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Has anyone ever wondered why this had to happen to them. I've only had my ostomy siince February ...
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Another Update

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Happy World Ostomy Day!

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BCIR - why isn't anyone talking about it?

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Isolation continued.....

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AudreyK United States

Cindylpc United States

Kmart23 United States
This is something that resulted because of a car accident. I would love to talk with someone going thru the same thing.

JazzyGurl United States
I'm a Mother of three beautiful grown daughters. I have two adorable Grandsons and a Granddaughter on the way. When able, I love to play tennis. I was diagnosed with Chron's Disease 25 years ago. It has kept me from being able to work for years. I've...

Steavio United States
Honest conversation and creative,realistic goals and ideas. ( I hope to meet or talk to someone who doesn't need to talk about politics.

Freesia United States
Colostomy Feb 13, 2015

Syracuse523 United States
60'yr old male that did not have an ostomy on my bucket list. I've had crohn's since I was 23 but was diagnosed with rectal cancer back in December 2014. I did chemo and radiation and finally surgery on July 8th. My surgery was ten hours long and I ...

DC91209 United States
I just was diagnosed in June 2015 with crohns/colitis and had my colon removed 2 weeks ago. I've was in the hospital from the end of June till this past Monday when I was transferred to a rehab facility. I had become bed ridden while in the hospital...

fjtompki United States
sadasa jkk

rfries United States

traveler123 Thailand
Im a retired man 15 years now im living in Thailand for now id like to share ecperiences traveling with an ostomy

Lmarsmom United States
New ileostomy 9/14/2015. Still struggling. Looking for help in feeling normal again.

Skin horse United States
I am a college professor and a Fulbright scholar to South Africa, a grief counselor and a hospice volunteer. I have also acted and directed , am a avid swimmer (1-2 miles a day) and a certified scuba diver. Water is my favorite place to be whether ...

BriGuy United States
I just want to meet someone who knows what I am going through.

houseofdavid United States
I really never thought in my entire life, that I will be looking for my love through a computer. Always thought that was silly... Well ,I guess the joke is on me...I have friends who have cancer and that made me think that we are not here forever,no...

sunnyd United States
Hi, I have a continent illeostomy with Koch pouch. My surgery was done at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Mn., in 1973 Sad to say, but I haven't discussed or shared ideas with anyone with same surgery...ever. To connect with an individual(s) who can rela...

battle maiden United States

Rebecca56 United States
I'm just looking for help on finding free ostomy bags and supplies.

BABQ United States
I have had an iliostomy since April 2014 and am active in our local Ostomy Group. I would like an additional forum to gain information.

shig United Kingdom

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Thanks for the answers guys. I prefer the old lever between the front seats. Lots of fun doing hand brake turns on slippery syrfaces. (7 hours ago)
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Topic: There's nothing like shooting yourself in the foot...
Have you tried Stomadhesive powder on the skin before applying the flange? And have you tried the Coloplast Mio 2 piece pouch?...it has a locking mechanism that keeps the pouch securely fastened to the flange without worry. Good luck, you have l... (8 hours ago)
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Topic: Looking for ideas for better adhesion of wafer
I have a urostomy. 5 years this month! ! My sex life is over!! To much vaginal damage.get lots of vaginal infection to!! Nightmare! The (10 hours ago)
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Topic: Question for women only
Calamine lotion. Its brilliant!  (10 hours ago)
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Topic: Itching... Arggghhhhhh
Automatic handbrake sounds like an oxymoron but I do remember my dad's 1951, stick-shift Studebaker with a HILL HOLDER.  Remember that? Mike (11 hours ago)
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Topic: There's nothing like shooting yourself in the foot...
I definately feel that the in person, gentle talk is the best way. We have all been through things in life. My present partner watched his wife of 35 years die of stage 4 breast cancer. He was just happy that I have a spark in my eyes . I suspec... (12 hours ago)
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Topic: So what is more of a challenge in dating? Ostomies...
What's an "automatic handbrake"? (13 hours ago)
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Topic: There's nothing like shooting yourself in the foot...
iI suppose in North America its an electronic Park Brake . Instead of a normal handlever & cable operation , its activated by a  mini lever/switch & an electric motor  winding the brake cable tight . Some also work on the ... (13 hours ago)
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Topic: There's nothing like shooting yourself in the foot...
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Yes, isn't it great! There were many races, fundraising and awareness activities world wide. I am happy that the message about life with an ostomy is being shared. Stanley was happy too:) We are not alone. Take care. LH (October 6th, 2015)
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Blog: Happy World Ostomy Day!
Hi, LH.I also did not know of this day. Yeah for us. Can we have a parade? Oh I feel so special, Rosie does too. Rosiesmom (October 6th, 2015)
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Blog: Happy World Ostomy Day!
Good luck and best wishes Bill (October 6th, 2015)
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Blog: Another Update
thoughts and prayers for a good report... keep the faith (October 5th, 2015)
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Blog: Another Update
geez, I didn't know we had a day..!! happy world ostomy day to you also (October 5th, 2015)
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Blog: Happy World Ostomy Day!
Thanks for everyones input. And thanks FLsun for the great news, Congrats!It seems as if there is a feared based thought for most regarding the BCIR. It is human nature to fear the unknown. I'm still asking lots of questions. Inquiring minds wan... (October 4th, 2015)
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Blog: BCIR - why isn't anyone talking about it?
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