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Living with an ileostomy?
Psychologists at Hull University have teamed up with the Ileostomy Association to build an Online Educational Tool designed to reduce stress and boost happiness in people living with ileostomies.

If you would like to take part in a study testing this tool and potentially lifting your happiness levels, please contact: J.Spiers@Hull.ac.uk
Stomaplex - ostomy belts and stoma guards
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What's it all about?

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Not Good News

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Sorry it's been so long!!!

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A year on

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Reverse Colostomy

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Gauge29715 United States
Where to start, I'm married adventours normal guy. Me and my wife who is a bit younger than me enjoy outdoor lifestyle. I've been with my ilosotomy since 1988, due to colitis. I was 18 years old when I had surgery but haven't allowed it to hold me b...

leftystoma United States
Seeing whats out there

whineygut United States

ironomy India
I am 34yrs old an open minded and optimistic person. 17 yrs back i had a major road accident in September 1998,and as a result i have a colostomy since than, it was hard for me at the beginning as i was just only 17yrs old. At first i thought that ...

restless United States
Just getting adjust to life again and want acceptance and understanding moving forward.

trixalex Philippines
im a single mother. i am a christian. i am a simple person. a happy person. i want to meet other ostomates. i expect informations about ostomy and i am seeking for help with regards to ostomy supplies.

KLH United States
Full Member
Looking, first and foremost, for a friend or confidante. If that friendship grows and develops possible something more intimate. Looking for someone that has had the same or similar experience that needs to visit and/or confide.

James0786 United States
Ostomy help

malibu United States
I'm retired and would like to learn all I can from this site about having an ostomy. I have an ileostomy that is now three years old.

JD United Kingdom
No regrets… just lessons. No worries… just acceptance. No expectations… just gratitude. Life is too short. But in my opinion, bravery isn’t about the absence of fear. Being brave is when you’re absolutely terrified, yet you can make yourself face ...

gfranzz Germany
Hi, I am gay and a new "member" with a colostomy since March, 2014. I would love to meet people or the special one who accepts me as I am. Age does not really matter! What matters is love!

Lab1207 United States
I would like to share advice and experiences with other ostomates.

prairiesam United States

joecc United Kingdom
I am Joe from Newcastle, Im in a band (bassist/guitarist) and an aspiring accountant. I stumbled across this site by accident but could help me through my path through life. I love meeting new people with common interests, sometimes not so common. I...

Guthriegirl United States
I just got an iliostomy 3 weeks ago, and it's a train wreck. Im looking for help from members who have experience.

Lostrealist United Kingdom
Easy to talk to ...Just ask.

Peace4all43 United States
Hello all My name is Jen and I am looking for friend's. i am new to having an Ostomy and it is a very different and a bit of a scary experience. I would like to speak to others with the same situation. Thank you and look forward to speaking to peopl...

Chris South United States
new here but a long time ostomy patient. looking to meet new friends and discuss our unique(?) situation. chrissouth53 at Y!

khadar2k1 United States
I am open to meeting people.

doss India
want to share

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Hi Vanessa, Thanks for introducing yourself.   Along with everyone else, I welcome you to the site.   My name is Marsha, and I've been a paying member, off and on for about 4 years.  I  posted and corresponded regu... (2 hours ago)
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Topic: Hi. Im a full member now!
Congratulations on your successful reversal. I must agree that knowing as much as possible before you move ahead is always a good choice. (8 hours ago)
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Topic: Reversal, success with what underlying condition
http://www.cymedostomy.com/ I think this is the link your inquiring about. (9 hours ago)
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Topic: Irrigating
I've had my surgery less than a year and the longest I've travelled is three weeks, so not long but no issues. The main thing is stay chilled. For flights I split supplies between check in luggage and hand luggage to cover all bases.  One ... (10 hours ago)
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Topic: Traveling
Hi I just started irrigating two months ago and wish I started three years ago.  It seems to take me about an hour, but worth it.  I do  find that some liquid and a small bit of stool sometimes releases into my mini pouch, but I g... (14 hours ago)
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Topic: Irrigating
Somehow I lost this after replying to MMSH.  I just wanted to thank you Kat, Cecille, Redondo, Bill and Doe for your comments and generosity.  I apologize for “losing” it.  We’re learning so much from each other... (14 hours ago)
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Topic: If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it
Hi Vanessa welcome on board. feel free to send me an email my addy is on my profile :) (19 hours ago)
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Topic: Hi. Im a full member now!
gellsch: Does this mean you have had trouble keeping the velcro closed? Also, what exactly is the "bonder clip" you are referring to? Thanks! (21 hours ago)
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Topic: All Hollister New Image Velcro Drainable Pouch Use...
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Hi Kakie56, Good luck with your surgery and we will be here when you are able to post once again. Will keep you in my prayers, praying for a speedy recovery. Take care. LH (April 1st, 2015)
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Blog: Need to apologize it
Hi Bev, I am very sorry to hear about the PET scan and wish you better days very soon. I have a friend from the Ostomy group that just completed his treatment of chemo and is now cancer-free. I wish the very same for you. Please know that I wil... (April 1st, 2015)
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Blog: Not Good News
Oh my this little blog hasn't been active in some time. Wonder if anyone else likes to share recipes.I have been on an asian veggie kick this week and trying to learn how to use some of them in my recipes. Bok choy is the one I have used recentl... (April 1st, 2015)
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Blog: To all the cooks and bakers
Your two cents Mrs A, in the overall scheme of things, is priceless. How do we put a price tag on one's sincere efforts to understand, reason and help others get to where they're trying to go? I thank you.Zywie, You're so kind and I promise to ... (April 1st, 2015)
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Blog: What's it all about?
Oh, hope you don't mind Mike, but a lil P.S. to Nicky-T - I love the God-fearing atheist (along with a lot of other things you said). But that really made me giggle and could get one's brain trailing off for miles and miles. Maybe one day, when... (April 1st, 2015)
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Blog: What's it all about?
Nuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!! You may not have a breakdown. You always make sense and I love reading each and everything you are willing to share. Big hug. Z (April 1st, 2015)
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Blog: What's it all about?
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