm
Hi Beatrice, just thought I'd better jump in here quick as a lot of kudos are coming you're way and I wanted to say congratulations while I still can, From now on you'll be the person to go to from the female side, I bet there are a lot of questions about due to be coming you're way. so let me say, we're so happy everything went so well for you and that continued success is all you know, take care Beatrice, keep smiling, Ed
Reply by beatrice, on Sun Nov 20, 2011 2:11 pm
Thanks Michael, Ed and all! It really does seem like the start of my post ileo recovery now - never thought the little a-hole could be such a troublemaker!

Am pleased to share what I've learned or experienced with anyone. Just ask.

p.s. just for clarification ... I'm not totallly on a magic wand ride here ... there are the odd twinges I can feel up my butt every now and then. But not painful and no discharge/blood and no full pressure feeling. The twinge sensation is often experienced (others have mentioned it here). It's almost a phantom 'pain' sensation. But I can finally say I am pain free in my abdominal/bowel and rectal area ... I have not been able to say this for over 40 years. So maybe life does begin at 56 !
Reply by reddog, on Tue Nov 22, 2011 10:06 pm
Beatrice-Thanks for your imput. I found it informative. Brief history. Had UC with Pre-Cancer cell changes. In this case standard procedure is removal of colon, rectum, and anal closure. Surgery was 6 hrs with complications including excessive bleeding but I got through it.

Doing fine now. Never even considered a J-Pouch because I'm an old dog (66yrs.) and didn't want to risk future complications plus two surgeries. Thses surgeries are all very complex and as you said we are all different with different situations.

I'm just grateful that 10 mos. post-op I'm doing okay and working out in the gym 5 days a week. I wish you the very best and a speedy recovery.
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