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Crohn's issue

Posted by happygirl1, on Thu Mar 14, 2013 6:35 pm
I am very new to this site, so this is a first for me. I have had Crohns disease since 2006, was diagnosed after an extremely tragic event in my life so lets just say I don't handle stress all that well. I had my colostomy surgery in 2010 and unfortunately I only had a short reprieve from the Crohns symptoms. I am currently not on any treatment for the Crohns as I do not have health insurance and in the past either the medications have not worked or I have had a bad reaction to them. I have been told that I have severe fistulizing Crohns disease and the only treatment I have been offered is more surgery. So that is some of my background. Lately I have been experiencing episodes of very foul burps and alot of gas in my stomach. Within hours of this starting I get severe diarrhea and cramping in my stomach so bad that I can't get up off my bed. Has anyone experienced anything similar to this and does anyone know what could be causing it? Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!
Reply by ysoraris, on Fri Mar 15, 2013 3:30 am
Sorry you are having so bad moment with your health, but you are so young, you are going to get very well if you trust in God, and put your life and health on his hand. About your burps, and gases, I think you have to check what are you eating. Firstly you have to avoid milks and everything that can contains milk, like yogourt, cheeses and many food that can give you gases. Well I'm trying to help you but I don't know very well how to writte english. So I'm going to give you a phone number of a doctor, he knows very well about all those health problems. He is a conventional doctor, but is a naturalist doctor either, he use alternative medicine and many people have being healed trough this way, his name is: Dr. Luis Baez Phone numer 212-923-2300. Call him, he can help you. But one thing I'm sure that people don't get healed because they don't change their life style, and their way to eat. When I knew about changing life style, I became vegetarian and  the  last tumor that I had went away just with natural foods. I have colostomy from colorectal cancer and 2 surgeries. I hope this  informaton  can help you a little bit. God bless you!
Reply by rcdc13, on Tue Mar 19, 2013 8:40 pm
Get the surgery and get your life back. Change/alter your diet and document what bothers you and in which way. I had constant pain for years before I had that. It DID keep coming back though and I ended up with a colostomy. Not too attractive for sure but, | GOT my life back. Crohns is a crappy disease ( pun in tended ) so the best medicine starts with educating yourself BEFORE you make any choices.  Good luck ysoraris.
Reply by happygirl1, on Sat Mar 30, 2013 1:08 am
Thank you so much for your advice! I guess I am very reluctant to have further surgery as it was a horribly painful experience the first time around which I'm sure you all can identify with and since that first surgery my self esteem is nil. I am willing to try anything prior to going under the knife again including holistic remedies. I am hoping to come to terms with my ostomy sooner rather than later, just hasnt happened yet.
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