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Living with an ileostomy?
Psychologists at Hull University have teamed up with the Ileostomy Association to build an Online Educational Tool designed to reduce stress and boost happiness in people living with ileostomies.

If you would like to take part in a study testing this tool and potentially lifting your happiness levels, please contact: J.Spiers@Hull.ac.uk
Stomaplex - ostomy belts and stoma guards
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I am back

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We were warned of a "Winter Storm" to beat all bef...

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Ain't Life Grand...???

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R.I.P "Blacksmith"

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Rxthreesum Australia
Looking for someone to chat to iv had crhons since I was 10 just like to get to no someone elce with crhons .i don't have a osteo bag. I have been heathy for a few years now but I feel I need to get to no someone elc with this condition and maby h...

Knights1986 United States
Hi, my name is Thomas Bray. I had an ileostomy on October 31st, 2014. I'm looking for a lady who I could spend some time with and if nothing else, have fun with. Someone who will understand what I've been through and we can both be there for each ot...

gartmorehouse12 United Kingdom
I like rambling a lot am member of ramblers assn and walk with my local group a lot.Also go on holiday a lot mostly in Europe and UK.Am looking for someone who has similar interests in travelling and walking and having fun. I have had an llleostomy...

ekb United Kingdom

FreddieL United Kingdom
I'm an outgoing person by nature and enjoy the company of others, swapping stories and hearing about different experiences. I'm looking for friendship initially, but see this as an open book, so I don't have any fixed ideas. I have various intere...

ktjsouth United States
Hi! I earned an ileostomy after a bowel perforation in September 2014. I'm still getting used to the world of ostomies and I'd love to meet people who are walking along a similar path. My support group is a fantastic resource but I'm the youngest pe...

socks United Kingdom
I am an easy going chatty, quite confident kind of person, love to laugh and have fun, Would like to make new friends, Maybe more who knows. Also would like to find out how others feel about living with a colostomy.

GuiGuix3 United Kingdom
I've recently had a section of my bowel removed and been given a temporary ileostomy, just 2 months after beign diagnosed with Crohns. looking to meet people of a similar age who've been through similar things, as I've never really met many people w...

bobby111 Canada
Full Member

mariner## United Kingdom
Male, retired engineer,worked in the theater and T.v industry. Just become an ostomate (urostomy) Was wondering how people get on when they traveled or cruised. Do they have any problems. with other people or facilities? It's a new regime for me, a...

Slap Shot United States
I'm from Norther Virginia and had grown up there, also spending 4 years in Boston for School. I had been living in the Minneapolis - St. Paul, MN are since 2010 to July of this year. I got my Ostomy in 2009 and I really didn't fully recover and ge...

hootiekai United States
Will be happy to fill this section in at a later time.

daytondude United States
Would like to hear from others and how their lives have changed.

hstpat55 United States
I just want ostomy test to ask questions and see their hints in ostomy care

Twistedtexan United States
Full Member
I'm recently divorced. I have two schnauzers who are my best friends. I love riding my motorcycles and playing golf. I've never known, that I know of, another ostomate. I don't know what to expect from this site. I guess I'll just see. I'll upload p...

PandaGirl United States
I am brand new ostomate as of Feb.9,2015. I joined the site to get information from other people that has had experience with their ostomy, I am willing to receive all the information that I can get from anyone that I talk to on the site. I did not...

cinamingrl United States
Hello, I'm still learning bout living with an Ostomy pouch. Am six monyhs post Cancer treatment. Good news is after all tests an procedures, am cancer free. I also have Crohn's, and currently being told no reversal option. I'm petite, and like wesri...

Cjcatz United States
I am looking for well adjusted ostomates to discuss new products, medical and research milestones and everyday success with. Hopefully I can find unbiased aqaintance/friendship. I love Dogs, like to cook and bake, as well as many different forms o...

Gardening4Life United States
I have a rare disease that affects 1 in a million people called f.a.p. 15-20% of people with f.a.p develop rare tumors called intra - abdominal desmoid tumors, it's now said that I have Gardeners Syndrome. Due to these tumors I have had multiple surg...

Chas Australia
Scheduled for Urostomy because of urinary retention following prostate surgery and radiation.

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Hi all... :) Is it just me or.. as you get older with an ostomy.. you think more about maybe hoping to find someone else that has an ostomy too>?  Lets face it dating is hard enough.. but..maybe some of us are missing the boat by sayin... (within 24 hours)
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Topic: Dating
I'm so glad you get to laugh at this goofy stuff I post. I get most of it from friends, ex co-workers and family. Keep your chin up!!  (within 2 days)
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Topic: THE BIKER!!
Hi Marsha and Clark,  I want to thank you for sharing your medical journeys and the aftermath of treatment with all of us.  I had UC several years ago and the end result was my stoma.  Although all the docs said side effects ... (within 2 days)
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Topic: THE BIKER!!
Have you ever wondered who first uttered the phrase:  "You Gotta Be Shittin' Me?"     Well, it just so happens to have originated through the Father of Our country, way back when George Washington was crossing the Delawa... (within 2 days)
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Topic: history of the phrase "you gotta be shi**in m...
Thanks for the jokes...this is a funny one:)  Have a nice Tuesday.  LH (within 2 days)
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Topic: Cute one here!!
A Woman goes to the local newspaper office to see that the Obituary for her recently deceased husband is published.The Editor informs her that there is a charge of 50 cents per word.She pauses, reflects, and then she says, "Well then, ... (within 3 days)
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Topic: Cute one here!!
mike, you have brought up a very good point. a little conflict, in government, business or even here on meet an ostomate is a good thing. it seperates the "problem solvers" from the "problem makers" . generates discussion and thought and it dr... (within 3 days)
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Topic: forum gone??
HI what did u have a urostomy for.i have ic and am considering getting bladder remoal but scared it doesnt take my pain aay (within 3 days)
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Topic: Qualifying as a person with a disability
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dont know how everyone's going besides my everyday chats on my fb Im in touch with a few on here :) (March 5th, 2015)
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Blog: I am back
good to hear blessed. myself i have been struggling with adhesions but i dont want to relent to surgery for correction (February 27th, 2015)
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Blog: I am back
OHHH DEBBZ tyat was so beautiful from a beautiful soul to another and i remember him i can get confused at times your such a great friend debbie please take care of you now your a great woman proud to have gotten to know you after these years I ... (February 27th, 2015)
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Blog: R.I.P "Blacksmith"
Prime you sure do say the right words well said John and to BEG im glad it was you to come n tell us of another of our friends have past i did think it was someone else but I remember this name Bless to all his family from Australia sending peac... (February 27th, 2015)
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Blog: R.I.P "Blacksmith"
ahhhhhhhhh thats my good mate here making sure your all safe n sound isnt she awesome :) so remeber to keep warm and make sure u have the things you need ....As in summer almost ending i will bet to the beach asap and cool down :) (February 27th, 2015)
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Blog: We were warned of a "Winter Storm" to beat all before
well heya and Im glad u r healthy an happy (February 27th, 2015)
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Blog: I am back
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