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Ostomy Reversal Question

Posted by Ruby1, on Wed Nov 30, 2011 8:09 pm
Hope someone can help. Had a colostomy last May. Went in for reversal operation Oct. 5th. OP did not go well and required two emergency operations during the 6 weeks I was hospitalized. Last op was 7 weeks ago. I suffer from daily diarrhea and actually lose control about every other day. Dr. ordered stool tests for c. diff which I have had and know this is not c. diff. What is going on?

Reply by sunnydisposition., on Thu Dec 01, 2011 9:05 am
hi don , i am sorry for your experiance.

the muscles in your bottom have wasted away as they have not been used it will take time to get tone and control bacck untill then try to control using anti diorrea tablets.
i am suffering with the oposite problem of not being able to push a poo out, and when i do go it just feels like it is falling through rather than being pushed.
they need to get what ever inflamation is in your colon sorted out as that causes diorrea, did you have active IBD prior to surgery? this may be the reson for the diorrea.
stay strong , you will get through this x
Reply by StomaStan, on Thu Dec 01, 2011 10:15 am
I am sorry to hear you are going through so much. I will keep you in my prayers and
pray for your speedy recovery. I know that it does vary depending on the person, as to how long it takes to get control back in the backside. They say the keigel excersizes are best for pre op, to get the pelvic floor muscles in condition. to braing the rear back on line faster. I have been doing them 24/7 in hopes that it will help. What happened to cause the other 2 emergency surgeries? Was the section that was joined leaking??
Reply by Ruby1, on Thu Dec 01, 2011 5:30 pm
Thank you Sunny and Stan for the replies. I have had a difficult time of it but must admit although disagreeable, it is manageable..... Sunny, Stan's suggestion about keigals may work for you. I hope your condition improves quickly. Stan, how long since your reversal? Keep the faith. We will recover! I perforated twice after initial reversal surgery and damn near bought the farm. My heart goes out to those that a reversal is not an option. I feel a tremendous sense of guilt for complaining. Thank you for the support.

Reply by Ruby1, on Thu Dec 01, 2011 6:02 pm
Stan, Checked your profile and saw you have not had reversal surgery yet. Nothing to worry about. Far less traumatic than waking up after colostomy and having a bag and all that entails. If larascopic surgery is done, recovery should be quick. Open surgery presented no problems either and leaves you with a surgical "6-pack"...... Cool if I were 20 again! More than happy to help you through this. I live in Scottsdale, Arizona. Small world??

Reply by StomaStan, on Fri Dec 02, 2011 9:34 am
Yea, I am just counting the days until I get it done, just the bloodwork to do and as long as that comes back good, then I am all set, plus this being right before Christmas makes it even tougher because I have to finish paying off the last 2 surgeries before I can have the reversal, and as I have had soo much done this year already, I have already met my out of pocket deductible for insurance, If I wait until after the first of the year it will be 4 times more expensive, so just hope and pray I can scrape together the money to get her paid off and get it done!! Yes, if all goes well, it will stay as a scope surgery, and I have to order the high output bags for the night before, for the Moviprep "clean you out" treatment, and not looking forward to the enema for my rectal stump, that should be a joy, but if it is going to help ensure less risk for infection and make things easier, well I am glad to do it!! Surgical 6 pack would be cool, probably the only way I could get one!!!    But after dropping 20 pounds from the previous 2 surgeries, pretty close to a 4 pack now! LOL Scottsdale huh? Your area get any rain last night? 12/01?? I pray for your continued better health!!
Reply by Ruby1, on Fri Dec 02, 2011 1:13 pm
I know what you are saying about year-end and deductibles. If I need anything, I want it done in 2011..... High output bags are not necessary for clean out. I had the same concern and did just fine with regular Hollister bags. I lost 20 lbs also and need it back! Been a rough year. Lost 1/2 of my left lung in Jan. and had the right one radiated. Cancer free at this time, thanks to God. No rain here last night........ Good luck and don't worry. All will be fine.

Reply by StomaStan, on Fri Dec 02, 2011 1:25 pm
Well that should be cool then, because I will have plenty of bags to get me through December, it has been nice with the deductible being met as I have had to pay pretty much nothing on my bags or appliances thus far, aside from one initial co-pay. Good old Aetna! Yea, it was tough fo me to gain weight pre-op, let alone trying to post op, the way I have to eat, it is almost impossible, but since getting home on 08/13/2011 I went from 135 to 151 pounds right now. So I am only like 5-10 pounds pre op weight. Praise God for that news, that is awesome for you to be cancer free right now. Yea up in Peoria we got a pretty good sprinkle off and on last night. Sure made for a cold morning, especially since I drive to work at 4am!   . Since the surgeries I cant seem to keep my body temp regulated very well, I get cold easy, and hot as well. Ah well, that is why I love Az winters! I am just puttin my faith in God, and all will be as he planned
Reply by Ruby1, on Fri Dec 02, 2011 8:11 pm
Not sure what God has planned but I'm certain all will be well. What do the docs say about down time to recover? I'm still having issues after 6 wks but I am 60 and had 3 major surgeries in Oct. The weight has been an issue for me. Down 15 lbs. I am athletic and have weighed 172 since college. I do a lot of fly fishing and tennis to keep me busy. My tribe (3 boys) are your age and have flown the coop. 5 kiddies have got to wear you and the Mrs out! Regulating body temp has been a problem for me too. The cold bothers me the most. We watch TV 365 days a year outside in our AZ room. I now turn it on in the bedroom around 9:00! Yesterday I was Googling electric blankets........

4 AM travel time? Do you work in Tucson?

Reply by StomaStan, on Sat Dec 03, 2011 9:26 am
Yea, if only we knew what God had planned! Huh?! LOL  The surgeon is saying that I should be in the hospital anywhere from 3-5 days, and as far as after that anywhere from 3-8 weeks dependant on how well everything goes, and how fast my system gets back to "normal". But from what the surgeon was also saying is that with the amount of large intestine I have left..which I guess is still quite a bit, that it should be a pretty quick recovery, compared to the last one at least, after having the perionitis and the back to back surgeries. I have been stuffing my face as much as my stomach will allow. I have been eating pwer bars for a snack and ensure's in between plus regualr meals and even more snacks on top of that, as much protein I can take without it clogging me up! When I was younger around thirtenn I was 245 lbs. but ever since I hit my late 20's and on, my metabolism must have changed because I can eat whatever and not gain any weight. Which has been good for me up until the surgeries. The 8-10 inch incision that I had under my bellybutton is all weird because of no fat there from what the surgeon said, and when they sowed me up, it made my lower belly look like a second set of butt cheeks LOL.  Yea, I have two from my ex, and my wife has two from her ex, and then we have one together, 3 boys and 2 girls, they are 11,11,10,9 and 17 months. So yes they really do take it out of my wife and I. Yea, cold is the bain of my existance, that is why I am glad to be born and raised in Az. Live in Colorado for 2 years, adn that WAS INSANE!! Way too cold! Well I work in the credit card fraud department for B of A, and it's located on 18th st, and Buckeye, and I live on 87th ave and bell, and I have to be there really early so it's like a 30-40 minute drive dependant on traffic, which usually I luck out on that early in the morning.  
Reply by sunnydisposition., on Sun Dec 04, 2011 5:45 pm
Hi stan,
i also have noticed the front bottom effect! 2 bottoms for the price of one. you have to laugh.
good luck with it, i had lots off bowel left but i do think 3-5 days is a bit optimistic for te hospital stat. make sure you get a good shot of morphone before they pull your drains out. that is the worst bit!
also constapation post op has been a worrie sips of lactalose during the day has helped.
you will be fine.
Reply by Ruby1, on Sun Dec 04, 2011 10:04 pm
Sunny, Too funny! 3-5 is overly optimistic. I was told the same thing and stayed for 32 days......

More later.
Reply by Ruby1, on Sun Dec 04, 2011 11:40 pm
OK, back. Brandon? I thought you were Stan. I'm so confused.... Sunny, you do have a great disposition! Brandon, take ammonia mix to hospital and have wife wipe down anything you could possibly contact. C.Diff runs rampant in hospitals and trust me when I say that C.diff is the last thing you want to take home to the family. I speak from experience. You can't possibly imagine you're elation after surgery. Apparently, as I learned from this thread, recovery and return to "normal" is different for all of us. Good luck Sunny. You will be able to push and feel a good ole poop again. Give it time....

Reply by StomaStan, on Tue Dec 06, 2011 9:36 am
Yea, sorry StomaStan is just my username, Brandon is my real name. My Stoma is named Stan, I like alitteration. And thank you on that tip, you can bet I am going to have my wife do just that, and wipe everything from stem to stern, I dont even want to think of risking C-diff. I like thunderbird hospital and all, but I don't like them that much to take that kind of chance!. Well call it wishful thinking, but I am hoping on 3-5 days like my first resection surgery, but without the intestines leaking is what I am hoping for!! Oh yea, I am going to push for the morphone before the pull the drains, I was told I might even be sent home with one as well. From what the surgeon said though, is that if no additional complication or issue, that it would be around 5 days max. GOD WILLING!! But like you said I have no expectations, and I expect to stay much longer, and if not..well it will be a pleasant surprise.
Reply by StomaStan, on Tue Dec 06, 2011 11:09 am
And I though you were Ruby?? LOL Yea, I am hoping after they open my lengthy scar open again that they will be able to sew it closed again where it doesn't look like a bum on my belly! But if not what the heck, I will wear my war wounds proudly! It stinks because when I was younger I would never go swimming without a shirt or go without a shirt around the house,a nd within the last couple of years, I was finally comfy with going without one, as I had thinned out quite a bit, and now after the ostomy, it just seems weird going without a shirt even around the house, in fear that I am more susceptible to injuring the bag or stoma if I go without, and it is a little uncomfortable for me as well. So I will be looking forward to the reversal, GOD WILLING it goes without a hitch, and I can show my scars with pride.  Just need to be careful with the sun!  And Sunny I remember all to well what it was like to have the Jackson Pratt drain pulled last time, it was excruciating. I used some colorful vocabulary in the hospital that day!!
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