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Post proctectomy pain ?

Posted by Flutterbye, on Thu Jan 05, 2017 7:11 pm

I had the last bit of my bowel removed 3 weeks ago and have been closed up and healing well. Today I have a really nasty pain where the wound is on my bottom, it is gradually getting worse and even hurts to walk, I don't understand how or why this has come on so suddenly, I'm worried something has gone wrong ūüôĀ

If anyone has had this procedure and has any answers or advice I would really appreciate it. 

Reply by Bill, on Fri Jan 06, 2017 2:56 am

Hello Flutterbye.

Three weeks sounds about right for all the pain killers to have worn off and for the healing process to have started in ernest. It may seem strange that the pain is only just beginning to mainfest itself but the intestines and colon are part of the autonomic nervous system, which does not have the same sort of connections to the brain as the nerves that nornally tell us we have pain elsewhere. This is why there is no feeling in the actual stoma but there is feeling from the surrounding tissue. Sometimes we don't feel the pain until the scar tissue reaches the part of the body that carries the nerve endings which signal there is pain.

I would reiterate what I said in your previous post and that is: Most of us are not medics on this site and if you are concerned about anything at all, have a chat to your stoma nurse to see what they have to say about it. I know that you have only just talked to her about the other issue but she will not mind if you come back with another question, especially as it is to do with pain. These nurses are there to help and are only too happy to share their experience and expertise. It is good that you can come on here and get an instant response but it will feel even better to have that response from a professional expert. The great advantage inappraoching them is that if your pain needs further investigation, they are in a good position to make arrangements to have that happen.

Bare in mind that people like me are only offering an amateur opinion that may or may not have validity. If what I say turns out to be wrong, I will feel terrible about it if you did not get proper advice from someone who is paid to know about these things. So if you are reluctant to speak to the stoma nurse yourself, perhaps you will do it for us so that you can feedback what she says. That's always very useful to everyone.  

Best wishes


Reply by October Born, on Fri Jan 06, 2017 8:02 am

Hi Flutterbye,

When I had this procedure done it actually did get more painful as it healed. My doctor had me put rolled up soft gauze there which I changed everytime I used the bathroom. It really did help. Cuts down on the friction in the area and gives it cushion. I had to do this for quite awhile. Just a suggestion. I found 2x2 hospital grade gauze squares folded in half worked best. Best of luck to you and your back side : ).


Reply by Flutterbye, on Fri Jan 06, 2017 7:24 pm


Bit of an update, I've seen my nurse today and managed to catch my surgeon, my poor bottom isn't healing to well, I've had some bloods done and am waiting to hear if I will need an MRI. My wound is so sore Sad I may need another op as there is a lot of swelling and the skin has formed into tags and keep bleeding. I do feel quite down about it, but on the other hand its fixable and I was saved by having all this surgery. This time next year I will be fine Smile Smile  so so glad that I was seen today! 

Reply by Bill, on Sun Jan 08, 2017 5:27 am

Hello Fluterbye.

Thank you so much for the update and we are all pleased to hear that your problems are fixable. It's a good idea to keep an eye on the larger picture in that the problems of surgery tend to be relatively minor when compared to the alternatives. One of the greatest assets we can have when dealing with ongoing problems is endless  'patience'. Another is 'hope'.

I sincerely hope that the problems you face at the moment are just teething problems and everything will work out well for you in the long run. Please keep us updated as you progress.

Best wishes


Reply by Flutterbye, on Sun Jan 08, 2017 4:28 pm

Thank you Bill Smile 

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