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Me and my ostonomy bag

Posted: Sun Jun 18, 2017 10:24 pm

I jus had a nurse come out to me n show me different bags .I was very comfortable with one stainable non see thru pouch .before we even showed me any bags we had disguised the texture of my bowls I had told her they were normal. So we go in room replace other bag I had for new ones ,they are so much better then what I had question is all of a sudden my stool is not like normal n is softer n sits on and around stoma without falling so I can drain it.I had disposable before which I was changing to often n wud in tale give me I like drainables but can't drain what about water thru shower hose ? Help me I'm in same problem as before if I take whole appliance off when it should stay on longer for me...

Posted: Mon Jun 19, 2017 4:02 am

Hi,  You don't say whether you have an ileostomy  or a colostomy, and the output/ waste can be a completely different consistancy.  The stoma opening for an ileostomy is made at the entrance to the small colon, the illium, and since there's no large intesting to absory the water, the output tends to be more watery.  Very fibrous foods, can cause thickening of the output.   In my 50 year experience, I prefer 2 piece appliance so that it's possible to remove the pouch without removing the wafer.  But if you're experiencing firm stool that won't drain easily,  You can add some water to the filled pouch and then more easily squeeze out what you can.  

If you have a colostomy, then the opening was made into the colon, ( large intestine) which absorbs much more water, and the output would be firm.  "Pancaking "  stool backing up in the pouch is not unusual in that situation.   Again, a 2 piece system makes it easier to clean up, around the stoma, and then put the pouch back on.   You might consider irrigating, which will regulate your output ( which will then be watery)  There are instructive videos on google "  irrigation of a colostomy) and you will see the procedure.  The one I viewed was done in the hospital, so it's very " procedureal"....   with a nurse attending to a patient.  But it's usual to do it for yourself.    If you have any questions, just post more questions, or write.   Best of luck.   Marsha

Posted: Mon Jun 19, 2017 6:52 am

Get a non needle syringe and clean your bag using plain water. Then give the bag a good swoosh then drain. 

I use the Sensura Mio 2 piece and have issues with pancaking myself sometimes. I simply take off the bag, clean the output away then add olive oil or baby oil around it. Temporary fix but works. I also use a bag lubricant for the rest of the bag along with M9 deodorant. 

The bag has great options and a filter. On pancaking issues I use the circle sticker to close off the filter. Very discreet bag and you can fold it in half right after draining to get a few minutes of no long bag hanging down. The other bags just weren't for me either. Clumsy or wouldn't adhere plus the filters lasted a day before going out. I can get up to two weeks on my flange and change my bag as needed. 

Good luck and many blessings. ....Jen

Posted: Wed Jun 21, 2017 4:21 pm

Thank you so much for info ,I will try that .

Posted: Mon Jun 26, 2017 2:29 pm

I also had pancaking.  I found a wonderful ostomy nurse who recommended Perfect Choice super strength lubricating deodorant.  It's oily so I squeeze it into new bag before putting it onto the phalange.  I also prefer two piece bags and find Hollister bags have a better filter as well as an easier plastic ring to attach to phalange.  

I take generic miralax daily to liquefy the stool more, that also prevents pancaking.


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