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Retraction of stump

Posted by stomafart, on Mon Mar 18, 2013 5:14 am
Hi fellow ostomites ,

I have had 2 surgeries in the last 2 years. The first for removal of colon and the second part for proctectomy (removal of rectal stump). I had no problems with my ileostomy stump for a year but when I had my second surgery it was found I had 2 hernias, my small bowel had adhesions and still some ulcers on it and a small portion was resected. When I woke from surgery I found that my ileostomy stump had retracted inside and now I find it difficult stopping the pancaking under the bag and also my skin around the area is so sore. I have tried a special powder and also hydrocortisone cream. Has anyone else had this problem with the stump retracting in? (I am having surgery to bring it back out, does this work) also any idea how to stop the skin from being so raw around the stump? I would appreciate any help. My last dilemma is that since surgery I have a highly active small bowel and am constantly emptying my bag, I am on Imodium and this is worrying as I don't want the poo to get too thick as to make a blockage, any suggestions?
Reply by Bill, on Tue Mar 19, 2013 4:06 am
Hello stomafart.  First of all let me congratulate you on a truly inspiring pseudonym.
I don't have any of your physical problems but I did use immodium for many years and found that I needed to take it in liquid form so that I could adjust the dosages very precisely. In order to achieve accuracy I used a syringe to measure the amounts being used on a daily basis. This way I was able to monitor output and adjust the dose to suit.
I hope this is helpful.
Best wishes
Reply by pussycat, on Wed Mar 20, 2013 8:28 am
Hi stomafart,

                    Yes they do don't they, sometimes it can be very awkward, when it happens, I just smile and walk away.None of your problems are new to me and all will come out right in the end. Do you use coloplast bags, if so you will find little white stick on tabs which are designed to cover the filter while showering, if you use them continuosly they stop pancaking. I have never found imodium to work, if you think about it, if you have a very fast and liquid output, as I do, there is no time for imodium to work and more often than not, it just ends up in the bag. I'm on my 3rd stoma now and it is quite long, so that it cannot retract completely and I don't get as sore as I used to, because less fluid gets to the skin
when your stoma no longer retracts completely. Coloplast make a skin barrier, wipe or spray
and although it says not to be used on broken skin , it immediately soothes the burning and helps it heal more quickly.Where in East Sussex are you, Im in Chichester, West Sussex.
Best wishes for your new stoma,
Reply by stomafart, on Tue Apr 02, 2013 1:38 pm
Hi Pussycat,

My proper name is Jenny and I want to change this as I had a lot of wind on first having the op, it should have been Napaolean Stomafart but I hate it now (I call my bag 'Sainsbury' now instead as it is a bag for life. Anyway, thank you so much for you advice. Why did you have to have a 3rd stoma?
I won't bother taking the Imodium as it didn't work before also I am on tablets as the bowel is highly active and the salts etc are replaced by these tablet which makes sense.
I do use coloplast bags and wondered why I had the little white stick on tabs and I will give them a try. My biggest problem is that I work as a Surgical Care Practitioner and when I am in theatre with my surgeons I have to stand at a twisted angle when we do laparoscopic gallbladder surgery, by the time we have finished and I am ready to sew up the patient I know that I have pancaked under the bag and this happens every blinking time.
Thank you for your advice and I will give it a whirl, by the way, I come from Hastings so not so far.
Reply by Cecille, on Thu May 09, 2013 12:14 pm
Hello Jenny

I am having same trouble as you with sore skin around ileostomy stoma.  Ostomy Nurse suggested BARRIER CREAM.  It's called CAVILLON or something like that.  It's very expensive but available on prescription from the NHS.  In Surrey anyway, which should be no different in Sussex.

I am also having trouble with what's left of my sigmoid colon and am very worried about having to have a proctatectomy - it's giving me nightmares.  Have you any tips?

The background to my trouble is an ileo-rectal anastomosis for Crohn's Disease in 1982, which caused no trouble until I had an accident involving fractured skull, ruptured anastomosis, peritonitis, multiple organ failure, septicaemia etc in 2009.  I awoke from the operation to find they had given me an ileostomy.  My worse nightmare had come true.  Things were going really well until a few months ago, but now it feels like Crohn's Disease has returned - an even worse nightmare!

My real name is not Cecille, by the way.
Reply by stomafart, on Tue Jun 04, 2013 4:14 am
Hi Cecille,
just found your message. You are entitled to have the cavalon sticks or spray on the NHS. I get mine from the company that I get my bags from. My stoma nurse has been great and we use the company called Homestyle positive and they are brilliant. All my bags are cut the size, and I get the following all free of charge -  air freshner, wet and dry wipes, black bags, cavalon sticks and spray, adhesive remover spray, aloevera powder, mattress protecter etc. You are entitled to this and should talk to your stoma nurse.

The proctectomy was not to bad for me. Everyone heals differently and I had to be opened as I had adhesions, 2 hernias and a bit more of the small bowel taken away. My surgeon was not willing to do laparoscopic work as I had so many problems from the first op. I decided to have the iliostomy as I has enough of being ill, running to the toilet (in my job it was difficult) and all that goes with UC. I was told I had Crohnes for many years but as there is a thin dividing line between UC and Crohns it was decided I ould have an iliostomy. 10 years ago I would have said no way but I work with the surgeon who performed my op and I had full trust in him.

Please don't worry about having the proctectomy it was OK, I was always in control with pain killers once the stitches were out. I have no problems from the bum end and it did not take long to heal considering it is an un-natural thing for the bum to been sew up so sitting pulls a little but you would be off work for about 2-3 months or maybe sooner.

I hope this has helped and I call my bag' Sainsbury' now as it is a bag for life and there is no lining up for the loo anymore or begging to go first and getting stressed.

Reply by Cecille, on Wed Oct 16, 2013 9:44 am
Only just seen your June message and it's now October 16th! Many thanks for the interesting info.  I am just waiting things out at the moment and am feeling very indecisive!
Warmest wishes
Cecille (not my real name)
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