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I am a 56-year-old Female
Country: United States
Interested in meeting or talking to: Anyone

I am a 45-year-old Female
Country: United States
Interested in meeting or talking to: Anyone
Living with an ileostomy?
Psychologists at Hull University have teamed up with the Ileostomy Association to build an Online Educational Tool designed to reduce stress and boost happiness in people living with ileostomies.

If you would like to take part in a study testing this tool and potentially lifting your happiness levels, please contact: J.Spiers@Hull.ac.uk
Stomaplex - ostomy belts and stoma guards
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Not Good News

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Sorry it's been so long!!!

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A year on

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Reverse Colostomy

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Need to apologize it

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Guthriegirl United States
I just got an iliostomy 3 weeks ago, and it's a train wreck. Im looking for help from members who have experience.

Peace4all43 United States
Hello all My name is Jen and I am looking for friend's. i am new to having an Ostomy and it is a very different and a bit of a scary experience. I would like to speak to others with the same situation. Thank you and look forward to speaking to peopl...

Chris South United States
new here but a long time ostomy patient. looking to meet new friends and discuss our unique(?) situation.

khadar2k1 United States
I am open to meeting people.

doss India
want to share

thought63 United States

mmlindsey1973 United States

Gear Jammer Canada
I was diagnosed in 1990 as a young teenager. Many smaller surgeries over the years, and A LOT of different maintenance drugs came to a climax in 2008 where I wound up with a permanent ileostomy, which literally saved my life! I came home a walking sk...

shorty49 United States
Got my colostomy in 2013.

angeleyes United Kingdom
hi im a single mother of 46,,i have crohns disease and a permanent ileostomy,,i have other health health problems but I still try and live life to its fullest and be a happy go lucky girl,im kind and caring ,,honest and fun,,like to have a laugh,,sic...

Raffa Canada
Id like to meet someone like me.

Gileo United States
Full Member
Hi all!, Glad to meet you. I got an emergency ileostomy 3 years ago, after a colon resection surgery leaked. Looking to learn about managing my condition better . I am always looking for better ways to get by. I do yoga 2-3 times a week, and can...

Clifford United Kingdom
Had Chrohns for 16 years, this is my 3rd "supposedly temporary" ileostomys, and forthe 3rd time i wish I was dead. Stoma bags do not work and I am fed up of waking up everyday covered in my own faeces, so much to the point that I dont care anymore...

vanessa1970 France
Full Member
Just your average woman with an ileostomy with a bit of a wild streak. I live in France but travel to the U.S. and London frequently. I have had an ileostomy for 25 years. It hasn't stopped me from living a full and exciting life. I keep myself in g...

rupert55 United Kingdom

Arun United Kingdom
Hello, I've got an ileostomy and it's taken me a while to come to terms with the changes in appearance and physical limitations. Now I'm looking to make the most of life and make good friends who appreciate and understand me and that I can also supp...

aliveand well United States
Something we all have in common, and would be nice to talk about it with others.

thatindianguy India
Well I want to meet more people and talk about things that I can't normally share with the 'normies'. And I can't find a single Indian out on those forms

Harley Q United Kingdom

Seanna Canada
I have crohn's disease and have had an ileostomy for over 20 years now. I have been single for going on 14 years by choice. After my divorce I chose to concentrate on raising my son and didn't date. Now he is almost all grown up and I would like to ...

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Thanks for replying, Chris! You brought up some great points that I didn't really think about... Perhaps holding back until we meet is a much better idea!    I have found this week that the various guys that I have been texting with ... (within 6 hours)
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Topic: Sexual over-compensation?
hot tubbing ..u tube......with an ostomy   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SJrzQYj-qN4 (within 12 hours)
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hi livinnandlaernin, maybe ive missed it somewhere through this thread but have you been to your resort yet and how did it go.im in a similar situation, i got away with it last summer through my stoma being new but weve booked for the summer and... (within 24 hours)
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I had my ileostomy when I was only 22. I got sick in August 94 and spent the next 4 months in an out of hospital having tests and scans but they couldnt figure out what was wrong with me. They wanted to do an exploratory surgery but I was d... (within 24 hours)
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Topic: 18-30 Chat
Hi Sam, How are you traveling, boat, plane, bus, a camper perhaps? I don't think it's impossible with some good planning. Maybe start off with short trips and see how that goes first. (within 24 hours)
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Topic: Traveling
 Mine doesn't look like that at all.Oh, I guess that is a good thing, wouldn't mind meeting the owner....  

(within 24 hours)
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Topic: perspective
Hey Horselover, I did the same swith from Just a Drop to Poo Pouri.  I am satisfied with the product for now.  I have also used Air to the Throne and find it satisfactory. (within 2 days)
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Topic: Embarrassing toilets.
I'm bi. My wife knows I'm bi. It isn't a huge factor in my life, considering I have kids and grandkids, a stressful job, etc... An ostomy pouch plays into the lifestyle somewhat but not a huge amount. (within 2 days)
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Topic: Alt Bi Lifestyle
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I love this and is what I use as a positive, when all said and done although our way is different, its cleaner and much easier to manage than the average smelly arse. (March 27th, 2015)
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Blog: Perspective
Bev,This is truly not good news, but it's not the end. You have been fighting the good fight for some time and you must keep on fighting. I know I am not in your shoes and things are very hard both emotionally as well as physically, but just thi... (March 26th, 2015)
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Blog: Not Good News
So sorry to hear this. My mom had cancer last year, and is cancer free now. She had chemo and radiation. I will say a prayer for you. Heidi (March 26th, 2015)
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Blog: Not Good News
Hi Peping, I hope all went well. Best wishes to you and yours. Bev (March 26th, 2015)
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Blog: Reverse Colostomy
Hi LadyHope, the flight was a little over 3 hours but Bulgaria closes in October until May. It is seasonal so I don't think there would be much open in December. It also gets very wet and cold by the end of October. (March 26th, 2015)
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Blog: Hi All We're Back
oh no bababoo, what a trauma for you all, things must be very difficult.it puts everything into perspective when these things happen, our hospitals are the best outside the capital so he will be in good hands.look after yourself cause things can... (March 26th, 2015)
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Blog: summer time
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