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Has anyone ever wondered why this had to happen to them. I've only had my ostomy siince February ...
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Happy World Ostomy Day!

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BCIR - why isn't anyone talking about it?

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Isolation continued.....

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NoEnd United States
Just looking to meet others that understand.

Dashingw Canada
I have never been married, but have been common law for the last 15 years. I have a daughter aged 13. The spark has been missing from my relationship with the mother of my daughter for a few years now as we really don"t have a lot in common, so deci...

acbates United States
I'm new to ostomy, and have some questions. And can hopefully help others with what I've encountered so far.

AusRob Australia
Australian gay man who has been through Prostate, Colon & Bowel cancers & treatments by Chemo & Radiation.Now clear for 3 years & in glowing good health. Engaged in support group for Ostomates in Melbourne together with local Association Committee ...

Art United States
I honestly don't know what to say, I don't openly talk about this with anyone. I was given my ostomy at the young age of 4 and very soon I noticed I was different, I mean not to mention but I will being only one of 3 black kids in the entire elementa...

scrupperd United States

EasilCat United States
I have refused an ostomy so far because I lost my husband 2 years ago I don't see living with it as a better option than slow death.

EPaige United Kingdom
I am looking for someone to talk to who has been through the same or similar thing and can understand and maybe answer some questions.

njane21 United States

PeterOakland United States
I just had an end colostomy takedown, and am interested in talking with others who have been through that process. Specifically I would like to know what others' experiences have been vis-a-vis recovery of full sphincter control, and resumption of...

kmfitton United States

Lhunt32 United Kingdom
I have many hobbies including cross stitch, crochet, colouring, watching tv and films shopping and going for meals, I've been with my hubby for nearly ten years and married for six. I love listening to music and have an obsession with Adam Lamber...

pw United States
I,m a retired nurse, new to the challenge of a colostomy . I have found most people don,t relate to questions unless they have an osotomy. Just looking for people to talk to .

AudreyK United States

Cindylpc United States

Kmart23 United States
This is something that resulted because of a car accident. I would love to talk with someone going thru the same thing.

JazzyGurl United States
I'm a Mother of three beautiful grown daughters. I have two adorable Grandsons and a Granddaughter on the way. When able, I love to play tennis. I was diagnosed with Chron's Disease 25 years ago. It has kept me from being able to work for years. I've...

Steavio United States
Honest conversation and creative,realistic goals and ideas. ( I hope to meet or talk to someone who doesn't need to talk about politics.

Freesia United States
Colostomy Feb 13, 2015

Syracuse523 United States
60'yr old male that did not have an ostomy on my bucket list. I've had crohn's since I was 23 but was diagnosed with rectal cancer back in December 2014. I did chemo and radiation and finally surgery on July 8th. My surgery was ten hours long and I ...

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It is a raised wall hung toilet with taps. (few minutes ago)
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Topic: Ostomy toilet like at the hospital.
The good news is that the pain has pretty well disappeared in the last 24 hours. She is still pretty washed-out, and has a tiresome mucus discharge, but there is real progress at last. Must be the prayers - and my cooking! (My cooking is best no... (3 hours ago)
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Topic: So friends, what are we dealing with?
Are you talking about a bidet? (3 hours ago)
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Topic: Ostomy toilet like at the hospital.
Hi, xnine. Have you tried any of the medical supply companies. Some fo teh larger ones have online catalogs you could look through. it'd probably be best to simply call one though. I'll let you know if i'm able to find anything.   rMark (18 hours ago)
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Topic: Ostomy toilet like at the hospital.
I searched the internet with no luck. It was about crotch high and had taps and faucet on a toilet bowl that would flush. I wonder if they are custom made or if they are available as one unit? (18 hours ago)
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Topic: Ostomy toilet like at the hospital.
A person who has recently gone through colostomy should avoid eating too much fibre in food. Drinking lots of fluids, chewing the food properly, and having the meals regulary are some more tips which are given to ostomates these days by health p... (one day ago)
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Topic: The diet problem
Chris, If she continues to have pain over the next couple of days,she should report it to her doctor. She may need a different antibiotic. I will keep your family in my prayers. Hope things improve soon.     (one day ago)
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Topic: So friends, what are we dealing with?
I never heard of a fungle infection in a disconnected j pouch. R u sure u don't mean diversion pouchitis/ colitis? That's what I have. What r your symptoms (one day ago)
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Topic: Functioning but no satisfaction / The Elephant in ...
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Thank you for the wise words Bill ... you are exactly right about the worry and I think stress plays a big part in bowel issues as well. I will heed your advice, calm down and make this trip as wonderful as possible! Have a happy day! (October 9th, 2015)
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Blog: Travelling
Hello namaste61. It is quite a normal reaction to be concerned about what 'might' happen when you are going to do something different. However, it was George Bernard Shaw who wrote something like: ninety percent of all the things I ever worried... (October 9th, 2015)
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Blog: Travelling
Good luck and I will keep you in my prayers for a great PET scan. LH (October 8th, 2015)
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Blog: Another Update
Me too! (October 8th, 2015)
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Blog: Why this? Why now?
Rosiesmom just kinda enlightened me. We ARE strong, somewhat unique and, certainly, survivors. I guess we tend to forget how far we've come, what we've learned, what we've shared and the energy it took to get where we are. Yup, we ARE special... (October 8th, 2015)
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Blog: Why this? Why now?
Hello there. have been having PET scans each 6 months for 3 years post op now moved to annually. Understand you being anxious as this scan is so indicative of any problems. Try to relax, don't stress!Robert (October 8th, 2015)
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Blog: Another Update
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