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Hernia Repair

Posted by pammer, on Fri Nov 18, 2016 7:13 pm
hi everyone, I am hoping someone can help me.  On December 1st I will be having surgery for a hernia repair.  But this one is different from a normal hernia repair.  One year ago I had my hernia repaired  during emergency surgery because of a blockage.  I got very sick because of a bad infection in my wound which turned into sepsis.  It took months for me to heal.  Needless to say the hernia repair did not work.  I am having it fixed again but with a newer procedure called "Sugarbaker surgery for a paristomal hernia".  This surgery has a better chance to work long term.  I am told the recovery is quite painful and long.  I apologize for rambling on but my question is has anyone had this procedure?  What should I expect?  Thank you for reading this
Reply by ycats, on Fri Nov 18, 2016 7:43 pm

i have not had this procedure, however the subject of hernia concerns me.  how did you get a  hernia?


Reply by HarleyDoll, on Fri Nov 18, 2016 8:38 pm

Hi ycats - yeah, the doctors don't bother to tell you the risk of hernia after our surgery.  Mine didn't.  There's a LOT of things they didn't tell me about 'after my surgery' that if i had known I may have made a different choice.  I am dealing with a possible hernia now too.  If you can get your reversal, go for it.  I didn't think I would ever ask to be re-connected after everything I've been through but I'm getting tired of all the little 'surprises' that keep popping up - so I might ask for a reversal at some point.  Enough with the surprises and lies, medical profession.

Reply by Bill, on Sat Nov 19, 2016 4:49 am

Hello Pammer.

I have no experience of this but the best of luck with your procedure and I hope you will keep us all informed as to how it goes and how it progresses in the longer term. I'm sure all us folks with hernias will be grateful for the feedback.

Best wishes


Reply by Scottie, on Tue Nov 22, 2016 3:05 pm

I had emergency surgery a year and a half ago - - ended up with a colonostomy. No one (doctors and nurses attending in the surgical unit) told me anything re after care really. What they should have said is that I should have had a binder or girdle type thing on as I coughed in my sleep, and woke up to a paristomal hernia. It is about the size of a 3rd breast! No small thing. It rises up underneath my stoma.

You can imagine how difficult it is for clothing choices, etc. I got a kick out of somone else on this forum celebrating getting into low rise jeans! Well, that is never happening again for me.

I did find some literature since then, that recommended holding a pillow over your tummy if you need to cough or sneeze, and also advising not to lift anything more than 8 - 10 pounds. 

I feel that the medical pros who do these type surgeries, (my doc referred to it as a plumbing job) need to be more empathetic, and put themselves in the shoes of the patient, then, maybe they would understand some of the problems caused by their actions or non-actions.

Also, it takes about a year to get over this surgery . .  so be kind to yourself, the professionals say all will be okay by 6 weeks. Liars! from my experience.

At the moment I am on a waiting list (for last 7 months)to have a reversal, being in western Canada, the waiting list is humungus because all cancer patients come first, as they should. Also the doctor only gets to do the surgery 1 or 2 days a month!

So do not get a hernia, take care of yourself, do not lift or try to move anything.


Reply by HarleyDoll, on Tue Nov 22, 2016 4:08 pm

I am also in Canada and have found the same things you have Scottie.  No info at all especially re possibly hernias.  Didn't tell me a thing.  I am wondering if I have one.  You said you are getting reversal surgery.  What are they going to do with the hernia?  Fix it at the same time or ??  I'm curious because I am kind of in the middle of trying to make some decisions as well.  They LIE.  You got that right!  How long was it for you before your hernia showed up and did it become painful or create a blockage?  Thanks.

Reply by Scottie, on Tue Nov 22, 2016 4:44 pm

I also have a peristomal hernia (large) after having an emergency colonostomy surgery. I also had sepsis. The hospital figured I could go home after 6 days . . . I was in for 19 days, and came home almost unable to care for myself or even walk without the use of a walker. Prior to this, I had been able to dance, run, climb stairs etc.,. After being home for 2 weeks, I experienced vaginal bleeding and went back to emerg where the doc said I was only constipated and should go see a gynecologist, even though I told him I had a hysterectomy years ago. And, of course you know the routine for getting to see a specialist (gynecologist) would be to go your family gp, after waiting for that appointment, then wait for the specialist appointment. I was bleeding badly. This doctor was really more of a joke.

That day, I went home, went to sleep, woke up in a pool of blood inspite of having a pad on, and then had to call 911 so fire dept and paramedics took me back to the same emerg. Thankfully, it became clear what was wrong with me, when I got a different doctor. I had 2 different large abcesses in my abdomen, one on the colon, and another that had eaten through the old hysterectomy surgery site, thus the vaginal bleeding!

I was in hospital for a further 4 weeks on heavy duty antibiotics to control the infections and sepsis in my body. During that time, I must have coughed in the night, while asleep, and woke up with a large bulge under my stoma. A peristomal hernia. It is the size of another breast. Nobody (medical pros) told me I should have a binder or girdle on to control the possibility of a hernia, later on I read that one should hold a pillow on the tummy if sneezing or coughing. It is a mystery why the doc or nurses could not have told me beforehand.

Now, I await reversal and repair surgery. The doctor is only allowed 2 operating days a month and has a large list of cancer surgeries which come first, as they should. I have been waiting a year so far.

I am in B.C. and very long lists for all surgeries. I was interested to hear of this sugarbaker surgery which I will approach my doctor about. I really a successful procedure, and have even considered just living with this situation as the risks of surgery are also big.

Reply by HarleyDoll, on Tue Nov 22, 2016 5:03 pm

Scottie, sounds like a nightmare.  We all have 'em I think - lol.   I am just too lazy to post all of mine right now but suffice to say I totally relate to the things you said about our medical system and stupid doctors and us having to call 911 and rushing off to the ER because our GP's are basically little 'referral services' who are worried about libel, and I don't know about you, but my GP SUCKS and does nothing for me.  Whenever I have a new problem he says 'There's nothing showing up on the scan (that they took two months, three months, six months etc. ago).  I can't stand going to see him anymore.

  I am so sick of the politics involved with our doctors.  Don't get me started.  Anyways, are you able to private message?  I am not a paid member so cannot initiate a private message, but I see you live in Delta, I used to live there years and years ago so would be interesting to talk with you not on the boards.  Were you at Surrey Memorial for your surgery? 

Also is your surgery scheduled yet?  I am waiting since a referral last MAY to see a gastroenterologist.  Phoned them today and they said next APRIL.  I am like 'I'll be dead by then!'. 

Reply by HarleyDoll, on Tue Nov 22, 2016 5:07 pm


pammer wrote:

hi everyone, I am hoping someone can help me.  On December 1st I will be having surgery for a hernia repair.  But this one is different from a normal hernia repair.  One year ago I had my hernia repaired  during emergency surgery because of a blockage.  I got very sick because of a bad infection in my wound which turned into sepsis.  It took months for me to heal.  Needless to say the hernia repair did not work.  I am having it fixed again but with a newer procedure called "Sugarbaker surgery for a paristomal hernia".  This surgery has a better chance to work long term.  I am told the recovery is quite painful and long.  I apologize for rambling on but my question is has anyone had this procedure?  What should I expect?  Thank you for reading this

??????? - well not sure what that is all about but this is a ten hour surgery and for cancer.  And removes all organs from the person's body and soaks them in chemo.   ????????  I would rather die than get this.  This can't be what you are talking about.  Is it?


Whoops, I should have googled a bit harder.  This makes more sense for the parastomal hernia:


Reply by CharK63, on Thu Nov 24, 2016 1:19 am

I am 5 days out or surgery for an incisional hernia following my Ostomy reversal. Mine was done laporoscopically with robotics whatever that means. I'm not familiar with your surgical procedure. 

I still have a lot of pain but I only have 3 small incisions that are glued and don't require dressing. I was able to shower in 36 hrs. 

The pain feels more like my c sections than the colostomy. 

What I noticed in discussions w my doc was full sympathy and a guarantee that I'd get fixed asap. In reality I'm being treated as if it's"just a hernia " it took a month to get on surgery schedule. I, too, was given no care instructions or prep instructions either. The office didn't return my calls, I received mail the day of surgery telling me sop nothing by mouth after midnite but I had an rx for golytely at Walmart but they were out of stock. Omg I was going crazy and being told, "don't get excited."

My checking time for surgery was changed 4 times and once was scheduled at her office! Of course that was on Friday nite when no one was in office for weekend. 

Sorry but I forgot all this. My go was who ordered catscan and he prompted me to reach surgeon right away but the appt desk wouldn't make an appt until doc reviewed the report. I didn't know it but they had sent the report same day they told me. When I got ahold of office some Barbie girl said she had report but doc said it was fine, but if I really needed to I could make an appt. So another 10 days passed and when I got to doc, after talking to front desk, talking to nude getting vitals the dr had no idea why I was there and further had to track down the report cuz it wasn't in my file!

Like some of you I had no clue how hernias work or happen so I sat around trying to figure it out and researching online. The folks I knew who'd had surgeries had more than one surgery. Some had current hernias they had not seen dr about  ??? Mine hurt! and it was just a bump. Then I carried some BLANKETS (!) down the hall and I felt something. I laid down I thought to pass some gas but right under the skin near my toma scar I felt part of my bowel poking out and folded in half and it was creepy. Stupid me I'd heard of people pushing it back in and I probly almost killed myself trying it. 

Mom so afraid of getting another bag that I got a ride to ER right away! By the time I saw a triage nurse he didn't even sit up to talk to me. He told me pain did not mean emergency surgery. He sed when it hurts s more than anything I ever felt to come back. When I pressed him he said as bad as having a heart attack feels. Omfg I've never had a heart attack so I finally got him to add vomiting as a symptom. 

Matter all that ranting, again I'm sorry but it's allowed here, I'll tell u what I did,, in practical terms. I didn't lift anything more than 5 lbs and that's pretty much nothing. Not even my purse. Laundry was a problem. I quit taking aspirin so I be ready for surgergery any time. I wore baggy pants with a draw string but I started wearing panty girdles making sure I was dry enough (after shower) not to struggle pulling them up  I didn't wear anything that cinched up rite at the waist except the girdle. I kept a small pillow or stuffed animal near to hold against my stomach when I coughed or sneezed and a big pillow when I stood up from sitting. I doubled my stool softeners not to make bowels fluid but real soft. Think how it had to through that loop and back down in a less than 45degree turn!  I quit bearing down to poo or bending over to pick anything up. 

Mite hurt then and now to have a full bladder and then it hurts when it's empty. By the time I had surgery just a couple bites of food hurt and I had trouble swallowing. 

Right now it hurts when I take a deep breath and when I yawn. At first you have mucous to cough up from surgery and that hurts real bad. Getting out of bed without rails is bad and having to walk with a nurse always pisses me off. 

My grandson stayed Saturday nite to take care of me but he really was killing me. He showed me those iTunes fails video and it hurt so bad to laugh but I couldn't help it. Just sat here hissing out a laugh with my eyes running. 

I know I've written a doggone book about nothing here but I'm leaving it as it is. This is a problem that I have but since I talk a hundred mph it doesn't take long at all 😂 lol

Good night now. Hope I helped some....WAIT! We get these hernias because a stitch slips on our incision so there's a gap the intestin bulges out of. My doc said she made certain to make my stitches solid. She also stitched some kind of mesh in there to fix the hole intead of stretching intestinal skin together. I'm hoping my body doesn't reject the foreign object. Last word, I read that hernias near an active stoma sometimes don't heal right until they close that stoma site and cut a different part of your intestine to move your stoma on the opposite side from the hernia and STILL you might get another hernia. That scares hell out of me!

Happy Thanksgiving! Charlotte K63

Reply by CharK63, on Thu Nov 24, 2016 2:00 am

I have to interpret for my iphones mistakes. SOP means std operating instructions but no bowel prep. The golytely is what they order for us to poly out every last drop cleaning out our bowels. Surgery check in times kept changing and it couldn't be done in her office. The second person I told my catscan story too was the nurse who took my vitals but she wasn't nude. It was my regular preferred physician who ordered catscan. My grandson showed me you tube failed videos that dare you not to laugh.  

People that have had hernia surgery seem to have had several hernia surgeries. I am scared to wake up with another Ostomy bag not my mom. AFTER all that ranting I... Whenever I emptied my overfill bladder the empty space made my hernia hurt more than when full. 

I'm done now just wondering if you can invision someone saying all this in less than a minute. I mostly have people nodding their head at me acting like they've undertood every word while trying to get the heck away from me!

Bye now, Let the holiday madness begin tomorrow! It's more fun to join them because you know you can't beat them!

Reply by Ewesful, on Tue Dec 06, 2016 6:06 pm

I am so sorry t hear you are having the hernia issues.  Before all my surgery, my GP said just remember any doctor can take out a colon -- but not just any doctor will get you well again.

My surgery do and don't list included using a pillow whenever coughing -- and that means after healing too.   No really spicy food as it can cause tissue reaction -- and as much as I knew this I accidently got into some and had a massive reaction....won't go there but the Dr's that are really into ileostomy care do know what is and is not ok.  I was told not to lift over 5 lbs the first 6 months and then it was more  but I am not supposed to ever lift from the floor -- without protection and even then it can cause a hernia ---

My daughter who also has FAP said that in the UK they automatically take out the colon in your 18th birthday year so that it cannot create cancer...well I have issues with that approach, and could go on about that.

I also nearly lost my relatively young  (40's) neighbor several times this year as he developed ulcerative chron's disease creating  massive colon issues.  He was so bad for awhile they cound not operate on him.  However,  he is on a very new medicine now that is working so beautifully that he is not to have surgery until that medicine  stops working... then they will take the colon.

Is there anyway we can push to have a treatment plan booklet created and guaranteed to be given to patients?  They have stuff for everything else under the sun in the waiting rooms.  Maybe we need to be engaged in a proactive plan --- I just don't know the protocal but it seems to me this is not a small issue especially if people are not getting proper care.








Reply by ycats, on Fri Dec 09, 2016 9:51 pm

how did your surgery go?

Reply by CharK63, on Tue Dec 20, 2016 7:54 pm

Hello again, I thought surgery was fine and I was feeling human again. Scurrying around doing as much Christmas stuff as I could with my limitations. Got all my shopping done online and handled my moms too. Then the last few days I've been sleeping and can't wake up. 

Yesterday I said to a friend my moms been bugging me about doing too much but I started hurting after laying around for days. Lo and behold I woke up this morning bleeding from my stoma scar!

 I'm trying to not be scared. I have so much to do yet for Christmas. The surgeons office is not picking up calls so I emailed my doc. I don't want to alarm anyone yet. This really sucks. 

Reply by HarleyDoll, on Thu Dec 22, 2016 3:14 am

I don`t know about never lifting anything from the floor over five pounds.  Some of us live alone and have no choice, that be me.  I have to lift water bottles off the floor (only the smaller ones, I won`t and can`t tackle the large ones), and they are well over five pounds.  I have to carry my own grocery bags and they are well over five pounds.  So how can you carry on with life without carrying anything over five pounds.  I`m serious.  How is one supposed to do that, and are you sure you can get a hernia from lifting something that is five pounds.  I`ve never heard of that till now.

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