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Rectal Discharge & Bleeding

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Posted: Mon Jul 10, 2017 8:10 pm

Hello Everyone,

I'm having an ongoing problem that is not being helped by the doctor. I had a bowel resection with a permanent colostomy due to developing peritonitis from diverticulitis. This happened in 1999, and after a 2 month hospitalization I recovered with no problems for this next 15 years. Then about 3 years ago I began having a mucus discharge from my rectum. 

No one ever mentioned this was a possibility and it periodically occurred since 2014. The doctor said it was normal and did not think it was a big deal although I found it to be a huge hassle. Anyway around 6 months ago I started having blood along with the mucus. The doctor said I have proctitis. He gave me a prescription for a cortisone medication in a suppository. I was shocked at the $317 price for a 7 day supply. When I called to see if there is a cheaper alternative, I could not get him or his staff to return my calls. I gave up after trying to reach him at least 4-5 times. The bleeding is worse and I'm completely frustrated. I now have to wear an extra long sanitary napkin and bleed like I'm having a heavy period from my butt. I'm 65 years old and haven't had to deal with periods for 18 years.

Please - can anyone tell me if there are any medical professionals who handle this problem. I live in Arizona and find the healthcare here stinks. I'm originally from Southern California and would willingly travel to get help. I am so depressed and desperate.

Thanks for any help.

Posted: Mon Jul 10, 2017 9:57 pm

I live in Kentucky, so I don't have any knowledge of medical professionals in Arizona or California. However, with that much bleeding, I am not sure that an inflammation of the rectum to be treated with cortisone will do the trick. Surely that much blood is coming from higher up. Did he do a flexible sigmoidoscope to determine the cause of the bleeding, or just say, "here, have some expensive pills and go away"? Did he even do any tests at all? (From your post, it didn't appear that he did.) At any rate, you might seek a second opinion, maybe by contacting your local ostomy nurse for a recommendation. Your insurance company may have an ombudsman who can help guide you to a different doctor for better treatment. (When I had my ostomy surgery, my insurance company assigned a customer care person who followed up with me every week or two for the first couple of months, as it was cheaper for them to catch any issues before they became complications which would require expensive medical treatments that they would have to cover.)

Very best of luck to you. I swear, heavy bleeding many years after an ostomy does NOT sound like a simple case of inflamed rectum! Let us know how your search for answers goes.

Posted: Tue Jul 11, 2017 11:58 am

I have a permanent ileostomy since 2014. I too bleed pretty regularly with mucosal discharge.  It is at it's worst with certain dietary changes, like too much chocolate.  My past doctors were NO help.  If your rectum and anus have been "infected" with colitis there will be this bleeding issue, and a surgeons' solution will be to remove your rectum and anus.  A GI will tell you there are medications to treat colitis (like the steriods you've been given, and Humira and Remicade infusions) but none really holds a PROMISE of solution.  ALL the doctors will tell you to continue scopes to be sure there is no cellular change i.e. cancer, and they'll also tell you it's "no big deal" as long as the blood loss is not significant enough to warrant a transfusion.  Of course, they're not the ones bleeding and suffering.  I've chosen to do nothing and have learned to deal with it, with no changes in my situation for three years now.  I also NEVER leave my house and I REFUSE to see another doctor for ANYTHING.  For most folks this is not a reasonable solution.  It works for me.  GoodLuck finding the solution that works for you.

Posted: Sat Jul 15, 2017 2:09 am

Hello I'm sorry 😐 you're having this trouble but one or two things could possibly be done the general surgeon could check using a procsigmoid exam and manual check to make sure there is no bleed down below if not then if you have a part of your colon a flex sigmoidoscopy could be done thru the stoma.... nothing there then request to see gastro to down other end. Now the mucus is a part of it if your rectum was not sewn up. The general surgeon who did my surgery I went back him because it was leaking even after enema. For the next six months he said place a gauze between the but cheeks and .if it still persist he would so up the rectum 


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