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Hernia with a Colostomy, Ileostomy or Urostomy

Irrigation with hernia

Hi everyone!  I hope you are all doing well or better.  I would like to return to irrigating, but I have developed a hernia around my stoma which is rather large.  I plan to look into a repair in '15.  Anyway, I'd like to know if it is okay to irrigate with a hernia around the stoma.  Does anyone have experience with this you'd like to share?  Thanks bunches! XO!

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Why does hernia fix seem to never fix

When and why do we have hernias fixed and they always seem to come back i have had a parastomal hernia (HUGE) had the mesh done and my old stoma site has more scar tissue so now i hear that the sparastomal hernia has come back really does my head in these operatrions never seem to work but saying that I have crohnic severe nerve damage folks please read storys as i would never have had 9 operations to be left to live my life in Pain


no medications are of help not really...

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Hi everyone. I'm back. I am still having issues. I'm allergic to some of the glue on flanges. So my nurses have been working hard to find something that works and doesn't cause rashes. But now I have another problem. A couple weeks ago I started feeling pain inside my stoma. After going to my family doctor he sent me back to my surgeon. I found out I have a hernia. My surgeon says she can't fix it here because to many complications can happen. So now I have to go back to my surgeon in the cit...

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Hernia repair

HiI have just had a "stoma' hernia repair, and I was horified to see the end result, my stoma seems to be inverted where as prior to the op was a nice protruding bud...I am praying that once the swelling is down that it will be back to normal.....I had it repaired as it was casuing the stoma to invert and the "pooh" would then leak under the wafer....sometimes it is better to let sleeping dogs ly than to fix........needless to say it is very painful but Dr says 2 weeks then will be OK has als...

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Peristomal hernias

i have had an ostomy for over 50 plus years and have slowly been developing a peristomal hernia.  has anyone else develped this issue, how and when have they dealt with the hernia. 

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I have been diagnosed with several hernias behind my stoma.  The surgeon stated I was "too high risk" for surgery to correct the matter.  I have many questions and am wondering if any of you have any experiences to share.  Thanks for any information.

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Hernia prevention

Hi all

The risk of developing a hernia after stoma surgery is quite high.

I  read that wearing some kind of support wear,  plus doing gentle exercises to strengthen your abdominal muscles, can minimise the risk. However when I mentioned this to the doctor and stoma nurses at the hospital they really weren't interested at all.

In case anyone here IS interested, you might like to read this:

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Parastomal hernia consequences

Hi I have had a stoma for six years now following colorectal cancer.I developed a parastomal hernia about  a year ago. I recently stupidly moved a washing machine now I have slight pain if a stool  is touching the stoma or when it moves just before it passes through the stoma. Also I wear Corsinell support boxers which unfortunately tend to promote pancaking. Can anyone help please.

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Possible reversal and hernia fix.

     This is a letter sent to my Doctor from my Surgeon, has anybody been through the same procedure?. I wonder what you feel my chances of sucess are?.<


    & nbsp;" Further to my last letter on Mr Hughes, his contrast imaging does confirm he has a very short rectal stump, probably only 8cm in length. He does appear to have a reasonable amount of left colon which, if fully mobilised would reach the lower rectum. his abdomin...

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Parastomal hernia repair

Had hernia repair 10-30-13. Skin around stoma had dips making fit of wafer impossible for any length of time. Skin breakdown was horrible. Ordered ConvaTec Moldable wafer as a free sample. IT WORKS! First Moldable wafer put on Sat afternoon and she's doing fine! So excited! (doesn't take much huh!). Will monitor the new equipment before ordering if need be. Go for follow up 12-17 so if equipment doesn't work, I can see the WOCN while there. Keep me and 'Mary' in your thoughts as I'm sure many ha...

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Belly hurts. hernia coming?

I have an ileostomy and the stoma is about 2.5 inches left of my belly button.  I am a tall lanky guy that had a small belly prior to my ostomy surgery in October 2012.  My belly protrudes quite a bit now, looking like a small beer belly.  Para-belly I've heard.  Over the past few weeks, my whole belly has been hurting.  A dull pain.  Some times feels like it just wants to explode.  There is no sign of anything bulging. &...

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Stoma level with tummy after hernia repair

I had a parastomal hernia repair 10-30-13. Released 11-03-13. The wafer and pouch applied after surgery stayed in place until 11-04-13. Upon removing surgical equipment, I noticed stoma was flat with skin and stool was oozing between skin and wafer. Question...how long will that remain? Is that normal? What to use on skin during this time to alleviate excoriated skin. I see my doc and surgeons third week in Nov for first post op visit. Would appreciate any and all ideas, comments regarding above...

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Hernia as a result of colostomy four years ago.

I have a question:  Has anyone had surgery on a hernia as the result of a colontomy?  I had a colostomy four years ago and since then I have developed a very large hernia.  I am considering having surgery, but I am afraid that it would pose more problems.

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Possible hernia after ileostomy surgery

Looking for some advice.  Had ileostomy surgery 11 days ago and now that I am home have noticed a bulge to the left of my stoma which is quite painful.  I should mention I had this bulge after surgery but the sharp, burning pain began two days ago.  This area is very tender to the touch and hurts considerably.  Every where else pain has diminished significantly.  Should I be concerned about the possibility of hernia?  What symptoms shou...

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Second surgery in september hernia and mesh

     Going in for hernia surgery, its going to be the "stem to stern" incision again, the hernia is the size of a football above my belly button, they will do mesh and probably a reversal while I am open, I have no colon so my small intestine will be reattached to my rectum. If anyone has had this done could you give me an Idea of what to expect after surgery and your recovery time, I may lose everything again because I wont be able to work and there is no...

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Possible hernia symptoms with ileostomy

I have ostomy on my left lower abdomen. For the last year I have been experiencing a burning sensation from left hip bone to left edge of ostomy. No pain but the burning at times is very uncomfortable. I have a nice size raised area underneath the sticky portion of my wafer hence making the wafer on the left side pull away from my skin and having to change it. I seem to be changing it every day where as before the 'hernia', I would change every 5-7 or 10 days. I have a GI appointment at Walter R...

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Can anyone tell me how a hernia feels like after stoma fitted and what pain it causes?

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Hernia under stoma

Please can someone help me I'm in pain I got out of the hospital Tuesday the 23rd because I have a hernia under my stoma I have an ileostomy and I have been in the hospital 3 Times now and I am very sore from throwing up and this hernia is sore. I am going to have surgery August 5th I changed my wafer and bag cuz I had a burning pain and my stoma is swollen and it is sunk in where I can get a good hold and when I push to try to get to seal it hurts really bad. Should I put an ice pack on it. Ple...

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Hernia under stoma

Please can someone help me I'm in pain I got out of the hospital Tuesday the 23rd because I have a hernia under my stoma I have an ileostomy and I have been in the hospital 3 Times now and I am very sore from throwing up and this hernia is sore. I am going to have surgery August 5th I changed my wafer and bag cuz I had a burning pain and my stoma is swollen and it is sunk in where I can get a good hold and when I push to try to get to seal it hurts really bad. Should I put an ice pack on it. Ple...

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l have a parastomal hernia which is causing me pain and affecting the quality of my life.l am 55 and had a ileostomy for 25 years.l have only had the hernia for the past 12 months.l have decided to have it repaired even though the surgeon said it is a difficult operation. Has anyone else had this surgery done and if so was it successful.

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There are many on this site who have to deal with hernias.  Several years prior to my cancer/colostomy, I had an inguinal hernia, which I had repaired in a pretty simple surgery.  With the ostomy related hernias, however I don't see much talk of repair.  The discussion and advice seems to be more about living with the hernia.  Is there something with respect to hernias and ostomies that makes repair not a viable option?  Just curious.


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Irrigation and hernias

I have 3 hernias from my surgery, having problems irrigating now. I try to evacuate all the stool but afew hrs later i have more, i can't clean my colon out all the way. Any suggestions or does anyone else have this problem with hernias and irrigation?  Very fustrating!!!  UGH!!!!   Thank you!!!

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Complications from hernia under stoma surgery

I had my stoma put in April, 2011. (I had Ileal Conduit ByPass Surgery) In August of this year, I developed 3 hernias; the largest one was under my stoma. The doctor placed a large piece of mesh in my abdomen. (I have had 37 surgeries in the past 10 years. Four of these required large incisions.) At the beginning of this week, I started having pain at the stoma. The has been very bad the last three days. I am throwing up once a day or I am nauseated. I don't have a fever but I am having very bad...

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Adhesions, hernias, and fear.

Hi!  This is my first post.  My husband was diagnosed with UC about 5 years ago.  It went through him in less than a year, as he did not respond to medications.  After emergency rooms and blood transfusions, it was decided that the colon had to come out with the hope of a future J-pouch.  Right now he has a temp ileostomy, and is having more frequent and more severe bowel obstructions.  It looks like he's got a moderate parastomal herni...

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Binder for hernia

Today I saw my surgeon (after not having to see him for 4 years!) and he told me my colostomy and very large hernia are here to stay. My insides are too messed up for him to try any more surgeries on my abdomen. He did tell me though, that I need to wear a binder for the hernia with a hole cut out for the colostomy. He said there are some out there that can be made specifically for your needs. Does anyone know who makes these / where I can order one?

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Reversal with a hernia

I think I have developed a hernia on my stoma site! With only about 6wks before my reversal. Hopefully they can repair when they reconnect, it is not too bad right now but it is uncomfortable when walking. I guess as a woman I have done too much lifting, working etc..

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Harold the hernia on top of colin the colostomy

I'm over 2 years down the line from my stoma, and still hate "Colin" with a vengence, still smelly, painful and a nuisance, but a few months ago after getting  a bad cold, I sneezed and had terrible pain, but that's sort of normal for me, as I'm a paraplegic, however , since then "Harold" appeared, and now sticks out about 5 inches on top of my horrible fat tummy.  When I eventually showed my GP she told me to see my wonderful stoma nurses at Glan Clwyd Ho...

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Pilates and ostomy with hernia

Hi everyone,

Love the help I get here!  Thanks to you I can now irrigate, though I am not doing it every day...but can when something is coming up that I want to be sure I have no output.

My question today is about pilates.  I don't mean just a pilates class at your local gym.  But rather going to a proper pilates studio where they use the reformer and Cadillac machines, and where the instructors are FULLY certified in the Pilates methods. &nb...

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I've had my stoma for many years now,and it has changed my  life for the better as not having to rush to the toilet and having accidents,which were extremely embarrising, i feel more in control and the crohn's is undercontol. The only problem i've had is reacurring hernias around the stoma site. I've had three repair opperations but a couple of months later their back and get very large,to the state others notice them,so i just make a joke and say not bad for only six months i just wis...

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Seeing a lot of talk about hernia, and people who have had numerous surgical repairs.  I have had a hernia for 3 yrs now but aside from the unsightly bulge around my stoma, it causes me no discomfort or pain.  Do I need to have it looked at?  How bad do they get before surgery becomes an issue?


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The recurring hernia

O.K.folks. I need a bit of advice/guidance/help,etc. I have an Urostomy - since Sept.2010 - for the usual reason, cancer, and the aftermath of the surgery was a nightmare ( but thats another story). I developed a large hernia in 2011, around the stoma, and this was operated on in Oct.2011. All was good until about a month age when the bloody thing came back.
It came back in the same place and the same, if not bigger, size. Have got some pain with it and a lot of discomfort. Have spoken to m...

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Hernia operation

Hey every one , hmmm where to start had my 9th major operation for my 2 big bastard Hernias,only spent 5 days in hospital coz im very bad for hanging around in a hospital bed (smoker) so wasnt in my room barely at all had more fun 3 floors down one major corridor and outside Hospital think my exersize was well and truly done . yes i know blahhhh blahhh   LOL

Had my op on 27th feb A Monday here in australia melb. Must forget to adf i thought such a hot ...

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Huge parastomal hernia .. will it affect the reversal?

a melon sized hernia appeared overnight.. it is uncomfortable but im worred about a few things..
i want to have a hartmans reversal in 12 months and im worried if it will affect the reversal,.. they want to do the op at the time of reversal, but if it gets any bigger and  if they have to operate sooner, will that reduce chance of success?

Also im worried about bowel strangulation as i already live with PTSd from almost dying from bowel perforation, my fear is escalated wi...

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Hartmann's reversal and hernia repair at the same time

Hi, I have just joined the site and looking for anyone who has had a Hartmann's reversal and abdominal hernia repair done at the same time. I had emergency surgery in April and nearly died due to infection and my wound didn't heal for about 2 months I cannot have the hernia repaired without having a reversal and Iam really scared as I had no intention of having a reversal for a while as I feel really good, the best I have felt in about 2 years can anyone help.

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Colostomy reversal with hernia repair surgery

My reversal and hernia surgery is tomorrow, Feb 3rd!  I've been on the clear liquid diet since yesterday at 4:00 so I'm feeling quite hungry about now.  It's funny how food looks and smells so great when you can't have it.  I'm nervous and anxious for tomorrow to come.  I pray all will go well and all of you on this site have helped me with all of your encouragement and information.  I am truly thankful to you all.  I'll post again as s...

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Colostomy reversal with hernia repair

This is the first time I have posted on this site.  I've been reading it for a while and all of you have helped me feel less like a freak and given me hope.  I started with this whole thing last May with pain which I chose to ignore because I was afraid of cancer.  Many people in my family have had cancer and I was three weeks away from my son's wedding.

When it got bad and I went to a specialist, he said he couldn't believe I was still functioning because ...

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Colon hernia

i have a colon hernia because of sciatica problems i an looking to use alower back massager any reason why ishoudnt

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Hugo hernia 2

hey gizmo sorry im doin this outloud i have 2 hernias one Parastomal and the other the OLD stoma site im thinking basketball but guys why do i see the smaller one growing before my eyes the non stoma one is getting BIG real fast is that possible my tummy skin is changing and our Nurses on strike im booked in but have no date . Should i see my stomal therapist ??? if i earbash her enough i mite get in somehow earlier we are good friends i do favours at Ostomy Asso for her lol and she does favours...

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Ostomy w/hernia

I've watched the blogs for months but this is my 1st time writing.
This  is the 6 month anniversary of my ostomy.  The first  months I went thru the typical stages, disbelief, denial,  anger, depression embarrassment and finally  acceptance. My stoma was completely manageable, no problems,  In July  my hernia appeared and since then everything's changed; 5 out of 7 days my stoma is uncomfortable, sometimes an ulcer will d...

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Hernia repair and other things ....

Sorry I haven't been around much recently - here in the shadows, but have been having a very down time with loads of added stresses ...  anyway guys and gals ..... I need your help. Went for my pre op assessment today ..... (waste of time, but that's another story ....)

I have a HUGE hernia, which is to be repaired with mesh, with a probable resite of stoma - and possible hysterectomy due to Endometriosis .....

I was concerned that I didn't seem to be down to see a st...

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Are there any successful hernia operations?

Having an enormous hernia following a urostomy about three years ago, I am due to go back in to hospital in some four to six weeks time to have it "corrected" using the mesh method.

However, reading a number of blogs on this forum, I am beginning to wonder if it's worth while, since the majority of reports are negative, it would seem.

Although I have genuine sympathy with those who have reported failures or frequent repeat operations, I would love to hear from anybody...

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Aquafit or swimming with large hernia?

Hi all,  I was just wondering if anyone else out there has ever been given any guidance on swimming or doing Aquafit with a large  (well, the size of half a melon!) hernia?  I am desperately trying to lose weight and am now trying Slim Fast as I can't eat any green veg or normal diet foods, but I thought some exercise might help and as I am so restricted with that as well (bad heart means I can only walk 10 metres normal pace), thought that swimming might help, alth...

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I irrigate everyday and was always successful with it. I now have three large hernias and find it impossible to clean out my colon all the way, being blocked somewhat with the hernias.  Usually an hour or two the remaining works its way out then. I tried less and more water but still the same results.    Anyone else have this problem with hernias and irrigating?

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Hernia repair

In 2003 I had a colostomy due to incntinence....Before that I had 2 surgeries to repair the rectum muscles neither of which worked, thus the colostomy.....I now have a large hernia and would like that repaired, but the doc says it will only come back.   I have problems with clothes fitting properly and am very self conscious of the hernia.

Can any one give any advice as to this problem?  I am thinking of seeing another surgeon
but he is not a colo-rectal surgeo...

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I have had my colostomy only since April.  I now have a hernia that burns and itches and hurts.  The doctor says it is fine and he will fix it when he does the reversal on the ostomy.  Has anyone else had a hernia after their ostomy and what do you do about it to make it stop itching and hurting?

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Can you get hernias in your barbie butt?

I have posted before on my itchy, sore, and even cold feeling scar tissue in my Barbie Butt, which hasnt improved despite creams, tablets or trying to ignore it.

Could it be a small hernia causing my discomfort?

After the last inguinal hernia repair, could my abdomianl pressure have transferred itself to my nether regions.

I cant see any bulge there, but when I take big steps, or climb stairs it almost feels as if something is pulling.

Maybe its one of the lit...

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Small intestine in hernia space

Sorry, been away for a while - just not feeling so bright.

Anyway following a recent CT Scan, it appears that my small intestines have dropped into my hernia space and are frolicking about down there with my colon ..... no wonder I keep vomiting!

Anyone ever had this - it seems that this may be a trickier op than thought??

My gynae surgeon also wants to be present to decide whether or not to remove my uterus due to endometriosis too ....

Any thoughts, previous...

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Abdominal binder for a stoma and hernia?

Hi Everyone!

I'm hoping someone knows what to wear for a hernia that's under the left side of my stoma. In April 2009 I had to have my bowel, anus and back wall of my vagina removed due to cance...

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Hernia update

Ostomy nurse just been yep another hernia but i am going to put up with it as i am off to hong kong soonin 3 and haLF MONTHS i have hernia support undies so am using them.see what happens when i come back she told me if it get sore get meds from doctor

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off to doctors at 2 today it is rasied around bottom of stoma hope it is not another hernia have urine infection to i think,just want to curl up in a ball at the moment

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Colostomy reversal, hernia repair and new ileostomy

I need some advice on what to expect and encouragement.  I have crohns disease which was very active in the decending colon and rectum. I had a permanent colostomy formed and my decending colon and rectum removed with the hope that it would cure all my problems.  My remaining tranverse colon was deemed to be unaffected by the crohns.  That surgery was two years ago and since then the crohns has appeared in my remaining colon and I also have a severe parastomal herni...

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Anyone had 'open mesh' hernia repair surgery??

Hi.  Has anyone had surgery to their hernia which involved them putting the mesh in and then allowing it to close itself as tissue grow over it??

I believe this is one technique they use .... how long does it take and  is it as successful as closure when in surgery?

Rach xx

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i have been thinking (worrying)about hernias. i do get a bit of puffing out around my stoma sometimes and i was wondering if aside from support belts and careful lifting are there excercises you can do to strenghten your abdominal muscles. would something like polatis help? anyone tried this and found it benefitial?
want to try to avoid things getting worse if possible.

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I just spent forever typing a message an lost it..ugh..wow an I was on a roll..ok I'm gonna try one more time..now..I have a colostomy had rectal/anus cancer..since then had surgeries for hernias...obstrutions...all in all I have been hospilitized at least 7 times after my cancer surgery...had surgeries for hernias an obstructions..last time was a big mess..had hernia repair..had more small intestine removed..adhesions an obstructions...thought my surgeon was gonna have a breakdown..lol...anyway...

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Hernia repairs using 'mesh'

Hi Guys and Gals ....

It seems just recently that people have been saying that hernia repairs using mesh have caused problems.

I would be very interested in anyones stories as it looks like my surgeon will be repairing my huge hernia in that way ...

Good and bad stories please so that I can make an informed decision!

Rach xxx

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Size of hernia

This may sound silly considering the size of some members hernias, but how big should one let them go before having them repaired. Ed

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Is this hernia pain?

(Ileo Dec 09 with no hernia to this point)

Was out in the garden today doing some stuff ... this evening I have a pain very close to my stoma. It's not constant, but when it comes it's a fairly sharp pain -- is this a hernia pain

Sigh - You want to the know what makes me want to put my head through a wall ... I just got a hernia support belt. While I was in the yard, it was in it's box on the coffeetable ... idio...

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What is involved in a hernia operation?

I had my urostomy some 20 months ago, and all is going well - except:-

I have quite a large hernia, not just "behind" the stoma, but another to one side and lower down on the belly.

There is no pain and very little discomfort, but it is becoming slowly larger and without wearing my stoma belt, it would be very unsightly.

At my last meeting with the surgeon, he said that he might need to operate, but would prefer not, unless the hernia becomes an incumbrance, ...

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Leaking issues due to peristomal hernia

This is my first time posting but have often read forum in the past.  Not new to ostomy but new to leaking problems.  Had  ileostomy surgery in 81 due to UC.  Never any problems until peristomal hernia occurred causing leaking and shorter wear time.  I use Hollister premuim flat one-piece pouch.  Stopped using barrier rings thinking this was part of the reason pouch was leaking.  Seems to occur mostly at night when stoma tends...

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What can go wrong with a hernia operation?

Having only started reading the postings on this forum a few days back, forgive me if I am asking a question already raised.

I had a urostomy about 18 months ago, and some six months back noticed a swelling to the side and below the stoma. Surgeon said that it may need an operation should it get any larger but they are reluctant to do so as it can result in infection. I have noticed in other postings on this forum, members mention that they have had more than one hernia operation, and I...

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How i was shown to reduce a hernia

My surgeon showed me this. It can be a little uncomnfortable and even painful but it works and he said there is little chance of injuring yourself.

My hernias are para stomal which means they are all around my stoma. I have approx 18 inches of mesh holding my belly together so the hernias are pushing out around the mesh. I lay on my back and relax,, feel around my stoma till i find the hernia or the bulk of it. Then with the flat of my palm I work that area in a circular motion till th...

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Well friends once again I'm in need of information. A little background, two months ago I had to buy new jeans so I got them a couple of inches larger than normal, next I put on my braces to keep my pants from falling to my knees. As i sit here now, no braces, no belt, top button open. This started about two weeks ago after getting some sharp pains above and below the stoma and a circle about six or seven inches in diameter and has swollen outward about an inch and a half, hard to tell. can anyo...

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Colostomy reversal & hernia repair

Hi all, I need some advice I had a colostomy reversal & hernia repair 9 weeks ago and all seems to be settling down one or two small issues but generally all seems to be ok. My question is do I or should I use anything to hopefully stop a reocurrance of a hernia . I am aware that I should'nt lift anything too heavy. Many thanks pippa

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Hernia prevention & ileostomy appliance support

I'm going blind (and not finding what I know much be out there) looking at the websites -- so maybe someone can lead me in the right direction.

I'm interested in getting a support belt. Not one of the narrow ones that attaches to the pouch and just holds it down better against your body.

Something wider (hopefully not too cumbersome) that goes around the body, supports the abdominal area, and accommodates a vertical ileostomy appliance.

I'm fairly active but have

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Incisional hernia fixed---i hope!

I have just spent the last 6 days in Hosp. having my post op. incisional  hernia repaired. Two & a half years ago I had an Illeal Conduit Op. (  Bladder removal , Urostomy) However due to an infection in the original Incision , my guts pushed through the weakened scar line making rather a nasty bulgeing hernia. Also my belly was very badly distended ,I looked like a small Beer Barrell around the middle.

Well ,I'm back at home now with a repaired hernia , an amaz...

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Question for lottagelady and others with stoma hernia

I am having considerable discomfort  with my hernia although I seem to have read somewhere that they seldom hurt mine does - do any other members suffer this?  Also how big is "big" with regard to this kind of hernia, I have to lie back on the bed for a while before I can change the bag (which makes going out for a day difficult) - anyone found an answer for this? I mention member lottagelady because I seem to remember her surgeon told her that her hernia was about ...

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Parastomal hernia

I had surgery in the Fall for a parastomal hernia. I've recently noticed another slight bulge(not as large as the original hernia) and have felt some pain, a kind of constant burning sensation. It's not debilitating, but I definitely feel discomfort. I've also noticed that I get a sharp pain right before there's a surge of effluence in my pouch.  This is very different from the way things were before my surgery. I've been in touch with my surgeon, and have a CT scan scheduled. I'm nerv...

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Hernia around stoma

Hi All,

I have developed a hernia around my stoma which causes me great difficulties, has any member had such a hernia successfully repaired and could recommend a surgeon here in the UK.



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After my colostomy reversal and hernia repair

Hi, just to keep you all up to date I had my operation on the 14th October was in hospital for 5 days I have done very well all seems to be settling down obviously tender and sore.

I have been told not to lift anything for a while and certainly to avoid anything heavy.

However I do have a question when you suffer with a hernia and you get it repaired and you give it plenty rest over the weeks/months can you carry on as normal in other words are you able to lift things that co...

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Hernia near stoma

Hi All,

I have developed a hernia around my stoma and am due to see the surgeon who did the stoma (Jan. 2009) within the next few days. I get the impression that this type of hernia repair can be difficult - my question is am I better going privately to a hernia specialist or staying with the (NHS) surgeon who I have been refered back to?

If Whoa reads this I'd very much appreciate her opinion being a stoma nurse.



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Stoma hernia

I had a hernia near my stoma repaired in April 09. I still having pains and I feel cramped and gasee all the time. Can anyone out there tell me if this is normal and how long does this type of operation take to heal. Steve

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I went to see my stoma nurse a few weeks ago and showed her the big bulge I have at my stoma area and she said it was a hernia which could be easily rectified. Apart from the fact that I find it a bit painful I was annoyed that she treated it so casually. Now I seem to have another one on the other side, is this possible? I am not due to see anyone until December so am not sure what to do now. Anyone had the same problem? I am so glad that I found this site as everyone ...

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Who knows about parastomal hernias????????


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Colostomy reversal & hernia repair

Hi , my name is pippa and I am looking for advise and other people's opinion on colostomy reversal & hernia repair it will be getting done all at the same time, which I think is good.

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Hernia repair

Hi, Im 73yrs & have had my colostomy for 6yrs due to diverticulitus.Have had several bowel ops  before that, Nearly died during colostomy op due to heart problem. Now have big problems with a hernia & part of my small intestine getting trapped by it. To empty my colon , I have to push it up past the hernia & its getting worse.Should have had it all sorted a month ago but lost the intensive care bed half an hr before!My surgeon who was prepared to do has now left & the n...

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I just had a hernia operation a week ago. I irriagate and when I tried it wouldn't work. How much times does it take. Or shouldn't I be able to right away??

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Ileostomy with large parastomal hernia

Hello, I'm new to this site so still finding my way, that is if my memory...what's that! will allow me to remember where I've been before. However despite all that I have a question regarding quite a large parastomal hernia. I acquired this Ileostomy as a surprise after an operation on my spine. I was told I developed a blockage which caused a rupture of the colon. I did have a good stoma nurse available where I was living when I had the operation but have since moved house and the support I hav...

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Peristomal hernia

what are the signs

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Does anyone out there know bout peristomal hernia's????????


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sky, I had one several years ago, it was fixed with some mesh, during another surgery.  I had it for a few years when they decided to do a total colectomy.  I hope this helps

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Urostomy hernias??

Hello everyone,  does anyone have any info regarding urostomy hernias?  Do they get worse as we age?  Is surgery an option, etc.....Thank you for your time.

Eileen, ( Love this site)   Smile

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Parastomal hernia

I have a parastomal hernia, Its not actually near the Stoma, but on the Incision scar line from the OP. It doesnt hurt or affect me that much, but its unsightly when I am naked ( not a pretty sight at the best of times) My Doc says it can be repaired with a Mesh patch , but I'm not sure If I want to be cut open again!! What do you think?? Has anyone else had this type of hernia repaired & was it successful.... Many Thanks .... Pete.... Rolling Eyes

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