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Bone pain with Ulcerative Colitis ?

Posted by magoo, on Tue Dec 13, 2016 3:05 pm

Hi there my fellow Baggers and Merry Christmas to all.

       I was diagnosed with UC many years ago and have experienced only those symptoms related to UC, until recently.  

       My current problem lies in the Sternum . I have looked up the anatomy of the area and the problem area seems to be called " The Manubrium". This is where the first two ribs begin in the chest / Sternum. I have a noticably raised lump in the middle of the Sternum which has been causing a lot of chest pain and upper back pain , just between the shoulder blades. I thought that I might be exaggerating ( in my own mind ) how inflammed and large this "lump" is so I had two other people feel the area and they agreed that it is definitely abnormal and quite large ( raised approximately 1/4 of an inch in a sort of peak around a three inch circular area )The area is very painful to the touch and the pain radiates to the back , between my shoulder blades.                  

       I have a Sister and a Brother who have Ankylozing Spondalytis , my Brother also has UC. I suspect that my current problem has some connection to AS given the fact that UC  and  AS  are closely related. I have never had symptoms of AS  before , just UC.

       I would appreciate any comment or info that might enlighten me regarding this problem.  I am in California at the moment visiting family and live full time in Ireland         ( when not visiting my home away from home , San Francisco ) so I have no access to my regular doctors until I get home to Ireland. This problem has raised it's ugly head a few times in the past few years but never as painfully as in the past week so I am trying to find out if other people with a diagnosis of UC have experienced anything similar to my experience. 

       I will be going home after Christmas and will have an MRI as soon as possible when I get home. I will pass on whatever I find out about this situation in case it may be of help to others out there.

   Thank you all in advance for any help you may be able to provide. 

Merry Christmas / Happy Holidays to all ,   Magoo.





Reply by Xerxes, on Tue Dec 13, 2016 10:26 pm



I don't know anything as to why and whether your problem has anything to do with UC. I would suggest that you see an MD ASAP. You indicate that you've had this problem before. Have you seen a doctor before about this? I'm guessing that this is independent of the UC. Good luck.



Reply by Primeboy, on Thu Dec 15, 2016 2:34 am

Hi Magoo,

When I was initially diagnosed with UC nearly 40 years ago, my GI told me that this disease is systemic, and that while it manifests itself primarily in the colon, other areas such as the joints (gout) or eyes can be affected.  I never experienced any symptoms outside of my GI tract, but within the past few years my hands and feet have often felt very cold even in the summer. My primary care doctor says that this problem may also be related to UC and has prescribed a medication to improve circulation.

Xerxes has made a critically important point: see an MD right away.  So far no medical professional has examined you recently and you are reporting very painful episodes.  I understand that health insurance plans may not work very well when out of country; but, at the very least, you should stop by one of these neighborhood urgent care facilities (which are a lot less expensive than hospital emergency rooms) and have a doctor look at your situation before it becomes worse.  The doctor may give you meds to manage the pain until you return home or he may say you cannot wait but must have some procedure done right away.

Today, people must be their own best advocates for good health care. Suffering in silence doesn't accomplish anything good. Follow our recommendations and you're sure to have a very Merry Christmas.



Past Member
Reply by Past Member, on Mon Dec 26, 2016 8:33 pm

I had UC and also suffered from joint pains which was caused by inflamation in my joints, my GP didnt say much about it at the time but when i saw my Chiropractor he said to get tested to see if I had Ankylozing Spondalytis as it only takes 1 blood test to find out. Turns out I did have AS. As for the pains from AS I was put on Humira which took me around a year to get on as its not a drug they just hand out. What I find helps my pains is not to sit still for to long, exercise helps loosen me up and reduces the pain a lot. UC and AS can easily be linked together. If you are fighting an infection AS can also flare up even more as your white blood cell count will increase to fight off the infection but in the meantime causes extra inflamation between the joints. Let me know if you have any questions as I would be more than happy to try help with anything you have to say.



Reply by magoo, on Mon Dec 26, 2016 9:07 pm

Hi Chris..and Merry Christmas..

         The unusual thing is that the only area that is swollen and painful is right at the top of my Sternum. It seems that the Cartilage in the Sternum is inflamed and there is a. Raised "lump" about two Square inches. Which is obvious to the touch. 

A Brother and Sister both have AS , the Brother has Colitis also. Neither one has this Sternum pain . 

I have NO other joint pain at all , just in the Sternum . just wondered if specifically Sternum pain is experienced with AS. And NO other symptoms.  I'll get an MRI. And see my specialist when i get back home in a couple of weeks.

A lump anywhere can be ominous but I'm not going to panic ....for now !! 

Thank you all for the sound advice. Magoo.

Happy New advance ...


Reply by Primeboy, on Mon Dec 26, 2016 11:58 pm

Hi Magoo,

My free advice supports your decision not to panic.  Esther and I decided a number of years ago, after her cancer diagnosis, not to worry about what might be possible, only to worry about what is known as absolutely certain.  Although we had created a bucket list, we threw it away after we heard the facts from the doctor.  Years of active and happy life ensued. 

That said, call your specialist now for an appointment so that you won't have to wait when you return home.  The best cure for fear is knowledge, especially with trust in Providence.  As John Paul II often said, be not afraid.

Happy New Year!


Past Member
Reply by Past Member, on Tue Dec 27, 2016 1:02 am


If you have not been tested for AS and you say some of your family members also have it I would advise getting tested for it just so you know the results and can deal with it head on. As for the Sternum I cannot relate to it myself my pain was always in the lower spine. Any lump painful or not should always be checked out. Blood tests in most cases are cheaper than any type of scan and they can tell a lot. I hope you get things sorted mate.


Merry Christmas 




Reply by magoo, on Wed Dec 28, 2016 5:09 pm

Thanks again Chris , I was curious if anyone experienced Sternum pain specifically. The Sternum is dpecifically cited as a problem with AS. On the Mayo Clinic Website. Since I have no other AS. Symptoms I was curious if anyone experienced exclusively Sternum pain with AS. Will be home in a week or so and will post any info I get from my specialist. Judt going to enjoy the rest of my visit in the California sunshine and worry about tests when I get home.

Happy New Year ...

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