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Need Help Quick!

Posted by Little Red, on Tue Jun 11, 2019 12:26 pm

I had somewhat of the same problem,  A Ostomy RN told me to use a shampoo with zinc to clean around my stoma ( Colostomy )  Walmart has samples ( travel size ) of  head and shoulders shampoo  then  buy a tube of  Boudreaux's Butt Paste in the baby section.   rub it on  and leave it on for 5 min than wipe it off and apply a coating of  prep protective skin barrier,  by Coloplast ( # 0925 )  it comes in a dobber  type bottle from many  ostomy suppliers.  Let it dry  throughly and apply your pouch.   change as soon as you start to itch or leak  3 to 4 days and it should heal  in a couple of days.  then use the barrier dobber  at every change. This has been a miracle for me.   I can now go 5  to 7 days between changes.    Best thing I have found to work and  by using the  travel sizes it is not that expensive.



Reply by Frank, on Tue Jun 11, 2019 12:36 pm

Had same problem due to leakage around irregular stome.  Tried everything. Finally a nurse at Convatec suugested Duoderm Extra thin pads which I cut up and picture frame around the Stoma.  Has a healing adhesive and cleared up a 2 year problem in weeks.  It's available on Amazon.


Not only did it cure the skin, it helps prevent leakage. Used to have total failures at least every other day. Down to every 4 to 5 days between changes with no major failures. Today'sprice was $21.54 for a box of 10. That does 20 changes for for me cutting them into strips for an Illeostomy.  

Wuld be less around a larger  stoma - a colostomy.  Good luck. 



Reply by Rusty, on Tue Jun 11, 2019 2:47 pm

Try Calomine lotion. Several coats. Do NOT shake bottle first. Open and slowly drain off water from top of bottle. That will give you a stronger solution.

Apply and let dry. It dries quickly. Apply a few times. Let dry. Soothing. Good luck.

Reply by Ladyhawke, on Tue Jun 11, 2019 10:14 pm

Can you tell me where to purchase the marathon barrier

Reply by Uro2011, on Tue Jun 11, 2019 10:45 pm

I buy my marathon product from the place that supplies my Ostomy pouches. They should be able to order it in for you if they don’t have any in stock. The stuff is amazing for protecting your skin while giving it time to heal.

Reply by newnormal, on Wed Jun 12, 2019 7:20 pm

After you figure out what's irritating your skin Bard Natural Care Gel is great for healing. I put it on my skin first before the barrier wipe/spray when changing my appliance. It doesn't interfere with adherence. 

Reply by NewlifeVictoria, on Thu Jun 13, 2019 12:25 pm

Your right about trying different stuff,, I have learned to use water nothing much to clean my skin around my stoma.. I use the rings they are amazing and everyone should use them.. Holister products I use and there I feel the easiest for me anyway... I have learned as well not to change keep same method any one to chat I’m here, Im having my problems to I have a lot of feelings of twisting and uncomfortable pain 😢Going for test. Flourscopy upper GI  next Tuesday 🙏🙏Victoria 

Reply by newyorktorque, on Sat Jun 15, 2019 5:43 am

Ive been having a similar problem and They gave me desoximetasone gel.  Rub a small amount on affected area.  It takes a minute to dry then you can use your barrier rings and / or brava adhesive strips around the barrier, but no barrier sprays nor wipes.  Change bag every 2 days using this method up to 10 days.  I have noticed the pain is not as bad and I'm looking forward to additional positive results.  Good luck.

Reply by Superme, on Wed Jun 19, 2019 8:40 pm

Hi Jane,

i would suggest that you see a dermatologist. They are the best at diagnosing skin conditions and treating them. I had the same problem and I was told I had eczema. I was given Stelara that treats eczema and psoriasis and no more irritating spots around my stoma. I only take it every third month by injection in my arm. This may not be for everyone but I know it worked for me.


Reply by Sissy$$$, on Wed Jun 19, 2019 10:08 pm

Hello little red

Thanks for the info about the zinc shampoo. I'm going to remember that.


Reply by Pooter, on Wed Jun 19, 2019 10:53 pm

When i have skin irritation, I use Compound Tincture Of Benzoin swabs. It burns but it works.

Reply by Little Red, on Thu Jun 20, 2019 9:16 am

Jo it works like  a charm for me,, I got the suggestion from My ET RN  at my hospital.  I did buy the travel size of head and shoulders because of the Zinc,  $1.49  at Walmart.  and was told to use it at every change even after my skin heals.  then also to us the Butt past untill it heals and then only the head and shoulders and  the barrier dobber..  so far it is working  The butt past comes in different strengths  I purchased the Maxium strength. it is a small tube and a little pricey  aound $5.00  but you only use a tiny bit each time.  I used it 3 times ( changes )  and it did the trick.  I applied the but paste left it on for about 5 plus min and then wiped it off with kleenex  applied the protective skin barrier let it dry and applied my bag.


Reply by dls, on Thu Jun 20, 2019 10:24 am

MissJane, you certainly need professional help, all of these sugestions are fantatastic, but we're not there and can't see what you're suffering. Irish Health Care isn't that bad and should be able to see someone without too much of a wait.  In the meantime, try everything,  if nothing 'osomy' works, I really like the Desitin Ointment idea--it may be called something else in Ireland. You find it in baby care areas of store. The base is Zinc Oxide and Cod Liver Oil.  Desitin has been used for skin problems a long time. As it used for baby's bottoms, wet and 'dirty' if you get my meaning, it's perfect for problems like ours. Please keep us informed, many would love how you solved this problem.  All the best.

TAPE BORDERS. I don't like them either, although I use them as I have them.  They are good for extended wear time, but I'm not interested in that, I change my bag every other day, unless I get lazy, then I'll go a third or even fourth day. I try everything, but my current go-to pouch is Hollister 88400. This a an opaque filtered bag with a a simple cut-to-fit adhesive wafer.  Simple and easy. Depending on the size of your stoma, the actual adhesion area isn't all that big.  I've never had a leak, or fall off (!).

Some adhesion tips i've discovered over the last 1.5 years: 1. You must keep the skin completely dry, this includes that one area we all have where our stoma is constantly leaking.  This is normal, of course as it keeps our stomas moist and healthy. Mine is just to the right at the bottom of my stome. It this area is not complete dry, it won't stick.

HEAT SEALING. I've done this since day one, and I swear but it. After cleaning and towel drying, I use a thick (hotel quality) white washcloth -DRY-you must keep it dry. I hold it in front of the whole peristomal area and run  a hairdryer on HIGH.  Yes, the wash cloth will be nice and warm, don't use hot, blowing air near your stoma, but heavy washclothes then become the 'hot towels from the warmer' we've all enjoyed in the hospital.

INSERT: use a piece of gauze or a small bit of paper towel on your stoma near your 'contantly wet area'.  It won't blow off, as you are applying the heat to the covering cloth, not your skin.  When skin is dry, I pull off the covering and use the hot hair dryer on the pouich adheive, just about 5 seconds. Before I apply if, I use the hot washcloth to be sure everything is dry-the hot washcloth will stay warm.  Then I apply the warmed wafer.  There isn't much good about out ostomies, but applying a warmed adhesive wafer to your clean skin is wonderful.

As I really like excellent adhesion, I then take my trusty, dry heavy washcoth and hold it in front of the pouch, then blast it with hot air for about 30 seconds. Off goes the dryer, and I hold the still warm cloth against my pouch until the heat starts to dissipate.

All should be secure, if not, you were either too wet or you have something on your skin that interferes with adhesion. Or you have an off-spec appliance.

If that's not enough, I started this after watching a vidio of an experienced ostomate. I leave my bathroom, head to my bedroom and turn on an electric hot pad.  Sometimes I lay down and listen to some classical music or a book on CD, or the radio.  About 5-15 minutes is usually enough. After the heat dssipates on my skin I'm good to go anywhere and nothing moves.  Remember, no tape borders needed.  The woman who uploaded the video used something I can't find anywhere: a ricepaper strip with plastic rings on either end.  This appliance goes in the microwave for a 10 seconds then you lay it over your applied appliance.  Her testimony was since she started using it she never had a leak.  My make shift system works just as well.

Reply by christielou, on Fri Jun 21, 2019 6:22 pm

Get rid of Hollister.  I had same problem.  I use coloplast now. Contact your ostomy nurse.  Call coloplast and ask for free samples ASAP. I also use a 4 × 4 skin barrier.  No problems. I feel your frustration and pain


Reply by w30bob, on Sat Jun 22, 2019 2:04 pm

All this information is wonderful.............I'm learning a lot!  And you'd never get this much diverse experience/knowledge from a single ostomy nurse or health professional.  Too bad this site doesn't have "stickies" in the forum where this info could be listed as a reference/archive.  Instead folks have to keep asking this questions every so often or the info gets buried.  After seeing a number of dermatologists (which were useless) and a number of ostomy nurses (much better but didn't solve the problem) I was thinking I've tried everything I can.......but after reading all this I need to go re-read this whole thread with pencil and paper, write down all the new things to try......and get ordering!!  Thanks everyone for the info!



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