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How bad is it ?

Posted by lucky#1, on Thu Dec 29, 2016 6:57 am

What am i looking at when they do the reversal of my Ostomy?  And do they reopen using the same scar?


Reply by CharK63, on Fri Dec 30, 2016 12:20 pm

Hi Lucky #1,

This is Charlotte, charK60. No they will not use your old scar. If they do it laporoscopically they will make 3 small incisions. If not, I believe it will be a different site. 

I had my reversal in May and she first tried the labor surgery so I have scars from there. That didn't work because there was too much scar tissue and she had to go in hands on so I ended up with a Tic tac toe board across my abdomen. Not a pretty sight. 


Then in October I had hernia surgery and that was later surgery. Much easier to take care of. The three incisions were glued closed and I had to let them fall off by themselves. There were no bandages or leakage of any kind. 


Besides the incision you you will probably stay in hospital 4 or more days til you have your first bowel movement and can eat solid foods as well as walk unassisted. 


Some say the reversal is worse worse than the original. I don't know about worse but the recuperation time is certainly as bad as the first time around. 


Ive read posts that they set up a bed in the bathroom they had to go so often but that wasn't my experience. I took laxatives regularly to keep my bowel loose enough to not hurt. 


I am just now cutting back back on the laxatives because I get so loose I have accidents that I'm not even aware of. That's even though I still take pain meds because of the hernia and currently my stoma site is bleeding lightly but hurts in passing. 


Theres a a lot of other responses under the topic "Reversal. "


Good luck!

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