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Tuned in to the right frequency

Posted by Angelicamarie, on Sun Apr 14, 2019 3:23 pm

The following are excerpts from a Pastor and me.

Right now there hundreds of radio frequencies in the air. Hundreds of television signals all around us. Yet we are not recieving any of them. The reason , we are not tuned in . If we were to get a radio turned in to the desired station, we would hear it loud and clear.

To often we're not turned to that frequency. We have to pay attention to what we're feeling on the inside. . You may have an uneasiness when you don't feel good about something. That's not just your nerves, thats the little voice saying "Go slow, be careful there's danger up ahead."

It can be be a prompting , a suggestion, all of a sudden you have a desire to check on your child. Or to call your parents and check on them. Trust your gut. A better way to put it is trust your sensor. There are times you'll get an intuition or hunch. You know something just can't explain it and you don't have the facts to back you up. You just know what you know.

When shopping at the mall or any place else, when one don't feel good about a purchase, no big deal, we put it back.  At the office, we feel an uneasiness towards a certain person, we back away.  At home, we feel a prompting to spend time with our family and we obey. At night we hear that suggestion , turn the television off you need your rest we turn it off.

Pat attention to what your feeling. Don't ignore the impressions, the promptings. It's a still voice that only you can hear.  If your going to hear the whisper, you'll have to be quiet and listen. when you feel uncomfortable don't over-ride the alarms. Pull back and see what is being said within yourself. Could it be you are being given a way out, to protect you from danger? But you are overriding the alarm.  Again, that person or entity you feel an unrest or uneasiness toward them and the alarm starts going off. They may appear nice, friendly and kind but you can't exactly put your finger on it, something is not right.

Alot of people are not who they say they are. They might seem fine on the outside, but they may have deceptives motives. They want to be your friend for what you can, may or will do for them. There takers and never givers. Once they use you up, they move on to the next person, this thing can go on and on. No matter how good you look or how fine she is, or how much money he has. He may be tall, handsome and rich, but if you hear the alarm going off, you need to be smart enough to walk away. All that glitter is not gold. Don't override the alarm. If they not the right person for you, that means that the creator has someone better in store for you.

They may be a good person but just not good for you . You must trust your sensors and not override the alarm. The creator will lead you down the right path. If you don't have peace before making any decision you won't have peace afterwards.

Are you turned in to the right frequency?



Reply by Bill, on Mon Apr 15, 2019 3:43 am

Hello Angelicamarie. Thank you for another interesting and insightful post. 

The basic message is sound. However, utilising intuition is both an instinct and a developed skill. It can be influenced by social, cultural and group norms which confuse or override what might have been an individual and personal perspective.  Some people are more skilled at using their intuition than others and some get the wrong feelings entirely. Also, in terms of relationships, individuals react differently to different circumstances, so one person might get a negative vibe whereas another may be neutral or positive towards the same event or person.

Life tends to be much more complex than a first instinct might have us believe. However, that is not to say that the advice given is not sound. All I would add is that these primitive instincts were primarily designed to safeguard us in a primitive/ natural environment. A modern society is far from 'natural' or 'primitive', so we need to take our instincts and then use logic to check the facts and 'THINK' things through before coming to conclusions about people or the environment in which we find ourselves. 

Best wishes


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