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I am a 50-year-old Female
Country: United States
Interested in meeting or talking to: Anyone





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Go Cardinals

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The surgery from hell

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People with disaabilities

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Latest Profiles

Sparra Australia
Learn about colostomate experiences and of any developing breakthroughs

handyman United Kingdom

LoveIsACountry United States
I'm loyal, honest, creative, sarcastically funny and caring. I'm finalizing a completely amicable divorce (after nearly 10 years of marriage). What else? I love to read, watch anything with Gordon Ramsay, and create rosaries and jewelry. I have two ...

daniel1990 Canada
would like to meet/talk to someone with the same disease as me (crohns).

Armybob United States

Cariad51 United Kingdom
I had my Ileostomy done in 2001 after many years suffering UC . I was diagnosed with diabetes type 2 in the 90's. I have many problems with DIET. No matter what I eat I have a very high liquid output. I do have a few other illnesses and take medica...

rokitac Argentina
Desubicada de la vida, no-drama dentro de lo posible, buena onda cuando el sol acompaña (casi que funciono con energía solar), me gusta ver dibujitos animados de madrugada, caminar por lugares con mucho verde y flores, tomar mate con cascaritas de ...

lavern United States
I am a retired teacher. I had my colon removed permanently in May, 2014, and I am still learning how to deal with it. I love to travel, go to Broadway plays, museums, and antique shopping. Staying active is my main goal and I do not want my life ...

mercy United States
i am a single girl like to meet new friend all part of the world and i like music and making love with my love

Doogie29 United States
I have had a colostomy now for 4 years. I am active in the ostomy world elsewhere and I am hoping to find some support here and to share my own story in hopes to help others

SupeRak United Kingdom

jbiii United States
I'm a 51 year old realtor and outdoorsman. I enjoy all the outdoor stuff like camping, hunting, fishing and hiking. I'm primarily looking for someone to compare notes with and get to know. Someone who might like to do the things I like to do and wou...

trey0408 United States
I love meeting new people who enjoy adventures even with living with crohns disease or other forms of IBD, very free minded and no judging no matter what the matter is. I love trying new things and following my dreams and hobbies. Let's talk and ke...

scarlett604 United States
I am happily married Christian 50 yr. old, who just wants support and friendship from other women, like myself who have had a urostomy for a long time. Other than my husband, there is really no support for someone in my situation. So,it would nice t...

Cat lady United States
Just got this colostomy in May this year. Would love to talk to others who love animals, horseback riding, baseball and sightseeing around this beautiful state. Any cowboys out there? I am finally learning how to live with this but would definitel...

sombat_h Thailand
new ostomate

latke United States
First I have no experience with social sites. Looking for fellow ileos with similar problems. I have a few tricks of my own regarding appliances but the blockages are a living hell. Hopefully I can get some leads on a good gastro who specializes in o...

Pleiku United States
I am retired law enforcement and military, also a Vietnam veteran. In 2012 I had three surgeries over an eight month period spending 10 months in the hospital. Now I only have 14 inches of small bowel and partial removal of colon. I have an abdom...

theage Canada
Let my paid subscrition run and now im back just for the heck of it lol

daylightdawn United States
hey I am jessi:) since were on this site it I,s i'll just put it out there and let ya'll know that I have a colostomy bag, due to chrones. it has been a hard battle dealing with the whole thought of having a bag,but I am finally coming to terms wi...

Latest Forum Posts

Here in the USA, there's an National organization consisting of numerous Local Associated Support Groups, (ASG) and a Virtual Support Group.  The Name is 'The United Ostomy Association of America', and they have a internet web site simply c... (within 6 hours)
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Topic: Ostomy information and help is available.....

Some interesting ideas there I might try myself. I would say that eating three times a day is a better policy than eating just once. The idea of digestive enzymes/'bugs' etc is worth trying too, as these should help the intestine to function mo... (within 12 hours)
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Topic: Bag Filling With Ait at Night!

Just try an experiment for one day. Do not eat anything made from flour or potatoes. No breads, cakes, pies, cheetos, chips, etc.... Nothing made from flour or grains.  And no sugar or sweetener of any kind.  If your system is anything... (within 12 hours)
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Topic: Bag Filling With Ait at Night!

Actually I only eat like once a day and its usually no later then 2 or 3.  I do eat pasta but never at night.  If anything at night I snack on cheetos lol.  I have it so engrained in my head that its going to leak overnight that I... (within 24 hours)
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Topic: Bag Filling With Ait at Night!

Try avoiding bread, cereal, pasta, any food with grains at all.  If you would like to eat those things, eat them early in the day and not after 2:00 PM or so.  That should give plenty of time for them to move through you before it... (within 24 hours)
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Topic: Bag Filling With Ait at Night!

no problem.  I know it sounds very strange...I thought the ostomy nurse was nuts when she told me to do that...now I am never without bags of marshmallows.  5 of them normally do the trick...especially if you know ahead of time you are... (within 2 days)
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Topic: marshmallows solve a problem

Literally almost every single night I allow myself to fall totally asleep I wake up to a bag filled with air and, most of the time, a leak.  I have had a bag on and off for over 7 years now.  I dont eat any veggies at all (I eat veggie... (within 2 days)
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Topic: Bag Filling With Ait at Night!

Ostosolutions seals are new product on the market makes this type of traveling much more comfortable.  They snap onto your pouch after it's removed from the wafer and seal the pouch totally.  No odor escapes and the pouch doesn't leak.... (within 2 days)
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Topic: Tips for travelling in Asia

Latest Blog Comments

I have had my Ileostomy 13 years I would have died without it. In my opinion as long as you are not too much overweight you will be fine with it. I was overweight due to use of steroids for years, this makes it very difficult to get a flange tha... (October 29th, 2014)
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Blog: The surgery from hell

That is true Bill and I agree. But the sad thing is when it's your family! They take advantage and call me a 'freak' Sisters who don't understand; being emotionally weak. Yes I know your pain, when your own sister steals away relationships fo... (October 28th, 2014)
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Hello B.red. It certainly helps me when I write them and it is most gratifying to think that other people might enjoy reading them. so thanks for your feedback.Best wishes Bill (October 28th, 2014)
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Thanks Bill for your poems, it helps a lot. (October 27th, 2014)
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Keep going and well done you. You are amazing!!! (October 26th, 2014)
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Blog: Well, new to this!

Thank you blueonthetyne and taoh for your comments. I'm glad for you taoh that it has brought you these positive things. If I had such great experiences I would surely have put them to verse.However, there are so many people on this site who are... (October 26th, 2014)
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