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Invent A French Maid-style 2-price Bikini!

Posted by life lover, on Sat Aug 02, 2014 3:26 am

You know, those cute little sexy aprons French maids wear? Why not have it on a bikini so when our bag gets full, it won't show! Invent the legs to be high cut at the thighs for that extra sexy look that make women's' legs look longer. Don't have the mini skirt look, but an apron look so the rear shows & is not covered up. I think a bikini like that would make ostomate women feel sexy on the beach and confident to know when their bag gets a bulge, the sexy little 'apron' will cover the bulge from a semi-full bag in the front and still show our sexy butts while we can walk to the beach bathroom to empty our pouches with confidence instead of embarrassment! The apron should be short enough just to cover the bag and no longer than that.

Reply by lowflyingbs, on Sat Aug 02, 2014 10:21 am

Sounds like a good idea to me.

Reply by life lover, on Thu Aug 07, 2014 5:08 pm

Does anyone know where or who I could contact to discuss this design?  It's difficult to describe when one can't see what I'm talking about. I feel that this design would solve the waist-high band look, the placing the bag horizontally causing reflux/blockage issues where the flow is not letting gravity do its job with ease into our bags (not healthy), the constant going to the bathroom to avoid the bag filling to avoid the bulge issue, while giving female ostomates confidence to let their bags be positioned vertically as the medical community designed them to be. Imagine not having to compensate for bulge reduction or unnatural placement and look 'normal' in our suits on the way to the bathroom, ladies!  So if anyone is interested in seeing my idea, please let me know. I've gotten compliments on how "cool" or "cute" my suit looks by complete strangers (on the way to the bathroom WITH a semi-full bag, of course). No fuss having to place the pouch horizontally causing difficult drainage into the pouch and no waist-high band that looks like we're hiding something (a scar), but still shows the bulge of the bag below the band anyway.

Reply by Zywie, on Fri Aug 08, 2014 10:48 am

It sounds like you already made one of these suits?  While my body is not fit to wear one, it sounds interesting.  A photo would probably help to get those that could wear it on board. I remember your photos from your other account and you have a great body. If you are shy, you could always have someone just take a pic with your head not showing. You could post the pic in a new topic asking everyone to vote or comment. Then you would have proof there is great interest if you needed it. I'd think you'd need to show a vast interest in it (and not from men smile - well, unless you guys are interested in wearing a lil maid outfit to the beach. Who am I to judge ?) before a company would want to market it. I'm not sure how it works with clothing, but you might want to make sure your rights are covered so you get some of the profit before showing your design (I think you can get patents on designs?)  Unless, of course, you are doing this out of sheer joy to help your fellow ostomate. I don't know, don't mean to imply it's for profit, but hey, why not?

I suggest contacting the head of marketing/development/sales at any of the ostomy wear companies that are adverstised on here. You can usually google any company that has a website to get a list of the officers and their contact information. If they don't have one, google the company to get an office phone number and ask to speak the person in charge of new fashion designs - maybe if you mention it's a swimsuit you might actually get to speak to someone since this is an important area for any female not just us.

Oh, you might not want to mention the french maid idea of the suit.  They could just say no thank you and market something similar on their own.  Just say you have a new suit design with a lot of interest.  (Not trying to imply you aren't business savvy, but some times we don't always think of everything the first time around.) 


Good luck !

Reply by life lover, on Sat Aug 09, 2014 10:41 pm

Thanks Zywie; sounds like a great suggestion. Your picture shows you look pretty fit. I don't know if I could wear my design either but for anyone who likes or wants to wear 2-peices, I will act On what you suggested. And to everyone on here keeping healthy, I congratulate you. Keep up the good work!

Reply by moonshine, on Sat Dec 27, 2014 8:49 pm

like your idea

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