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I am an ET nurse
Country: United Kingdom

I am a 73-year-old Male
Country: Australia
Interested in meeting or talking to: Anyone

I am a 63-year-old Male
Country: United Kingdom
Interested in meeting or talking to: Female

I am a 45-year-old Female
Country: United States
Interested in meeting or talking to: Anyone

I am a 40-year-old Male
Country: United States
Interested in meeting or talking to: Female
Living with an ileostomy?
Psychologists at Hull University have teamed up with the Ileostomy Association to build an Online Educational Tool designed to reduce stress and boost happiness in people living with ileostomies.

If you would like to take part in a study testing this tool and potentially lifting your happiness levels, please contact: J.Spiers@Hull.ac.uk
Stomaplex - ostomy belts and stoma guards
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2nd Hernia Repair Needed

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Why this? Why now?

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"Happy Mother's Day" To All

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Happy Mothers Day

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AnaMaria United States
Full Member
I'm a retired registered nurse, divorced and have been living with an ileostomy since the age of 16. I have 2 sons and 3 grandchildren. Recently moved from Miami to Portland, Oregon. I love the climate and the people here are very friendly. I wo...

JMT United States
I'm not very good at this part. I'm a no nonsense and no drama type of woman, however, have a wicked sense of humor ... often dry and/or sarcastic with a silly side. I'm active, enjoy watching sports, hiking, fishing/camping and other outdoor acti...

sunshine25 United States
would like to have communication with other female women who have ileostomy so I can ask questions if I need more help or info

Euphoria Canada
Ken Butt seeks Barbie Butt.

jjbyjork Canada
Just here to meet people with the same ostomy things they are dealing with, to give advice and get advice. :) A little about me: In 2012 I had a severe fall accident, somehow landing on my feet, which caused a lot of damage to my lower body and...

baurzhanaimuldin4u United Kingdom
I am well respected man with high value and honor. I build future and create chances for future growing. I am an Oil minister and deal on ventures

Holycrapballs United States

GolfinGirl United States
I've been a widow for over 2 years. Lonely for conversations other than work.

jabob46 Slovenia
I'm just looking for someone whom I can share my thoughts with. A

robbie25 United Kingdom
Full Member
I have had a permanent colostomy since July 2012 after a perforated bowel I was nearly not here to tell the tail !! I found things hard at the start but with the support and love from my 2 kids I have got throw it all, in between this I split up with...

shootthrough1970 United States
Well im easy to talk to and can be a bit of a smart ass but be serious when needed. I love to bow hunt and fish. Read books...yes actual books lol. Work on projects in and around the house. Playing Video games( partly as a way for family time). My f...

runner736 United States
Looking for friends and potentially more. Fairly active and love to tide my motorcycle on long, weekend excursions. Have a great family and good friends but hope to meet other ostomates.

Dee26 United States
Hi my name is Dedra and i am 26 years old going on 27 in January 21st and well here is some stuff u can know about me well i went to Huntington park high school... i really enjoy going out and having fun with my friends when i can...and also....I li...

crohns_rn United Kingdom
I am just looking for some support - even though I had my ileostomy, 5 years ago, it seems to be impacting me more now

MikeNZ New Zealand
After suffering from diverticulitis and progressively getting worse over a long period of time and multiple "anal operations", I finally had a section of "diseased" bowel removed and a colostomy op about 2 years ago. I learned how to irrigate and...

ricky792 United States
I was diagnosed with UC in 2013. Had to have my colon removed in July of 2014. Have an illeostomy. I have been separated for a year and a half and my divorce is pending. Looking to meet someone to hang out with and start enjoying life again. I have ...

Steve-oh-1979 United States
Just had my surgery a couple weeks ago. Looking to learn from others how to live an active lifestyle with my Ostomy.

juicyjont United States
I am 5"6 190lbs very hard worker

AD36 United States
Hi,I'm 3 months post op. Was hit by a car while running on the trail. I lost my colon and all of my large intestine. I'm still learning and adjusting. My kids call my bag, Betty the poop purse! You have to have humor! I'm thankful to be alive and h...

irishgranstoma1 Ireland
I am a granny always enjoyed a full active independent life now have just been through treatment for bowel cancer and currently may be facing life with stoma ,this all so new to me and don't know where to turn. my family try but they really can't...

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welcome to the site. (1 hour ago)
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Topic: New to the site.
Is there some other way to get my supplies here to me on the Philippines other then thru my daughter? they seem to get lost some how. (7 hours ago)
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Topic: ostomy supplies
Hi Janada,  What a great post and thank you for sharing your journey.  Your journey sounds so much like mine....even down to changing the appliance which also took me over an hour the first time.  I thought that I would never... (9 hours ago)
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Topic: Struggling to LIKE my ileostomy!!!
I have an ileostomy and I am feeling pretty fortunate at the moment...My "walk through the valley of death" was in August of 2012 (Less than a year after I married my husband) and it was so unimaginable I simply do not like to talk about it.&nbs... (9 hours ago)
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Topic: Struggling to LIKE my ileostomy!!!
Look for a local non profit ostomy society, I just donated a bunch of pouches, bases and glue strips to mine, once I was sure my reversal took.  They also have meetings where you can meet with others with your problems, maybe one could give... (11 hours ago)
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Topic: help needed
Thanks Rosiesmom and I wish you the same.  We ARE blessed by those people who served to protect our gifts and people like you who graciously remember their contributions.   Respectfully, Mike (13 hours ago)
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Topic: Memorial Day
Hey Ewesful, thanks for the info.  A lot of us folks here experienced depression is some degree.  Lots of the prescribed drugs are terrible, some phychotherapists should work at the 7-11 and having no desire to do anything really sucks... (14 hours ago)
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Topic: Caffeine helps
Hi,   I am new to this and have found somethings very helpfull, I am looking to find new freinds and hope to find someone special. If any one wants to talk then you may have to help me a bit (getting round the site, still getting used to... (14 hours ago)
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Topic: New to the site.
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I had a hernia repair 6 years ago,and recently it found its way out the drain hole that was never stitched. It finally unhooked and dropped out,just using a support belt now. Good luck. (May 25th, 2015)
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Blog: 2nd Hernia Repair Needed
Hi Walk:Redondo hit it square on the head when he said I think that even if I had another option of going through surgery to rid me of my ostomy that I would not take it because it has worked so well for me and has just become a part of my life.... (May 25th, 2015)
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Blog: Why this? Why now?
Hi Walk, My story is very similar to Marsha's and a few others on here. Yes, sure I sometimes think of all the things to have why me and why this? Who has ever heard of such a thing. But, I have had my ostomy over 40 yrs ago because of Chrons. I... (May 25th, 2015)
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Blog: Why this? Why now?
I agree with blueonthetyne and laidback. I have had as ostomy since 1989. Divorced 11 years later, and have been dating for the past 15 years. I found the few persons whom I have entrusted with sharing my body have been very curious and kind and... (May 25th, 2015)
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Blog: Ostomy and Sex
Hi Walk, I spent three days wondering why me then I had a heart to heart with God and I felt immediate peace. From that point forward I was glad that it was me and not a member of my family or a friend that had to go through this journey. Good l... (May 25th, 2015)
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Blog: Why this? Why now?
You can get pouches from Hollister. They have a program to help people with little income. (May 24th, 2015)
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Blog: help needed
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