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Ileostomy and partial gastrectomy

Hi everyone,

My boyfriend had a partial gastrectomy on the 8th of December and was recovering very well until the 29th when we had massive internal bleeding. He had another emergency surgery and the doctors had to do an ileostomy to save his organs. It might be reversed in some munths, but so far he had very many problems with the digestion.

After the very first surgery he could eat almost anything without any problem. But since the ileostomy, he has pain in the bowel area abo...

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Ileostomy reversal success story.

Hi all!

I am a 48 yo male and am one week post ileostomy takedown. I had a temp ileostomy for 5 months due to a bowel resection for diverticulitis. I read many horror stories online in my quest for information and i have to say I couldn't be happier with the way things have turned out.

I had my surgery on Feb 19 at 8:30 am and by midnight I could feel my bowels starting up.
The sounds w...

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Troublesome loop ileostomy, help please!

Hello fellow ileostomates! Just wondering if there's anybody out there who has the same problem I do...

I had a loop ileostomy performed on 11/2014 due to a small bowel obstruction that I still have and will be operated on 05/2015. Initially my stoma looked quite "normal" but day after day it started retracting and now it's quite tiny, half in, half out, very, very restless, and with a "personality" of its own! 😄 My doctor says that it's been retracting because I have a little...

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Ileostomy problems

Help, Anyone have one or several what are called sudo obstructions do to Neurogenic small bowel?

I am currently in the hospital again at Hopkins and have a great team ( this is very important as I was rushed to a hospital that did not know me or my problems. This is the fourth or fifth time this has happened and the first C-T at the other hospital did not show an obvious obstruction (scar tissue) My doctor now thinks it may need a revision, then TPN (I.V. Nutrition) for a short time c...

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Ileostomy and pregnancy

Hi everyone

I've had an ileostomy for the past 7years with lots of surgery since then. I've recently found out I'm pregnant 'about 6weeks'. I'm having a lot of problems with pressure on my back passage and even faceases coming out every day, which isn't usual for me so it's extremely uncomfortable. I just wondering if anyone knows if it could be related to the pregnancy even tho it's so early on? I'd be greatful for anyone's advice.

keep well ostomates ❤️

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Continent ileostomy..kock precedure

Would like to chat with anyone who has had a continent ileostomy.< >

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Ileostomy reversal

I am new to this forum.  I had an ileostomy for one year and just had it reversed in August of 2014.  I am having a difficult time and would like to meet individuals and have them share their experiences with me.  I am seriously considering going back to the bag as I definitely feel that my quality of life was better.  I should have done more research on my own.  However, my surgeon explained as if it was a simple:  five to six BMs a day controlled with imodium a...

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Problems with ileostomy

I've been having problems with my ileostomy for well over a year and been in and out of A&E with severe abdominal pain several times. The A&E doctors only seem concerned that the stoma still has output. It stops working while I'm having the episodes of pain but there is always eventually some output. Once output resumes I'm treated as a pain management case and turfed out home again.

I'm taking Oramorph when in pain, Ondansetron for the constant nausea and Lyrica twice a day. ...

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Need help for my mother ... emergency ileostomy and reversal

Hi all. My mother was recently in a head on car accident (oct 03 '14) in Spain - visiting from the UK for a friends birthday - and it resulted in her having some of small bowel removed under emergency conditions due to heamoraging, I am here to find some advice for her.

She now has an ileostomy from this surgery (05 oct). After about a week in ICU she is now in a *normal* room with her husband staying there.

She has been told she can have a reversal with in the next week, this...

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Ileostomy reversal - unsure what to do

I have just joined this site and thank you to everyone for their candour and support for each other. < > i hope you can help me.  I have had acute Crohn's since 2000 when I turned 30. I am now 43, have 2 children (miraculously) and had an ileostomy bag put in 4 years ago.  I did suffer from the anal fistulas and fissures , incontinence, cramping and severe pain.  Constant hospitalisations, inability to work and function meant host I had the bag.< >  I now have consta...

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Vicodin and ileostomy blockage?

I am 1 year post-op after my ileostomy surgery I had performed at the Mayo Clinic. I still have daily pain from the hernia involved - most days are manageable but some days are very painful. After my surgery, the Mayo Clinic told me I cannot take Vicodin for pain management because it will cause a blockage. I had a particularly painful weekend so I saw my local GP doctor this week and brought up this issue. He sees no reason I cannot take Vicodin - the only side effect might be a "slowing dow...

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Getting an ileostomy - please help

In 2008 at the age of 20 I inherited a neurological disorder that caused 15 daily BMs and a constant fecal smell. Other than nerve problems of the internal sphincter, my health & fitness were excellent.

In July 2013 I got an elective sigmoid colostomy. I still smell like feces and have been severely bloated since surgery. I'm very lean and barely eating but have a huge stomach most of the time. Its extremely uncomfortable, to the point where I can barely sleep at night. I irrig...

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Ileostomy reversal

Hello all you good people out there --

Has anyone had to have an ileostomy because of Radiation Damage? In January 2012 I had a major operation for Cancer. The operation was successful and the tumour removed from my womb. THEN I was advised to have Radiotherapy just in case?? ---I had six weeks every day Radiotherapy and started to complain of symptons from the second week. Uncontrollable diarrohea, abdo pains etc but each time told they were just side effects and would subside in ti...

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Ileostomy patient for 2 years

Hello.  I wanted to get some feedback from any people who have an ileostomy and  have had any issues with proctitis.

If you have had this, please let me know any treatment(s) you tried and the outcome.


Many thanks

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Ulcerative colitis surgery (permanent or temp ileostomy?)

Hiya everyone. I am soon to have surgery for ulcerative colitis. I'm just very confused which surgical option to choose. 

- I can either choose to have a total colectomy with removal of rectum and anus and have a permanent bag.

- I can have a j-pouch formed and have a temporary ileostomy while it heals and then have it reconnected later on. 

- or if undecided they said they can leave the rectal stump, remove the colon and then decide a year down the line whet...

Views: 6394 Replies: 30

Constipation?!!! and ileostomy

Hi there, 

the last few days I have had this horrible feeling the way that I felt pre surgery when I had constipation. I have been taking tramadol due to abdominal pain and Im wondering if this could have caused constipation. Is it possible to have constipation with an ileostomy?


Thanks, Hannah

Views: 1903 Replies: 11

Ileostomy and very wet,,,need help!!

<p>Hello dragon2 (griffin); but its his mum JULIE POSTING THIS!!</p> <p>I need some help and ideas about griffin, he has to drink so much to be hydrated that at night he is so wet urine that we have not had a dry night yet!! I was very angry the other day when someone said to griffin" i think u should stop drinking at 12 pm and then &nbsp;u will be dry during the night,",,i didnt know this person had said this so i thought WOW he dry we may be getting somewhere,,...

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Ileostomy and the new toilets

I have an ileostomy and my stool is pretty much all liquid.  Recently did some home renovation and put in an American Standard low flow toilet.  I didn't realize the new toilets have a different compound in the ingredients that prohibits mold, mildew, stains and such from building up. It's about time!  However, due to the extreme chemicals in liquid stool, they are not compatible with the new toilets. You can't use the old fashioned cleaners in the toilet, or you'll...

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Incredibly sick after ileostomy reversal

Hi all.  Been a while since I've posted.  On March 4th I finally went in for my reversal.  Since that time I've been incredibly sick.  I've lost 10 lbs.  My nausea has been the worst ever and I've got constant abdominal pain (not surgical pain but gut pain).  To top it off, unlike most who undergo a reversal and suffer with diarrhea, I am incredibly constipated and unable to go.  I was just hospitalized again for extreme dehyd...

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Ileostomy reversal

Hi everyone!   Just had my reversal 3 weeks ago.   I woke up with a huge hole in my belly but is healing up pretty good.  I guess its the new thing not to sew you up and let it heal from the inside out.   I have a hard time looking at it but my husbands takes the flashlight and likes to look into my belly.   YUK!   I am pooing 8-14 times a day and my butt hurts. My stools are small like finger size and smaller but shaped like a triangle...

Views: 1126 Replies: 2

Ileostomy noise!

Just got my ileostomy yesterday. And oh my stars! It is noisy! I hate it! When air passes through it, it literally startles me because it's so loud! And it's so embarrassing! I don't see myself going out in public with this noisy thing... EVER! Does anyone have any tips/suggestions for sound-proofing???

Views: 1639 Replies: 7


How often will I have to empty my ileostomy per day? I know it's different for everyone, but hoping to get a general idea. Also, will I have to set my alarm at night to get up and empty it several times a night? I have surgery March 21, 2014 to get an ileostomy. I am not thrilled. :-/

Views: 1276 Replies: 6

26yr old with an ileostomy; success story :)

Hello everyone,

I've not been on here for such a long time. Last time I was on here my boyfriend was facing the prospect of stoma surgery back in the summer, and now here we are, 5 months later, with a very special little friend we've affectionately named "Rocky".

Having Rocky in our lives has changed everything. Mostly, I'm pleased to say, for the better. My boyfriend has adapted to life with an ileostomy amazingly well, with very few down d...

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After ileostomy surgery

I am 9 days after surgery. Nothing could have prepared me for this. The pain, not feeling well, the constant trips to bathroom. Its hard work. I have had leaks and dont know why. Not being able to do much for myself. They kept telling me in the hospital "your doing great, your doing great". When I got home totally did not feel like Im doing great. My ostomy nurse ordered me supplies and now I have so much stuff I dont know what is what. I am extremely overwhelmed and feel so alone.

Views: 2592 Replies: 10

Need guidance - getting a reversal for my loop ileostomy

Hi all. It's been a while since I've written. I am happy to say I've been given the green light to proceed with an ileostomy reversal but I'm nervous as hell.  I've tried to find input from others on this site but find there's not much out there on reversals.  Looking for any advice from those who have experienced a reversal.  Thanks.

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Hi everyone, serious newbie here.
I am due to have an ileostomy in a few months time. I have had a stoma for about 15 yrs due to having an ACE button. But having an ileostomy bag is scaring me to death, although I know it's going to make my life easier and hopefully I will be able to start going out and about again and not be tied to a loo for hours on end!
I was just hoping if anyone can tell me the sort of things to expect after the op..whilst still in hosp. And also...

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Does ileostomy output have mucus from digestive tract.......

in it like normal bowel movements do?

I still have 90% of my colon and was wondering if mucous from the digestive tract is also present in ileostomy output like it is in regular bowel movements?

I know ileostomy output has digestive enzymes NOT present in normal bowel movements that make it corrosive to the skin should your bag explode or leak. So, when the output comes in contact with your skin, it thinks its "digesting" it so it gets all red and painful.


Views: 1727 Replies: 3

New to site, new ti ileostomy

hi, i just wanted to introduce myself and ask a few questions.

Ive recently had surgery and have been left with (i hope) a temporary colostomy, im still trying to recover from the surgery and having a lot of concern about living with a bag. i know it will be difficult at first. i work full time, but have been off sick for 6 months already. im extremely concerned about how this will effect my work, i work in close proximity to lots of people and have reservations regarding the noise/smel...

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Preparing for final part of ileostomy reversal

Hi everyone!

I joined this forum recently in search of people to talk to who have already been through a reversal of the colostomy bag. I myself have undergone the first part of the reversal, and i'm due to have the second part at the begining of june. I'm looking for advice on ways to prepare for this, mentally and physically!

I also welcome any questions people may have about what i have gone through so far and advice Smile

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Discoloration of ileostomy

Hi all,
I noticed this morning that I have a discolored area at the opening of my ileostomy;  it is a small brown/gray area (not discolored from any residual output)
There is no pain or any other issue.  
Any thoughts??

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Irrigation if not ileostomy

     Hi my name is neil I have a colostomy since August 2013 I have a large lump its  hernia which is causing pain and discomfort and leaks the surgeon said he will fix the problem wants me to irradiate if that dont work as my colon ant in great shape he will give me a ileostomy dont know how well irrigation will work or how much more work a ileostomy is if you can help with anything<


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Ileostomy reversal

I have had an ileostomy since last april due to a small bowel resection, they took about 2.5
feet from me. I am wandering about a reversal, wandering if they will be able to do it. My
doctor was worried about adhensions. If any one has any suggestions I would love to hear
them...Thank you

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Is an ileostomy reversal at 5 months too soon???

Hi all.  Looking for feedback from anyone who has had a reversal or is being considered for one.  I am 3-1/2 months post ileostomy and my surgeon has said I am a candidate for a reversal.  He wants to scope me next month to make sure everything "looks good and healed" and if it does he plans to do a reversal in March which will put me at 5 months post ileostomy.  Originally he told me six months minimum so this caught me off guard.  I'm...

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Ileostomy and salads

Hi all,
Fairly new to this site, not too sure if I am in the right place, just wanted to know if there
Is any info or what is every one's take on salads, that seems to be the one thing I miss
Not eating, has any one here ate them and if you had any problem like with the lettuce. Thanks for any input.

Views: 3242 Replies: 14

Ileostomy reversal

I am new to this, so I will tell my story and then see what comments are  made. Ok, well back in 2011 I was diagnosed with cervical cancer so I started chemo and radiation. I had 35 radiation and 4 weeks of chemo and also 4 internal radiation. went back to work felt fine even thru 2012. well Jan. 3 2013 my stomach started hurting severly went to dr they thought it was gall b ladder so they took it out. well I still was hurting so I ended up going to another hospital, I was there 9 week...

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Worried - slow output from ileostomy

It's been a while since I've written and here I find myself again looking to you all for advice.  For the past 10 weeks since my surgery my stoma has produced a consistent flow.  However, now in my 11th week, I barely have any output for the past 5 days.  I don't have discomfort or pain, I just don't seem to have much output yet I'm eating more now than before.  I should mention my stoma is recessed into my belly a bit and my skin is not good because of th...

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Back pain since ileostomy

So, I posted once before about the constant back pain I now have since surgery. Well, at my second follow-up I brought it up to my doctor who "assured" me that he's never heard of such a thing.  Am I just crazy or aren't there plenty of you out there who now suffer with back pain.  I should mention I have an ileostomy.  Needless to say, Christmas shopping has been just about impossible because of the back pain.

Views: 2391 Replies: 10

Open colostomy reversal and new temporary ileostomy

  Long story short:  On April 20,  2013 my colon perforated due to diverticulitis.  I arrived by ambulance to the hospital already in full blown septic shock.  I was in the operating room for 5 hours and then transferred to ICU on life support.  My family was told that if I was alive in 72 hours I might have a chance but they should hope for the best and prepare for th...

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Ileostomy problem

Hello my Ileostomy bag keeps filling up with water been doctors they gave me dirolyte and immoduim but nothing working. Can someone help me please ?

Views: 3253 Replies: 12

Ileostomy reversal

I had the ileostomy reversal a month ago I am still feeling a lot of rectal pain and am trying to control my elimination but often have accidents daily.  Does anyone know how long it takes to stop hurting and to get control?  I kind of feel like I have uc again.  I'm glad the ostomy is gone though.

Views: 1422 Replies: 4

Back pain after ileostomy surgery

I have never suffered from back pain until now.  I am now 4 weeks post op and find the littlest amount of walking and/or standing causes me terrible back pain. Even when I'm sitting down I must prop pillows behind my back to avoid the pain and discomfort. I'm wondering if anyone else had this problem post-op.  I'm hoping this is maybe because I had a large incision cut down my belly.  Any input is appreciated.  I

Views: 4032 Replies: 9

Rectal pain and pressure post ileostomy

I'm four weeks post op today and am having the worst day yet.  I've had occasional days of rectal pain and pressure which has usually meant I need to pass some mucus and once I do I have relief.  Well, today starting around 7am I have been in constant pain with pressure and can't get any relief.  I've tried a couple times to sit on the toilet and see if I couldn't push out some mucus and nothing is coming out!!  I am miserable.  The only thing gi...

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Recent ileostomy and passing stool from my rectum - worried

Once again I am turning to you all for advice.  My surgeon had told me that once in a while I might find that I pass mucus from my rectum even a small amount of stool.  He did remove about 1/3 of my rectum but said I still have enough of a functioning rectum that this could occur.  Well, in 3 weeks since my surgery I have now passed stool 5 times.  This seems crazy to me.  It's always a small amount but still I really don't get how it's happening...

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Ileostomy reversal

Me again.  I keep writing because I find myself so lost in this whole thing.  Question for anyone out there that has undergone ileostomy reversal.  I've been told if all goes well and I heal well I should be able to undergo ileostomy reversal in 6 months but before that I will have to successfully complete a defecating proctogram.  Because my rectal muscles don't work real well I did not do well taking this test prior to surgery.  I'm wondering i...

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Ileostomy output

Hi.  Had my ileostomy 10 days ago and struggling with my output.  Doctor and ostomy nurse say I should have output of 800cc's a day and I'm having about 400cc's a day.  Doing my best to follow the low residue diet and drink plenty but can't seem to increase output.  Should I be concerned?  Any advice is appreciated.

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Possible hernia after ileostomy surgery

Looking for some advice.  Had ileostomy surgery 11 days ago and now that I am home have noticed a bulge to the left of my stoma which is quite painful.  I should mention I had this bulge after surgery but the sharp, burning pain began two days ago.  This area is very tender to the touch and hurts considerably.  Every where else pain has diminished significantly.  Should I be concerned about the possibility of hernia?  What symptoms shou...

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Open skin wounds developing around ileostomy stoma

I have had my ileostomy since 1991 when I was 19. I am now 42 and have started having open wounds develop on the skin immediately surrounding the stoma starting about a year ago. I have never had this occur in all these years. These wounds are not being caused by any excoriation issues, changes in skin care products, my hygiene routine, etc or anything else I can possibly think of. I am a registered nurse and have very good hygiene and take exellent care of my stoma and use well-fitting applianc...

Views: 2901 Replies: 14

Night drainage for ileostomy?

I purchased a urostomy container so I can plug it into my ostomy and empty at night. I think the tubing is too small and it won't work.

Are there night drainage devices for an ileostomy?

Views: 1784 Replies: 6

Ileostomy and food

Hello does anyone know what food to stay away from or what is good. I only had this done so I am all new to this.

Views: 7054 Replies: 30


Hi I just had the ileostomy but im finding it leaking. Is this normal ?

Views: 2140 Replies: 12

How do you gain weight after an ileostomy?

Hi - I guess this is the correct forum to ask post this.  My husband has bilateral nephrostomies, a urostomy, and now an ileostomy. He hates Ensure, Boost, Special K breakfast drink, and Carnation Instant Breakfast. I've mixed them with ice cream and fruit and he just can't take stand the taste of them anymore. I've been trying to get him to drink two or three milkshakes each day - today was whole milk, vanilla ice cream, powdered milk, three mini 3 Musketeers bars, and 3 tbsp peanut b...

Views: 6579 Replies: 33

Spinach dip after ileostomy

I know that cooked spinach is a bad idea with ileostomy, I was wondering if anyone had tried spinach dip? There is some in the fridge and it is looking very good.

Views: 3051 Replies: 11

Possible hernia symptoms with ileostomy

I have ostomy on my left lower abdomen. For the last year I have been experiencing a burning sensation from left hip bone to left edge of ostomy. No pain but the burning at times is very uncomfortable. I have a nice size raised area underneath the sticky portion of my wafer hence making the wafer on the left side pull away from my skin and having to change it. I seem to be changing it every day where as before the 'hernia', I would change every 5-7 or 10 days. I have a GI appointment at Walter R...

Views: 2578 Replies: 8

Ileostomy and colonoscopy

I am scheduled for a colonoscopy on Thursday and pretty confused.  I still have my colon, but due to abscesses on my colon and a fistula, I was given a (temporary?) ileostomy. Trying to get a correct diagnosis.  My question is: why do I need to do this movie prep and fleet enema when my colon should be empty from all the testing they did in my two week stay at hospital.

Also, can anyone advise me on what I can eat that won't go right through me so fast. I eat banana...

Views: 3712 Replies: 14

Ileostomy and kidney stones

I've had my Ileostomy since November 2005. Everything has been going fine with the Ostomy EXCEPT. I seem to have reoccurring kidney stones. Has anyone else experienced the same problems? I drink plenty of water and try to watch what I eat but I still keep making them. Right now I have a stone (size of a peanut) in my right kidney. My Urologist  just completed blasting and clearing my left kidney with a stone about the same size. We are getting ready to start working on the right kidney...

Views: 3489 Replies: 6

Ileostomy reversal- successful...positive....a must read

Hi ...i had a emergency ileostomy done in feb 2012. I was on life support and in a coma in icu for over 4 weeks.

It was a shock to wake up with this bag hanging off me....they said they could do a reversal....in a few months...

Well a few months turned into 15 months....because i had a infection and plus the surgery was scheduled 4 times and cancelled....twice by the doctor..to put a emergency in my spot and twice i made it to the operating room only to have it cancelled becaus...

Views: 9265 Replies: 22

Total proctocolectomy with permanent ileostomy.

Can it be reversed? Ive searched and searched for any info on it and i'm coming up with nothing.  I'm OK with living with the bag I just didn't know if maybe sometime down the road i wanted to reverse it, I could? Anyone know anything about that?

Views: 6010 Replies: 7

Medications with an ileostomy

I am on quite a few medications, including several that are timed released. After asking my pharmacist, I found out that most of them are absorbed in the colon. Since I no longer have a  colon, I am very concerned that I am not absorbing enough of my meds. I see the little white balls of medication just released in my bag...floating around.
Do any of you have this problem? Have you had to have any of your meds 'compounded'? My pharmacist has helped very little and I thought since t...

Views: 1772 Replies: 4

Ileostomy due to fap- additional issues

I had my colon, rectum and anus removed due to a diagnosis of FAP, but now they are saying that I have hundreds of polyps in my duodenum.  

Is there anyone else on here who has FAP and any problems with their duodenum?  I'm trying to figure out my options but the surgeon I spoke to seemed clueless when I mentioned the PSD surgery over a Whipple.  It was rather frightening to see that I might know more than a surgeon. But thankfully I am not opposed to trave...

Views: 2039 Replies: 5

Ileostomy / urostomy

Hi all i have ileostomy since 1981 now i have been told i need a urostomy!.Has this happened to anyone else

Views: 1816 Replies: 5


hi some1 must be to give me some advice, i had my operation september 2010, i get phantom poo pains on a daily basis but the last couple of weeks i felt more severe cramps and pain.  usually just mucus would weep from my bottom but now it seems its actual poo in my passage, i have tried to strain but the pain worsens and gets un-bearable and bleeds, has any1 had this problem? if so what did you do?,,,,

awaiting any advice
thanks in advance

geordie casper

Views: 2534 Replies: 6

3 months into an ileostomy, have questions

Have a temporary Ileostomy which is scheduled to be reversed in January. I've had a bunch of problems with leakage, ended up going with a Hollister wafer for low profile stomas along with high tension on the ostomy belt and that really seemed to help.

After that I started having issues with leakage between the wafer and the bag. Started using superglue to hold them together and it worked with minimal results then tried ostomy paste and so far no leaks.

Still having some leakag...

Views: 3044 Replies: 9

Ileostomy reversal after having bowel obstruction

Hi All,

I struggled with bowel obstruction for about 10 years and after plenty of operations to remove obstructions I ended up with an Ileostomy.  Is there anyone here that has had a similar thing happen to them and what are the chances of reversal?

Views: 2059 Replies: 2

Ileostomy issues

I have had my ileostomy for three years now and still have not gotten used to it. If I eat after 2pm in the afternoon I am up all night having to empty my bag or in fear that I will have a break because a thicker consistency will break through the barrier. This ensures that I only eat once a day really and I am constantly hungry. Also, I have yet to figure out which product will work to make sure I don't have breaks due to thicker output and how to ensure my skin around the stoma is not sore and...

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Gall bladder removal and ileostomy


I'm considering having my gall bladder removed, and would welcome any information from ostomates who have had this operation.

I have an ileostomy (no large colon at all) and am interested to hear others' experiences of how the constant flow of bile affects digestion and output etc.

If anyone has any tips on how to avoid gall bladder removal, that would be brilliant too!


Linda Smile

Views: 4743 Replies: 9

Ileostomy output - very inconsistent texture!

Ileostomy due to rectal cancer surgery here - just 4 weeks in.  Still getting used to stuff.

Some days it's like peanut butter, but for the past 2 days it's been complete liquid.  I know this is based on what I eat, but I had lots of pasta yesterday so I'm worried about the output.

MAJOR MAJOR gas too!  I'm going to try the marshmellow and BEANO advice you've all given here.

Is it always going to be inconsistent textures like this?

Views: 4912 Replies: 14

Loop ileostomy revision? is this possible?

Hello ostomates!  First time posting, but I lurk some on this site.  

I have to say that I did search for this subject on here, but couldn't find anything specific for a temporary loop ileostomy revision.

Quick story: my colon came out in November in an emergency surgery after 11 years of ulcerative colitis.  I had an end ileostomy that I could deal with until this past surgery in August - where they constructed my J pouch and loop ileostomy. ...

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Ileostomy reversal question

  I had C.diff for over 4 years and had tried every medication that was avaliable, I had 2 fecal transplants, and it was starting to effect other parts of my health. My kidneys were only functioning in the 70%s and I was retaining over 20 lbs of water, I couldnt sleep, I couldnt go out, I was constantly on the toliet. I had seen many different GI specialists and Colo-Rectal surgeons and they had me tested for other things just to make sure they werent taking me colon out and g...

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New to ileostomy

Had my ileostomy five months now, just begining to get my head around it.
I live near Lincoln and would love to chat and share experiences...........

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Ileostomy - scar tissue and pain

Hi all,

About 8 months ago, I (ilostomy '09, proctectomy '11) started hgaving some intermittent, occasional pain to the right of my ostomy (about 1 to 1.5 inches from the stoma).

Saw GP who seemed to ask the right questions and said it was probably muscle related (ostomy working fine). I had had a particularly active few months ... so with my poor abdominal strength/muscles, his diagnosis seemed to fit.

Slowly got worse. Pain is worse (knife like) and now hurts with...

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Post ileostomy stomach flu- like sypmtoms

I had an ileostomy in 1976 at age 28 for ulcerative colitis with no after effects. I know how lucky I am. In my early 30's I went to Europe and got terrible stomach or what is left of my small intestine pains, with vomiting and liquid output. I lost about 10lbs in weight due to fluid loss.

Nothing signifant after that until I was in my fifties and now I continue get this intermittently. It is really painful and lasts about ten days each time.

Has anyone had a similar experience...

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Colonoscopy preparation with an ileostomy

I am having my first colonoscopy this week and I have an ileostomy.  I dont understand why they have mailed me the golightly and pills to take after I heard that someone with an Ileo should never take laxatives.

Isn't it dangerous to drink a gallon of that vile demon liquid?

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So i have an ileostomy

July 3 i seen my dr for a check up every-thing is ok . After exame he gave me my opptions

      &nbs p;                 &n bsp;   1) do nothing
       &nb sp;         ;        & nbsp;   2) remove rectum stump sew up anus

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Ileostomy question

Hi I am an almost 23 yr old female who just had to have her colon removed for having severe C.Diff for over 3 1/2 years and it was causing major problems causing my kidney function to go down to low 70's and exreme water retention around 15 lb's. I was wondering from other people who have had there colons removed how much weight they have lost in the 3 weeks after surgery. Different doctors have given me way different numbers but I just wanted to know from some people who actually had the surger...

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1st date after my ileostomy

Hello all I have had my little friend since December 2011. I did think it was hard enough finding a fella as a single mum but this makes things that much more harder.

I met a guy on a dating site so have had the chance to get to no him and him me before meeting. Well the time has come to bite the bullet and will be going on a date tomorrow night. The only thing im worried about is telling him about my stoma and have said from the start that I would tell who ever I go out with about it ...

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Anyone with an ileostomy done slimming world/low carb diet?

Hello everyone.

I have recently been told that my bowel resection/reversal is likely to be in September this year which is earlier than I thought. Great news but less time to lose weight before surgery. surgeon says it will make things easier - want to lose weight gained recently in any event. In the past prior to ileostomy and gastro problems had a lot of success with Slimming World which essentially for those who don't know focuses on excluding fat, sugar and refined carbs eg white b...

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Ileostomy & dehydration

Hello all! I need some advice. I have had my ileostomy since 10/11 & we are just now getting into the heat here in the South. I was at my daughter's softball tournament yesterday & it was about 90 degrees here in Georgia. I drank ALOT of water & Gatorade yesterday & also ate fruit, but was really dehydrated & zapped from the sun yesterday. I am afraid that I have seem a glimpse of things to come for the summer & I want to know if any of yall have any magic potions or tips...

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Ileostomy prolapse

I have had an ileostomy (Crohn's related) for 9 months now. At the start it recessed, then a few months ago began protruding, now is about 15cm out. But at nigh when lying down, it often retracts all the way back.

Anyway, I have read about a surgical technique using a stapling device, where the surgery lasts 15 - 30 minutes and it is done under sedation.

Anyone experienced with having such a prolapse repaired? If so, how was it repaired and did the repair last?

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I am angry, embarrassed and I don't understand.
Whenever I have been to see my GI doc, who I have seen since 1988, and love him dearly, I'm asked how I'm doing, number of poop runs per day, eating, you all know the routine. I have always answered very honestly. When I'm asked about " any problems you have?",I tell him yes I have stomach cramps, chills, a squeaky sound on my right lower quadrant after I eat. I cuddle up with my pal the heating pad and a cup of hot tea u...

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A pooh and an ileostomy

I have had Norman for 2 1/2 years now and appart from the occasional urge to pass mucus which I was pre-warned about, have this week been for a pooh twice!!! It is real pooh, the same colour as it used to be, and I am quite concerned. My stoma is working but at the same time this has happened??

I have had stomach aches a bit like the old monthly pains and my back has been hurting but why is this happening. I thought that when I had the ileostomy the tube was cut and one end was formed ...

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Ileostomy reversal finally done

Hi folks,
I was a newbie to the site last year when I underwent an emergency Ileostomy and the doctors were surprised that I had no prior symptoms or illness other than the ones I presented them with on the day.   I havent been too good this last few months so havent been online much.

I spent nearly two months in hospital from July 1st last year, I felt abandoned by my gp and dietician and gradually over the months I lost two stone in weight and by the end of it I couldnt ...

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Medication and ileostomy

Surgery a few weeks ago reconnected my colon eliminating an colonostomy but resulting in a temporary ileostomy. I've been seeing my medications (full pills) spilling out of my bag. I've switched to liquid ibuprofen and acetaminophen which seems to be attacking the pain- but other meds don't come in liquid form.

I'm wondering if others have had this problem and what if anything you've done to ensure the medications are getting digested. I'm also concerned that vitamins are being lost too...

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Weight gain after ileostomy

Hi everyone,

       &nb sp; first time posting, I have an ileostomy since xmas eve 2009. (emergancy surgery). I am 55 year old female and live in Australia. I have gained 30kgs since then. Cant seem to loose any weight, getting a bit depressed about it. Just wondering if anybody else has had the same problem. If you can help me please let me know.

       ;        c ...

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Prostate biopsy after ileostomy

Have any males had to have a Prostate biopsy after their rectum has been removed and if so, how was it performed.

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Can you wear your ileostomy pouch sideways?

I was wondering if anyone has any experience with wearinig their pouch sideways.  I use a two-piece pouch system.  My stoma is located in a kind of different area - pretty much in the front/center of my abdomen, just to the right and above my belly button.  Therefore, the pouch hangs pretty much down the center of my body from just under my bust to my crotch.  Normally, I wear long blouses to cover past the bottom of the pouch.  

I was t...

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Ileostomy reversal, i will let you know how it goes

Guess I will start from the beginning. 2 1/2 years ago I had a sudden onset of abdominal pain which got worse over 48 hours. Having no insurance coverage, I held out as long as I could before going to the ER with the abdominal pain and no B/M for over 72 hours.

8 hours after arriving in the ED, I was in surgery and 12 hours later I had a colostomy.

I will give a blow by blow in later posts but after an unsuccessful attempt at reversal last September that resulted in an ilesoto...

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Ileostomy, diarreha and metamucil

Here's my question does any one have the first two condition's and do they use Metamucil?  I was just wondering if I should start using the Metamucil again, would it help with the diarrhea and or what other benefits that I might get from using it.

Thanks a bunch

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Who has both an ileostomy and ileal conduit?

I have an ileostomy since I was 18.  Now at 72 I have been newly diagnosed with bladder cancer which quite possibly will result in radical surgery...the removal of my bladder and reconstructive surgery after proscribed Chemotherapy.
The end result may be an ileal conduit or urostomy.
I would welcome talking with an OstoMate who has both.

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Information on ileostomy reversal

So in March of last year, I had surgery to have a total colectomy with end ileostomy. I was told that since it was a final determination of ulcerative colitis, that I could later on have a reversal if I wished. I'm looking to get information from anyone who has had this done, or knows someone who has, to get information regarding this process. I know that if I do have the reversal done, it will be a two surgery process, first to create a small pouch with part of my small intestine, and the secon...

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Hi everyone! I am new to this kinda thing!

So i had my operation last August due to severe ulcerative colitis. I was wasn't suffering very long and the fact i had a major operation very quickly was a bit of a shock! I had to have a sub total colectomy and an ileostomy. So far everything is going ok luckily enough! I have a choice of getting the ileostomy reversed later this year. The surgeon did mention to me that it was a more difficult operation & there are complications that can...

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Ileostomy questions

Hello, all.  I'm so happy I've found this website!  My mother who is 79 had surgery last October, and most of her large intestine was removed.  She now has an illeostomy bag.  Since Mom doesn't own a computer, she doesn't have access to any kind of support group, so I'd like to ask a few questions on her behalf.
She has been hospitalized 3 times since her surgery, due to blockages in what's left of her small intestine, which is "free floating"...

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How long can you live with an ileostomy

?i have had an ileostomy for 51 years. does anyone have any information on long a person has lived with an ostomy? Also, any information about conditions that are caused by having ileostomy for so many years would be appreciated.

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Watery leakage every morning - ileostomy done 1 yr. ago

I have a question that I am hoping someone can answer for me.  I first had a "straight-thru" (small intestine hooked directly to anus) sub-total colectomy done in 2009.  this didn't work out for me because I was having 15-20 bowel movements per day with lots of "butt-burn."  I decided that I had to have an ileostomy and had it done in Nov. 2010.  Actually ever since the sub-total colectomy I have a "morning leakage problem."&n...

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Dating with an ileostomy - any advice

hi. i have had my ileostomy for 2 years now. I was single before my operation and have 2 lovely girls. I would like to meet some special, male.

I have tried dating and obviously have had to tell potential new boyfriends. I found that very hard as I cant really come to terms with it.

They have been reassuring that it makes no difference.

Why do I feel after telling them I am not good enough, begin to feel paranoid that
they dont really like and iv put them off.

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Diabetes & ileostomy

Does anyone have ileostomy & Diabetes?  Difficult to stay on a diabetic diet because of foods cannot tolerate due to the fiber.  Any suggestions? Would like to talk to someone like me.

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Two-piece ileostomy bag

Does anyone have problems with making the underneath part of this bag (the part that attaches to the skin) last 3 days like they're supposed to? I do!

The stoma nurses/doctors say that seeing a white line around where the bag is fitted after a day is normal, but I think It's a constant worry, because after just hours of having a fresh one on, it feels as though it's going to crinkle or tear. So I check it out and ruin the seal to make sure it fits well enough to last 3 days.


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Drinking with an ileostomy

Due to recent events in my life, have been feeling the need to go out and get absolutely sh*t-faced!

As previously  I  have only had a glass or two of wine with dinner (and had no problems) was wondering if I have a  few more (and  I'm talking  the hard liquor lads here...Jack, Jim and Jose!), that my ileo will freak out and not be able to handle it?!

I am not planning on making a habit of it, but am in serious need of becoming...

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Urostomy and ileostomy

I just have been diagnosed with recurrant bowel cancer, my question is has anyone got a ileostomy and a urostomy. this might be a question that will have to answer to if i get the option after my pet scan results. I would like to make an informed choice on this matter.
If i'm lucky enough to get this option. As it is ,i will be getting my whole pelvis cleared. Will it be worth it? Can anyone help me?   PLease  suzy x

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Colostomy reversal, hernia repair and new ileostomy

I need some advice on what to expect and encouragement.  I have crohns disease which was very active in the decending colon and rectum. I had a permanent colostomy formed and my decending colon and rectum removed with the hope that it would cure all my problems.  My remaining tranverse colon was deemed to be unaffected by the crohns.  That surgery was two years ago and since then the crohns has appeared in my remaining colon and I also have a severe parastomal herni...

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Weight gain after ileostomy?

Can I ask what others experience has been with weight gain (or lack thereof) following an Ileostomy?

I had my Ileostomy coming up to a year ago (it will be a year in May). This was after suffering from an acute attack of Severe Ulcerative Colitis.

Before the illness I was about 75 kgs. I'm 5 ft 9, so I wasn't a muscle man to start with, but was a fairly respectable weight.

After the operation and a combination of the illness, loss of appetite and NHS food I was down...

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New with concerns about ileostomy

My doctor, a colorectal surgeon, has recommended a temporary ileostomy for puborectalis contraction and constipation that have resisted other treatment for years. I'm trying to seek out ALL the information I can beforehand. I want to be prepared particularly for the smaller details I should expect. I want as much of the stress and shock as possible over with while I'm not sick either from a colon prep or surgical recovery.

I'm sure I'll think of more, but right now I've got three top co...

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Surgery to remove rectum, post-ileostomy.

I have to have one last surgery to take out the rectum (can't leave it due to cancer risk) as I've decided not to re-attach.  Haven't had any issues since my ileostomy 4 years ago and don't really want to go through the recovery and possible complications of re-attachment. The main problem is that I am healthy and have to go in for surgery which will make me feel crappy.  It's easy to go in if you're sick because the point is to make you better.  This will make me b...

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Flying in the uk with an ileostomy?

Hi all,

What are others experiences of flying in the UK with an ileostomy?

The specialist assures me it is safe to fly, but why do I get the feeling you have to have been there to really know what it's like?

I'm due to fly next month (internal flight) but am a bit concerned about security checks - presumably my device will show up on the bodyscanner - am I then asked to step into a door for further examination?

I have a card from Charter Healthcare explain...

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Child with ileostomy ?

Anyone on here got a child with an Ileostomy ? My son is 13 and had his when he was 11. We dont know any other children with one and we just muddle along and get on with things. Im worried about his growth, he is tiny. He is nowhere near puberty and all his mates are now big strapping youths with deep voices, spots and attitude ! The doctors assure us puberty will come but it will be years behind everyone else. Im also worried about how he will cope when girlfriends come along and all the usual ...

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Dumped because of ileostomy


I have just joined this site.  Not sure how it quite works yet.

I have a ileostomy and I am single.  When I seem to meet guys and you tell them you have a Ileostomy they quickly disappear.

Just wondering if anybody else has this problem?

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Help with eating and appliances for a permanent ileostomy

Hello all.  I am new to this and would like to introduce myself and my concerns.  I am the fiancee of a 46 yo man with a permanent ileostomy.  He was diagnosised with colorectal cancer last Feb.  He underwent chemo and radiation to shrink the rectal tumor, but it was not affective and the cancer spread everywhere.  He had extensive peritoneal carcenomas.  He underwent emergent surgery in June 2010 for debulking and removal of the cancer...

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Ds, ileostomy and transition to adulthood

Hi I'm new to this forum and I hope you can help.

My son is 21. He has Down syndrome and an ileostomy. In June he will be graduating from high school. His future is filled with opportunities for jobs and community activities. He needs to learn how to change and patch his wafer, so he can pursue these. I would like a professional or paraprofessional to teach him how to manage his ostomy. The training should be provided by a male, in a variety of environments so that he learns to deal wi...

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Breast cancer and ileostomy

Hi: I am a 53 year old woman who has had an ileostomy since January 1996 due to ulcerative colitis.  I haven't had too many problems over the years expect for a few blockages due to bad food and taking codeine for a toothache pain.  But last month (October 2010) I was diagnosed with breast cancer.  Thus I have 2 questions: (1)  I am worried about the side-effects of the upcoming chemo, meds and radiation treatments.  Has anyone else with an ileos...

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Ileostomy to a j-pouch and reversal

Has anyone had an ileo then gotten a j-pouch made and been reversed? I have a preop visit with the surgeon in a few weeks and am pretty nervous about the coming surgery. I want to know what I am in for. I'm not thrilled about having an ileo but in some ways its not so bad

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Abs of mashed potato following ileostomy!

Ok, before my op I did not have abs of steel. Had the mid-life lady body type where every extra ounce went to the midriff and my activity level would never give me a six pack. So I was middle soft with a little muffin top.

But now ... I definitely have abs of mashed potato. Any other ladies (or guys for that matter) notice that it seems as if the removal of the colon left an 'empty' space that is rather foldy and soft? Kind of like a stuffed toy with some stuffing removed

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Life after an ileostomy...

I am curious, do others with ileostomies catch colds or stomach bugs easier after you lost your colons? Do you fatigue easier?

I ask because it seems that ever since I lost my colon, I get sick much more often.

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Just had colostomy converted to ileostomy

Hey, it's Maryland Gal.  I had my surgery July 13th. Surgery went well. Took 6 hours because I had so many adhesions.  My surgeon was able to bring the small bowel through the same hole.
I had many other complications that kept me in the hospital for 3 1/2 weeks.  Had pluracy, a lower collapsed lung.  Then found out I had a blood clot in my leg and was put on blood thinners.  Well doctors did not know nor did I, I had ulcers.  The f...

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Having surgery to convert colostomy to ileostomy. have ?'s

Hi all,  I have posted before and I have to have the rest of my large bowel removed due to a severe stricture along with severe motility issues which have caused me to be on TPN and do not allow my colon to work.  I know I have to get this done in order to get off the TPN and try to lead a more normal life and be able to eat again. All my doctors and friends have said I should get this done, so I will be getting my surgery date when I see my surgeon on Thursday July 1st. ...

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Colostomy reversal now ileostomy - help!

I had an attempted colostomy reversal, they found yet another leak and now I have an ileostomy.  I am having trouble getting my bag on before any output and it's made the skin below my stoma very red and raw.  Anyone have tips or suggestions?

Thanks in advance!

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Colostomy verses ileostomy?

Hi,  I am new to the site and had a few questions.  
I had to have a colostomy just over a year ago due to a doctor screwing up my back.  I have cauda equine syndrome ( No bladder function and my nerves to my rectum stopped working) Since the colostomy I have had two revisions. For some reason my stoma keeps closing up. The doctor tried to put a scope through it to see what the problem was, but they could not even get the scope in an inch or two. I also have col...

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Ileostomy....not quite!

I recently had surgery to remove my entire large intestine, the surgeon then joined my small bowel to my rectum.   I am trying to balance the food/liquid problem because my bum is suffering from trips to the bathroom 8-15 times in a 24 hour period.....ouch!   Can anyone share info on vitamins/minerals etc that might help replace what i'm losing.

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Question about changing an ileostomy appliance


I'm a registered nurse that has just started working on  a general surgery unit. I don't have that much experience with changing ileostomy appliances. I had one patient the other night who's ileo appliance is always leaking. Sometimes her appliance is changed 1-3 times in a 24 hour periord. We use eaken to fill in any skin depression in order to increase the seal... The problem is that everytime we change her appliance I run into a lot of problem when trying to clean peri...

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3 months post ileostomy reversal update

I wanted to put a quick update here to let those interested know how I'm doing since my ileostomy reversal 3 months ago.
I had good progress for the first 2 months but the past 3 weeks seem to have gone backwards.  I'm still in a lot of pain and spending too much time in the bathroom (8 - 12 x daily).  I am housebound all morning and if I need to go out at all, I fast beforehand.  Gas and cramping are a huge problem!

The surgeon is fairly happy with the...

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Diapers for anal leakage?? how long after ileostomy?

I am trying to find out how long everyone had to wear diapers after their surgeries. my boyfriend had an ileostomy and is still having issues with anal leakage. he is still in diapers 8 weeks post surgery. please help

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Cuba & ileostomy

Hi,  I am heading to Cuba in 2 weeks and wondering if anyone travelling has had any problems with bringing supplies and having to explain your supplies.....Anybody with any advice or travel tips......

Thank you

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Ileostomy contacts costa blanca

I am considering coming to live in Spain in 2011, in the region of Cuidad Quesada.  I am 72 and had my stoma since 1988.  My question is will I still receive my prescription items free of charge.

I would like to meet someone preferably a lady living in that area who I can talk to about several matters relating to Ileostomy.  I shall be staying in Spain, on holiday from 11th April 2010 and returning to England on 29th April 2010

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Ileostomy question

Greetings! I'm asking this question on behalf of my husband who has been an ileostomate for 10 months now. While he's adjusted admirably, there is one issue that is ongoing and causing him quite a bit of stress.

It seems that everytime he removes a bag in order to replace it, his stoma will expand. We aren't sure if it's the air hitting it, or if it's because he does it immediately after taking a hot shower. The problem is that once the stoma has expanded, he must cut a hole in his rep...

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Colostomia- colostomy /ileostomia - ileostomy

This video will help explain colostomy and ileostomy surgery.  Joy Hooper, RN, CWOCN & Italo Santana explain the surgery in English and Spanish. If you have any questions concerning the information in this video, please contact me or the United Ostomy Association of America (UOAA).

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Well friends once again I'm in need of information. A little background, two months ago I had to buy new jeans so I got them a couple of inches larger than normal, next I put on my braces to keep my pants from falling to my knees. As i sit here now, no braces, no belt, top button open. This started about two weeks ago after getting some sharp pains above and below the stoma and a circle about six or seven inches in diameter and has swollen outward about an inch and a half, hard to tell. can anyo...

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Ileostomy - still have uc in rectal stump - depressed

Just over a month since my perm ileostomy. Have had moderate to heavy anal discharge and thought it was the rectum healing/weeping (surgeon left a rectal stump) or an infection.

Saw surgeon last week ... he's saying it's the UC in what's left of the rectum .

I see my GI specialist tomorrow.

Darn - I still have to use a heavy menstrual pad and am back on the Salofalk suppositories. And I'll still have the unpredicatbility of flares. Pre-op,...

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Intimacy with ileostomy

I would like to share tips, secrets, anything that helps intimacy be more alluring to others.  Dont be shy, I need answers.

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Hernia prevention & ileostomy appliance support

I'm going blind (and not finding what I know much be out there) looking at the websites -- so maybe someone can lead me in the right direction.

I'm interested in getting a support belt. Not one of the narrow ones that attaches to the pouch and just holds it down better against your body.

Something wider (hopefully not too cumbersome) that goes around the body, supports the abdominal area, and accommodates a vertical ileostomy appliance.

I'm fairly active but have

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**second surgery to relocate ileostomy-whoa advice is needed


This is my third question to this forum since I found it very useful and so many good people offer great advices.

As communicated before, my mom had a TME surgery (permanent ileostomy) about six weeks ago; currently my mom ...

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Need tips for reducing feces fluids in ileostomy

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My mom has an Ileostomy since October this year. She have many feces fluids with any bowel movement which cause leakage, any diet t...

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Ileostomy versus colostomy????

Hi Guys ........

It looks like I will need to make a decision before long as to whether to have an ileostomy or a colostomy which I will have to have for the rest of my life .....(currently have an ileo...)  I am fortunate enough NOT to actually have any 'bowel problems' per se as do many of you, but wondered if anyone out there had any experience of having both? What are the pros and cons, which is the easiest to manage etc etc....  Also whether or not to have my re...

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Last week i had an ileostomy loop reversal,can anybods help

  hi everyone,i recently had my ileostomy loop refersal after 2 and half years of haveing a stomer bag i started with a colostomy then i had an ileostomy,then i had to have my intestine repaired for it was not possible to have a reversal due to the scar tissue blocking the flight path   so to speak.last week i had my ileostomy loop refersal,which at the moment all seems to be well apart from servere cramps and big time diorea,...

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Irrigation for ileostomy obstruction (blockage)

Yesterday afternoon, shortly after lunch, I was surprised by a sudden blockage. I was so busy that I didn't even realize that I had no output ALL day. It was 3:00 pm. Cramping, nausea, pain, and belly distension had me paralyzed in pain.

This was my first obstruction that was not post operative adhesion related so I was shocked but not scared.

I massaged the area. Drank hot tea. Prayed. Cried. Moaned. Then crawled to the phone, went to the pantry, grabbed a big syringe that i...

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Whats a good diet for a ileostomy?

Hi Iam new here, had my ileostomy a yr ago, I'd like to know what we can really eat,
does anyone have a good diet to follow.
I love salads but afraid to try them, was wondering if anyone has, and how it worked

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Pregnancy with ileostomy

I'm hoping someone can help me...I've had Crohn's for many years and had an ileostomy done more than 10 years ago. I've recently had a complete proctocolectomy and my husband and I are wanting to start a family. Anyone out there been pregnant? I've heard that fertility decreases due to the crohn's and surgery? What can I expect during pregnancy? Will I be able to care for my stoma myself?Is there any special needs for extra nutrients/diet during pregnancy?

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Ileostomy with large parastomal hernia

Hello, I'm new to this site so still finding my way, that is if my memory...what's that! will allow me to remember where I've been before. However despite all that I have a question regarding quite a large parastomal hernia. I acquired this Ileostomy as a surprise after an operation on my spine. I was told I developed a blockage which caused a rupture of the colon. I did have a good stoma nurse available where I was living when I had the operation but have since moved house and the support I hav...

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I really need help with ileostomy

Hoping someone out there can give me some words of wisdom.  I had ileostomy done 2 1/2 years ago.  Due to chrones and my colon exploding in seventeen different biopsied pieces, I had a Very Good outlook of my surprised surgery after a colonoscopy, mainly cuz I was no longer in awful pain 24/7 anylonger.  However, my great mood has slowly turned into a very depressed (even tho I fight it) and angry mood.  I have continuiosly had leaking problems.  ...

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Rectal constipation with ileostomy

Help! I've had an loop ileostomy for 4 months (colostomy for 10 months prior to this).
I still have a small amount of faecal matter passing through my large bowel and due to the Imodium to slow my bowels done, I am now really constipated.
I've tried Fleet Enemas, Microlax, Fleet Mineral Oil, Cooking Oil and water but nothing is shifting it and I'm in a lot of pain.
Does anyone have any suggestions?

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Liver and ileostomy

i want to know if a ileostomy surgery with the pass of time affect the liver?
i have a 24 years surgery and now the liver enzyme are a little be high...thank you bye


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Ileostomy and ms

Anyone out there with the strange combinatio of ileostomy and Multiple Sclerosis. Am I unique? Belinda, England

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Does anybody out there have a continent ileostomy?

I had an ileostomy in April 1983, then in October 1987 I had a (BCIR) Barnett Continent Ileostomy! Does anybody out there have one? I was in Mississippi and met 2 people; however, I cannot find them? Freka and John Busan?

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