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  CDB3 Chat

I am a 48-year-old Male
Country: United States
Interested in meeting or talking to: Anyone
  frosts09.dl Chat

I am a 50-year-old Male
Country: Canada
Interested in meeting or talking to: Female
  PMD Chat

I am a 64-year-old Male
Country: United States
Interested in meeting or talking to: Anyone

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General Chat Room

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Early cancellation

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Talented young people

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Well, new to this!

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Disaster and it had to happen away from home

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Just for Laughs

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Latest Profiles

johnmckenna United Kingdom
Looking for advice and friendly banter

23scott United Kingdom

Bran.jr Uganda
am an ostomate

jules111 United Kingdom

Fahim Ahmed Pakistan

frosts09.dl Canada
I am 50years old i have a ostomy and it is hard to find someone that has the same that I have.I like fishing, camping, walks and hang out and talk. I hope you can help me out this is the first time on here. It's been 30years tell i had a girlfriend....
Online Now!

Tig United Kingdom
Looking for general urostomy advice

one800 United States
I love to read book. I love to walk and watch movie. I want to meet people.

LadyTay United States
I just want to find out how people are coping with their Ostomy and jobs, life, etc.

chadderzanne69 United States
Just trying to get by...to live not just.to exsist

Blue eyes United States
Had my illostomy for 35yrs now my problem is having herina's around my stoma . Had 2 surgerys problem keeping my appliance on no longer then 1 to. 2 days now getting very disappointed also never going swimming because my appliance comes off

r15437 United States
I'm a semi-retired Architect and a relatively recent transplant from Miami to Farmington, PA of all places. I received both of my architectural degrees from U.C. Berkeley. I married while in school and lived in the San Francisco Bay Area for about f...

CBXer United States
Wanting to learn from others experiences living with an Ostomy while sharing some of my experiences.

butterfly33 Canada
I have been an ostomate for 2 years. Interested in exchanging tips, ideas and information with people that have a colostomy.

realdeal United States
Hello. I have an Indiana Pouch as a urinary diversion and am continuing to have pain at the stoma. I had/have stenosis of which the doctor had done some dilation which allowed me to catheterize much easier for about a week but it has become increasin...

Crimson United States
Just like to read others experience

Angavethastings United States
Ulcerative colitis since 2004

Alan S United States
I had a continent ileostomy Koch Pouch) for over 30 years, and it was a lifesaver, literally and figuratively. Three years ago it wore out, couldn't be repaired, and I was presented with my worst nightmare, an colostomy bag. It still is my worst n...

Mummy28 United Kingdom
Hi I am new to this so not sure what to say but just want to meet/chat to people who understand about the type of surgery that I have had and who is honest

gatvol4 South Africa
To receive info from other people about recovery

Latest Forum Posts

Hi...just a thought but do you know your iron count...if you are only 6 months out from surgery and have not made it a prioriety in your diet to get your iron up, you very well may be anemic...check the internet for iron rich foods..iron from fo... (within 2 hours)
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Topic: extreme fatigue

One man's miserable parasite is another man's lifesaver. What kind of message are you telegraphing to others who want to enter your life?     PB (within 2 hours)
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Topic: Dating

john,i suggest you just ask her about it...get her talking about how it works and how much it improved her life ect. not only will you learn about it, but she will feel more comfortable when she knows you are interested in her health and wellbe... (within 3 hours)
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Topic: Help making someone feel comfortable

Hi Anyark. Yes. I managed to get an appointment with a local doctor for this Friday, the 25th. Hopefully, I will have some clarification. Thank-You.   Louie (within 3 hours)
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Topic: Stoma pain, stenosis, Indiana Pouch.

Hi, I should start off and say that I do not have an ostomy, however the girl I am dating does. She has been open about it, pretty much since I met her, this is a few months ago now. She is a fantastic girl, and I am head over heels for her. I... (within 6 hours)
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Topic: Help making someone feel comfortable

Hi Family12,  Sorry you have these questions.  I have no answers but we know surgery can knock the crap out of us and it takes some time for our systems to get back where they belong.  I think your doctor should compare your numbe... (within 6 hours)
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Topic: New medical problems after surgery

Hello,   I had a dr. appt with my family dr first time after my surgery today.  I was suppose to have it in may.  I have blood work done 2 weeks ago, so when i go in mya he would have them.  Howver, they called me yesterday ... (within 6 hours)
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Topic: New medical problems after surgery

I had been with my ex wife for 2yrs before I got mine 7 years ago and it ruined our sex life and she ended up leaving for a "healthy"  guy and I have not been able to date since.   As soon as I bring it up to a pote... (within 12 hours)
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Topic: Dating

Latest Blog Comments

I and my whole development and medical team are quite energized and inspired by the support you have all already expressed and remain quite dedicated to returning some new level of quality-of-life to those in the ostomy community that seek it. T... (April 23rd, 2014)
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Blog: New Bionic Sphincter/valve Designed to Eliminate the Need to Wear Collection Bags (Going Thru FDA Approval Process)

lol... (April 23rd, 2014)
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Blog: Early cancellation

Not yet, but are awaiting with abated breath. (April 23rd, 2014)
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Blog: General Chat Room

Did you get a decent reply from them. (April 23rd, 2014)
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Blog: General Chat Room

This would be an answer to my prayers. I had rectal cancer which led to over radiation of the affected area. In turn I was left with paralyzed muscles which then left me with my colostomy. If this device were to be approved it would truly help m... (April 23rd, 2014)
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Blog: New Bionic Sphincter/valve Designed to Eliminate the Need to Wear Collection Bags (Going Thru FDA Approval Process)

Thanks for the help everyone, (April 23rd, 2014)
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Blog: new at this ostomy stuff


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