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I am a 48-year-old Male
Country: United States
Interested in meeting or talking to: Anyone

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Latest Profiles

ironman58 United States
looking for someone to talk with about ostomies and such

Rtmodric United States

struggler United States
I'm not looking to meet anyone, just enjoy reading about other's advice with an ileostomy. Thank you

drmydee United Kingdom
Trying something new x

nana1 United States
I've had my ostomy for four years now.Would like to talk to other people with similar problems. I am retiring at the end of this year and don't know what I'm going to do with myself. I work in a photo lab and love the work,but it's getting too hard f...

Hamble United Kingdom
I am a recently single mum with 2 young boys. I have an ileostomy (hopefully temporary) which was fitted in August 2014 after having an anterior resection to remove a stage 4 cancerous tumour from my rectum. I am currently undergoing chemotherapy (4 ...

ashleymaxine United States
I am honestly on here just to see what this is about, I have days were i struggle with having an ileostomy and it would be nice to talk to someone who knows more about it.

Arkangeluz Mexico
I have an ileostomy ~ Originally from México, and living in Tucson, Arizona,USA since 2010. I do expect to meet friends with my conditions, hear their experiences. As you may know sometimes is hard for us to really get close to people that do not u...

MskGal Ireland

swtasugar United States

The bags collection United States
I stumble across this today and seem full of positive and encouraging nice people. I just to help with advice that I may and hopefully will get some wisdom from other. I was dx with gastroparesis which reverted in a total gastrectomy and a total C...

Kimmie70 United States
I am interested in getting back into the dating scene,. I have been divorced for 8 years it's time. I have had my ileostomy since 1998, Had a J pouch for 6 years from 92 until 98 due to UC then had complication from an unrelated surgical proced...

charlieO Canada
will fill later

energizer_b United States
I'm a coo chill person that's likes to have fun and chill , I'd just would like to have a conversation with someone that understands

wegotthis Canada
I am having a laparoscopic end colostomy and know absolutely nothing about it...I would love some help getting through this with someone who has been there done that...looking forward to getting some information...

Drew1906 United Kingdom
Hi I'm Andrew I have joined this site to hopefully meet people that have also got a similar condition, and are maybe looking for a friendship or something more. I have a illeostomy (created due to Crohn's way back in 2009) Im currently working...

Lokismum Canada
Will be having a colectomy soon and my brother, who has been through this already, referred me to this site. He is apparently a member and finds it helpful.

GreeneR United States
I find it interesting to chat with folks in similar circumstances for mutual support and advice. Just looking for friends. I have enough relationships. I have a urostomy. At one time, I had both a colostomy and urostomy but the colostomy was ...

isleofman United Kingdom
Want to talk with people who have had the same op as me and who are in the same predicament. Want to talk openly about things which are difficult to discuss with others and also make friends and have fun. Will add to this once I have experienced the...

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Positivethinkeroncrisis Italy
Hi there! I'm new to ileostomies, my surgery was on 11/14. Eager to receive all your helpful feedback and learn from your experiences! A sunny day to you all! :-)

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That's better than nil, Jenn ..  (within 1 Hour)
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Topic: Travelling

Thank you anyark, All these lovely replies are confidence builing, plus there's nearly always a joke in there that makes me smile. Jennfour (within 1 Hour)
read more
Topic: Travelling

Good morning ostralian, I have calle Dansac and they don't sell to the public, but are sending me a few samples- don't know how many that will be, but anything will be better than nothing. They are coming from Melbourne. Surgical House don't se... (within 1 Hour)
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Topic: Travelling

Marshmallows are thickening agents. Altho I've never needed it, I carry the card that the ostomy assoc. has and I have a letter from my surgeon, stating that I have an ostomy and have to carry medical supplies with me. Your bag will not explod... (within 12 hours)
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Topic: Travelling

Hi.. I have been using almost the same products that I started with 40 years ago. Now, it's not that I don't like change, because I have tried other products and I still haven't found anything else as good. Mind you, years ago I switched to... (within 12 hours)
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Topic: If it ainít broke, donít fix it

I didn't realise you are a public member, Jenny.   The WA Ostomy Assn are, as far as I know,, the only stockists in WA. I  think your best bet is to contact Dansac and see what they say.  You could phone them early since they are ... (within 24 hours)
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Topic: Travelling

Hi again, Thank you- I will try ringing Dansac tomorrow. I'm not sure they will "sell" though, but I will certainly try. My item is Dansac Nova 2 Soft Convex, 43mm, precut 18mm- ref.1443-18. My member no is Membership no. 10637 (Public). I had... (within 24 hours)
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Topic: Travelling

Hi all from GB,   I have had a total ileostomy completion in Jan 14. My first op was in Feb13. Inbetween the 2 ops i had to think if i wanted a reversal or completion (permanent ileostomy with no going back ever). It was a hard choice but... (within 24 hours)
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Topic: Ileostomy reversal

Latest Blog Comments

Hey Kakie, No problem if you don't email. But you have it now if you wish. Not going to say the obvious about eating. But you might want to add water with electrolytes in them. I drink water 24/7 and still feel light headed and watery output da... (December 18th, 2014)
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Blog: New to Group

Hello wegotthis. Welcome to the site where I feel sure you will find out quite a bit about what it entails to have the operation and manage the colostomy afterwards. I am always a bit saddened to think that the medical staff have not gone thor... (December 18th, 2014)
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Blog: wegotthis

Hi susetteo I am so sorry that you have gone thru so much , you were lucky to have such good nurses to help you thru all that . I will say that the nurses that came into look after me at home were good with the wounds i came home with and they ... (December 17th, 2014)
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Blog: New to Group

Welcome to the stoma club. (December 17th, 2014)
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Blog: hey people.

hi Zywiesorry I am sorry i never realized that i never said about your friend sending me an email so that we could chat that way.I have been dealing with some new glitches and not sure if it is to do with the colostomy or something else now but... (December 17th, 2014)
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Blog: New to Group

could be a problem with the foods he eats....i do know that norco is rough on the guts.. (November 29th, 2014)
read more
Blog: Ilestomy journey


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