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Living with an ileostomy?
Psychologists at Hull University have teamed up with the Ileostomy Association to build an Online Educational Tool designed to reduce stress and boost happiness in people living with ileostomies.

If you would like to take part in a study testing this tool and potentially lifting your happiness levels, please contact: J.Spiers@Hull.ac.uk
Stomaplex - ostomy belts and stoma guards
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Sorry it's been so long!!!

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Reverse Colostomy

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Thanks for replying, Chris! You brought up some great points that I didn't really think about... Perhaps holding back until we meet is a much better idea!    I have found this week that the various guys that I have been texting with ... (within 12 hours)
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Topic: Sexual over-compensation?
hot tubbing ..u tube......with an ostomy   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SJrzQYj-qN4 (within 24 hours)
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hi livinnandlaernin, maybe ive missed it somewhere through this thread but have you been to your resort yet and how did it go.im in a similar situation, i got away with it last summer through my stoma being new but weve booked for the summer and... (within 24 hours)
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I had my ileostomy when I was only 22. I got sick in August 94 and spent the next 4 months in an out of hospital having tests and scans but they couldnt figure out what was wrong with me. They wanted to do an exploratory surgery but I was d... (within 24 hours)
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Topic: 18-30 Chat
Hi Sam, How are you traveling, boat, plane, bus, a camper perhaps? I don't think it's impossible with some good planning. Maybe start off with short trips and see how that goes first. (within 2 days)
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Topic: Traveling
 Mine doesn't look like that at all.Oh, I guess that is a good thing, wouldn't mind meeting the owner....  

(within 2 days)
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Topic: perspective
Hey Horselover, I did the same swith from Just a Drop to Poo Pouri.  I am satisfied with the product for now.  I have also used Air to the Throne and find it satisfactory. (within 2 days)
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Topic: Embarrassing toilets.
I'm bi. My wife knows I'm bi. It isn't a huge factor in my life, considering I have kids and grandkids, a stressful job, etc... An ostomy pouch plays into the lifestyle somewhat but not a huge amount. (within 2 days)
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Topic: Alt Bi Lifestyle

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But it seems the earlier comment disappeared. (March 27th, 2015)
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Blog: Perspective
I commented that mine doesn't look anything like this.....Oh, maybe that is a good thing, wouldn't mind meeting the owner, lol (March 27th, 2015)
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Blog: Perspective
I love this and is what I use as a positive, when all said and done although our way is different, its cleaner and much easier to manage than the average smelly arse. (March 27th, 2015)
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Blog: Perspective
Bev,This is truly not good news, but it's not the end. You have been fighting the good fight for some time and you must keep on fighting. I know I am not in your shoes and things are very hard both emotionally as well as physically, but just thi... (March 26th, 2015)
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Blog: Not Good News
So sorry to hear this. My mom had cancer last year, and is cancer free now. She had chemo and radiation. I will say a prayer for you. Heidi (March 26th, 2015)
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Blog: Not Good News
Hi Peping, I hope all went well. Best wishes to you and yours. Bev (March 26th, 2015)
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Blog: Reverse Colostomy
Ostomy family reunion

Hi. Please join Zeppo, Mooz and me in the General Chat Room this Thursday (2/26) at 9PM (EST). We hope to see many of our friends again who were once active in the room and catch up on what's new in their lives. We also want to welcome any and all newcomers to Ostomy Chat. Mark your calendars!


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Ostomy patient with own blog

Hello to you
I am a man of 32 years who had my colon removed two years ago. I have since had an ileostomy and I have decided to make a blog, www.theostomyblog.com where I write about living with a stoma. I hope you will read with, and you are very welcome to post a comment on the various blog posts.

have a nice day



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Ostomy reversal lil over year ago

Hello,11 yrs ago I had surgery and ended up with ostomy and got it reversed a yr later.Few days later it put me back in surgery and ended up with large intestine ostomy.I had it for 10 yrs till lastyear on my birthday had it reversed.It has been a lil over a year and still can\'t eat alot of foods.It has made me sick for months and has made me lose alot of weight. Is there anybody having the same problem? I don\'t have any insurance anymore, so I can\'t talk to adoctor at this time.< >

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New ostomy, flat surface, leakage everyday help please

Hello, I got a Colostomy on June 30,2014 as I had obstructed colon probably caused by radiation I had from my Anal Cancer. I had many issues with it, leaking etc..and my skin became raw as could be. I had a Second Operation the week of Thanksgiving. The surgeon made my stoma larger and raised what he could however I'm still having leakage problems on the bottom area. Because of this, my skin around it is totally raw once again. I have to change  my device everyday at least one time ...

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Where's the best place for an ostomy?

I had complications durring my first surgery and my stoma was placed higher above my midline. Now that I know a reversal isn't possible, I'm considering having it moved lower. So my question is: where, in your opinion, is the best/most comfortable place to have your ostomy placed? Above the belt? Below the belt? Center? Right?

Any advice or imput would be awesom. Thanks.

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Ostomy bag and tight clothing?

Hello all,

I have just had my op, I'm three weeks into my recovery and doing quite well by all accounts. There's just a few things I am a bit worried about, if any body could help it would be greatly appreciated.

First off before my op I was told I would be fine wearing tight clothing but now I've had it a few week I just can't see how I'm going to be able to fit the type of clothing I like to wear. I am a bit of a mod, which involves nice slim clothing but because the bag bal...

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New ostomy design-student looking for feedback

Hello everyone,

My name is Kai and I'm a design student at Pratt Institute, NY. I recently designed an ostomy bag in my medical design class and I really would like some feedback from real users. Since my research mostly came from online articles, the design is definitely not perfect and any suggestions/critism are welcomed. Hopefully I can get the product tested with some users if possible.

You can check out my project here: Views: 1688 Replies: 8

Ostomy supplies

help!!!!  i recently had to change hmo"s and am now having to pay for some of my supplies.  i am unemployed and cannot afford to added  expense.. any suggestions would help

         ;        & nbsp;       &nb sp;         ;        & nbsp;       &nb sp;&...

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Ostomy leak

Hi there

I am new to this. Have a question about flange to skin. I have been leaking at night like crazy. it pulls off in the middle of night no matter what i do, paset or no paste. any tips? im concerned my stoma doesnt come out far enough to clear the hole when i sleep. anyone else suffer this?

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Extra ostomy supplies

There is a wonderful organization called "Friends of Ostomates Worldwide" (FOW for short) that collects ostomy supplies that you no longer have a use for.  They send them to third world countries, particularly Africa, where women are raped with objects that end up requiring a colostomy. FOW will even send you a receipt for tax purposes.  If possible, send items in original packaging, so they can immediately identify them.   Their address is:  FOW-USA  &...

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Ostomy information and help is available.....

Here in the USA, there's an National organization consisting of numerous Local Associated Support Groups, (ASG) and a Virtual Support Group.  The Name is 'The United Ostomy Association of America', and they have a internet web site simply called Ostomy, followed by a dot org.  Here in St. Louis, our ASG meets at St. Luke's Hospital, Just north of Maryville University Campus.  We meet at 7:00 PM on the first Monday of most every month.  Next meeting is Monday, Nov. 03. ...

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Name change for united ostomy association of canada

As you may know, the United Ostomy Association of Canada Inc. recently changed its name to Ostomy Canada Society Inc. (And in French it is Société Canadienne des Personnes Stomisées).

We are gradually transitioning over to the new name and we wanted to let you know that we’ve now uploaded our new logo and tagline onto our website. Here’s a link so you can see for yourself:  http://www.osto mycanada.ca


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The ostomy dating book

I have seen ads for the ostomy book that is all about dating and intimacy.  Yet I can't find it to buy anywhere.  Does anyone have a copy they might be willing to part with?  i would send it back when I am finished but I would really love to read it because I am just not having any luck with the dating area and could use all the help and advice I can get.


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Totally recessed ostomy

I have a totally recessed ostomy...the 4th stoma in 7 years and I am having it redone yet again.   I can't even get the appliance wet or i have to change it.  Does anyone have that problem?  I used to subscribe to Pheonix magazine and I though I saw an ad for these shower pants you can wear in the shower that makes the appliance area clean.  Has anyone seen them?  Does anyone have a problem ostomy like mine?

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Home made ostomy belt

I was recently asked about my homemade ostomy belt, (see pictures on my Profile). I wonder if it might be of use by others.< >The belt I bought at "Princess Auto" a man's store, INdusttrial and general tools, the belt made by "ALTUS" is 4" wide with rope inside the webbing top and bottom. I cut a hole in the webbing leaving the rope. Because the webbing is somewhat rough I covered it with t-shirt material and medical tape. At first I had added a ring made from a coat hanger around the o...

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5k race in durham nc on saturday 10/4/14 - ostomy

Hello, there is a race to bring awareness to Ostomies. It's call "Wanna Wear One", and is this Saturday. Wanting to know if anyone from the Atlanta area will be going. I am thinking about it.

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Hate the ostomy!

I need help.  I recently had emergency surgery because my bowels perforated and now have a colostomy.  My home health nurses ordered my supplies and I think the wafer is the wrong size.  The nurses showed me and my husband how to change the wafer.  Well, when I poop I would get a burning sensation then it would itch really bad.  My husband changed the wafer and there was poop all over my skin around the wafer area. My husband pulled out the directions and found a circ...

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Ostomy reversal ( rectum removed)


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I was told by a dr that if i don't have an ostomy, i will di

die.  I have Crohn's disease for 44 years and have been on and off prednisonnne. I have COPD, DIABETES, HEART TROUBLE, SKIN CA. ETC.  The doctors don't know what to do with me anymore. Can anyone walk me through the steps of aan ostomy. I had one sub-total colectomy which was supposed to buy me 2-3 years of good health. The surgery made me worse. I know it's alot to ask and I don't know where to start but I guess I really need to read up on it as my disease is getting worse and the ...

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Canada ostomy day

Are any members here participating in Canada Ostomy Day on October 4, 2014?



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Bcir ostomy product supplier

Does anyone have the information for an Ostomy Supplier that has BCIR supplies. I have been looking for a FR 30 Foley Continent Ileo cathater replacement and the places I usually order from have stopped carrying them.

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Ostomy reversal post op

I must be one of the lucky ones , I had my surgery June 30, Home from Hospital 3 days later no complications. Back at work 14 days later . I was scared going into the reversal surgery, With all the bad experiences posted on this site. My thoughts are if you have the option to have reversale surgery you should go for it . Best thing I have done!

Now if I can go 6 months for follow up test with positive results . I will be a real CANCER SURVIOR .

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Obtaining ostomy bags abroad

Hi all, has anybody had experiences, either good or bad, in obtaining ostomy bags when travelling abroad. I have heard you can take your own supply for a short period, but what about if somebody is staying abroad for longer periods, or even thinking of permanently relocating. Is it a case of contacting the foreign health authority to see if bags can be obtained on prescription, or bought, etc. Has any body had any issues with deliveries. Also, if some one has a permanent ostomy bag, is t...

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Belching and gas in my ostomy bag

I am experiencing large gas buildups in my bag along with large mouth belches.

This is new to me after 8 yrs running fine.

I have been eatingl ettuce salads and celery.  Is this the cause ?  Other than that I am on the same old food following the diet rules.

Anyone have an opinion or suggestion?


Thank you

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Ostomy surgery questions

My 11 year old daughter has been suffering from gastrointestinal issues for several years now, and recently went in for another test. From the results of this test, the doctor came out and told me that he wanted her to be admitted into the hospital to clean out her system, do a test that would show the contractions of her intestines,  and also do a surgery that would be an ostomy that would place a button on her belly button so that she could push it and it would clean her system everyda...

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Best new ostomy products!!

Safe n Simple Conforming Adhesive Seals: This is a new product that looks and feels just like Eakin or Adapt rings and are used in the same way. They look like regular rings, but they perform differently.  The Safe n Simple Conforming Seals absorb moisture and actually "conform" to the stoma (like a turtle-necking effect), which prevents leaks onto my skin and increases my wear time. I can go 7 days without changing out my flange since I started using them. *Two thumbs up*

Sure S...

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Hilarious ostomy fails

So, sometimes with the challenges that an ostomy brings we forget to do one really important thing - laugh about it.  So I want to hear some funny ostomy fails!  Here's some of mine:


1.  I have a two piece appliance, and here I am in the bathroom AT WORK with of course multiple stalls.  I have to pee BAD and can barely hold it (I've had three kids, what do you want?  LOL).  I rip my pants down before I wet myself and the tail clip gets caug...

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Ostomy supplies in israel

I am travelling to Israel at the beginning of June.

Where can I get ostomy supplies if I have an emergency?



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Barbie butt clothes to wear after a permanent ostomy

what is Barbie butt and can you explain this too me I am having a permanent bag put on also have a fistula. also any advice on clothes to wear that are comfortable and not visible of the bag also can I lay in the pool safely

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Ostomy pouches etc.

Hello all,   from New Zealand.
I'm probably a long way from most of you.  But I love this web site and you have all helped me so much with your great hints and ideas.  Though the  problems are the same here as the rest of the world it seems.
I was wondering if anyone uses the pouch I do. "Eakin Pelican Convex Drainable".  It's a 1 piece.  I have had a permanent  colostomy for 5 years.  And I thought...

Views: 2035 Replies: 11

Ostomy deodrant

Just thought I would add what I found to be useful. Someone suggested tic tac for the pouch deodrants, I personaly do not like the over the counter products,but tic tac are not strong enough. What I found to be good is ---extra strong Fisherman's friend--, not expensive and works good. Just wanted to pass that on.

Views: 580 Replies: 0

Ostomy products in canadaa

Hi everyone. If anyone in Canada is looking for ostomy products please try Helping Hands. They are in our classifieds. They have got me up and running, dealt with my insurance company. I dont have to do a thing! They are delivering right to my door and deal with all companies. Im even getting new products from USA not available in canada yet. If u need any help please check them out. I feel like I can relax a little now. I actually feel happy for the first time in a while!! If you cant find ther...

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Ostomy belt advice

hi all, ive been reading through this sites many useful posts and im still unclear as to the use, pro's and con's of the ostomy belt.

ive been to many websites and there are dozens to choose from, Ive been nearly six weeks post op for my stoma and am starting to get out more and with a view to returning to work in a month or so.  the advice given is helpful but as an osto 'noob' im still unclear as to the benefits of using a belt.
my care nurse never mentioned anything to...

Views: 3145 Replies: 16

Ostomy website

uncoverostomy.org a website created by a young woman to rid the stigma of being an ostomate.
You might check it out. She also has a facebook page.

Views: 828 Replies: 2

Ostomy reversal

just had it a week ago and still on low residue diet  .  is it ok to get gas cramping

Views: 1305 Replies: 4

Ostomy site scam alert

Just a heads up guys.......I'm sure some of you have caught on already and are hopefully warning others, but just in case

  BEWARE....Looks like "glorylunama4u" is a fraud and sending the same email to every man on this site!!!!!!   DON'T BE SCAMMED MY FRIENDS......so sad there are such scum in the world.......      &n bsp;  &...

Views: 6813 Replies: 34

Ostomy reversal

I had my colostomy five months ago. My doc says now is time for the reversal surgery but I'm more than a bit worried. I'm 72, 25 pound overweight but otherwise in good health. Surgery itself scares me but I'm mostly concerned about post surgery. I keep reading about loss of control, leakage, mad dashes to the toilet, diaper pads etc.. Maybe I'm better off with the bag?
Advice, suggestions, experiences  needed so I can make an informed decision.  Thanks heaps!

Views: 921 Replies: 1


I had an ileostomy 2 months ago. The surgeon did an ileal conduit, using a section of ilea for a conduit from the ureters to the stoma. My question is this: After 78 years of carrying poop, this piece of Ilea is now carrying urine. How can it adapt from the chemistry of the poop to the chemistry of the urine?

Views: 973 Replies: 4

Ostomy products questions

I read about this product by 3M "Cavilon" No Sting Barrier Film. I've had my ileostomy since 1990, due to uncontrollable ulcerative colitis. When changing my wafer, I have used Bard Protective Barrier Film, but have had a problem with leakage and having to change the wafer every 2 days, instead of every 7 days. This has only been going on for the past year. What I did like about the Bard product is that it left the skin sticky, when dry, so better for the wafer to adhere to.  ...

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Free ostomy supplies

i recently had a hernia repair and had to switch products. in the search for something that would work post-op i got quite a few samples from several makers. i ended up with quite a bit of mixed supplies that i no longer need. if anyone wants them i`ll ship them to you free {usa only please}. would prefer to give them to someone on here . just send me your contact info and i`ll send them to you. if you cant use them, then you can pass them to someone who possibly can.

Views: 931 Replies: 1

Alcohol / beer bad for someone waiting for ostomy reversal?

Hello all this is my first post here, i am 25 years old, when i was 23, i was robbed and shot point blank in the stomach, i woke up with 37 staples and a colostomy bag, i was initially promised a reversal 4 months after my stomach wound healed up, the doctor lied to me so many times i really dont wanna go into it

i have taken all tests required to do a colostomy reversal and i am good to go, besides the fact i no longer have insurance, and the minimum they want to start is $27,000 Cash ...

Views: 2815 Replies: 8

Greetings - advice sought on upcoming ostomy reversal

Greetings all.  I stumbled across this web site last night and would really appreciate any advice from the community here on a potential upcoming ostomy reversal.  This is my first post here and I apologize in advance for the length.

I’m ~6 weeks out of the hospital from emergency surgery that involved: removal of a (non-cancerous as it turns ou...

Views: 3328 Replies: 12

Shoulder surgery with ostomy

I am having major shoulder surgery in a few weeks. I have had a continent ostomy for over 30 years. and besides the obvious stress about the surgery, pain, not being able to move or work, I am very concerned about handling my ostomy. It requires two hands to intubate and irrigate and the doctor does not want me moving anything other than my wrist. I have yet to figure out how I am going to manage that! No one in the medical community where I live has any e...

Views: 1606 Replies: 6

Ostomy, reversal to permanent ostomy!

Hi, I had my lg intestine removed in Feb. of 2013 was given an ileostomy in May it was reversed. I had major problems with the reversal, it should have never been reversed and I think my surgeon knew that. Now I am headed back for a permanent ileostomy Jan. 22, 2014. Never thought I would be relieved to have my ostomy back again, I have been through six months of torture!

Views: 2343 Replies: 10

Wright & filippis will only supply ostomy products thru

I heard today when I ordered my supplies that Wright & Filippis will discontinue with ostomy supplies at the end of December 2013.  They will be directing all their customers to Edge Park.  Does anyone have any feed back with dealing with Edge Park for ostomy supplies?  Thanks.  Penguins7

Views: 3610 Replies: 18

A great ostomy supplies site

I just wanted to pass along a site that I frequent a lot for my ostomy supplies.  They have a large selection and low prices.  Not the slickest web site though.  I would like others to share sites that they know of too.  I am finding that more often my insurance does not cover the supplies I want to try.  Thank you.


Views: 1357 Replies: 5

Needing help with ostomy supplies

Hi, I was wondering if anyone knows of any organizations that might help ostomates get ostomy supplies? I have three ostomies that i need bags for (1) is for my ilieostomy (2) is for where the doctors tried to put a j-tube for feeding me in 2002 but they didn't make the tract long enough and the hole drains a liquid substance that has a horrible stinge so I have to wear an ostomy bag over it to catch the drainage and (3) is where the doctors had a j-tube for feeding me and they pulled the tube o...

Views: 972 Replies: 1

Dating with an ostomy stories

If you've been on the dating scene since undergoing your ostomy surgery, what kind of dating experiences have you had when you told a prospective romantic partner about your ostomy? How and when did you choose to disclose? What was their reaction and how did it affect you?

I think it would be interesting and helpful to have a dedicated thread for real life dating with an ostomy stories. If it's positive it gives others hope and inspiration, if it's negative we can encourage and uplift e...

Views: 3588 Replies: 8

Dating with an ostomy stories

If you're single with a bag or were single with a bag (but now paired, partnered, or married) what kind of dating experiences did you have when told a prospective romantic partner about your ostomy? How and when did you choose to disclose?

Let's get some interesting reading and discussions going about dating with an ostomy. Please chime in with your story!

Views: 1436 Replies: 4

Young gay guy with ostomy scared of future

I am 28 and gay with an ostomy bag. I feel like the only one, even though I know there must be others, I don't know any. I am concerned that I won't be able to find anyone who will date me because I have a bag. The possibility of ending up alone scares and depresses me. I truly want a partner and family one day and I just feel that people may discount what I have to offer simply because of my ostomy bag.

Views: 8331 Replies: 34

Tattoos near my ostomy

     HI all, triesd to post this in the forum but for some reason I could just not get it to work!<


    & nbsp;Im quite keen to get a tattoo incorporating my scar. The problem i have is that its right near the edge of the bag, only about a couple of centimeteres space. Was wondering if anyone had any ideas on what I could have done? And if youve got pics from because you have one then I would love to see them! Thanks<


Views: 3243 Replies: 8

Ostomy reversal question

I was asked by my colo-rectal surgeon if I would like to consider a reversal?? Think about it, he said.
I have a cecostomy for more than 6 years now and still open the other end. I have 3 ventral hernia repairs in my belly and one at the sygmoid area. All repaired with mesh.

20 some years ago my colon perforated because no one was able to diagnose that I had diverticulitis  and I...

Views: 1828 Replies: 4

New unused hollister ostomy supplies - $375


Views: 1717 Replies: 3

Exercise and your ostomy

Is this lack of energy part of Crohns and IBD diseases? even when i know the benefits of exercise.

I was feeling non-energetic this morning and my plan was/is to ride my BMX to the local shopping plaza. I also find during exercise when i've taken a break, when i'm about to start again i feel really non-energetic, then i'm ok once i get going.

Mentally, i'm ready to exercise, i want to exercise, i really love getting out there. I think extreme sports are the best. I am concer...

Views: 4446 Replies: 20

Ostomy questions


     I am 225 lb  51 year old female with an ostomey    my doctor will not do the surgery unless i loose 25 lbs.  did anyone else have to lose weight before they got the reveral.  my doctor is dead set against it because of complications and he said if i lose the weight he can do it laproscopicaly  <


&nbs p;    its going on a year in sept....

Views: 2070 Replies: 10

Thankfull to the community and ostomy reversal

I want to thank everyone in this page; my journey into the ostomy world was made a lot easier by those writing here. I am sure you know, but I want to really say thanks. I can say most of what has been making my life easier was learn on this site. I hope someone will find this story helpful
I had an obstruction april2012 and after a month of struggling and 20 pounds less l...

Views: 1574 Replies: 2

Ostomy belt

I had a illiostomy and am going on my 6th week after surgery.  Can I wear the ostomy belt now?

Views: 1022 Replies: 1

Ostomy supplies

I am losing my insurance coverage at the end of the month and am looking for ostomy supplies.  I have a colostomy and have no source of income so am looking for cheap or free supplies.  If anyone has any ideas please let me know.  Thank you.

Views: 2424 Replies: 10

Hi new to the ostomy world

Hi I'm getting an ileostomy done on the 29th are there any tips or advise u guys can give me

Views: 2751 Replies: 12

Socializing your ostomy bag

I have had an ostomy bag since last October and one of the things that really bothers me is when I go to someone's house for dinner or a get together with other people.  When the need comes to "burp" the bag I get extremely stressed out as I don't want to smell up their bathroom.  I have the Hollister two-piece system with the filter (which I don't think too much of either and usually put tape over it), and it also makes a lot of crinkly noise....embarrasing! Does a...

Views: 4563 Replies: 14

Making a flat ostomy wafer into a convex wafer

Help!  How can I make a flat wafer into a convex wafer?  I have tried to build it up, but then my stoma does not protrude enough an it leaks under the wafer.  Results, red, blistered skin!  Thanks!

Views: 1739 Replies: 4

Ostomy men in north bay

Hi, I'm very interested in meeting and dating a good man who lives in North Bay, Ontario.  I am so very new at dating.  I promise I am not at all boring.  I love to cook, and I love food, I even know how to clean fish. I've heard that this is important to men in the north.  I am a smoker (of cigarettes). Views: 1019 Replies: 0

Problems with new ostomy appearance and smell

I had a sigmoid colostomy 2 weeks ago and am having constant problems with appearance and smell.

I have a small diaphragm so they were forced to place the stoma right next to the belly button. To offset the increased risk of hernia in this location they brought it out a full 1.5". Of course sex is impossible because the stoma would be in the way and I can't use my abs. But the main problem from location is that whenever I go out there's a giant point in my shirt, and everyone stare...

Views: 4845 Replies: 15

Ostomy reversal - hartmanns procedure

I have bee rubbish on here - only made a few posts and then vanished to 'normal' life but I think that's a good thing.  I am a 33 year old professional single mum of one and I coped pretty well I think with having a stoma for 2 years.  I have just had my final appointment with the nurse (for dressing checking) four weeks after my reversal surgery.  

I'd be happy to chat with anyone who's recently 'gained' a stoma and wants to talk to someone who's been in t...

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Ostomy area swelling

I've had my ileostomy for 3 months now and yesterday when I was getting my wound care done they noticed I had swelling about 2 inches to the left of my ostomy site on my abdomen. I'm wondering if this is anything to be concerned over?? It's a little tender but don't throb or anything like that.. I have a lot of abdominal pain but that's from my surgeries. I don't see my doctor till next Monday and not sure if I Need to call in and report this....Anyone else have a problem like this??  ...

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Trying to deal with a new ostomy

I got diagnosed with a very tiny spot of cancer in my low colon in early march. Had surgery two weeks later. I begged the doctors no bag please!! I can't deal with it. I already have enough on my shoulders without the headaches of a total life change so to speak..they said they will do their best no promises or guarantee not to get one..I prayed so hard for days for God to not let me have one..but after ten and a half hours of surgery I found myself with a colostomy. I was so upset. Well, severa...

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Ostomy plugs

Does anyone know of a vendor other than Coloplast that makes stoma plugs? Apparently Coloplast has discontinued the making of them. I've heard good things, but not many seem to even know about them.

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Successful ostomy reversal

I am almost 3 weeks since reversal date and all has gone well.  Haven't needed pain meds for 3 days now and am sleeping on my sides again so all that is big progress for me.  The large gaping hole where my stoma was is closing up more each day.  I have times where I am running to the bathroom to get there on time, but not always.  I mostly feel in control but am comforted by being able to have a restroom nearby available.  There are days I go sev...

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Ostomy in the pool

well i have an ostomy pouch since october of 2012 the doctor told me in order to do the reversal i would have to lose almost 25lbs which is very very hard with holidays and life   anyway now we are approaching summer and i still have it   i am scared to put a bathing suit on and how do i go in the water  i have a pool and not haveing it get loose  and having fecis all in pool  never mind being embarrassed.  idk what to do  &nb...

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Ostomy reversed

Well I had my reversal surgery on the 17th. Got out of the hospital this past friday. I am happy it is over, but nervous the diverticulitis will come back. Good luck to everyone with ostomys and without we should wear our scars proudly.

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How do you bring up an ostomy?

I have a date this weekend and am not sure how to bring up the subject of my ostomy.  I don't think anything is going to happen, but it was a fairly important event in my life....and something that I should probably tell her about.

I'm not secretive about it and not ashamed of it by any means...but I also tend to be a little flippant..."oh yeah, four years ago i almost died.  Spent a month in the hospital...I'm better now though.  Well, mostly. &n...

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Blockages and pain after ostomy

Its my 3rd week after my Ileostomy and I'm experiencing stabbing pain around my stoma and I'm currently experiencing my third blockage. For my ileostomy they took out my entire colon, which gave the small intestine room to move around and get itself knotted while doing so. Is there anyone who can help give advice or provide answers to how i can prevent this from happening?

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Wilderness camping with an ostomy

This is for the outdoorsy ostomates - anyone have any good wilderness camping tips or kayak tips to share with me?  I just got an ileostomy 6 months ago, and before surgery I went on kayak trips and went tenting deep in the woods for days at a time - no bathrooms, no electricity.  I don't intend to let having a stoma curb any of these activities, but I want to be prepared and hear a little from an ostomate who's ALREADY done this stuff.  So, any advice for me? ...

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Ostomy problem during warm weather and exercise

does anyone have problems with the adhesive holding ostomy appliance secure when outside "playing " in the garden,esp on a warm day..Mine tends to spring a leak when I do much bending.Don't know if it's location of ostomy(ileostomy) which is barely below waist line or adhesive not being strong enough to hold stress of exercise...Spring is finally getting here and I love being outside playing in...

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Open wounds next to the ostomy

Has anyone ever experienced random open wounds next to your ostomy and so, how did you treat the wounds?

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Ostomy belts that clip onto pouch

I have been wearing the ostomy belt since my surgery in October 2012 pretty much 24/7.  Then I was thinking is it really helping?  Any advice on the belt would be appreciated.  Thanks.  Penguin s7

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Ostomy supplies

Does anyone know of a discount medical supply house that accepts assignment from Medicare without paying a deductible? Since I only have Medicare & am on a Medicaid spend down I have to pay about $40.00 a month for my supplies. Presently I am dealing with Sterling Medical Supply. I have a Urostomy & colostomy, so I need both bags, very expensive.

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Love after an ostomy !

For those of you still looking for love after your Ostomy ....don't give up! One day when you least expect it there will be a message in your inbox....always remember that when your not looking life has a brilliant way of surprising you with someone in your life you have so much in common with and either your make a great new friend or you will find the person you were always looking for ! I for one thank God I found this website ........I was in a low place when I first started and now I've nev...

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Pain after my apr and permanent ostomy please help

On the 1st of march I had to have a permanent colostomy with and APR due to rectum cancer.
Since then I have had so much pain in my anus/tailbone area. I can only seem to stand and sit for about 20 min at a time before I have to lay down because of the pain. The other thing is I also seem to have pain in my man jewels...sorry for that but I need the help. Is this normal and when should I be getting past this pain. Everything else seem to be healing up well it's just that ole butt that hurts....

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Mediawiki for ibd/ostomy

I loved all the tips I found on this site and I'm currently developing a website that will have a mediawiki for all those tips and mini lessons on medical literacy and understanding IBD for those newcomers and experienced patients who suffer from IBD.  If I can prevent just a few people from experiencing some of the worst care, pain and emotional stress I went through during my illness than it will be worth all the work.

Any other suggestions, or topics that may help ostomates...

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Ostomy too low for me to see


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New ostomy (need help!!!)

I have a fistula that my surgeon is trying to allow to heal from the inside out and so I have a small open wound (fistula) on my stomach that I bandage and tend to daily... because of this fistulas history of dumping bile into my body cavity and basically killing me once... my surgeon didn't want to put me back on TPN but rather give the bowels a break/rest and so he gave me an ostomy/stoma.

This happened in November 2012 and I have had hardly one single day of real rest and relaxation...

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Ostomy belts

Hi my fellow ostomates! I hope I find you all well! Does anyone of you used any of the belts like an ostomybagholder or stealthbelt?  Consider buying one of these belts to cover better my bag and for more security from leakages but I can't choose which of this belts will really do the best job.
So if someone uses one of this belts please let me give a helping.

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Ostomy products

I lost my supplier recently and now I am having trouble finding a new supplier of ostomy products...pouches, paste, tape and wipes. Will some of you Indiana ostomates let me know where you get your supplies...thank you so much...

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Canadian ostomy products!

Canadians ....
Has anyone every used a online company for there medical supplies? How do the prices compare to a shoppers home health center with 20% off and shoppers points!  If so what online company do you use? Thanks

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Need the website for ostomy supplies/people paying cash

Hi, I had seen some one post a while back a website for ostomy supplies, I can't remember who had asked for the information, or what the website was, but it was a website that sold ostomy supplies to people who did not have insurance, or paying cash, I was wandering if anyone remembered this post, or had the website?

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Funny ostomy bag covers

my friend and I are making funny ostomy covers and will be making a calandar with the pics,  also trying to start up a buisness making nice "bag" covers to sell so we can be stylish.  anyone have any thoughts on it?

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Ostomy supplies

I have alot of Hollister two piece ostomy supplies (bags-18194, wafers-14604), No sting barrier film wipes, Adhesive remover wipes, Protective powder, 4" and 1" waterproof tape, some ostomy sissors, a few boxes of Osto-Gel, a few boxes of Hollister's (7805) version of the Eakin seal.  Contact me if you need anything, I'm not a full member so I can't do the features of full members.  Really looking to help out those folks in need.  Thanks

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Ostomy supplies as in bags, bases and other items

My Stoma Nurse whom I spoke with lasty week said sahe is swamped with otomy bags and base plates from people who have either had reversals or died and were hoarding supplies. She is looking for a way to get rid of them but stipulated that they must not be sold. If anyone is willing to pay postage I can gather supplies for you and send them off. Just an idea.

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Post ostomy exercises to rebuild abdominals

Question, Do exercises exist for post colostomy ops,and are they recommended by doctors? It seems like I've been "training" for well over a year and almost everything I attempt ends badly.Ie hernia, it's not like I'm trying to run marathons or swim channells, just everyday stuff like jogging to the mailbox and back without my heart racing like crazy.Or swimming any stroke that entails arms overhead.etc. My Doc says-no limitations-that just goes to show me how little he lnows about me a...

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Let's be heard - world ostomy day 2012 video

Hi everyone,

I just thought I would let you know that I have entered a video contest for Convatec. I have posted it once before but after Hurricane Sandy hit, Convatec (who are located in New Jersey) were having some technical difficulties and voting was closed. They have since re opened it and I ask you again to please go take a peek at my video and please vote for me.
Feel free to share the link as well, the more votes the better.
I feel that even if it inspires ONE person, I ...

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Ostomy reversal

Has anyone had a reversal even though you have short bowel syndrome and did it help?  
Is the stool still liquid after reversal and is it hard to control bowel movements?

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Ostomy bags & ... cats?

This may sound like a really stupid post but here goes!

I adopted 2 rescue cats at the weekend and on the way home I kept one pet carrier on my knee n the car, we had to stop and change places part way home because little claws kept poking though the carrier and getting too close to my bag for comfort! Now we have them home their little mischevious things and keep climbing all over me, got a few scratches and plucks in my clothes which leads me to my question.. Has anyone ever had any m...

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Hurricane sandy - does anyone need ostomy supplies?

I live on Long Island (Garden City) and was recently reversed. I have a box of supplies (Hollister bags, paste, powder, barrier wipes, and one Hollister wafer) that I no longer need. I'm hoping to give them to someone who is in need if them but the Red Cross and other organizations do not accept such donations. Unfortunately I have very little gas (which is in short supply) so I am unable t travel too far with them. Please let me know if anyone needs these or knows someone who does.

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Ostomy- take down with a replacement button on stomach

I have been working with three doctors and talking about a surgery that could be in my future. I'm not sure of the name of the surgery but it has to do with having a button on your stomach and being able to clean yourself out after you put a tube in it. I'm not really sure and I was wondering if anyone had any information on this? I know there is a surgery called the Mace surgery which is someone similar. If anyone has any information please let me know!

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Colonoscopy through ostomy

Hi everyone,
I'm scheduled to have a colonoscopy next week, and I'm a little nervous about this one.  I've had many in the past and never had problems except the last one.  I had a partial blockage, and I got very sick trying to do the prep (because of the partial blockage) and was told to stop the prep, plus wound up in the hospital the next day.  So I suppose that's why I'm dreading this one so much.  

The other worry is having this done w...

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Anyone know a mail order ostomy place that takes blue cross?

Cant seem to find an ostomy supply place that takes insurance.  Any help out there?

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Ostomy -how to change your appliance.

Hi all. In an effort to return the favor, for all I learned from forums and YouTube videos, I did my own how to video.
Hope it helps!
http://youtu.be /XekikZAJr1I

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Skin reactions to adhesives on ostomy bags?

I've always had problems with adhesives remaining on my skin for longer than 24 hours.  I start getting itchy by the 2nd day, and by the 3rd, I find myself popping allergy pills like candy in an attempt to lessen the itches I can't scratch beneath the peel-n-stick part of my ostomy bags.  It's especially worse in the event that the adhesive gets the tiniest bit wet.  So sweating?  Bad.  And I have hot flashes from prednisone and pain medication w...

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World ostomy day

  Happy world ostomy day everyone, hope y'all have a great day!   

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Having problems finding an ostomy nurse

While in the hospital (5 days!) for my colostomy, my doctor never came by to see me. He did send his assistant who never followed through with anything. I never saw an ostomy nurse and my surgeon basically told me nothing. I was just thrilled that I would never have to self-stimulate, etc. (for 20 years!).

Now, after doing some research and having my surgeon finally tell me that I needed to see an ostomy nurse/therapist, I have found that the only ostomy nurse/therapist that I will be ...

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Ostomy reversal, are there ever complications?

I had my operation just before Xmas 2011, and I will be talking to my surgeon in a few days about the possibility of a reversal. Are there any complications getting things to work again. What about leaks?
I have heard that reversal surgery is quite common.....That makes me wonder why they don't do it that way to start with?

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Sore ostomy after blockage

I had a blockage about 5 days ago and my ileostomy is still swollen and sore when trying to pass waste..Anybody experience the ostomy pain for that long after a blockage?

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Ostomy question

Hello.  Once again I'm writing on behalf of my mom.  She's 79 and had an irreversible illeostomy surgery 2 years ago.
This week she noticed she had an urge for a bowel movement and when she went to the bathroom there was a discharge. She panicked and called the doctor who was unable to get back to her.  It happened again the next day, and this time she talked to a nurse who told her this was very normal, and was actually a mucous build up from part of her intest...

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Ostomy and exercise

Hi !!
Hope everyone is doing great!! with summer winding down =( and the kiddo's getting ready to go back to school..I am thinking about getting into better shape..so..Can we do an insanity workout or I guess my question is with an ostomy what shouldnt you be doing..I use my treadmill but dont want to do something that could cause any kind of damage!...any advice??


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Clothing product to cover ostomy bag under clothes

Hi, I have read several different posts in which people reccomend different yummie tummie products, spanx products, and other things such as this. I am not sure which one to get or which one works best and these are things I dont think you can try on. My main issue is that when my bag starts to fill up its all at the bottom area and getting fatter and fatter. also when I wear jeans the surgeon and wcon said to make sure the stoma is above the jeans which is fine but Sometimes it d...

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Question about things you can wear over ostomy bag

Hi, I have read several different posts in which people reccomend different yummie tummie products, spanx products, and other things such as this. I am not sure which one to get or which one works best and these are things I dont think you can try on. My main issue is that when my bag starts to fill up its all at the bottom area and getting fatter and fatter. also when I wear jeans the surgeon and wcon said to make sure the stoma is above the jeans which is fine but Sometimes it d...

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Things to cover ostomy bag

Hi, I have read several different posts in which people reccomend different yummie tummie products, spanx products, and other things such as this. I am not sure which one to get or which one works best and these are things I dont think you can try on. My main issue is that when my bag starts to fill up its all at the bottom area and getting fatter and fatter. also when I wear jeans the surgeon and wcon said to make sure the stoma is above the jeans which is fine but Sometimes it doesnt work as w...

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What do you do about ostomy gas in public places/situations?

Hi, I've had an ileostomy for a little over a year now. I'm a NHL cancer survivor so I acquired mine for reasons different than most and all this time I haven't been working or in school so when my bag makes noise usually whoever I'm around knows what's going on but since I will be going back to school this fall I am nervous about my bag making noise. I've been embarrassed at church and at a small birthday gathering too. I'm really excited to be going back to school but its bittersweet because I...

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Ostomy support group in orlando, fl

Hi, I do not have a full membership yet, so I can't do email back and forth...this evening, I saw on this site a guy named jclove from Orlando, FL who is looking for a local support group. If you or anyone knows jclove, please let him know that there's a monthly Ostomy Association of Greater Orlando meeting on September 15th at 10:30AM. See website calendar below:
(http://www.ostomyassociationofg reaterorlando.com/favorit...

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Report product flaws so ostomy products get better

I finally found a pouch and flange I felt comfortable with. After a year, I experienced leakage from the filter in bags from at least 4 different boxes with the same Lot#.  I called the company and they said they had not received any calls about leaking at the filter.  I found that so hard to believe.  They did send me replacement boxes, but amazingly to me, and of course th...

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Ostomy toronto needs your help!!

**With UOAC Conference coming up I have EXTENDED this fundraiser until Aug 23. PLUS for the month of August most items in the catalog will be 10 % off!!!

I am hoping this fundraiser will be a good money maker for Ostomy Toronto. I would like to host one every month but need everyone's help to make this happen.

Please remember to share the link with your friends and family and ask for their support as well.

**U.S. orders are also accepted for our U.S. friends jus...

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People you've met with an ostomy

Just wondering how many people you've actually met in person that have an Ostomy. I can think of two I've met, how about you?

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Pilates and ostomy with hernia

Hi everyone,

Love the help I get here!  Thanks to you I can now irrigate, though I am not doing it every day...but can when something is coming up that I want to be sure I have no output.

My question today is about pilates.  I don't mean just a pilates class at your local gym.  But rather going to a proper pilates studio where they use the reformer and Cadillac machines, and where the instructors are FULLY certified in the Pilates methods. &nb...

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Possible rx help through gsk-not ostomy related

Hi all,

This has nothing to do with ostomies, but this information might still help some of us anyway. As always, I am researching help organizations for people who are medically uninsured or with low incomes (like me). I've found another website for help in paying for prescriptions made by Glaxo Smith Kline (GSK). This website is their patient assistant program for help in paying costs of Rx's and even for help with co-pays, etc. Since the program is supported by them, the list of medi...

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Ostomy without civilization

I have sometimes wondered how one would survive with an ostomy if they did not have modern conveniences. With the recent power outage here in the US Midwest I got to change my wafer by battery powered light, and it got me to wondering how hard it would be to deal with an ostomy outside of civilization. Have you ever found yourself in a situation or place where modern conveniences were few yet you had to deal with your ostomy?

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Ostomy bikers

I just had a new patch made and had it sewn on my jacket,it says   OSTOMY RIDERS
Im hopeing to start a nationwide awareness that just because we have a bag we cant still do the things we like.I'll be out there advertising everyday.I know of a few riders here on this site and Im sure it will raise awareness.Theres no dues Im sure we have already paid with our lives.
bikerboy greg

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Found lower cost ostomy supplies website

While I was again researching cheaper ostomy supplies for us, I came across another website called healthwarehouse.com. All of my supplies are on the site. The prices are so much cheaper than Liberator, Edgepark and other suppliers. I just ended up purchasing a box of 20 Hollister New Image mini 7" drainable w/filter pouches for $55 with free shipping. If I had used my medical insurance company, I would have paid tons more by using them becaus...

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After reversal of ostomy

Hello all,     I had a ruptured intestine and had a colostomy end of December 2010.  I was fortunate to be able to have the reversal done which was end of July 2011.   I am careful with what I eat and up until now I have been feeling good.  I do eat fiber off and on but find that if I have too much my stomach bothers me, feel a little nauseous and I have constipation.  This is my problem now for the past week.   Just don'...

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Has anyone tried the nu-hope non-adhesive ostomy system

Has anyone tried the Nu-Hope Non-Adhesive Ostomy or Ileostomy System?  I just ran across the system in The Parthenon Catalogue tonight. My husband has not accepted his ileostomy-after an attempted failed surgery and I don't know that he ever will.  His mood swings between depression and anger he is not very open minded about trying new products.  

I kind of have to sneak new products in but have learned to pick and choose my battles.  So....I wou...

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Placement of ostomy

Has anyone ever had their ostomy surgically moved slightly over from original placement?

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High ostomy output complications

Has anyone ever had to have a port put in to their arm to get iv's regularly because of dehydration problems that happen over and over again?  I have had my ostomy since 3/15/12 and been hospitalized 4 times since the surgery for dehydration.  Doctors say my body has not adjusted to the ostomy.  I have no colon so I have absolutely no options.  My J Pouch failed after 15 years so no options.  My attorney said she knew someone who had this problem...

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Anyone with a hot tub and an ostomy??

Hi guys, I have arthritis, and the only thing that helps me is heat, and as I don't have a bath, only a shower, i'm thinking about getting a hot tub! anyone here with one and an ostomy? bluebell

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Ostomy mom needs help!!! please!

Hello all!
My mom is 68yrs old and she underwent colostomy surgery, after getting diagnosed with rectal cancer. Its been a month after her surgery & she is having a horrible time keeping any food in her tummy. She is feeling nausea, vomiting & stomach cramps. We are taking every measure so that she avoids gas causing food. She is taking digestive enzymes & antacids too but it is not helping at all. She is loosing weight & its worrying me very much. Views: 6983 Replies: 12

New to ostomy and to this group---greetings!

Hi,  I just had surgery two weeks ago for rectal cancer and am recovering quite nicely.   I have an ileostomy and so far no problems.  It's taking some getting used to but nothing I can't cope with so far.  I just wanted to connect with ores out there and learn more about living with an ileostomy.    I will start chemo in about a month--mainly for precaution.  The labs after the surgery were god.

I am very grateful fo...

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Colostomy / ostomy reversal

Had my colostomy reversed as well as a colostomy hernia repaired a few months ago after having it for around six months. Re connect surgery was successful and I am feeling pretty normal. A very bad case of diverticulitis brought it all on. I ignored a bad stomach ache that finally turned severe. I spent a month total in the hospital on strong antibiotics attempting to clear up the infection to no avail. My colon ruptered during the third week and had to have a section of colon removed. Had I loo...

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United ostomy association of canada 13th conference toronto


     I was just curious as if there is anyone going.The Conference runs August 16-18. This will be my first time attending.

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Unwanted ostomy gear

Hi,  Does anyone know who could collect my unwanted ostomy gear?  I have lots of them.

I read that people abroad would love them, but how do I find out who to contact?

      &nbs p;    SKEETER

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Ostomy and lap band

Is there anyone out there that has a colostomy and a LapBand?  Is there any reason that a surgeon would refuse LapBand surgery if someone has a colostomy?

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Ostomy support meeting

I'm a member of my local UOAA and I signed up to do refreshments for this coming April meeting. I wanted to do something fun and ostomy related. We have members of all kinds of ostomies and ages. The group is majority older people 60yr+, there are a few of us youngins there. I'm pretty sure I'm the youngest at 29. I was wondering if anyone here had any fun ideas? Like brownies in the shape of a bag or lemonade for a drink.

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Ostomy supplies

Hello - does anyone know of an ostomy supply company that charges a fair price for supplies? I just lost my health insurance and most companies in the US gouge people and want to profit from your misfortune. I'm sure it costs pennies to make the bags but they sell for around $4 each. I can't afford that. I guess I will have to use baggies and duct tape.

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The skin around my ostomy

Had my ostomy since Nov 13, 2009.  My belly skin went all the way around my stoma very nicely.  Lately there is a spot of skin that has just gone.  Its about 1/8" in diamater.  Underneath the missing skin, I can see pink stoma.  Instead of the skin going all the way up and touch my stoma, this spot is not touching it. I don't know what caused this.  Is it serious?

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Ostomy supplier

Ive been using a supplier in Southern CA.  used them for many years and suddenly I go on medicare and the service and problems have gone thru the roof,  Im looking for a new supplier or at least a back up that takes medicare, twice my order hasnt been shipped and have had to go straigt OTC  and when I advised them their was nothing offered but an apology,  any one have a suggestion on a new supplier,   thanks   M.... in NV

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Music festivals with an ostomy?

I have an ileostomy and wondered if anyone on here has been to a music festival post surgery?

Sorry if this seems a silly question but I was invited to one today and didn't feel confident enough to say yes because getting a spot close enough to the stage to see my favourite band would mean arriving at ten in the morning and leaving at ten at night, eg, a twelve hour day spent in a muddy field contending with using portaloos decorated by thousands of other music lovers. Then there's the...

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How do you tell someone your dating that you have an ostomy?

I am a 37 year old, single mom of 3 and I am a colorectal cancer survivor going on 3 years now. I am dating and find it very difficult and stressful to try to tell someone I want to be intimate with, that I have an ostomy.  How do you tell someone? I would also like to know how can I  hide or keep my bag from getting in the way during intimacy. I am so worried that I will never find someone who will accept the fact that I have an ostomy. I feel so embarrassed asking these que...

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What can i do with ostomy bags and flanges that i no longer?

i often read what you all have to write and find it illuminating, sometimes sad and usually inspiring.
i have had my stoma re-sited and now i can't use the  many two piece bags and flanges i have. i would hate for them to go to waste when there are people desperate for them. does anyone have a contact with a charity that deals with this. i would appreciate any information.

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Prep fpr ostomy reversal

Hi everyone. I have been reading your posts since I had an emergency sigmoid colostomy performed on Oct 6. This is my first time posting. My reversal is scheduled for Monday Jan 30th and my doctor has prescribed a bowel prep called Moviprep. I took half the prescribed amount prior to my first surgery as I have a very sensitive colon. However my doctor is recommending the full 2 course prep this time and I am worried. I would appreciate any advice re the prep and what its like to cleanse the bowe...

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Ostomy belt

Okay dumb question,how to wear the ostomy belt?? even with stoma or at your waist??Even with stoma and it squishes in hips,nice indentation with jeans on?

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Sex and diverticulitis and an ostomy bag

WARNING...THIS IS AN INTIMATE QUESTION AND I AM ONLY INTERESTED IN A SERIOUS ANSWER..Ok, this is kinda hard to talk about but im just going to come right out and ask... does anyone know if having anal sex could lead to diverticulitis.  My husband enjoys having it done to him on occasion (fisting to be exact) and now he has diverticulitis..so much so that he had to have surgery and now has an ostomy bag on his abdomen. Im not trying to be funny or to gross anyone out...this is a genuine...

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Ostomy and paleo diet

Just wondering if any of you have tried the Paleo diet and how your stomach has reacted?  I do cross-fit and have just started Paleo. So far my Colostomy has had nothing but soft unformed output.  Very messy. Changing the whole 2 piece system once a day and the bag at least 3x a day. I think I can irrigate but I wonder if on this diet my output would allow me.  I have been an ostomate for 4 years. It has been very traumatic and haven't dealt with it really well.&nbs...

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Surplus ostomy supplies

In prior years, I have always donated my surplus supplies to my ET nurse.  She told me this morning that they are no longer allowed to accept them due to a FDA ruling. She said that I could donate them to the American Cancer Society.  So if people are looking for supplies you might want to call your local ACS to see if they have them available.

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First ostomy christmas

Wondering how many other first timers with an ostomy this Christmas? Very glad to be alive and enjoying my first Christmas with an ostomy. I was pretty much dying last Christmas, weight was way down, very weak, could hardly leave the house, couldn't enjoy food. What a difference a year makes. Enjoying everything this Christmas. I hope you are as well.
  Merry Christmas and God Bless!

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Ostomy patient with a miracle for the holidays

Hello all my ostomy friends.  I wanted to share my story with all of you as miracles do happen.  I had my colostomy done in 2009 due to cancer of the colon.  Like most of you surgery was not an easy thing for me and I was in rehab for 8 weeks after a long hospital stay.  I had very difficult times adjusting to my colostomy and still have problems with burning and sores,  Well I had a pet/ct done in May of 2011 and everything was ok.  Th...

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Husbands ostomy reversal went well

My husband had an emergency colostomy August 2nd 2011 due to a bowel rupture and an E coli abcess in his abdomen from diverticulitis.  He had his reversal done on Nov. 16th.

Everything went very well.    Surgery was on Wednesday afternoon and he was home on Monday.  On 1st day post op - bowels started working and he was passing gas, and by Saturday had his first BM and all was fine.  He did have a longer surgery than expected since ther...

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Ostomy reversal question

Hope someone can help. Had a colostomy last May. Went in for reversal operation Oct. 5th. OP did not go well and required two emergency operations during the 6 weeks I was hospitalized. Last op was 7 weeks ago. I suffer from daily diarrhea and actually lose control about every other day. Dr. ordered stool tests for c. diff which I have had and know this is not c. diff. What is going on?


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Ostomy blowout?

I've had my illiostomy since April of this year.Had a few blowouts here at home,but I don't want to venture too far from home because of the fear of it happening away from home. Have you fellow ostomates had problems in public, what do you do?I'm tired of being a "prisoner" in my own house!!!!  HELP!!

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Double ostomy

Hi everone.
I have read a lot of your problems and was hoping to see someone with a double ostomy. So far I have seen none. I have had a rare cancer and it took my bladder and part of my colon. I have a discharge coming from my rectum and it is very annoying. I have trouble enough with the double pouches let alone I have to wear a pad too.Is there anyone out there with this problem?

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Ostomy w/hernia

I've watched the blogs for months but this is my 1st time writing.
This  is the 6 month anniversary of my ostomy.  The first  months I went thru the typical stages, disbelief, denial,  anger, depression embarrassment and finally  acceptance. My stoma was completely manageable, no problems,  In July  my hernia appeared and since then everything's changed; 5 out of 7 days my stoma is uncomfortable, sometimes an ulcer will d...

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Finally the great ostomy pumpkin - hope this one works

if the pic is still missing here - it is loaded in my profile pics

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Anyone had an ostomy due to medical negligence??

Hi guys,
I am at the start of suing the NHS for clinical negligence and I'm wondering if I'm the only one who has had an ostomy die to negligence.( i had solicitors clambering to take my case on)

i had pain in my belly for over 7 years and pressure in my bladder and dificulty emptying my bladder. I trancended 2 gPs, who refused to scan the whole of my belly. My bladder got scanned and had a cystoscopy, but nothing was wrong with my bladder and the last time i visited my gp she still...

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Mask odors i ostomy bag

Have an ileoostomy and curious
I know that I should probably avoid certain foods having an ostomy would lessen odors, but I would appreciate any tips and tricks that people use to cover /mask odors in an ostomy. This includes certain tablets, herbs and the like.


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London & district ostomy assc.

For those who live in London Ontario and the surrounding areas there is a Facebook group and page for the above they have stories tips and tricks, hold meetings and give support. I have found the group very friendly and supportive. There is also the same deal for the United Ostomy Assc. of Canada. I belong to both groups and have found them to be helpful.

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Reversal of an ostomy

I am having a reversal of my ostomy and a repair of a hernia the size of a grapefruit next week.
The doctor says I will be in the hospital a week.  Is there anything I should be looking out for?
It would be so nice to hear from someone who has had the surgery in the past.

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Wearing safety harness and rigging with an ostomy

Hello All,

Does anyone out there have a job that requires a safety harness? I am contemplating becoming a wind turbine technician, the job requires the ok from a doctor. Am I wasting my time?

Any info would be helpful.



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Help! major problems with ostomy from get go

hi guys
I have had an iliostomy after a failed J-Pouch surgery (the surgeon attempted to do it in one step and not 2 and the pouch failed) and have been having nothing but trouble with it since.  This is going on 2 years now.  After the pouch failed my surgeon said it was because I was to fat and that I needed to be down to 175 lbs before he will do it again.  I recently got the lapband done and have lost 50lbs...have 20 to go.

From the beginning there...

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Colostomy / ostomy diet

Is there such a thing as an ostomy diet?
I am barely getting any output from my colostomy in at least a month, and I have absolutely no appetite.
Last year I was in hospital with what they thought was a partial small bowel obstruction.
My "diet" has been  small amount of baby oatmeal and some coffee at breakfast: maybe cup of soup for lunch. Small amount of yogurt, jars of baby fruit.
I tried to eat small amounts of well-cooked green beans with the carrots tod...

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My ostomy gear - verse


Since I had an ostomy
So many things have come to me.
Sometimes I think I’ll disappear

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Me & my ostomy verse


‘Twas not an answered prayer for me.
To ‘have’ to have an ‘Ostomy’.

It’s no more easy ...

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Is it possible to be regular with an ostomy?

Hello Everyone! Is it possible to become regular with an ostomy? My dr told me to drink Citrucel everynight to become regular. I find its all day long, Is it possible to train your colon?

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Recycling ostomy bags???

Has anyone ever heard of cleaning ostomy bags after use? I am all for recycling, but I am also concerned about the health risks.

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What is an ostomy

Replacing previous post.

A friend called me for information. Another friend of hers had a colostomy and was asking what had happened and for help with general understanding. I couldn’t find a source, like ‘helpful information for family and friends’ so I put...

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Cymbalta and ostomy


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Has anyone tried cymed ostomy co.

Has anyone ever tried this company Cymed Ostomy? They make A MicroSkin pouching system? I recieved my samples in the mail today and I have never seen anything like this product??Thanks~traci~

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Changing your ostomy!

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Very small ostomy supply bag.

I lost my emergency supply bag which I  use to carry a spare change of my ostomy  pouch, barrier and wipes and such. It was small,about 7 inches  square. Very handy to keep in an emergency when I am away from home. Does any one know where I can buy one?
I checked with my supplier and they do not carry any thing like it.

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Disposing of a ostomy bag at a friend's house

I have an ileostomy and i like to use closed end pouches and change them twice a day.  I can carry an Ostaway Bag (black, thick, zip-lock) with me and keep a fresh closed end ostomy bag with me in my pocket.  Often when I am at someone's house i need to dispose of one bag and put on a fresh one.  I really prefer using the closed-ended pouches and i know there isn't any smell if they are put inside the black, thick, Ostaway Zip-Lock Bag.  My question is; do...

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Naming my ostomy

I never thought of naming my stoma. I guess by now I would have to call it "old timer" as I have had it for 40 years now.....

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What's the best way of telling someone you have an ostomy?

Hi there, I need some advice please...I've been going to my local nightclub for 5 years, I guy who's also gone there all that time (and longer apparently) is suddenly showing an interest in me. He's very shy, quiet and hardly talks to anyone but his close mate, they're both bachelors, it was my new 'hairdo' (my wig since hair loss due to low dose chemo for my crohn's) that did it, they were lightheartedly arguing whether it was me or not! I started chatting to the quiet guy, I've only ever said ...

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Ostomy perks

Nevermind.....that was foul. see below

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Crohn's flare with an ostomy.

HI...can anyone with an ileostomy tell me what they feel like when their Crohns flares?

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Ostomy fart noise

Have any of you been at work or amonst strangers and your ostomy farts really loud? im a new ostomate and have had more than a few of these moments. I need some advice on what excuses I can use for this noise.

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Crohn's considering ostomy... worth it?

Hi everybody,

First let me say this is a fantastic site!  A WOC nurse led me to you and I've learned so much from here in the past few days.  Maybe too much Smile

Let me quickly explain my situation: I've been struggling with IBD for years now, been through all the meds, lifestyle changes, alternative therapies, etc and have only gotten worse.  Unlike most IBD patients, I've never known re...

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Has having an ostomy affected your marrage?

I was wondering ......After having your ostomy surgery,...How many woman have gotten a divorce from there partner? Do youthink that the stress from having an ostomy affects your marrage?Once you start dating people how soon do you tell them you have an ostomy?

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Article on writer with an ostomy

Just discovered on facebook (thanks Rach!) that one of my favourite writers, Virginia Ironside, has an ostomy (see below link - hope it works - if not google her name!).

She wrote "No, I Don't Want to Join a Bookclub!", which is one of my all-time favourite books, felt like I was reading about myself in about 10-20 years time! Nice to know that being a grumpy old woman won't be so bad!

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Ostomy armor

Here's a copy of my original post over on the UOAA website. I thought it might help some people:

I usually don't endorse products but this one here has made a difference to me. First a little background. My stoma is right on my waistline. I had figured out 4 choices on how to wear my pants. 1. Up high which I call the old man/Urkel style. 2. down low which I call gangsta/plumber style. 3. Loose waist and suspenders which I call the Elmer Fudd style. 4. Bib overalls which I call the fa...

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Coloplast ostomy scissors

Could you let me know which online stores carry Coloplast ostomy scissors?
My ET nurse has very nice Coloplast scissors.
I like to to buy a pair of Coloplast Scissors, too.
And how expensive are they?

Thank you

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Ostomy skin care along with psoriasis condition


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Extra ostomy bags

I have a lot of ostomy bags with several different size openings. These were given to me by a friend. I would say I have about 100 but no flanges to fit them... Anyone have any suggestions? Like maybe we ccould barter, So many bags for so many flanges... Let me know

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Intro - somewhat new to the forum and ostomy


I am familiar with the message board/forum concept and I am really digging the chat room. I have a permanent colostomy that will be a year old next February. I just wanted to show myself since I've been lurking for a while now. Especially since i've given my profile enough tweaks to last me a while.

Not much of an intro, but i just wanted to make a first post that had "intro" in it somewhere.

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Ostomy supplies

Hi, in England  all prescriptions for ostomy supplies are free I am told by my stoma nurse. I have not had my colostomy yet, due to go into hospital on 22nd November and op to take place on 23rd.
I have also been told that after my op all prescriptions will be free  even for non ostomy stuff. Don't know how it all works yet but expect I'll have plenty of time after the op.
Of course ...

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Ostomy problems

I  have the same problem with my ostomy.I have a rash under my armpits and around my ostomy.I have been to my dermatoligist,allergy specialist,cancer doctor and my physician.I   also have been to two ostomy nurses. I have had prescription creams,powders and anything else you can name.I am on prednisone and that helps but as soon as I stop them it comes right back.At the bottom of my stoma where the tape goes my skin oozes and don't stick well.I have been in touch with convate...

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Ostomy belt

I'm from the UK and can't find ANY where to sell me an ostomy belt that is comfortable. So...I found an american site. It was expensive with the postage and packaging, but I can't believe how much wear I've got out of it!!
My ileo is placed just above my bellybutton so as soon as the tiniest bit enters the bag you can see if puffing up over the waist band of my trousers and skirts. This belt makes it flat to my body so I can wear tight T-shirts and dresses and alsorts now! I've neve...

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Ostomy subsidy information needed

Hi, I am currently putting together some information on Ostomy Appliance Subsidies around the world and am seeking info on what countries have a government subsidy to help to cover the cost of their appliances. I would like to know how much is covered (%) and if there is a financial or quantity limit on appliances and how much plus anything else which could be of value.

Any information about any country would be very much appreciated. Thanks.

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Hi output ostomy

Why is there NO information on High Output IlleOstomy's??

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Uoaa ostomy awareness day

UOAA Ostomy Awareness Day
SUNDAY, JULY 25, 2010
UOAA is proud to announce its 1st National Ostomy Awareness Day!
Let’s celebrate by spreading awareness and increasing national visibility of those living with ostomies. We will break the silence and shine a positive light on what has saved so many lives.

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Bowel movements with an ostomy

I had a colostomy in March of this year and am still trying to get used to it.   I have been having small bowel movements rectally.  At the beginning they said it was normal, as the instestine was healing and once in awhile stool would be released into the rectum.  It is still going on and some days it is actally quite a bit...at least I think it is.  It doesn't happen everyday, but it happens at least once or twice a week and some days more than once.&nbs...

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Child with ostomy

Hello new friends.  I only just recently found this site and am very glad I did!!  I have a 2-year old born with Cloacal Exstrophy Sequence.  Any other men born with this defect? I'm looking to talk with people (boys) who are older and can give us input on how you have been handling life.  Thank you, in advance, for your support!!  -debbie

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American ostomy pouch covers!

Has anyone else seen the American stoma bag covers at www.america nostomate.com  I got a Union Jack one from the same firm and it's fantastic. Had my picture taken wearing it and put it on the Ileostomy Association Gallery on their forum. Great fun!!!

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Swimming with ostomy

I'm rather new at this and would like to know how others handle swimming when you have an ostomy--especially the men?  My wife and I are going on a cruise in about 2 weeks and I am really anxious about swimming.  My colostomy is high on the left (above the beltline).  I normally use Sensura 2-piece.  It has been suggested that I use a short-sleve wetsuit but I think that would be awfully hot in the tropics.  What do you think?

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Gas and ostomy bag

I am scheduled to get a colostomy on May 18th. I've got a question that may sound stupid, but I am too embarrassed to ask my doctor. What about gas? When you have on an ostomy bag, and you have gas, does the bag fill up like a balloon? If so, does it have some sort of valve or something to let the gas out? Or do you go to the bathroom and remove the bag? This is all so new to me. Any advice would be helpful.

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Ostomy skin bonding adhesive


I am using Talbot skin bonding glue for extra bonding power for my wafer.
But I can not use entire content of can because almost half of glue in a can gets dry and useless in few weeks.
Do you know any good skin bonding adhesive?

One ET nurse told me that good cement or glue ice hockey players use.
So I went to sports shop and looked around ice hockey section but I could fond nothing like adhesive or cement.

The reason I use adhesive is my stoma is bi...

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Sore ostomy

Hi to all, this is my first post, so please excuse me if the topic has been covered before. I've had a 'temporary" ileostomy for 3 years now. When my surgery was performed, because my bowel had stopped functioning after 12 years of bowel infections (clostridium difficile) with constant diahrea, the Doc made a mistake and twisted the bowel. I had major problems with the ileosotmy that did not function correctly! Nothing came out of the stoma and everthing seeped from the skin level surroundi...

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Ostomy q and a (copied from another site)

Q. What do you call an ostomate with excessive gas?
A. A Pouch Puffer
Q. What statement do ostomates include on their resume?
A. Have bag. Will travel.
Q. What is an ostomates favorite punctuation mark?
A. A semi-colon.
Q. Why wouldn't the urostomates pouch stay on?
A. It was pissed off.
Q. Why did the UC patient buy a dishwasher and refrigerator before surgery?
A. Because the doctor told him he'd need to get some appliances.

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Ostomy trees ...?? lol

Looks like we're not the only ones   hehehee

OK...so I'm being silly.  I'm bored and can't sleep.    Here's a little peek at what surrounds me in North Central Wisconsin right now.  I'm suddenly hungry for pancakes.  We cook some of the best syrup around here!!   I remember when Gramps used to tap the trees when I was a girl, no blue osty-like bags back then...simple little silver pails hung off the spout taps and we...

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Ostomy reversal timeline?

I had my (emergency) transverse colostomy on December 1st, after a bout with diverticulitis wouldn't resolve, abscesses formed and ruptured.  The doc said we need to wait 6-7 months, at least, before reversing it.  I am wondering what others' experience is in regards to the timeline for reversal.  It seems to me a good idea to wait until everything is healed and strong, yet it also seems like it would be good to do it while the body still remembers how to poop!

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Dry skin around ostomy site

For the past thee week i have been having dry skin around my ostomy site. it is not painfull or reddish, but the old skin flakes off. Aside from the ostomy powder, can anyone recommend a solution(i.e. topical cream) for this problem. Thanks.

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Ostomy supply swaps/trades? extras stuff? need something?

I just had this crazy idea about swapping brand new, unused ostomy supplies.  I have LOTS of extra night urinary drainage bags AND adhesive remover wipes, but NEED leg bags.  I'm out of work and have no insurance to cover supplies, so I do what I can to get more.  Hollister has been kind enough to send me a lot of FREE supplies for the past few months!  They're awesome people!

But, I now need a new leg bag and figured I might see if anyone has an ...

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Ostomy exhibition

Once a year I get Invited to a Local Ostomy Exhibition, this arranged by my 2 local hospital Stoma depts , Stoma nurses ,appliance manufacturers & suppliers.

Knowing there is not a lot for me there as I have all my Appliances & supplies sorted I go to see what new inovations are about & have a look at the support wear , under ware & swim wear stands , to get some Ideas.

Then I scoot round all the stalls giving away freebies & goody bags, Its amazing what t...

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Ostomy poem

Hey guys,

I found this on another website while browsing the web and thought to share it with you. Apparently it is found in a biography of J.B.S. Haldane. Haldane wrote it after being diagnosed with rectal cancer.

I wish I had the voice of Homer
To sing of rectal carcinoma,
Which kills a lot more chaps, in fact,
Than were bumped off when Troy was sacked.
Yet, thanks to modern surgeons' skills,
It can be killed before it kills
Upon a scientific basis <...

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Quitting smoking with an ostomy

Hey guys,
      &nbs p;           Just curious how many of you currently smoke or have quit while an ostomate and how you did it??

I quit in October 2009 the day before my hysterectomy/emergency ostomy and at times,I still want a smoke! lol

Have a great day! xoxoxo, Hannah

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