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Posted by bshawn, on Mon Apr 22, 2013 2:22 pm
I was diagnosed in 1996 with Colitis had my colon removed in 2001 and in the last year had severe anemia.  In order to determine the cause of the anemia I had a capsule study and ileoscopy.  The studies confirmed that there was active inflammation and following a biopsy it was confirmed that I had active Crohn's.  Apparently I was misdiagnosed in 1996, the Colitis both my old GI and new GI believe, was actually Crohn's.  

I have the anemia under control with iron supplements and symptom free of Crohn's, but due to the active inflammation my GI has decided the best course of treatment is to use Cimzia to bring the inflammation under control.

I've not been on an anti-inflammatory, anti-TNF, steroid, or other drug regimen since 2001.  I've read the UCB website for Cimzia, drug interaction guides, and am trying to continue my research.  What I haven't found are any first hand experiences with the drug.

Has anyone on this board used Cimzia? Success? Side-effects (short term and long term)?  

Used Cimzia and have used Humira or Remicade?  I'm asking because my GI's initial direction was to prescribe Humira but due to insurance reasons has changed to Cimzia.  

Thanks in advance for any feedback.
Reply by GeneralPattyn, on Thu May 02, 2013 8:47 am
I have been treating Crohns for over 40 years and I have tried a lot of things with Prednisone being the most effective.  Remicaide seemed to help a little after the first treatment but not after the following ones.  Humira seemed to not help at all.  I took Cimzia once and had a siezure within a week.  I have had a colostomy for 5 years and I am being evaluated for a small bowel transplant.  This whole thing is getting old since my wife has not let me near her since I got the ostomy.  The most encouraging thing I have discovered lately is the NeoValve from an inventor in Australia.  It would get rid of the bag.  It is ready for trials but it is not approved.....yet.
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