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Sick and everything pushed out backside. Please help.

Posted: Mon Nov 20, 2017 3:01 pm

Hello, my name is Peggy and I live in Colorado Springs.  I had my colostomy done in April 2015. For the most part things are okay but I do end up in the hospital every couple of month and no one seems to have answers to important questions. So I thought I would ask it here because people all over the world deal with something different on a daily basis.

Okay surgery date April 2015, did relatively good for the first few months. I then moved from AZ back to CO. When I got to CO, I started having severe bladder spasms that felt like contractions. They decided to do a supra publc catheter, " that will fix the bladder spasms, you can go back to your normal life".  Ummm yeah no, the bladder spasms got even worse. I was referred to a urologist in Aurora, CO. Who did all these excruciatingly painful test and determined that my bladder did not grow correctly bc of my disability. So the indwelling Cath were sitting on the nerves and I had a neurogenic bladder and the bladder needed to be removed and so it was.

In the midst of all this, the colostomy was still being weird. Every couple of months, I would go from completely fine to not. My nose would start to run but would still be stopped up. Then I would start feeling really nauseated  and wouldnt be long before I was throwing up.  When this happens my body responds and I start having some kind spasm that would pretty badly force, liquid and poo out my backside and I have no control over what or why this happens or what to do when it does?????  It be great to hear  what the issue might be. It also would be great to find a WCN as it gets really hard in life when you have no one to talk to and having no way to know what's going on?

Anyway I am sorry for the post being, so long I an just hoping that someone will read it all and respond. Unfortunately I cannot afford the membership fee. Every bit goes to rent.

Thank you,


Posted: Mon Nov 20, 2017 5:50 pm

Hello Peggy. 
I'm sorry to hear that you are having the sorts of difficulties you describe and I hope that some of our friends on here will join in the discussion on your post. However, My first port of call when trying to formulate an answer to these sorts of problems, is to see if anyone has posted about them in the past. I say this, because quite a number of people come to the site, contribute useful stuff at the time and then don't return in time to join in the next time the same topic is raised.

I would urge you to have a look in the 'COLLECTIONS' section to the left of your screen and scroll down until you come to 'OSTOMY-RELATED COMPLICATIONS' . You will finds several past posts on rectal discharge alongside other very interesting topics. Many people have corresponded on these things and you will probably find some pertinent comments and suggestions.

It is worth noting that many folks tick the 'notify me' box at the bottom of the posts so that they get an email when people respond to that post. Sometimes it's worth replying to an old post just to see if those people are still around and willing to reply.

I hope you get some answers to your questions soon

Best wishes


Posted: Tue Nov 21, 2017 5:51 am

Hi peggy,


I''m so sorry for all the complictions you seem to be having.   ( with bladder involvement)   Whatever they decide is the best procedure, hopefull it will be worked out., even if it means re routing the bladder waste, through another ostomy procedure....    

I'd be more concerned with pooing out your rectum.  That shouldn't happen, if you had a resection, and have had a section  or all of your colon removed.   In an ileostomy,   the entire colon is removed, and the opening is made into the  ileum....the beginning of the very long small intestin.   In a colostomy,   some  of it may be removed....., and the waste exits the body through the stoma on the abdomen.   Sometimes, the remaining colon/ rectum is left in, or if it's too diseased, it's removed along with the anus.   You are literally " sew up",   But if they did leave the rectum intact,   along with part of the colon, that part won't produce stool, but will emit mucus, blood, and " clots"  that can look the same.   You might also have cramps and " eplosions" of sorts, because the  rectal muslce is still intact.   You need to meet with your surgeon, to find out EXACTLY what was done to you...   I was only 15 when I had my surgery, and I thought it was " completed".  My parents didn't tell me the truth.   So when I started tobleed through the rectum, again, I didn't tell anyone, because I was sure I was dying.   The " doctors" and my parents didn't think I should know...   It was a horrible time.    So get some definitive answers for yourself...   

Best regards,   Marsha

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