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Another Horrific Time!!!!

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Posted by Angelicamarie, on Sat Dec 03, 2016 5:36 am

Gdm not dead yet, you gave me an idea ,I carry all that in a tote. Perhaps I can go back to my purses if I only put the items that you mentioned in my purse and download the other items to the trunk. Thanks for sharing!!! Angelicamarie

Reply by gary S., on Tue Dec 06, 2016 9:28 pm

I find a two piece to be relialbe but I don't use an additional wafer around the stoma. i found the additional wafer often was the source of a leak.

Reply by vickichicki, on Tue Dec 06, 2016 11:30 pm

My horrific incident happened after visiting my ostomy nurse for help with skin breakdown issues around my stoma. She replaced flange and pouch, but failed to velcro secure pouch at the bottom. I left there to meet a transport van moving my 94 year old dad to a rehab facility. I guess driving there the pouch was sort of folded over to where the poop couldn't escape... YET! I had just gotten inside the building and was standing at the reception desk , waiting for my dad to arrive, when I felt intense warmth descending down my leg,soaking my blue jeans pants leg,  into my shoe and all over the floor. I was mortified, to say the least. My face must have been white as a sheet. I explained to the receptionist what had just happened and she was so understanding and helpful. I went to the car to get my change of clothes and supplies. She led me to a private bathroom with a shower stall and towels to use. Thank God, but it was traumatic!

Reply by Angelicamarie, on Wed Dec 07, 2016 4:04 am

Thanks for sharing sharing: truly it is appreciated, people sometimes alienate us . And so we really can talk to another that share this ,which no doubt connect us.yes it is traumatic, have a wonderday it is 3:01 am 8 dec angelicamarie


Reply by Cuppatears, on Wed Dec 07, 2016 8:41 pm

Maybe I'm a little fanatic but my 'kit' stays in my purse, it's a little cosmetic case that I've managed to stock with everything I'd need for a complete change. I've had a few catastrophic blowouts that involved buying garments on the spot. Once I had a disaster in a commuter train restroom. After cleaning up (luckily I was carrying a bottle of water!), I went to the front of the train and did not turn around until I departed the train. 

However since I changed products and brands, I have been fortunate enough to find something that works for me. While still using a 2-piece appliance, it's been a year since I changed, and even the worst leak was not disastrous. My whole disposition has changed, and I feel more like my old self, kinda, because I'll never be quite the same again, but that's ok! 

At the very least I'm carrying a wafer, a pouch, wet wipes and plastic bags. I do miss the tiny tiny purses I used to carry, but I feel much more comfortable as long as the 'kit' is within easy reach.

Reply by Angelicamarie, on Wed Dec 07, 2016 9:58 pm

Cuppatears, I thank u for responding, however what brand do u use, do u use hollister products. I had a little episode not long ago , but I had on pajamas. And woke before it was bad. Also I sleep on disposable pads. U know like u use for the babies. There disposables. So where did you get the kit if is small how does it hold the pouch ,wafer, and the ring.i have purses but I know longer carry them now I carry a tote . I carry everything. Toilet paper, wipes, deodorizer, and plastic gloves in a zip lock. In which I use to empty when I need too, and take gloves off after I clean inside of pouch. Hey friend I await your reply. Good to know that your feeling like yourselve ,sometimes I feel confident, then sometimes I don't do good. But I have to get in the right mindset.

Reply by magoo, on Wed Dec 14, 2016 4:22 pm

Hi there Angelicamarie, 

                                 I think it's not so much courage as doing what you gotta do when faced with shit flowing out the leg of your pants onto the floor lol !!! The courage comes when you get back out there , into the swimming pool, into the shopping center, onto the plane ......hell , just walking down the street and hoping that your "sticky" is still sticky !! LOL cool  I have had many very public leaks over the years and it is Sooo disheartening, scary, embarrassing etc, etc... The worst was in the airport security line at San Francisco Airport surrounded by hundreds of strangers. Happily it is so busy in that kind of place that nobody really notices much and these are all people you will never see again...ever , so who the hell cares The poor janitor had a trail of liquid shit leading into the bathroon where all my clothes went in the bin !!! LOL I always have a backpack with supplies, pants , shirt and new drawers ....always within arms reach , especially when traveling. I had a total blowout on a city bus in Dublin Ireland, in New York...all over the place.

A  valuable Tip for you.  There is something called " Absorbagel " . It somes in small packs like a fat pack of sugar ( one inch square ) . Three of these little packs will absorg a FULL BAG  of liquid shit !! Every time you empty your bag drop two or three ( varies) of these little packs into your bag. They will absorb ALL the liquid in the bag ( especially useful for Ileostomy ) and just leave a thick pudding-like load in the bag. This is easy to empty, no splashing and does not slosh around in the bag as you walk or squash out liquid when you sit in a tight airline seat ( they get smaller and tighter every time I fly !! ) . You can do an 8 hour flight ( road trip etc ) and eat the mystery meal they serve onboard with just one...maybe two bathroom visits. These little packs are lifesavers in everyday life. If you do get a leak it just sort of squeezes out from under the wafer and sticks to your will NOT flow like water. I get these packs ( Absorbagel ) in Ireland but I'm sure you can get something similar in the US. 

One more tip.  Micropore Surgical Tape made by 3M ( 3M brand only one that works ) is the best thing ever for taping your wafer to your skin around the edges, for swimming , showering etc, will never come loose unless you take it off yourself. Getting wet makes it stick even better.

    This was a bit long winded but I hope it helps, try these two items, they will change your life , I promise you laughing  Magoo . All the best .

Reply by Angelicamarie, on Wed Dec 14, 2016 4:36 pm

Hey Magoo,thanks for sharing, and thanks magoo for the two items that I should try. Have a great day!!!!!angelicamarie

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Reply by magoo, on Wed Dec 14, 2016 5:01 pm

Hi again AM,

                    I hope you give them both a try. I have not had a single leak in private or public since I began using them. I can eat out without any anxiety, go swimming at the beach or pool without any worries and ride my mountain bike ( when my often painful butt gives it's approval !! lol ) without the constant thought of a leak happening.

    I'm in California, SF at the moment . I have two or three flights when I head home after Christmas , stopping in DC and New York ( I have a big Irish family ...all over the place LOL !! ) . I would be a wreck if I had to worry about leaking and missing flights because of it. 

You seem like a wondeful and strong lady and I wish you well with your challenges in life ....

Hugs , Magoo ....Merry Christmas to you and your family XO

Reply by Angelicamarie, on Wed Dec 14, 2016 8:37 pm

Thanks magoo for your kind words,I will call the medical supply store in morning to see if I can get the absorbagel there. Hopefully I can that would be great to not be always worried about leaking , though sometimes I'm not but think I am, I guess I paronoid. But again thank you for your kind gestures and I wish you as well happy holidays and be safe friend!!! angelicamarie

Reply by Cuppatears, on Wed Dec 21, 2016 2:50 am

Sorry it took me so long to get back to you!!

Hollister was the brand that failed me time and time again!

I have since changed to Coloplast Sensura Mio Extra Convex Light, with an Assura pouch. I am one satisfied customer now. Go to the site and scroll down, under "Ostomy" you'll find the Body Check.  Answer the questions and send for the samples.


I don't know if you saw my earlier posts, but last year this time I had my first post-op colonoscopy scheduled. I'd received my samples from Coloplast, used them all, did not order an irrigation kit (on the advice of someone who said I didn't need one, ha!), and had to use my 2-piece Hollister products. Long story short, IT WAS ONE COLOSSAL MESS, the wafer failed with the first output from the laxatives. For two hours I was stuck on the bowl holding a (messy) pouch in place manually, between outbursts I'd grab a towel and try to clean up a little.  

My first surprise was how long I've been able to go between full changes, with care I get at least a week from each wafer, using open pouches, I finally feel as though my life has returned to something resembling normal (it wasn't quite 'normal' before surgery smile).

I just happened to pass by the computer to check email, here's what I keep in the kit that stays in my purse.

You will need a few items from your local Dollar Tree: moist wipes, ziploc bags, cotton squares, a small mirror, and from the baby section a package of diaper disposal bags (mine are blue and scented like baby powder). I think there are 50 in the package for $1.

Add to that a few folded paper towels, a wafer, a pouch (or two), adhesive remover packets,  protective barrier wipes. I put in a few of the plastic bags, and a nice size square of Press & Seal. (the extra plastic bags have come in handy to do some damage control til I could get to somewhere to change). My little cosmetic bag is 6" wide by 4 1/2" tall (also from Dollar Tree I think) I use the C-strips around the wafer (which is round), but the straight strips fit better in the kit, and they will do nicely in a pinch. They can also be used to secure the plastic bags in place if necessary.


Ironically as I write this there is a commercial on with Julie, talking about the Sensura Mio and her medical supply company! Never saw these commercials until I had surgery!

Hope this helps and if you have any questions, feel free to ask!


Reply by Angelicamarie, on Wed Dec 21, 2016 5:03 am

Cuppatears I'm so glad you responded thank you so......much. It's aokay  that it took u a while better late than never. I have ordered  the free sample!!! I can't thank you enough for sharing the information!!!! I will also visit the dollar store real soon. Cuppatears happy holidays to you and yours and best wishes, don't be shy, contact me sometime!!!! Best wishes your ostomate sister Angelicamarie

Reply by txess, on Fri Dec 23, 2016 4:20 am

Sorry to hear you had such a bad time Angelicamarie. Wishing you lots of better days from this moment forward!

Reply by txess, on Fri Dec 23, 2016 4:29 am

I also love the Sensura Mio! Also if you look for a product called Sure Seal they are the best thing EVER for keeping the bag and wafer *super secure* and containing leakage. You can find ostomates on YouTube that will demonstrate how they work. 

Reply by Angelicamarie, on Fri Dec 23, 2016 5:52 am

Thanks txess do they give out samples? I'm willing to try,nothing beats a try but a failure!!!   Can you give me a number or address!!! Angelicamarie

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