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Do I have a hernia behind my urostomy?

Posted: Fri Jun 16, 2017 11:47 pm

Hi I had my bladder removed in January and just recently maybe the last month or so I have been getting pain and I have felt a lump behind my stoma. I asked my stoma nurse and she said Yeh you could have one! That was it. I'm concerned only because just this last couple of days I'm getting horrendous pain behind my stoma to the point I have to sit down where it takes my breath away. It's like someone is stabbing me. Also it's so painful when I cough, sneeze or even stand up. I haven't got a noticeable lump protruding out my stomach but I can feel something. My stoma is retracted aswell so the complete opposite! My stoma nurse has told me it needs surgery. Please can someone shed some light on this issue for me?

Posted: Sat Jun 17, 2017 1:19 am

Gem88? Hi!  Your stoma nurse is making medical decisions for you?  She has, what, 2 years of college? Even, maybe, a 4-year nursing degree? 

Here in the USA, Doctors do about 7 years of university and another few years on the floor before they are legally allowed to diagnose patients. They WORK for it.       Sure, there will always be a few crappy doctors  But most doctors have put too much time and money into this, and are striving to do well in their field.

Talk to your doctor, and if you're not convinced, ask a different doctor.  Might not seem easy with National Health but if NOT another English doctor, does NatHealth cover Scotland? and if not, You could have a getaway in France and figure to stay and eat cheap to work a little doctor bill into your holiday. . . an extra 40 pounds?

Your nurse obviously doesn't know s**t. If she did, she wouldn't be giving you surgical advice or ANY advice which shouldn't be given unless you actually WENT to med school, which your nurse obviously DIDN'T.

Many other patients would do well if you reported your stoma nurse, Send it to a few hospital administration folks.  Get on the internet, find head-of-department, top administrator, marketing director, top department doctor, and top patient relations person.  You could actualy just send a copy of this post, you wrote clearly and well, and it should get the higher-ups motivated.

Get help. This is not normal.  Your stoma nurse is NOT help. Go around her, get rid of her. Get PROPER medical care.

Wishing you the best, keep us posted!



Posted: Sat Jun 17, 2017 10:49 am

Hi Gem,   NoDeadYet.....said it perfectly.   You need to see a doctor. Your stoma nurse, is " the first stop", and if she said " you could have one", then that's a perfect indication that you need to be more proactive.  That kind of discomfort isn't "normal".  I know it's not easy to get appointments with a specialist,  ( preferably a surgeon)  but thats who you need to see..   I had a a hernia,( at the base of my incision)   after my first surgery, and while it "shouldn't happen", it's not that unusual that it does.  Please don't procrastinate....

Best regards....let us know what happens.  Marsha

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