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Pain in area under stoma and when sleeping

Posted by littleskinnymini71 , on Sun Mar 22, 2015 1:27 am

Hello everyone!

Its been a rough past three months with three obstructions... One bad enough my kidneys stopped functioning for roughly 24 hours. I was very fortunate to get cleaned out and skip surgery. How, Im not sure other than staying positive.

I apologize to anyone who has written and Ive not responded to...its been rough amd I have been lazing around or relaxing at the beach as much as possible.

My problem is, and its probably adhesions, I have intermittent pain below my stoma...stabbing and and on. Also I was always a stomach sleeper. Well since I got my ileostomy I can only sleep on my back. If I even lie on my side, either side, it feels like my insides are being pulled or dropping and its quite painful as well. I have an above average pain tolerance... So I am not sure what to think. My surgeon couldn't care less. Any ideas on dealing with thr the pain or ways to sleep? Im having terrible insomnia because Im not comfortable on my back...I stomach slept for over 40 years.

I hope everyone is doing well!

Blessings upon all of you.

Reply by LadyHope, on Sun Mar 22, 2015 1:57 pm

Hi Littleskinnymini71,  I am so glad to hear that you bypassed surgery for your kidneys.  That is very good news!  It sounds like it has been a very rough 3 months.  Regarding sleeping on the stomach, I was also a tummy sleeper prior to surgery, now I sleep on my back and left side only.  For me to get comfortable, I use pillows propped against me or I hug one while I am sleeping.  My friend suggested a body pillow used for women who are expecting.  I have not bought on yet.  The feeling of your insides shifting is the same sensation I had for about 6 - 8 month post op.  Again I slept with a pillow up against my incision, not too tight though.  Have you tried a support wrap?  A tube top from Walmart may work too.  I have 4 of them that I use once and awhile when I feel I need more support in the stomach area.  I also use shaper undergarments.  I buy them larger than my actual size because I do not want any "flow" restrictions.  The shapers are great because they give support and also smooth things some.  They are affortable too.  Men, you could also purchase them too.  Just a few ideas.  Take care - hope the suggestions help:)  Have a nice Sunday.  LH

Reply by Immarsh, on Wed Mar 25, 2015 3:16 am

Hi,   It's been a l0ong time since I had my surgery, but on ocassion, I still get that strange pain, like something is pulling at me/ my stoma, or some scarred area on my belly.  I would imagine, some of that is adhesions.   But pain around the stoma area, can also be that the wafer is too tight against the stoma, or that the stoma moves a lot while putting out waste.  The stoma itself doesn't have much sensation, but if it gets caught under the wafer, the pressure hurts.   A few years ago, I switched to the convatec moldable wafer, which doesn't have to be cut to size.  Instead it gently "hugs" the stoma, providing more of a seal, and some protection. 

But I still get the ocassional pain from the base of the incision, where the drain was....and where there is scar tissue from two hernia repairs.  It's just been part of my life for over 50 years, and something I just live with. 

I was also a belly sleeper, and it took a long time ( years) for me to become comfortable sleeping on my back.   I also have sciatica, and I have two pillows under my knees, to "keep the pelvic tilt",  which keeps the sciatica at bay.  I sleep elevated on 2=3 pillows, so I don't start caughing ( asthma & sleep apnea).   And then, just so I'm comfortable, I tuck pilliows under my elbows.   I feel like a "baby" all tucked in, and I've learned to relax and sleep as well as I did on my tummy.   Just experiment...

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