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Posted: Fri Aug 11, 2017 8:47 pm

hi i,m auttoman i have a question i have a hernia the size of a grape fruit i wear a hernia belt when i lay down for about 15 minutes i can push it back in and then can put my hernia belt on if any one else has the same problem i don,t want to have surgey till totaly have to i know i can,t lift any thing over 7 pounds but i.m wondering if i can like push and pull on things with out hurting any thing i mow my lawn wiyh kinda a self pulling mower try not to get the bag to full so not to heavy and i weed eat the side of the lawn weed weighs about 6 pounds i am wording if that will put me in the hospital does any have this kind of problem i live alone can any one tell me just what i can and cand not do

Posted: Sat Aug 12, 2017 4:23 am

Hello auttoman. A very interesting question you ask and it's not one that has a strightforward answer as it depends on so many different factors, some of which I will list below: 

How long since your operation? How strong were your muscles before the op? what sort of operation was it? what have the medics said? etc ,etc. 

I simply experimented with light loads to begin with and then very gradually progressed to see what happened. I got my hernia from the outset so it was nothing I did that caused it. I wear a specially (home) made hernia belt to prevent it getting worse and have found that I can do most things, including all sorts of gardening, lifting quite heavy weights, pushing. pullng, cycling, walking, etc. However, I got to this point by being very careful and gradually working up to it.

So! if there is one thing I can tell you from my own experience about what you can and cannot do -- it would be to say you can 'experiment' and never do anything more than you shouls ' just noticeable difference'.

Best wishes


Posted: Sat Aug 12, 2017 6:52 pm

thanks Bill for your input i forgot to say it is parastoma hernia had surgey 6 years ago was lifting heavey stuff they did not tell me to wear a belt after surgey they did not tell me any thing to what i could do or not it would have help if they would have told me to kinda take it easy don,t know how long i can go with out having the surgery can,t go with out the belt its to big very uncomfortable but don,t want the surgey unless it get to big hope more people have same thing and can tell me there experince also  thanks auttoman. they took out my bladder and prostate had bladder cancer i wear a bag hernia right behind bag not fun.          thanks auttoman out

Posted: Thu Aug 17, 2017 11:51 pm

It is exactly my story. It has been 7 years since my surgery. I rested about 3 months after surgery, before thinkinking I could do things normally as long as I favored my stomach. no mention I could develop the pastoral hernia. What was that???  The bulge and stoma protrude started within the first year. I exercised and somehow found out about the hernia NuHope belt. Been using it ever since. The stoma was out about 3” a fewcyears ago. Not much help from medical system. Got brave and just kept forcing it back in an trying to strengthen my abbs. It is back to about 1/2", but 1/2 softball still there. I would like serguery to fix the hernia, but don't trust doctors. My original surgeon says he will have to bring stoma to utilize a new hole and patch up the hole with the bulge. Go figure!!!

Anyone know of a surgeon that can fix this pastoral hernia without making a new hole? 

Posted: Tue Aug 22, 2017 8:37 pm

hi Alberta i just came on ostamate i don,t come on it to often but thanks for your input they told me the same might have to move stoma to other side of my body and close the other side up then that means evenuly i will have another hernia on that side so then i will probley wind up with too hernia,s my stoma is about 3 inches long too i told doc. i,m going to hold off as long as i can stupid me i still am doing to much lifting and other things but i am going to stop doing so much i pray it don,t get any bigger  good luck to you hope all goes well for you.      auttoman

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