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Rubber Auto Gasket May Solve Stoma Seal Leakage Problem: A M

Posted by houstonstomaguy1952, on Mon Apr 04, 2016 11:59 pm

Rubber Auto Gasket May Solve Stoma Seal Leakage Problem: A Mechanical Stress/Pressure Issue

 I found an auto gasket the exact diameter of my stoma wafer seal; kind of  a giant "o-ring" about a 1/4 inch thick that I just place over/around the bag and directly over where the bag snaps in over the seal...the idea is to place additional, direct pressure just where it is needed without interfering with the output/flow from the stoma itself....without this extra help, the wafer or faceplate has a tendency to return to it's original "flat" shape after the seal is replaced, pull away from the abdominal skin, thereby permitting the leakage of acidic waste into the skin underneath, and also outside of the seal prematurely, causing additional skin irritation/damage' not to mention embarrassment.

The curvature of the abdomen around the area of the stoma must be taken into account here (unless you are fortunate enough to have flat, "washboard abs" to begin with, or can find stoma faceplate wafers with the exact, prefabricated curvature angle for your "belly bulge" .

A discarded faceplate wafer may also be used instead, but it is probably better to find an actual rubber gasket the right diameter (hole) and perhaps 1/2 inch thick...then you just hold it in place until you secure your ostomy belt or pants belt over it from the outside, so that constant, even pressure is kept where it is needed, esp. when you bend, exercise, lift objects, or perform other activities that would otherwise place stress upon the abdomen and weaken the seal before the end of the week when you would intentionally change it.

The only thing to remember is to re-position the gasket whenever you are finished draining the ostomy bag and tightening your pants belt over it.

 This is my first week using this, and so far, it is holding up well; no "accidents" or noticeable leakage so far...logically, this should also greatly reduce the skin irritation & damage as well over time.


Reply by Primeboy, on Wed Apr 06, 2016 9:01 pm

Hi Houstonstomaguy,

I like your suggestion and I think the concept is very practical. The cost of a rubber gasket is minimal in comparison to prices of shielding devices designed for the ostomy community. For those of us who wear belts above the stoma, the gasket could easily be secured to the bag with medical tape.

Over the years I have seen a lot of great ideas posted here on preventing leakage. One of the best I found was using a hair dryer to warm up the flange before applying. The heat conforms the flange to belly curvature and improves the seal. I change twice a week and my last leak was over 2 years ago.

Thanks for your post.


Reply by houstonstomaguy1952, on Wed Apr 06, 2016 11:39 pm

That heating of the flange tip is ingenious; I never thought of that...I tried bending it before securing it, but shortlly afterwards, it would gradually try to return to it's original flat shape and pull away from the skin. If heating it first maintains the curvature, that'sa great solution....I feel more secure with the gasket because it exerts a constant pressure, esp. when you bend or engage in other "stressful" physical activity...perhaps doing BOTH would provide even more "security"...

I'm too lazy to change everything out TWICE a week, I expect it to last a full 7 days and don't want to  deal with it again until Sunday rolls around, as long as I can't see any leakage. I also found that I can re-suse the flanges/wafers about 3 times vs.only once.

Reply by Bill, on Thu Apr 07, 2016 3:08 am

Hello houstonstomaguy1952.

I looked everywhere for such a gasket without any luck so in the end I made myself a similar device out of a piece of plastic skirting board. I keep it in place with two elasticated belts which I 'borrowed' from some Dansac belts. ( I need two belts becasue the pressure on the the lower one needs to be greater that the top to cater for the belly curvature)  I keep the thing precisely in place over the stoma with some double sided tape otherwise I find that of I'm doing something strenous the thing used to slip out of position.

If you have any suggestions as to where the gaskets can be obtained I would be grateful  as I'm always on the lookout for things that might work just that little bit better that what I've got.

Best wishes


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