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Tarababy Is Coming To Denver!!!!

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Posted by tarababy, on Wed Jun 24, 2009 4:35 am
Hi folks....thought I'd pop a post on letting everyone/anyone in the Denver area know....I'M COMING OVER!!!!First time O/S traveller and I will have a bit of spare time to meet anyone who would like to meet..I arrive on the 15th July for 2 weeks.My man will have to work a day or two while I'm there,and he doesnt want me wasting time sitting around his home waiting for I have suggested maybe I can find someone out there who would like to meet for a coffee and a chat.Now remember,I'm not driving...way too guys drive on the wrong side of the road for me...lmao...As I have a limited time...I can put a day or two aside for this purpose...other than that,I will be spending as much time as I can with Craig...seeing the sights and all the.......oh heck, I have no idea what I am going to see...the Rocky mountains for one...But I dont know what the high-lights of Denver I have asked Craig to just show me his favourite places.If anyone has some handy tips for me...please,go for it...I do know I like the sound of going to a non-tourist town...Not like here..
  So I am now on the count down.....and sooooo excited...I think I'm going to pop.(oh not again,here we'm kidding...not about being excited thats for sure..see I'm rambling...Ok, well sitting and waiting patiently for a response...yeah right!! like I can sit still at the moment...hahahahahah...Later folks....Tara
Reply by Past Member, on Wed Jun 24, 2009 7:13 am
have a great trip tara. its very pretty in the mountians, i never been to denver myself but have been to the rockies and its quite a sight to see. if you get the chance and have time get him to drive you to yellowstone park{shouldnt be over a few hours drive}. now that is the coolest place i have ever seen. have fun!!! G.
Reply by tarababy, on Wed Jun 24, 2009 7:51 am
Hey there G, well I do believe I will be going to Yellowstone.And some place to do with dinosaurs..lmao...from one dinosaur to another hey...This is a trip of a life time,so you can bet your bottom dollar I'm going to have a ball(or 2)Ssshhh!!!!I mean a great time.. Not sure I'm looking forward to this altitude sickness thingy..nose bleeds, another hiccup to overcome..Knew I'd be on cloud nine by the time I landed,just didnt know I might stay that way...hehehehe..oh hang on...too late. Thanks for your input G,knew I could rely on you to answer me..cheers..Tara
Reply by corncob, on Thu Jun 25, 2009 1:24 am
Hey Girl, I.m so happy to hear u r having a great time! Best Wishes! God Bless!  Love Colleen
Reply by tarababy, on Thu Jun 25, 2009 1:52 am
Thanks Colleen, I'm having a scream of a time here...and I havent left the country you can imagine what I'm going to be like in 3 weeks time hey....Was kinda hoping to pick up some ideas on what to see and where to go...I have been asked.."What do YOU want to do?" I'm like..I have no idea as I havent a clue on whats there to see and do.Other than the tourist sight-seeing stuff...what else is there to do thats maybe a bit out of the unusual.???Not into going where the tourists go...Thinking if the Grand canyon isnt too far away, that is a start..Also like the look of taking a river raft trip down the Colorado river.But you see,there it is,all tourist things..oh well I am a tourist..I'll just keep looking for that something different...Thanks again guys...check ya later
Reply by tarababy, on Thu Jun 25, 2009 6:45 pm
Hi guys, well I have the name of a few places I am going to see.Garden of the gods.Colarado State Hospital().Molly Brown's House.(my find that one)...and some fishing to be exact...damn,it looks hard too.I can fish with the best of them,but never done fly fishing. Float down the Colorado River in a 7hr cruise,(maybe,havent check that yet)lol..Sounds beautiful, so its on my list of things.Possibly Grand Canyon..about same distance as Yellowstone..Havent checked yet.And on there as well would be some horse riding..all the things I love to do,but never get a chance to do, here even.Throw in some cool meals and funky night clubs,even a strip club is on my list.Be interesting to see how you guys do it. Ok, cant type,got cat sitting inbetween me and keyboard..guess I got to go.Nope, I won.might need stitches tho...lmao.Then there are the shops....That could be dangerous.The  sunsets I have been told,can be so beautiful,so cant wait for them.oh my god...micheal jackson is dead......sorry guys I got to go...later
Reply by eddie, on Sat Jun 27, 2009 1:33 am
Welcome Tara, I know you will have a great time of it
Reply by vulcanBMk2, on Sun Jun 28, 2009 12:01 pm
I Know the Song,
" Santa Clause is Coming to Town"

But I dont knowthe words of the song,
" Tarababy is Coming to Denver"
Reply by vulcanBMk2, on Sun Jun 28, 2009 12:05 pm
However !! You are in trouble  if people start singing the Bob Seger song......

  " Get Out Of Denver"
Reply by FrexyGirl, on Sun Jun 28, 2009 7:42 pm
Hey Tara,
I am new to this site and only had a stoma and stuff since January of 2009. Anyways, Denver is a wonderful city!! If you have a chance to visit Colorado Springs, it's a beautiful place as well. I wish you the best of luck and fun!!! I take it this is your first visit to the U.S.? And is this your first meeting with this guy face-to-face? Well anyways, have a FABULOUS time and make sure to take pictures!!! Always - Frexy
Reply by tarababy, on Thu Jul 09, 2009 10:44 pm
Hi folks, thanks to everyone who had some input...This is the very first time I have ever been out of Australia......and yes, this will be the very first time Craig and I actually meet and have that long-awaited hug.Been 2 long years in the making.I have only 5 days to go...and I cant sit still.More nervous on the flight over than the actual meeting...I'm sure that will come as I leave Los Angeles heading to Denver...
I will be seeing the Garden of the Gods, and anything else I can...Just hoping the weather is nice while I'm there..its cold here so want warm weather thanks...and Pete, not sure about the words for my song..might just call me santa for now hey...I do know someone will be coming..hehehehehe town....Well, what do you expect with two years of foreplay...sheesh!!!!Thought I better come on here and say thanks to everyone and and I might not be back on till I am there and come on to do my blog..So, take care everyone and if you hear someone screaming, it could be me....dont panic its all good...chow for now guys....Mwah!!!!!
Reply by tarababy, on Mon Jul 20, 2009 11:34 am
Hey folks,well i made it...the flight was a buzz....and well,thought I'd have customs onto me about my medication and the only thing that happened was at Cairns Airport before I even left town..they swabbed my hand luggage,geesh.All good tho.When I seen the huge plane I was going on,at Sydney...That was when it hit me that I was actually doing this....I'm pretty sure the other travellers thought I was a special needs person with the permanent grin I had...heheheh.I was travelling on cloud nine...13 hours later we came over L.A...please dont ask me what i think...lmao..couldnt see much and then at the airport...running round like a hen with my head cut off trying to find the next gate,and only just made it,phew...
   Sitting in the middle seat wasnt what i wanted,but....anyway,the young man sitting at the window wasnt even interested in looking out...wanted to ask him if i could change places,but thought the silly grin might make him think its not such a good i wait till seat belt sign goes off and go to the ladies to get changed for my arrival in Denver..First impressions and all...hahahahahah,well, glad i am a small framed girl,,,being tall wasnt easy..but eventually i got it done...You know the saying...butterflies in the tummy? haaa ,mine were buzzards...anyway,we alight and I go through customs and the rest of it and go to find my luggage....Mmmm, that thing aint going around...ask where should i be to wait..old grumpy says wait right there,it will be 35min at least.....Damn, thinking i better find a phone to call Craig and let him know this,didnt want him thinking i got cold feet right....Okey dokey, WTF? i had/have no idea what coins are i start to panic a little....No need to,turn around and there is a face i knew very well....Craig came looking for me...Guys, that first hug was like coming home....thats the best way to explain it...He was exactly like I expected..smelt great and that smile lit up the room...If anyone out there has met their soul will know the feelings i'm talking about...familiarity,comfortable,like i had only been gone  a while..We hit it off right away, we both felt it...the ease with it all.I knew then he is the guy I have loved for a long long time...Just had to wait to find him again.Nothing but happyness was in my heart as we walked around talking and waiting for my luggage to show...oh,which took another hour and a wasnt even on the same flight....Thanks Ann, i took your advice and changed things around,so my supplies and medication was in my carry-on..
The minute we left the airport.....(so glad i dont dribble hey..lmao) cause i couldnt stop gawking and jaw dropping and oohh's and ahh"s and oh my god look at that...and wow!...I knew i was in for a great time here.
BUT......even though i know you guys drive on the wrong side....we go to the limo and i go straight to the door i am used to when your a passenger....shite!!!!Craig stayed back to see what i would do...Well, i aint driving here,so oops...lets try this again...driving back to where we had to go was an eye-opener...Craig goes to turn onto the road and i grab at the dashboard and go.."look out for him".awe, didnt i feel like a right goose...say sorry,but he is still having a giggle at me...cant say i blame him....but it took 3 days for me to stop freaking out at intersections...oh crap he/she is coming on our out...aarrgghhhh!!!!!!!...and i need to know...whats with the talking on phones and texting while driving in any kind of traffic..well here there is only one kind of traffic that i see....stop or go bat-out-of-hell-i'm-in-a-fu**ing hurry.At least every 4th car/4x4 truck was either chatting away merrily or steering with the knee and using both hands to text..oh my god...our cops would have a ball here....Sorry but i see them people as total morons...not an ounce of consideration for themselves or anyone else on the roads...I'm still blown out by it..And the roads here are massive and so long...what am i saying...look at the country side,its huge...and oh so pretty...The things i have seen i will take to my grave....never in a million years did i ever think id get to Castle Rock....or the rocky mountains...damn thats cold and its not even winter...Garden of the Gods is just that.The dinosaurs were amazing...Gee guys, we have packed so much in so little head is swimming...I have now eaten that was really nice,specially in know what you can do with your corn dogs say im a fan.
   Second seemed to be about 3pm...i dont wear a watch so had no idea right...ask craig and he says oh its 6.30....WTF????? sun-up at 5;30am and not dark till 8;30--9;!!!and everyone at home said the days will fly by..not at that rate they we have been filling the days wonderfully...Yesterday,we went to Denver all your animals here,so it had to happen before i went glad too...what a great place..the big cats and the monkeys were the a cat person,and i just wanted to reach in and give them a big cuddle...lucky there was glass between us know, there is so much going on here,i wont get to tell you everything...I have been taking photos like they are going out of when i get back home i will put some of my favourites on here somehow....This is the best thing i have ever done and would do it again no worries...I really love it here and trying not to think about going home.Thats going to hurt like a ***.
   Well i want to spend as much time with craig as possible...coming on here is only happening at the moment as he had to go to work...and not going to wonder too far on my own...seen as how i almost got run-over the other day when i went to the supermarket while craig was out..Mmmmm, bet your thinking i forgot to look left instead of right hey?Nope, i waited for walk sign,then looked,and thank god too,cause this mad cow went right through and almost got me...she got a mouthful from an irate aussie..hehehehe..Went to a lingerie shop to find something i cant find at home...and go and ask the assistant....i say,im not sure on your sizes here......she says well im not sure of the european.....I look down at my crutch and say.."Am I?"...Ummmm, she didnt get it.But didnt i have a good giggle on the way home...European?? Guess i can be grateful i havent been called a pommie yet.Ok, time for breakfast folks....take it easy and i'll be back soon....mwah!!!!...Tara
Reply by Past Member, on Mon Jul 20, 2009 7:43 pm
photo`s woman...we need photo`s!!! lol... glad you are enjoying your self T. have  great time...and dont forget the photo`s. especially if you catch one of those huge trout!!!
Reply by tarababy, on Mon Jul 20, 2009 11:04 pm
Hi G, yes there are plenty of pics just might have to wait till i get back home if thats ok....think i have almost 200 first 4 will sort them out and show you them on Craigs pc,but you should know how iliterate i am when it comes to pc's,specially one im not used to using...And,think i need to go home for a much walking,and well other things as well...... Other than the driving side of being here and killing myself in the first block...i could live here.Mmmm,well till winter anyway.So in love with the place,im going to get home sick when i go home...make sense?....Hope your well G, we will have to catch up soon,been a little while hey.Have patience please,pics are coming..will email you ones i dont put on here...just hoping my crappy pc can handle the load when i send them it easy my friend....
Reply by Past Member, on Wed Jul 22, 2009 1:07 am
I recommend having him take you to Red Rocks. It's a bit of a drive but worth it.
They have GREAT microbrewed beers. One of my fave is My Brother's Place.
There's a library / book store that serves beer too. Dig that place.
Oh goodness Denver rocks. I go about twice a year.
Even a tour of the Pepsi Center was fun for me once too.
Have fun!
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