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Looking For Ideas For Better Adhesion Of Wafer

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Posted by moonshine, on Sat Nov 28, 2015 12:21 am

i have a one piece pre cut convex bag.......but i make sure the area around my stoma is dry....i use a spray adhesive, then a gasket around my stoma and use stoma paste around the bag opening and once i make that connection, i hold my hand firmly over the area for at least 60 seconds...of course haveing the bag clipped close/ I also have a cloth like seal - half moon - i can use as an extra hold when the flange starts to roll

Reply by stevos64, on Sat Dec 05, 2015 9:05 pm

Thanks for the information Moonshine!  Great ideas.

Reply by Ozzwood, on Sat Jan 16, 2016 11:13 pm

I'm pretty new to this whole stoma thing (I've only had mine since December 14th), my surgeon suggested to me to use Mastisol.  It's the sticky stuff  (and waterproof) they use before they apply steri-strips.  I've been a nurse for a very long time and I can attest how sticky that stuff is.  I don't know if it's worth a try or not and I've seen it on Amazon, so can be bought over the counter.  My surgeon gave me a few samples to use, but I've not done so yet as my regular barrier swab works fine.  I also wear a belt which helps get me about 6 days between each wafer change. 

Reply by Immarsh, on Tue Feb 23, 2016 7:39 am

Hi,   It's Marsha Here.....I have had an ileostomy for more than 50 years, since I was 15.   I'm not sure if  you have a colostomy now....or still have your ileostomy.   Many people who have a colostomy find irrigation to be a big help, as they have a specific time for  " output",.  If  you have an ileostomy, or a "wet" colostomy, meaning it runns all the time, then irrigation isn't an option.   I use convatec moldable wafers and find they form a collar around the stoma that helps prevent leaks.   Persperation can weaken the seal, so I use a dusting of stoma hesive powder ( also convatec) that helps absorb liquid, and also protects skin from rashes.   I also tape all the edges of the wafer ( I use Scanpoor ( by Bard) 2 inch, which is like another skin.  I'm able to swim and shower and the tape stays on, for 3-4 days.  If it starts to peel off, I just replace it.   I know there's also a waterproof tape, but I've never used it. 

The eakin seal works for some you might want to give that a try.     Best of luck to y ou.


Reply by Immarsh, on Tue Feb 23, 2016 7:48 am

Hi Pony boy,  

I left out one important fact for me..  I never use soap under the wafer.   When i first had my surgery 50 years ago...I used soap, and found the I couldn't keep the wafer on ( old fashioned plastic).  Soap leaves a residue, and many also have oils or skin softeners.   When I stopped using soap under the wafer....I had better suucess.   So I don't take my wafer off in the shower....   When I changed, I use very hot water to clean the skin, and then very cold water, to close the poors.   I then use a skin prep, and dust some stoma hesive powder ( to absorb moisture)  I somtimes use stoma hesive paste as well, as a barrier around the opening of the convex moldable wafer I use.     I hope some of the above suggestions help. 


Reply by Past Member, on Tue Feb 23, 2016 6:37 pm


Your post of last September got ressurected , but I just wonder if it is mainly ileostomists posting in reply?

You said you have colostomy. So could you not irrigate? A colostomy is I think, easier to deal with than an ileostomy.

I think you should at least check out irrigation. That much can do no harm. I do not know if it will help, but am ileostomist, so not possible for me.

Reply by magoo, on Wed Apr 06, 2016 4:22 pm

Hi there Ponyboy.

     I've had an Ileostomy for a long time. I used to be plagued with leaks until I found two items that work for me. I always used a two piece and it never worked well. These days I use one piece ( Hollister ) and   a large wafer ( round and slightly bigger than the wafer with the bag )which sticks much better than the one that is paired with the one or two piece. The trade name is "Eakin Cohesive Seal # 839001 ". It is made of a very pliable, softer material and is soft enough to shape it to your particular Stoma, into the dip around the edges. It will work for a one or two piece system. Put the Eakin wafer on your skin  first and then the appliance wafer on top. The two sort of melt or meld together as one from your body heat. I have never had a leak using this Eakin wafer .       Another, even more important  important thing for me is "Micropore Surgical Tape " ., The only tape that works and causes no irritation is made by 3M. It Never, ever comes off unless I take it off. It withstands the shower, soap, shampoo, seawater and waves at the beach. The tape is very thin , like tissue paper and allows your skin to breath...this is important for the sweating problem. I've been working on my house, outside,  wearing layers of sweatshirts and pants....very cold and wet in Ireland right now. I've had the same bag on for at least 5 days ...maybe six ? I lose track because these items work so well. I put strips of the tape ( I use the  2 inch wide roll ) on all four sides overlapping the wafer edges. With an abundance of caution I also put a short strip axross each corner, just in case. Should a leak begin ...the tape will prevent the wafer from seperating from your skin completely, giving you time to make your repairs without spilling all over !! Works for me !! When I get that slightly burning sensation I change it immediately, preventing excoriation of the skin.

  I'm sure you know this but the skin has to be shaved as smooth as possible under the whole thing with no soap or shaving cream residue left.

   This works like a dream for me , give it a try . All the best, sorry for the long winded reply.


Reply by magoo, on Wed Apr 06, 2016 4:37 pm

Magoo again PonyBoy, I meant to add that I use "Vasaline Cocoa Butter Moisturizer" for shaving the area on my belly ( my face too lol ) and it also works to clean off any sticky residue left by the wafer. Like Immarsh I never use regular soap or shaving cream , both leave too much crap on the skin.  The Cocoa Butter leaves nothing behind.


Reply by Charley, on Tue Jun 07, 2016 12:52 pm

I have had the same problems, along with a groove in my fat that runs from the area north of my stoma to my navel.  I purchased a stoma guard from Ostomy Solutions.  The idea was to afford protection while wearing a seat belt on road trips.  I began wearing it daily while doing some carpentry work to protect my stoma from injury.  I went two weeks without a leak..I now wear the guard every day and change my barrier, etc., just once a week.  Finally leak free.  The Stoma Guard is a hard plastic dome with an opening at the bottom that the pouch fits through.  It is the exact size of the opening in the barrier and holds it fast.  The domed shape prevents pressure on the stoma and prevents 'pancaking'.  I went from changing my 'stuff' 12 to 14 times a month to just once weekly.  By the way, the Stoma guard is held in place with an ordinary ostomy paste, no strips or anything else. 

Reply by Hotdog11, on Mon Jul 31, 2017 5:00 pm

Hi, pony boy,

    I have had very similar issues with adhesive problems because I have a very large peristomal hernia which makes the shape of my ostomy like a little volcano!  I have also have problems with the flexible material in the flange getting soft and not adhering. I have tried several types of applances and the results are:  must use a snap and lock set as the bags that only stick just don't seal well enough.  Because of the shape of my stoma I use flanges with flexible ring material.I personally don't feel comfortable using reusable bags as I don't feel they ever get clean enough and can only be rinsed at all under certain circumstances.  Also always use a barrier ring before putting on flange.  BE SURE NOT TO STRETCH THEM TOO BIG AS THAT WILL ALLOW LEAKAGE AND YET LARGE ENOUGH TO ATTACH TO SKIN AROUND OSTOMY, NOT THE COLON ITSELF.  This comes from trial and error and will soon be very easy to get it just right.  As a woman, I never have to wear belted anything, only have elastic waist pants or skirts or loose fitting dresses at waist area, so can't help with that issue.  If there is a wound care nurse at a local hospital who specializes in ostomy care, you may want to make an appt for that.  I have been several times and with each issue they were so wonderful and helpful.  Don't know what I would have done without their expertise and empathy.

Hope some of this has been helpful.  Wishing you the best.



Reply by renomar, on Tue Mar 20, 2018 6:28 am supplies ostomy under garments with pouches & other ostomy supplies to help manage ileostomy bags, etc.

Reply by looking forward, on Mon Mar 11, 2019 5:09 pm

i use the paste right on my skin and then put on the wafer

Reply by looking forward, on Sun Mar 17, 2019 7:07 pm
try putting the paste directly onto your body
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