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Just to let you know I've met the most wonderful woman on here. Was never really looking in the first place but after receiving a wink ...
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Thar she blows...again :-(

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Happy Thanksgiving!

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Happy Thanksgiving!

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Super Saturday!

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lovethesun United States
Im an easy going guy. I love just about any outdoors activities.

sandra.rheeder South Africa

shhill United States

Taylormade United States
People with ilieostomies

charrid Czech Republic
I have had ileostomy for 2 years and am always interested in experiences of others with the same condition.

binky United States

Jomaryca Canada
Hi, I am French Canadian Christian woman (writer/translator) in her fifties looking for friends with tempoary ostomy to share experience, problems and concerns with, and ventually a travel partner.

ladyonthelake United States

RDNPDX United States
Diagnosed with UC at age 14, Jpouch at 26, Crohns developed 2 years ago, resulting in illiostomy surgery Nov. 2015. I am learning how to live with the bag, feeling a bit clumsy and uncomfortable with it, but optimistic about mastering it! I am off al...

punkinsoul United States

Arnie United Kingdom

flareup United Kingdom

toribeth18 United States

Vee628 United States

martyjames999 United States
I woke up one morning with a Barbie butt and a plastic bag taped to my tummy! Talk about an attitude adjustment!! Whew!!! Regardless... music, drinking, dancing, restaurants, bars and beaches, and getting out are still my priorities. Still may be a l...

Mssam United States
Colostomy tips

Yachats1 United States

cudll United States
Not sure what to expect here. Would want to meet open-minded people, do not mind sharing tips/tricks for new ostomates. Nice to find a friend or relationship if that opportunity arises as meeting men who understand situation seems to be difficult in ...

ineedloveto United States

priyasharma05 India
I am a professional writer,

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recoverng is hard no matter who you are -  (21 hours ago)
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Topic: reversal
Lucky you - my gut just didn't want to wake up - so gut juices kept building up until I threww up so it had to go back in.  Glad yours worked out for the better.  Hang n there it is better than being dead (21 hours ago)
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Topic: reversal
Sinhead. Sounds like your op was the same as mine.+ I had my appendix burst aswell.. my vagina has been burnt away with radiotherapy &  appendix op didnt help either! ! Its impossible for me to have sex.i hope your not in the same predi... (over two days ago)
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Topic: caused by surgery or not?
There are people out there that don't care. I've had 3 intimate partners since my surgery. One was my husband (we split for reasons unrelated to my ostomy) and two boyfriends. None of them have minded my bag. When it seems things are headed that... (over two days ago)
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Topic: Am I doomed from having a partner?
Hi pat. Can you tell me what peripheral neuropathy is please?? (over two days ago)
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Topic: Urostomy leakage
I had an NG tube too. They aren't uncommon and are usually inserted when you're under. It pumps the contents out of your stomach so it doesn't have to pass through your recently traumatized intestinal tract. Mine wasn't a bother until my one nur... (over two days ago)
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Topic: reversal
I had that dam tube thimg too and i bloody hated it! I told the doctor to take it out before i ripped it out because it made me feel even more sick! They took it out and i was no longer sick or feeling sick....sometimes you know your body and i ... (over two days ago)
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Topic: reversal
Hi Vanessa i,ve had my ileo. for 30yrs and it used to be about an inch long but over the years it has receded also and the spout is now at skin level, my regular doctor thinks it may be scar tissue drawing it in or the fact that i have a half of... (over two days ago)
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Topic: Help! Stoma is receding into my body....again
Stoma Dome
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Thank you Bill. I made it through the day. They say Time heals--I don't know if that's true, I've taken one day at a time the last 5 plus years and doing what Pops would want me to do--Keep on Keeping on, keep that song in my heart, be his Baby ... (December 1st, 2015)
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Blog: Pops
Hello Sassy.Not a lot I can say about this post as these kind of relationships and memories are so personal. Nonetheless, I do thank you for sharing your wonderful thoughts with us as it acts as a gentle reminder of our own fond memories of peop... (November 30th, 2015)
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Blog: Pops
Good Morning Scorsby your replies are always so good not just to me but to all. I see on your reply you suggest 1.5 liters I have not used that amount so I will up the water from tonight, it is comforting to know not to worry, and yes please god... (November 30th, 2015)
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Blog: Body Posture.
Hi Chachacha.Dont rush the flush.I irrigate every evening like you do. I don't use a pump but a gravity bag.The knack is to first use at least 1.5 litres of water. Hold the cone in place when you're full for a good full minute so the water can s... (November 30th, 2015)
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Blog: Body Posture.
good morning all i started my irrigation for the first time around 9 days ago, I am currently doing it every night as that is what my stoma nurse said ... and this will in around 3 weeks time go to every second night ... how do you know when you... (November 30th, 2015)
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Blog: Body Posture.
Such a nice thing to do for each other. You probably mean a lot to her for your kindness. A lot of the elderly get over looked, glad she has Edie too. Four legged friends are great company. (November 29th, 2015)
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Blog: Paying it Forward...
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