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Am I the only peson who dosn't like music? I dont have any CDs or a music machine, my friends think I'm nuts ...
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A day in the life of Erik part 2 .five years late...

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Pain Medication

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Update on me

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Body Posture.

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tricia United Kingdom
Am a semi retired registered nurse with a reasonably high I.Q.. Am a keen animal lover, especially horses, Love trying to complete the London Times crossword, love blues music, fine dining and Mozart! In all honesty, have been married twice. The f...

PAINTPOT United Kingdom
Just want to talk to people who get it?

Sunandsand United States

Robbie90 Netherlands
Hi, I'm robertino im 25 years old and got Ulcerative colitis when i was 18 years old. last april i got a ileostomy. the operation didn't go as planned so after 2 weeks i needed another operation and needed to stay a month in the hospital because i a...

Melville United States
Diagnosed w/UC 2.5 years ago, had colon removed 7/2015. Waiting for second and third surgeries to crest JPouch and reverse ileostomy.

Rcw0711 United States
I've have ulcerative colitis since 1983 Have a permanent ileostomy since 2003 Like to laugh Like to travel Love good food And love to watch tv

Clarabella United Kingdom

SouthTrenton94 United States
I was in middle school when I was diagnosed with Peutz-Jeghers Syndrome (a rare genetic disorder that causes clusters of polyps in the digestive tract that can become cancerous). This past August I went through a sigmoidectomy to create a temporary...

Clover United States

AnnKlein United States

Tito United States
I would like to meet someone like me who has an ostomy and has addressed cancer in a positive manner. Someone active is definately best for me. I am a youthful guy in my fifties. I love raqueball and biking. I work our a couple of days a week. ...

rtrbigdaddy United States
Had proctocolectomy and permanent Ileostomy in July 2015. Was searching Internet for answer to a specific question, when I stumbled upon this group. I'm not sure what, if anything I'm looking to get from this group.

kathie19732 United States

Bellily United States
Greetings! I have been bagging it since 1997, due to a brush with cancer. Bagging it is not a bad life and I'd love to connect with others who see the humor and beauty in it.

JustMeAgain United States
I'll fill this out later

Rvbill United States

Benji51454 United States

radspencer77 United States
Texan transplant in Boston spending a lot of time at MGH but otherwise doing a whole lot of nothing. As far as who I'm here to talk to, honestly im just interested in speaking with people that understand how annoying these bags can be while still bei...

Superangel United States
I am on here to help others if I can. I have extra supplies and want to give to those who need

emazing United States

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  A very cranky old woman was arrested for  shoplifting at a grocery store.She gave everyone a hard time, from the store manager to the security guard to the arresting officer who took her away, complaining and criticizi... (13 hours ago)
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Topic: shoplifter
(21 hours ago)
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(21 hours ago)
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Hello. Hope everyone is doing well. I am scheduled for a reversal of my ilieostomy and I was wondering if anyone has had one and if they would mind sharing any experiences good or bad. (one day ago)
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Topic: reversal of stoma
I agree with both Mike's and Mrs. A.  If it can be ingested by mouth, it can be placed in the pouch.  Also, some of those deodorants are faulty...they make matters worse.  I know, I know...everyone is different but to stink up the... (one day ago)
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Topic: odor control
Totally agree with Veejay. Been living with Colostomy bag for 2 months now, post-op june 2015. Started Irrigating 5 days ago, at 500ml, which I've found will get me thru 24 hours without the need for a bag, I'm just using a Stoma Cap.   H... (two days ago)
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I've had 2 failed surgeries and I was now given a temporary ileostomy bag with yet another flap procedure. It's been about 10 days now, and I still feel very small pockets of air passing through.    Is there anybody who's experienced... (two days ago)
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Topic: Rectovaginal fistula
Yup to rinsing with (diluted) mouthwash Mrs.A.  Never tried the Brava stuff.  Thank you. Mike  (two days ago)
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Topic: odor control
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Hello Blessed. I am pleased to hear that you are in remission and there are no more signs of cancer. That must be a big relief! Taking the chemo pills long-term can be a pain but most people get used to it after a while. It's just another one ... (September 1st, 2015)
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Blog: update again
Thank you this is the second time. Have 3 more treatments and I will be done. They are wanting me to take chemo pills afterwards . I am not sure yet what I am doing (August 30th, 2015)
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Blog: Hi
hi BillSorry it's take me awhile to answer. The chemo has or does take a lot out of me. I usually in bed for almost 2 weeks. I go for chemo again this coming Tuesday after that will have 2 more to go. I had a PET scan done. And was told the... (August 30th, 2015)
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Blog: update again
Hello unknown. Thanks for your supportive comment on the verses - I always appreciate feedback about them. There was a time throughout most of my life that I suffered from extreme fatigue and tiredness to such an extent that I would almost colla... (August 28th, 2015)
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Great stuff, thanks.tom (August 27th, 2015)
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Blog: Body Posture.
I guess what I forgot to mention is that I had my coloscpy friend attached to the left side. Afyrr getting the infected parts out the found 2 nodes with cancer, So now I have ESRD and then to top it off a year later performed by the same surgeon... (August 27th, 2015)
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Blog: Update on me
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