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Reverse Colostomy

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Ostomy Reversal


my brother went in for a colostomy reversal on the 19, but due to adhesions and scar tissues he ended up with an ilestomy he is so distraught and we are trying to help him get throught this daily.  Dr says he can go for another reversal in 3 months but he is very apprehensive right now.. Has anyone experienced this....

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Reversal, success with what underlying condition

I had diverticulitis with stricture and abscess, reversal after a year and a half was a success, however it looks like others are not so successful. I suspect it might be due to the condition that caused the surgery in the first place. I have seen successful reversal with similar conditions as mine, but Colitis and IBS seem less successful.  I know before my reversal I was reading horror stories here, but their condition did not reflect mine

So if success of reversal is relate to...

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Ileostomy reversal success story.

Hi all!

I am a 48 yo male and am one week post ileostomy takedown. I had a temp ileostomy for 5 months due to a bowel resection for diverticulitis. I read many horror stories online in my quest for information and i have to say I couldn't be happier with the way things have turned out.

I had my surgery on Feb 19 at 8:30 am and by midnight I could feel my bowels starting up.
The sounds w...

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Reversal surgery

my reversal surgery is coming up. ive had a ostomy for 16 months. i had to wait a year post op before the insurance kicked in. its painful i had no underlying heath issuses besides a 14 pound tumor removed that had broken through my intestines.i never know how im going to feel day to day. its very difficult and i have told very few people about my ostomy.im located in texas and the surgeon is in san antonio which is a few hours away from padre island. there was a gentelman from houston who ha...

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Stoma reversal or not

Hi, I had emergency surgery on Fe uary 14th last year for a serious bowel obstruction.  I am now living with Crohns, which is very manageable.  I am able to have a reversal.  I know this sounds bizarre probably, but with having IBS for so many years and suffering with cramps, vomitting episodes and running to the bathroom, my life is actually so much better since having my colostomy. I definitely would not have ever thought I would say that!  When people ask me when I'm havin...

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Ostomy reversal lil over year ago

Hello,11 yrs ago I had surgery and ended up with ostomy and got it reversed a yr later.Few days later it put me back in surgery and ended up with large intestine ostomy.I had it for 10 yrs till lastyear on my birthday had it reversed.It has been a lil over a year and still can\'t eat alot of foods.It has made me sick for months and has made me lose alot of weight. Is there anybody having the same problem? I don\'t have any insurance anymore, so I can\'t talk to adoctor at this time.< >

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Ileostomy reversal

I am new to this forum.  I had an ileostomy for one year and just had it reversed in August of 2014.  I am having a difficult time and would like to meet individuals and have them share their experiences with me.  I am seriously considering going back to the bag as I definitely feel that my quality of life was better.  I should have done more research on my own.  However, my surgeon explained as if it was a simple:  five to six BMs a day controlled with imodium a...

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Can't get a reversal off this thing i got on my side i hate

Can anyone help  me as Iim going crazy with this horrible bag .  

Live begged and begged my consultant to reverse my Stoma  so many times that now. I've given up the ghost as I'm hitting a brick wall they won't reverse it as all they keep saying my heart won't take. The operation but I don't  care if. It won't all I want is rid off this thing for good.

My marriage  finished because off it  my family won't talk to me jive lost friends over. It I ca...

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Need help for my mother ... emergency ileostomy and reversal

Hi all. My mother was recently in a head on car accident (oct 03 '14) in Spain - visiting from the UK for a friends birthday - and it resulted in her having some of small bowel removed under emergency conditions due to heamoraging, I am here to find some advice for her.

She now has an ileostomy from this surgery (05 oct). After about a week in ICU she is now in a *normal* room with her husband staying there.

She has been told she can have a reversal with in the next week, this...

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Is reversal possible with ulcerative colitis?

Does anyone here have experience with an ileostomy due to UC and yet be able to have a reversal?

I still have all my small intestine and 6 inches of my rectal stump. My original surgery was an emergency due to perforated bowel and mega colon. I had had issues for a year with no real help. Then came the emergency. No one really seems to know what caused this, but UC is inferred.

I KNOW it all came about because the severe stress I was going through in my life and I KNOW it all ...

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Having colostomy reversal thursday october 2 2014

Almost 4 years to the day when my colon perforated from diverticulitis, walked into a E.R. and had emergency surgery within 5 hours. It was a Sunday around midnight when they began. Honestly I did not think I was going to make it. Thereafter, I never really thought I would have it reversed; and frankly, I am used to having it and managed it well. As I have said everything [and I mean everything] is about your attitude. Everyone has or will have some challenge, some medical issue to confront. ...

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Ostomy reversal ( rectum removed)


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Ileostomy reversal - unsure what to do

I have just joined this site and thank you to everyone for their candour and support for each other. < > i hope you can help me.  I have had acute Crohn's since 2000 when I turned 30. I am now 43, have 2 children (miraculously) and had an ileostomy bag put in 4 years ago.  I did suffer from the anal fistulas and fissures , incontinence, cramping and severe pain.  Constant hospitalisations, inability to work and function meant host I had the bag.< >  I now have consta...

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Has anyone with just a stump for a rectum had a successful.reversal . I am 74 years old and my DR. said he could do it now. He will not do it after I am75.

Hope to get some answers.

Thanks, Joyce

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Ileostomy reversal

Hello all you good people out there --

Has anyone had to have an ileostomy because of Radiation Damage? In January 2012 I had a major operation for Cancer. The operation was successful and the tumour removed from my womb. THEN I was advised to have Radiotherapy just in case?? ---I had six weeks every day Radiotherapy and started to complain of symptons from the second week. Uncontrollable diarrohea, abdo pains etc but each time told they were just side effects and would subside in ti...

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Ostomy reversal post op

I must be one of the lucky ones , I had my surgery June 30, Home from Hospital 3 days later no complications. Back at work 14 days later . I was scared going into the reversal surgery, With all the bad experiences posted on this site. My thoughts are if you have the option to have reversale surgery you should go for it . Best thing I have done!

Now if I can go 6 months for follow up test with positive results . I will be a real CANCER SURVIOR .

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I cannot get my body back after my reversal

I had my reversal and hernia repair done 24 months ago.  I now have what I call a buda tummy. Where the stoma was is now healed, but still red, probably due to the fact that its at my waist. While the incision is a little lighter than before, its still quite visible.  I can't loose the tummy.  I've been doing Weight Watchers since January but only managed to loose 10 lbs.  I do 2 to 3 miles on the treadmill at 3 to 3.5mph daily and have been going to a train...

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Medications post-reversal

Had colon and gallbladder removed March 25th, 2014. Nervous like so many others about life after reversal. My surgeon tells me that I can "manage" bowel movements with an anit-diahreal med. He says I will be on this for rest of life as well as the sulfasalazine I'm taking now to prevent recurrence of the ulcerative ileo-colitis that afflicted me. I drive a truck for a living, so the bag actually isn't too bad conveniance-wise. No urgent need to get to a rest area. I was wondering about the an...

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Wound care after reversal surgery

I have just last week had the final part of my reversal surgery and am now fully connected, (which am I very glad about) I was unaware till after the surgery that this meant I would have an small Views: 1489 Replies: 7

Need some advise about reversals

I am going to see my doctor on Tues., July 1 about having a reversal done.  I don't mind telling you I am scared to death to have it done from some of the horror stories I have heard.  Can those who have had it done or know of people that have had one done please give me some question to ask the surgeon. 

One reason I am scared is that the doctor that performed my surgery was with this practice for over 30 years and suppost to be one of the best but in less than a month...

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Reversal coming soon!!

Good news !!

My Doc just told me I can have my reversal Surgery as soon as he can get it scheduled

Best news yet ! 

What can I expect as far as side effects? Anyone ?

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Reversal question


Does anyone here have any experience with having an ileostomy reversal along with a stricture in their colon?  Any feedback would be appreciated!  Thank you!

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Reversal issues

4 weeks ileostomy reversal and I am having lower stomach bloating and constipation everyday! I take colace and miralx with no relief. Is this normal? When will I go back to being regular

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Pregnancy post reversal and partial bowel resection

I have decided against surgery to repair large abdominal hernia as will delay trying for a baby as pregnancy would probably cause it to come back so I had my contraceptive implant removed today! 

My question is about people's experience getting pregnant post reversal. I have been told that all the scar tissue around my right ovary from ileostomy and then reversal will block the Fallopian tube on that side. Also have other issues like pcos and history of chemo which may impact fer...

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Reversal and a gas problem

I had a reversal of my ileostomy Dec. 2, 2013. While most things seem to be heading in a "good" direction I have one problem that has not relented one bit. I have gas, gas to a degree that I think sometimes I'm contributing to climate change. Everyday, sometimes early in the morning it will begin but usually it waits until later in the day, sometime around 3 or 4 in the afternoon. From that time on it will be there all evening. I take Welchol and Imodium for a problem that is still with me, g...

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Severe cramps post reversal

Hi there, I am a week post reversal and wonder if anyone has advise re: cramping and gas relief. I was relatively prepared for the frequent runs to the w/c and the ermm ... sore posterior but I wasn't expecting these wickedly sharp pelvic cramps likely due to all the gas that builds up. Has anyone experienced the same? What kind of things have you done? I've tried a heating pad over my abdomen and I get out for frequent walks around the block to get things going after a meal. I've asked the s...

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Incredibly sick after ileostomy reversal

Hi all.  Been a while since I've posted.  On March 4th I finally went in for my reversal.  Since that time I've been incredibly sick.  I've lost 10 lbs.  My nausea has been the worst ever and I've got constant abdominal pain (not surgical pain but gut pain).  To top it off, unlike most who undergo a reversal and suffer with diarrhea, I am incredibly constipated and unable to go.  I was just hospitalized again for extreme dehyd...

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Ileostomy reversal

Hi everyone!   Just had my reversal 3 weeks ago.   I woke up with a huge hole in my belly but is healing up pretty good.  I guess its the new thing not to sew you up and let it heal from the inside out.   I have a hard time looking at it but my husbands takes the flashlight and likes to look into my belly.   YUK!   I am pooing 8-14 times a day and my butt hurts. My stools are small like finger size and smaller but shaped like a triangle...

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Pre-reversal diet

I'm scheduled for reversal of my colostomy next week. I know that post surgery a diet of low fiber is prescribed. How about pre-surgery? Should I eat high fiber as part of a "cleansing"? I'd welcome your opinion, experience.    Thanks Very Much!!

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Ostomy reversal

just had it a week ago and still on low residue diet  .  is it ok to get gas cramping

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Ostomy reversal

I had my colostomy five months ago. My doc says now is time for the reversal surgery but I'm more than a bit worried. I'm 72, 25 pound overweight but otherwise in good health. Surgery itself scares me but I'm mostly concerned about post surgery. I keep reading about loss of control, leakage, mad dashes to the toilet, diaper pads etc.. Maybe I'm better off with the bag?
Advice, suggestions, experiences  needed so I can make an informed decision.  Thanks heaps!

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Need guidance - getting a reversal for my loop ileostomy

Hi all. It's been a while since I've written. I am happy to say I've been given the green light to proceed with an ileostomy reversal but I'm nervous as hell.  I've tried to find input from others on this site but find there's not much out there on reversals.  Looking for any advice from those who have experienced a reversal.  Thanks.

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Colostomy reversal

     hi im nadine i had my colostomy done just over 12 months ago reason for it my coil/iud i had fitted perforated it so got rushed in and woke up in icu with this on me Sad<


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Preparing for final part of ileostomy reversal

Hi everyone!

I joined this forum recently in search of people to talk to who have already been through a reversal of the colostomy bag. I myself have undergone the first part of the reversal, and i'm due to have the second part at the begining of june. I'm looking for advice on ways to prepare for this, mentally and physically!

I also welcome any questions people may have about what i have gone through so far and advice Smile

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I am able to have a reversal, but......

hello all, name is Mike, im 25 and on Aug 17th of this year will be two years since i have had a colostomy, i got shot point blank in the stomach and was operated on for 8 hours and i awoke to 37 staples and a healing ostomy not yet in use... while in the hospital 20 out of 37 staples were removed to reduce the possibility of infection because the incision had turned REDD..

4-5 months went by and i was fully healed and able to have a reversal 3 months after the wound was fully healed, ...

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Ileostomy reversal

I have had an ileostomy since last april due to a small bowel resection, they took about 2.5
feet from me. I am wandering about a reversal, wandering if they will be able to do it. My
doctor was worried about adhensions. If any one has any suggestions I would love to hear
them...Thank you

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Is an ileostomy reversal at 5 months too soon???

Hi all.  Looking for feedback from anyone who has had a reversal or is being considered for one.  I am 3-1/2 months post ileostomy and my surgeon has said I am a candidate for a reversal.  He wants to scope me next month to make sure everything "looks good and healed" and if it does he plans to do a reversal in March which will put me at 5 months post ileostomy.  Originally he told me six months minimum so this caught me off guard.  I'm...

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I had a colonostomy 3 years ago. I went in for a reversal the following year but things went wrong. The Dr. said it was like a bag of puss that exploded in me also the niped a small vein and I lost much blood. At the same time I had part of my rectum removed. ( I new this was going to take place ) I would still like to go for the reversal but my Dr. said I would have the erge to go to the bathroom and I better get their fast.

I know people who have had the revesal and they say they hav...

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Alcohol / beer bad for someone waiting for ostomy reversal?

Hello all this is my first post here, i am 25 years old, when i was 23, i was robbed and shot point blank in the stomach, i woke up with 37 staples and a colostomy bag, i was initially promised a reversal 4 months after my stomach wound healed up, the doctor lied to me so many times i really dont wanna go into it

i have taken all tests required to do a colostomy reversal and i am good to go, besides the fact i no longer have insurance, and the minimum they want to start is $27,000 Cash ...

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Ileostomy reversal

I am new to this, so I will tell my story and then see what comments are  made. Ok, well back in 2011 I was diagnosed with cervical cancer so I started chemo and radiation. I had 35 radiation and 4 weeks of chemo and also 4 internal radiation. went back to work felt fine even thru 2012. well Jan. 3 2013 my stomach started hurting severly went to dr they thought it was gall b ladder so they took it out. well I still was hurting so I ended up going to another hospital, I was there 9 week...

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Greetings - advice sought on upcoming ostomy reversal

Greetings all.  I stumbled across this web site last night and would really appreciate any advice from the community here on a potential upcoming ostomy reversal.  This is my first post here and I apologize in advance for the length.

I’m ~6 weeks out of the hospital from emergency surgery that involved: removal of a (non-cancerous as it turns ou...

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Life after reversal

I had my ileostomy reversal done on Dec. 2. My surgery for the ostomy was done as an emergency
on June 3 of this year. In March of this year I had a heart attack. Been something of a tough year
but it has to get better. While in the hospital they removed the two drains in the wound and said
they would start to remove staples later, after being home. I had, while in the hospital, severe
bouts of diarrhea but a day or so prior to leaving for home it stopped. While home the diarrhe...

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Ostomy, reversal to permanent ostomy!

Hi, I had my lg intestine removed in Feb. of 2013 was given an ileostomy in May it was reversed. I had major problems with the reversal, it should have never been reversed and I think my surgeon knew that. Now I am headed back for a permanent ileostomy Jan. 22, 2014. Never thought I would be relieved to have my ostomy back again, I have been through six months of torture!

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To have a reversal or not?

Hi everyone! Im coming to the point where i need to decide if to stay with the stoma or have a reversal (j.pouch). My story is i caught salmonella and thyphoid fever on holiday which got so bad so i had to have emergency operation leaving me with an ileostomy. With more tests it shows i have ulcerative colitas. Im struggling to decide if to have the reversal or just to keep the bag. Any info/help/stories on this would be much appreciated. Im very new to this world and the more info and people i ...

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Possible reversal and hernia fix.

     This is a letter sent to my Doctor from my Surgeon, has anybody been through the same procedure?. I wonder what you feel my chances of sucess are?.<


    & nbsp;" Further to my last letter on Mr Hughes, his contrast imaging does confirm he has a very short rectal stump, probably only 8cm in length. He does appear to have a reasonable amount of left colon which, if fully mobilised would reach the lower rectum. his abdomin...

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Finally had my reversal and doing great

well waited nine years for my opp now its all over had the reversal 14 days ago and all going great out of hospital and all working well was loose to start but now more controlled feeling a little sore but on the whole feel fantastic.

Each day is improving went so well I keep pinching myself to see if im awake I am now so positive things will be ok now so all you out there about to have a reversal take it from me I think its been well worth it so far I know i...

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Open colostomy reversal and new temporary ileostomy

  Long story short:  On April 20,  2013 my colon perforated due to diverticulitis.  I arrived by ambulance to the hospital already in full blown septic shock.  I was in the operating room for 5 hours and then transferred to ICU on life support.  My family was told that if I was alive in 72 hours I might have a chance but they should hope for the best and prepare for th...

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Ileostomy reversal

I had the ileostomy reversal a month ago I am still feeling a lot of rectal pain and am trying to control my elimination but often have accidents daily.  Does anyone know how long it takes to stop hurting and to get control?  I kind of feel like I have uc again.  I'm glad the ostomy is gone though.

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Ileostomy reversal

Me again.  I keep writing because I find myself so lost in this whole thing.  Question for anyone out there that has undergone ileostomy reversal.  I've been told if all goes well and I heal well I should be able to undergo ileostomy reversal in 6 months but before that I will have to successfully complete a defecating proctogram.  Because my rectal muscles don't work real well I did not do well taking this test prior to surgery.  I'm wondering i...

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Thinking about reversal

Hello!! I have had my ileostomy due to Crohns Disease since 2009.  It was my understanding at the time that it was permanent and over time I accepted it and went on with life. Recently my gastro doctor asked me if I'd like to have a reversal done and that my Crohns has been in remission.  I have been cleared by the colo-rectal surgeon and all they need now is my ok. I have never really thought about it and so I told them I would decide after the holidays because my ostomy is ...

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Deciding against a reversal. am i crazy?????????

I have decided to have a permanent ileostomy in Jan 2014 instead of a reversal after weighing up the pros & cons of both. Does anyone else think this is a crazy idea? This is the impression I get from all the different doctors I have met at the hospital following check ups after my 1st OP in Feb 2013. They are quite surprised with my decision and make me feel like I am making a weird choice.

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I'm waiting for the 2nd surgery to close the ostomy, I had a surgery appointment a couple weeks ago and the doctor said I'll get a call or letter soon to have the reversal...looking forward to not having to wear the bag, it's awkward..but I do feel a lot better since early this year and having the colectomy and hysterectomy (in the same surgery).

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Ostomy reversal question

I was asked by my colo-rectal surgeon if I would like to consider a reversal?? Think about it, he said.
I have a cecostomy for more than 6 years now and still open the other end. I have 3 ventral hernia repairs in my belly and one at the sygmoid area. All repaired with mesh.

20 some years ago my colon perforated because no one was able to diagnose that I had diverticulitis  and I was getting constant issues, so the perforation and peretonitis, to...

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Reversals and medicare

Hi everyone...just a quick note to say how much I like this forum.  It has been uber help to me and so many other people with ostomies.

My question is - does anyone out there know whether a reversal is covered by Medicare or is it considered a personal choice and therefore not covered.  I could not afford to have one if it is not covered.


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Thankfull to the community and ostomy reversal

I want to thank everyone in this page; my journey into the ostomy world was made a lot easier by those writing here. I am sure you know, but I want to really say thanks. I can say most of what has been making my life easier was learn on this site. I hope someone will find this story helpful
I had an obstruction april2012 and after a month of struggling and 20 pounds less l...

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Home from my reversal.

Hi All,

I had my reversal on the 23rd of august.
Woke up with at 2:30pm with a massive hole in the side of me which i knew i would do anyway but its still a shock as it is really massive,

The first 48 hours were ok, I was walking by 10:00pm that night (as instructed by surgeon).
The 48 hours after that was not soo good I was in unbelievable pain, and started vomiting.
I lost my appetite and didnt eat but my bowl started working,
I didnt have any problems w...

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My reversal in on friday 23rd august

Hi Everyone,
               &n bsp;    After having my ileostomy in September 2012 I have been looking forward to being reversed.
But to be honest Im not..... my life has been pain free Im back to work,
Do I really want to go through pain and discomfort all over again?
And lay in hospital when I can go out and live life and enjoy what I have worked so hard for over the past ten months.

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Ileostomey reversal

hello all
finally had my reversal after 3 yrs. I swear I would never recommend it to anyone. I went thru so much pain and iam still recovering from it. I had it july 9th. My question is, is there anyone else who has had it done and what are some of the things they experienced. I had an infection sit in my stomach where they stapled me. I had to re-enter the hospital and they had to cut me open and drain the infection. they sent me home with stomach open and had nurses come in and do care on ...

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Ostomy reversal - hartmanns procedure

I have bee rubbish on here - only made a few posts and then vanished to 'normal' life but I think that's a good thing.  I am a 33 year old professional single mum of one and I coped pretty well I think with having a stoma for 2 years.  I have just had my final appointment with the nurse (for dressing checking) four weeks after my reversal surgery.  

I'd be happy to chat with anyone who's recently 'gained' a stoma and wants to talk to someone who's been in t...

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Just had reversal, anxious re blood in bowel movements

Hello, hoping can get some info from others who have had iliostomy reversals, feeling quite anxious......

Just had my reversal last week and out of hospital yesterday.  I had some issues with severe gas and vomiting so was on liquid diet for most of my time in there.  I finally passed some gas and very loose stool and they let me go yesterday after only having one very small regular meal there.  I started to eat small amounts of food/meals yesterday. &...

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Another successful reversal story - but rather long!

I wanted to give a bit of my story for those considering an ileostomy reversal as i think the more information people have the better.

I had emergency surgery for a volvulus (twisted bowel I think) resulting in a loop ileostomy in March 2011. It was caused by a lymphoma in my abdomen that had been misdiagnosed as Crohn's disease for many months. I was diagnosed in the February and started chemo before feeling really ill in march culminating in horrific pain and faecal vomiting. By the ...

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Reversal on june 24th

I am having my reversal surgery in a little over a week on June 24th and I am really nervous since I had trouble with the first surgery! It was actually two emergency surgeries.. resulting in the colostomy bag! But it saved my life so I can't be to fussy about it.. The first surgeries I was in the hospital 9 days!! I am trying to find out about an average hospital stay for a reversal! I would like to know how bad the pain is.. how bad is the first bowel ...

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Successful ostomy reversal

I am almost 3 weeks since reversal date and all has gone well.  Haven't needed pain meds for 3 days now and am sleeping on my sides again so all that is big progress for me.  The large gaping hole where my stoma was is closing up more each day.  I have times where I am running to the bathroom to get there on time, but not always.  I mostly feel in control but am comforted by being able to have a restroom nearby available.  There are days I go sev...

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I would like to put in a word about non- reversal. I have had my iliostomy five years and am so thankful to  have put all my bowel  problem behind (pardon thepum) . At first I was frantic to have a reversal but have come to appreciate the ease , painless and trouble-free elimination I now enjoy. So to all you who cannot have a reversal, take heart and enjoy life .

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Ileostomy reversal- successful...positive....a must read

Hi ...i had a emergency ileostomy done in feb 2012. I was on life support and in a coma in icu for over 4 weeks.

It was a shock to wake up with this bag hanging off me....they said they could do a reversal....in a few months...

Well a few months turned into 15 months....because i had a infection and plus the surgery was scheduled 4 times and cancelled....twice by the doctor..to put a emergency in my spot and twice i made it to the operating room only to have it cancelled becaus...

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Reversal may 17 2013

Just to let all you fine people know,  14 months ago after my 5 th attack it was emergency surgery time... No my surgeon and hospital did everything right it's just I only ever got a little sick I never experienced the pain so many suffer, no the less April 2 2012 I wake up with a colostomy ... To say it was a reliefe would be an under statement I have felt so good in the last 14 months I realize I was sick for at least 5 years prior .... The BIG QUESTION do I go back for reversal so I...

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Reversal questions

I had an ileostomy since January 2012 due to cancer.  It is a temporary one but I had an anastomosis leak in my pelvic area so it was hard to fix.  I just had a surgery to put some of my stomach muscle around that part of my colon and they were able to close up that pocket.  I am scheduled for a reversal on May 22.  I am very excited but have a few questions.  I have never posted on this site but have been reading here several times.  L...

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I am new here and only have had my "Stella" for 4 weeks. My doc is talking about reversal at 3 months. I had total colectomy with ileostomy for UC and ischemic colitis. I have a very liquid output right now and am wondering a couple of things. When will my output thicken? Is anyone on meds for thickening? Thoughts on the reversal-should I wait longer? Will it improve my quality of life? Not thrilled with Stella, but she's a whole lot better than living in a room full of hanging rolls o...

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Hartmanns reversal complete

Hi Everyone, i Joined this board a year ago when I had an emergency hatmann procedure after having a pelvic infection and a badly inflammed bowel, but never really got the time to post. Last Tues (19th march 2013) I had the reversal, with an epidural, and am pleased to say it was succsesful. No complications, was up and moving around slowly within 24/48 hours, 6 day stay in hospital and returned home at the weekend. I have got quite a big wound to heal, like an upside down capital letter 'T' tha...

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Colostomy reversal

Have not been on this site for awhile. Had a successful reversal surgery over a year ago. All went well and am back to normal. Thanks to all for the prayers and support.

Robert from OC CA.

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Retal pain after reversal

I had a temp ileo in 2011 for 11mons due to a Carcinoid tumor in my rectum. I had a Lower Anterior Resection with Meso Excision (lymph nodes removed). I have been reconnected for 5 mons and overall things are doing well.
I would like to hear from others who have had this type of surgery and still have your rectum and colon. I have pain sometimes and pressure like the feeling of something down there. I understand that it has to restretch as my rectum is shorter now. It comes and goes and def...

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Insuarance coverage colostomy reversal

I am 12 months post colostomy and soon seeking a reversal. Has anyone had trouble with insurance covering reversal. Thanks !

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Ileostomy reversal after having bowel obstruction

Hi All,

I struggled with bowel obstruction for about 10 years and after plenty of operations to remove obstructions I ended up with an Ileostomy.  Is there anyone here that has had a similar thing happen to them and what are the chances of reversal?

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Reversal epideral questions

Hi, I'm getting ready to have my reversal surgery in Jan and after what I went through I'm scared to death.  I had a colon bleed that would not stop and ended up with 15" of my colon removed and a colostomy bag because the reconnection did not work.  I am scared of needles and surgery.  The Dr has told me that this time he will use and epidural.  I had no idea what that was.  Well, during my research I found out!!!
  My questio...

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Ostomy reversal

Has anyone had a reversal even though you have short bowel syndrome and did it help?  
Is the stool still liquid after reversal and is it hard to control bowel movements?

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Extensive checklist for hospital after reversal

Hi, everyone.  I've never posted here but I've been a reader who benefittted tremendously from your help and guidance.  I'm one month post-reversal and all is going well.  I put together an extensive checklist of things I found useful, indispensable or comforting during my hospital stay.   Here it is:

For sore butt:<xml><o></o>< /span>

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Bitter sweet reversal

This is the first time I post something here and I want to say that reading your stories has inspired me, made me laugh and feel virtual support so many thanks for that.

After many attempts at fixing my recto-vaginal fistula the surgeon decided to make me a temporary ileostomy in the hopes that it would help things heal. I've had my stoma for 16 months now and in two weeks if the last fistula fixing procedure worked I might have it reversed. If it hasn't healed they might try a martius ...

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My reversal coming up

Hi, this is my first post on this site.  I had Diverticulitis back in early May and my colon perforated on May 8th.  It was undiagnosed prior to that so it was a total surprise.  I had an emergency colonectomy and they removed part of my Sigmoid colon. Apparently the problem started a couple of weeks before and I passed it off as food poisoning.  I felt that pain again on the 8th and thought it was some bad meat from a local diner.  The tear had ...

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Ostomy reversal, are there ever complications?

I had my operation just before Xmas 2011, and I will be talking to my surgeon in a few days about the possibility of a reversal. Are there any complications getting things to work again. What about leaks?
I have heard that reversal surgery is quite common.....That makes me wonder why they don't do it that way to start with?

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Reversal is a big decision --help!

It's been awhile since I've posted in these forums.  I had an emergency colostomy back in Dec 2011.  All has been well after my recovery from that surgery.  It was definitely a life-changing experience.  I've adapted fine to my experience with a pouch, but reversal is an option for me and I've been giving it a lot of thought.

My original emergency surgery was done by the general surgeon on call in the hospital that night (Christmas Eve!), and I'v...

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Reversal complete

Hey Yall! Just wanted everyone to know that I am home from reversal surgery. I took that first poop post op day FOUR & came home post op day NINE. I just thought I would get that out of the way straight off since I knew those would be the first two questions!!! LOL!!!

I was cut from my sternum to my pelvic region (approx 18") - the stoma site was left open to heal from the inside out.  I am still very sore & in pain. The retention sutures holding my abdomen toget...

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Reversal with a hernia

I think I have developed a hernia on my stoma site! With only about 6wks before my reversal. Hopefully they can repair when they reconnect, it is not too bad right now but it is uncomfortable when walking. I guess as a woman I have done too much lifting, working etc..

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Ileostomy reversal question

  I had C.diff for over 4 years and had tried every medication that was avaliable, I had 2 fecal transplants, and it was starting to effect other parts of my health. My kidneys were only functioning in the 70%s and I was retaining over 20 lbs of water, I couldnt sleep, I couldnt go out, I was constantly on the toliet. I had seen many different GI specialists and Colo-Rectal surgeons and they had me tested for other things just to make sure they werent taking me colon out and g...

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Reversal: yes or no

I got a colostomy in April 2012 after being diagnosed with colorectal cancer. Since then the Dr. has found more polyps in my sigmoid colon. None of them have been malignant. My family history includes a lot of cancers which have proved to fatal. What I'd like to know is what are the disadvantages to having the surgeon remove the rectum, anus, and sigmoid colon removed and having a permanent colostomy vs. doing the reversal. I have dealt very well with the emotional and psychological adjustments ...

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Reversal scheduled!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ladies & Gentlemen help start my engine!!!!! I have REVERSAL scheduled for August 27th & need all of the prayer, good thoughts & good karma I can get!!!

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Reversal complete

I started out with an ostomy a year and a half ago when my strangulated hernia burst. The hernia, down in my scrotum, was the size of a football and I had two operations of several hours each over a period of several days, and it was touch and go at first. When I awoke I was wearing a plastic bag on my belly. Quite a shock.

I had gone to a hernia expert years before that refused to operate. He admitted
he had killed two patients with hernias of the size of mine when he operated on t...

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Ureter stints before reversal surgery

Hey Yall -

My surgeon said that after I am knocked out for the reversal that a urologist will place stints in my ureters so he can be certain to visualize them while he is fixin me up & they will come out while as soon as my surgery is complete.

Do any of yall know anything about this? Had experience with it? Is it common?

Just wondering because I have to go meet this urologist & sign a release for her to do it.

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Strange bms 7 months after reversal

Its been 7 months since my reversal and all was well until 3 weeks ago. The first bathroom visit of the day was an emergency, diarrhea, and through out the next 3 days.  I was afraid to take immodem so I just lived with it.  Along with the loose stools, the bms were light in color and strange in consistancy.  Very reminiscent of diverticulitis.  My gastroenterologist prescribed meds and after 5 days, much better, but still loose stools with strange consist...

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Recovery time for sex after colostomy reversal

I had my reversal 2 weeks ago and am wondering how long I should wait to have sex any information appreciated. Thanx

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7 months post reversal-is it stomach flu or relapse????

Hi, I'm almost new here and have a question.  I had my colonostomy reversal in December and have been fine. THEN this past Thursday, I thought I had a case of the stomach flu, I had typical symptoms,  after eating,  making frequent visits the bathroom.  When the need to visit the bathroom was gone, I was fine, no pain, I felt great, shopped, got my hair touched up, etc.  Then again the emergency visits to that cute little room.

With thi...

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Illestomy reversal questions

Hi, i had a stroke in august of 2011 and soon after they found a tumor in my large colon, upon having it removed i was left with an illestomy and annoyingly very little support after the first time i needed to change my pouch (so all my "knowledge" is self taught from trial and error and blogs online and such, so appologies if i use a wrong term).

I was due to have my reversal in may but i was also awaiting a heart operation and that had to take priority at the time, now im re...

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After reversal of ostomy

Hello all,     I had a ruptured intestine and had a colostomy end of December 2010.  I was fortunate to be able to have the reversal done which was end of July 2011.   I am careful with what I eat and up until now I have been feeling good.  I do eat fiber off and on but find that if I have too much my stomach bothers me, feel a little nauseous and I have constipation.  This is my problem now for the past week.   Just don'...

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Stoma reversal

hi everyone, am completely new to this but sooo glad to have found this website! Need some info - my husband underwent major surgery in early Feb for bowel cancer and lost about 12" of colon and ended up with a stoma - which caused all sorts of problems - the main one being dehydration, which, i understand from lots of you is a "norm".
Stoma reversal April 20 and we thought that was it - now on the road to recovery. (histology results showed cancel in remission - such a relief...

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Reversal surgery too soon ???????

Hello Everyone,

I just came across this site late last night and am so glad I found it. Husband admitted through the ER on March 31st.  He unexpectedly experienced a perforated colon due to diverticulits which resulted in having surgery after 10 days of antibiotic treatment in the hospital. They removed his sigmoid colon and a portion of his rectum on April 10th. He was given a temporary ileostomy while the colon/rectum connection site healed. He has had his barium enema test...

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I have been going through all of the Blogs..Came across one that said they did not want a reversal, because of the pain afterwards....I am due for a reversal in about 2 months, can you please tell me what kind of pain I can expect, other then post surgical????/
Now, I am becoming apprehensive, probably should ask the doctor when i see him in July..please respond if you have any uplifting comments.. Thanks Betty

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Scared to death about reversal help!!!!

I have had my end ileostomy since emergency surgery on 10/29/11. I had my appendix removed after they found a polyp at the opening to my appendix. EMORY University Hospital, Cheif of general surgery. I was VERY careful about where & whom I surrendered to cuttin on my body & I NEARLY DIED.

The doctor who I credit with figuring out that NO, I in fact did NOT just have an ileus had to tell my husband that he thought it would be a good idea to bring our daughters, (13 & 15), in...

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Reversal and blockages?

I have been home from hospital for 6 days.  In this time I have had two blockages.  This stumps me as I have only abut six inches remaining of colon.    I now have to take stool softener and Miralax daily.    I have never had problem with this prior to my ileostomy.   Now twice in a week is misery.      Is this usual after reversal?     My reversal has 4 anastomotic sites and t...

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Reversal and other procedures complete ;)

On April 18 I went in for my surgery.    I am left with about six inches of healthy colon, lysis of major adhesions (again), four anastomotic sections, and reversal of ileostomy.    Thankfully I had epidural this time!  Three days after surgery I threw a pulmonary embolism, so epidural came out and all the various protocols for that started.     Hospital stay of 10 days.     So happy to be home an...

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Any one out there had a reversal

please looking for any foods  or medication that can help with anal burning while passing stools.  I'm 5 weeks over the take down with a j pouch and am in agony all the time.  looking for any one that can give me any advice .  thank you

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Well...I will be having my reversal in Oct. 2012. I had my surgery back in Nov, 2011. I have heard so much about the reversal that I don't know what to think! LOL. I am connected at the retum but disconnected from the colon with an end illeostomy. I'm just wondering if anybody out there has this same scenario and how the reversal was done. My only place to reconnect is from the ileostomy site itself since my colon is connected to my retum. Primary tumor was in my retum..thank for any info..sorry...

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Colostomy reversal (vater syndrome)

Hello everyone,
I had a question about reversal of a colostomy. I have had my colostomy since I was born and had it reversed just a year into life. Then after another year or so things were not working and I was getting enemas and rashes so they gave it to me once again. Now at 24 I want to give it another try and see if it's possibly. Does anyone have stories of having it their whole life and then getting a reversal and hopefully successfully??
I also have something called VATER syndr...

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Colostomy / ostomy reversal

Had my colostomy reversed as well as a colostomy hernia repaired a few months ago after having it for around six months. Re connect surgery was successful and I am feeling pretty normal. A very bad case of diverticulitis brought it all on. I ignored a bad stomach ache that finally turned severe. I spent a month total in the hospital on strong antibiotics attempting to clear up the infection to no avail. My colon ruptered during the third week and had to have a section of colon removed. Had I loo...

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Questons for people who have had their reversal

Hi guys, im due to meet my surgeon on the 16th and hopefully arrange my illestomy reversal after having it since august of 2011, i was taken into hosptial in june 2011 from having a stroke and after about 8 weeks of testing they found a tumor in my colon and then i was left with an end illestomy (my appologies if thats the wrong term but i never got told how to cope with this and everthing i know iv learnt off the fly, but i do know from thes district nurse that i have an end stoma...).
I wa...

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Diaperless diaper rash after a reversal

Lets talk about what my nurses call diaperless diaper rash. In january I had a sucsesfull reversal but I am haveing problems with diapeer rash no matter how carfull I clean and dry after each use

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OK, so I dont know if any of you know my past, but long story short blah blah blah LOL

I had diverticulitis, and went in to have it removed, well 4 surgeries later 2 of which were emergency one's, this last one on 12/31/2011...yup ringing in the new year under the knife, at least I got to spend it with someone (albeit my surgeon ) who I dont get along with. Well she has told me that she won't try and reverse it again, and she has been referred to me as the best in AZ for colorectal sur...

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Ileostomy reversal finally done

Hi folks,
I was a newbie to the site last year when I underwent an emergency Ileostomy and the doctors were surprised that I had no prior symptoms or illness other than the ones I presented them with on the day.   I havent been too good this last few months so havent been online much.

I spent nearly two months in hospital from July 1st last year, I felt abandoned by my gp and dietician and gradually over the months I lost two stone in weight and by the end of it I couldnt ...

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Transverse colostomy reversals

I am fairly new to this site and have posted comments to other's threads and now am posting my own story. My son who is 38 years old and developmentally handicapped is having his reversal done on Monday, March 26th.
He is pretty nervous about this but happy to be having it done. It has been a very long road for him since August 18/11 when he took extremely ill with Fournier's Gangrene and had massive abdominal surgery on that date. They did a transverse to let his r...

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Bad colostomy reversal. x 2 and a cry for help

Is this much trouble comon place?

In Feb 2010, they discovered a non-cancerous tumor between my colon and my bladder. I also had diverticulitis.
They removed a the tumor and 8 inches of my colon in May 2010. Four days later my colon came back apart. Emergency surgery and I woke up with a bag on my stomach. I was in the VA hospital for a whole month.

I also lost 50 pounds while I was in the hospital. I went from 215 pounds to 165. Great way to loose weight, but I don't recom...

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Huge parastomal hernia .. will it affect the reversal?

a melon sized hernia appeared overnight.. it is uncomfortable but im worred about a few things..
i want to have a hartmans reversal in 12 months and im worried if it will affect the reversal,.. they want to do the op at the time of reversal, but if it gets any bigger and  if they have to operate sooner, will that reduce chance of success?

Also im worried about bowel strangulation as i already live with PTSd from almost dying from bowel perforation, my fear is escalated wi...

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Hartmann's reversal and hernia repair at the same time

Hi, I have just joined the site and looking for anyone who has had a Hartmann's reversal and abdominal hernia repair done at the same time. I had emergency surgery in April and nearly died due to infection and my wound didn't heal for about 2 months I cannot have the hernia repaired without having a reversal and Iam really scared as I had no intention of having a reversal for a while as I feel really good, the best I have felt in about 2 years can anyone help.

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I refused the reversal

well hiya to all off  you id like to  tell you all about my experience   off  the day
On wednesday the 1st feb 2012 i was due to go have a illio reversal to be done
well i chickened out off it i refused to have it  as after reading all your comments on the reversal  were they connect  the small intestine to  the  butt  i couldnt go thro with it .

as without the large bowl id be...

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Colostomy reversal

Hi Everyone. I had my colostomy reversal on Jan. 30th and am still in the hospital. All indications so far are that it will be successful. The pain isn't as bad as the initial surgery in October so I am hoping my recovery will be better as well.  I had a low sigmoid ostomy following a diverticular abscess that would not respond to draining or antibiotics. It has been quite an ordeal. I will keep you posted on my daily progress if that would be helpful to those of you who are scheduled ...

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Colostomy reversal with hernia repair surgery

My reversal and hernia surgery is tomorrow, Feb 3rd!  I've been on the clear liquid diet since yesterday at 4:00 so I'm feeling quite hungry about now.  It's funny how food looks and smells so great when you can't have it.  I'm nervous and anxious for tomorrow to come.  I pray all will go well and all of you on this site have helped me with all of your encouragement and information.  I am truly thankful to you all.  I'll post again as s...

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Prep fpr ostomy reversal

Hi everyone. I have been reading your posts since I had an emergency sigmoid colostomy performed on Oct 6. This is my first time posting. My reversal is scheduled for Monday Jan 30th and my doctor has prescribed a bowel prep called Moviprep. I took half the prescribed amount prior to my first surgery as I have a very sensitive colon. However my doctor is recommending the full 2 course prep this time and I am worried. I would appreciate any advice re the prep and what its like to cleanse the bowe...

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So...reversal a no go

SO I went in for a colostomy reversal on 12/27/11 as you may know, and everything went textbook, and went well. I was released from the hospital on 12/30 and all seemed to go fine. Through the course of that night I started running low grade fevers and took ibuprofen and it went away by morning. SO I thought it was all ok. Over the course of the day I started getting more frequent abdominal pain, and by evening ended up back in the emergency room. I was vomiting and running low grade fevers agai...

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Count down to reversal...

Hello everyone.
I just found and joined this site a few days ago. I wish I had discovered it sooner. So many helpful tips and hints that even the hospitals dont seem to know.
Anyway, with that being said I begin the count down to my ileostomy reversal.
Five weeks from today.
I know that sounds like its far away, but in my head it's coming fast and I have no idea what to expect.
A brief history of what happened to me, starts at the end o...

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Ileostomy reversal, i will let you know how it goes

Guess I will start from the beginning. 2 1/2 years ago I had a sudden onset of abdominal pain which got worse over 48 hours. Having no insurance coverage, I held out as long as I could before going to the ER with the abdominal pain and no B/M for over 72 hours.

8 hours after arriving in the ED, I was in surgery and 12 hours later I had a colostomy.

I will give a blow by blow in later posts but after an unsuccessful attempt at reversal last September that resulted in an ilesoto...

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Colostomy reversal with hernia repair

This is the first time I have posted on this site.  I've been reading it for a while and all of you have helped me feel less like a freak and given me hope.  I started with this whole thing last May with pain which I chose to ignore because I was afraid of cancer.  Many people in my family have had cancer and I was three weeks away from my son's wedding.

When it got bad and I went to a specialist, he said he couldn't believe I was still functioning because ...

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Information on ileostomy reversal

So in March of last year, I had surgery to have a total colectomy with end ileostomy. I was told that since it was a final determination of ulcerative colitis, that I could later on have a reversal if I wished. I'm looking to get information from anyone who has had this done, or knows someone who has, to get information regarding this process. I know that if I do have the reversal done, it will be a two surgery process, first to create a small pouch with part of my small intestine, and the secon...

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What/how to prepare for successful reversal

I would like to prepare myself for successful reversal. I would like to hear from those who have gone through this process, what to expect, what to prepare...
I love to hear positive experience, not negative one. I am mentally and visually preparing for a SUCCESSFUL surgery! It's going to be successful!!

what I know so far are
  1. kegal exercise
  2. bring wet wipe to the hospital
  3. installing bide in my washroom
  4. stock up on diapers/large pads
  5. get water pr...

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Reversal done 15-11-2011, now i am nearly there!

here is an up date for any one following my progress.  operation 15th november 2011

the hartmans reversal, with mesh for  repair of inscitional hernia went well , till my tummy got bigger and bigger and eventualy split open spilling 3 pins of exulate.  on the 12th december , 2 days in hospital with IV antibiotics and then home on oral antibiotics and a stoma bag on the wound. exulate out put was quite high to start with at around 200ml a day the wound loo...

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Your input or advice for reversal

There are so many stories here, I'm well aware that I'm one of the luckier ones. A benin lump turned out to be endometriosis and my colon was disintegrated and couldn't be connected.

Now I seem to be ready for a reconnection after one colon specialist 6 months ago said I had to loose weight first, a second thinks that not realistic. The tricky part is the blood in the anal mucus that always correlates to my period. The scope indicates Diversion Proctitis (lack of use) but given what sta...

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Successful reversal

The night of August 16th was probably the most painful night of my life. Starting at 5PM and finally at 4AM on the 17th I let my wife call 911. I was brought to the hospital and diagnosed as having a perforated colon from diverticulitus. If I wasn't on so much morphine I probably would have flipped out. Finally that afternoon they found air floating around my chest area and decided I had to have surgery. I was well prepped for it as far as info goes so I knew I would wake up with a bag. My last ...

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Husbands ostomy reversal went well

My husband had an emergency colostomy August 2nd 2011 due to a bowel rupture and an E coli abcess in his abdomen from diverticulitis.  He had his reversal done on Nov. 16th.

Everything went very well.    Surgery was on Wednesday afternoon and he was home on Monday.  On 1st day post op - bowels started working and he was passing gas, and by Saturday had his first BM and all was fine.  He did have a longer surgery than expected since ther...

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Ostomy reversal question

Hope someone can help. Had a colostomy last May. Went in for reversal operation Oct. 5th. OP did not go well and required two emergency operations during the 6 weeks I was hospitalized. Last op was 7 weeks ago. I suffer from daily diarrhea and actually lose control about every other day. Dr. ordered stool tests for c. diff which I have had and know this is not c. diff. What is going on?


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Back home post op. reversal done!

well that was a tad upleasant!

i had my revarsal on the 15th november and today is the first day i have felt any were near ok.
there has been a lot of pain and a lot of constipation. i have so far not trusted a fart and for good reson.
i have worked out that if i take around 7 mil of lactolose morning and evening i can manage a poo but with out it i am unable to push anything out. if i take the stated 15 mil then i am in agony for he whole experience.
the worst pain is the...

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I am looking forward to a reversal in January. I have a colostomy due to a perforated bowel from a fistula- Crohns-. The surgeon wants me to do water enemas twice a week in preparation. Is this to cleanse or to stimulate the colon to work again? It has been 9 months since my surgery.thanks...... Jean

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Movement of stoma and no reversal

Hello I am new to posting in a forum, but have read many different posts by other people. I have had Crohns since I was 18 and had five separate operations in that time removing parts of damaged bowel. My last operation was to give me a temporary colostomy to give my bowels arest and repair a fistula that was continually causing infection. I was told when the surgery was performed that reversal would be an option in a years time, I had the operation in May 2010. Straight away after the op it was...

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2-phase reversal

Hi all... I've been lurking for about a year, rarely post but love reading everyone's stories. Smile I earned my colostomy by way of a surgical injury. I had no previous gastro issues nor any type of bowel disease. Surgery was to remove gynecological cancer, which was caught very early (stage 1B1). I survived! Honestly, that's all that really matters to me.

To the point ...

Colorectal surgeon advises a two-phase reversal process because I had...

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Raw food/ diet / herbs etc for healing colon for reversal??

Hi guys, well I have six months til I may or may not be eligable for an end colostomy reversal.
I am so desperate to heal my colon from the inflamation/ surgery etc and the chronic consitpation that caused the perf, and im desperate to try anyting that might help!

I am shaking up my diet, no more junk food for me, and I'm trying the alkaline diet atm.. lotsa of fruits and veggies, no refind sugar, no dairy, ( i dont eat meat or fish anyway)
and i've added fresh veggie and frui...

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Abdominal swelling after ileosomy reversal

Hi.  I had my ileostomy reversal surgery 2 1/2 weeks ago.  My abdomin is really swollen and I can't wear regular pants, only loose fitting sweats.  This swelling will go away - right?  Does anyone know how long it will take the swelling to go down?


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Countdown to reversal

Hi guys! how are you all doing?
Just to tell you that my reversal is next week *O*, on november 11th. i'm just so anxious about it!
I want to thank you all for the support in these 4 months, you've been a great part of my emotional recovery...Wish I could hug you all!

Wish me luck!


P.S: Any tips for the next big recovery?

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Just joined this site a few days ago.  Better late than never.  About 8 weeks ago I had surgery for a diverticulitis attack.  Besides the normal inflamation, I had developed a Micro-perforation and an abcess which prompted the emergency surgery.  After 2 seperate CAT scans in 2 weeks that they did, they never noticed the abcess.  I blame part of it on the first hospital I was in.  It was a teaching hospital where the residents on the su...

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Fertility after reversal surgery advice needed!

Hello ladies and gents,

I've seen some really amazing responses in these threads and am both very happy and reassured to know there are so many people willing to offer their support and advice; this website is a valuable resource!

I'm hoping to find some further information on ileo-anal, or j-pouch, surgery (for an ileostomy reversal - as if you guys didn't know Wink I had an emergency total colectomy in May this year (family fun for the UK ban...

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Reversal of an ostomy

I am having a reversal of my ostomy and a repair of a hernia the size of a grapefruit next week.
The doctor says I will be in the hospital a week.  Is there anything I should be looking out for?
It would be so nice to hear from someone who has had the surgery in the past.

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Scheduled my reversal today...

Received an emergency colostomy due to a diverticulitis induced bowel rupture on july 11th...  Been a tough road but thanks to everyone here who has shared past or previous experiences, my temporary predicament pales by comparison.  I was fortunate to have the entire procedure done laparoscopically and according to the surgeon, so will the reversal.  He did mention the small chance of it becoming an open-abd sx but unlikely.
Scheduled the reversal for sept 19......

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Any problems with your reversal?

Hi, my name is Paula and i am new Smile I had a hysterectomy surgery last August and it went BAD my bladder was clipped along with my large intestines so i had to have a ostomy bag for 3 months, thankfully last December i had the reversal and i was wondering if anyone has had any problems with their reversal its been 8 months and i still have swelling, pain, weird noises and movement in my stomach constantly, my doctor says he doesn't know why and i am at my witts

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Reversal - really afraid

Hello everyone! I am new around here...I'm 22 years old and I had a hartman's colostomy on july because of a car accident that caused a rupture in my bowel. It has been very  hard for me to accept all that happened, since I am so young, just graduated in the university, have a boyfriend and so on and so forth.
My reversal is scheduled for november, but I've heard so many bad things that I'm a bit apprehensive...I asked my doctor if the part of my bowel he removed was big and he sa...

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Colostomy reversal

My surgeon tells me you can't get a reversal after four years. Anyone know how long  you can wait, i didn't know there was a limit.  Mine was done it Dec 2005, he said i'm at a high risk and i have three large hernias too from the surgery, which makes my belly pertrude on the side. I still want to have more information on this and maybe get this done one of these days.  I have Lupus, thats what makes it serious to have the surgery, had a stroke after the first surge...

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Colostomy reversal, hernia repair and new ileostomy

I need some advice on what to expect and encouragement.  I have crohns disease which was very active in the decending colon and rectum. I had a permanent colostomy formed and my decending colon and rectum removed with the hope that it would cure all my problems.  My remaining tranverse colon was deemed to be unaffected by the crohns.  That surgery was two years ago and since then the crohns has appeared in my remaining colon and I also have a severe parastomal herni...

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I had surgery about three years ago I had a blockage and it was emergancy surgary. A year later I went in for the reversal but there was so much infection the Dr. said It was like an explosion going off. the Dr. sniped a vain Ilost 2/3 of my blood supplie. I only have a stump left for a rectum. My Dr. tells me that he can do the reversal but it will take a year out of my live and I will have a sudden urge to have a bowel movement.

Has anyone had this problem? Is it worth it? Please hel...

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Is 3 months to soon for a reversal

Had tranverse stoma installed in Feb. 11  2011.  Getting scoped on May 3rd, return to see surgeon on May 10th. If healed well he wants to schedule reversal then. Thanks for any input.

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Reversal coming up !

I certainly would like to know too, if there will be any problems after a hernia and ilieostomy reversal.  I'm scheduled for that on April 7th and needless to say, with  a scheduled operation, I'm a little apprehensive.  

My stoma seems to be growing every day and it seems that I need to cut the hole bigger on my flange so that I don't pinch it.  I, lol of course, thought that the stoma was to get smaller in time....but t...

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After a reversal what symptoms to look out for

I would also like to know.  My procedure was done in 2009, so far so good, but any info would be helpful.   They don't list problematic symptons anywhere.

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Reversal procedures - how many?

I have heard from some souls that they have  had their reversals repeated.  how soon after the first reversal was the second and the third?  What was the rason to re-do the reversal.  
It has been a year and a half since  mine.  I don't have any symptems of any thing wrong,  but would like to know what to watch for?


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Yeah my reversal is done!

Dec 6 had my reversal after being turned down by surgeons.  Found an specialist  that did a great job. Going for last check up tomorrow.  Had colostomy since May 08, my advice; find the best doctor you can afford, get lots of referrals and check out how often they do your type of surgery. General surgeons don't do as many and specialist have seen every variation you may have.  Best of luck, Faith 4 today and tomorrow.

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Ileostomy to a j-pouch and reversal

Has anyone had an ileo then gotten a j-pouch made and been reversed? I have a preop visit with the surgeon in a few weeks and am pretty nervous about the coming surgery. I want to know what I am in for. I'm not thrilled about having an ileo but in some ways its not so bad

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Reasons for reversal

I recently had an ileostomy in February. Unfortunately, I had a doctor who completely mislead myself and my mother into believing that I wouldn't need a bag and he could reconnect my colon. He completely betrayed my trust and needless to say, I won't be going back to him again. I've only recently decided to find a new gastroenterologist since I was so betrayed by my previous doctor. Anyways, I was wondering if anyone has had reversals simply because they WANTED one. I know there are a lot of cir...

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Reversal scheduled for october= need information please!

I am a relatively healthy man. I was in a snowmobile accident in January and had to have a colostomy to heal and to stop any infection from my wounds etc.
I am scheduled for October and was not told of any risks from my doctor. I have been reading horror stories on this site, and was wondering if I would have the same issues.
If anyone could advise me of any news good or bad, that would be great,
thankyou for your time

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Any thoughts about reversals?

any thoughts or suggesetions about reversals. i had a colonostomy 6 weeks ago. most of the colon was taken out but they left in the rectum in case i decide to try a j pouch.  i've read some good and bad experiences. i wonder as i am doing well, so far, knock wood, if i should leave well enough alone.

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Colostomy reversal/takedown

Hi , i am 18 years old and i had an emergency colostomy done after a gun shot wound to the belly im march. i am having the reversal done on 8/11/10 and totally dont know what to expect . i was in coma while the colostomy healed so i really wish to know what should i expect after surgery


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ReversalHi all...Just a question. Has anyone out there experienced a GOOD reversal? I have one scheduled in a couple of months, and am a bit nervous about the complications many of you have said might happen? Cheers!

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Severe nausea, pain & bloatedness after reversal

Hi I'm a newby so forgive my lack of knowledge but wondered after reading the boards if anyone after having a stoma reversed could offer any help on recovery time.

My husband had a reversal of his Ileostomy 20th July 2010.

In Jan 2010 he woke up with stoma bag after a 10hr emergency surgery to save his life after a Pancreas Transplant went wrong.
Currently he is in a lot of pain, abdomen very swollen, bloated feeling all the time, severe nausea & has gained 11lb yet ...

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Fao: kizzed ... reversal recovery time ....

Hi there - you can post on the Forum if you are a free member - because I do and am!

Will post your question below - not something I can comment on as haven't as yet had one - and despite having NO bowel disease not sure if I ever will! Am sure you will get plenty of responses though ..... Rach xx

My husband had a reversal of his Ileostomy 20th July
2010...just wanted advice on recovery time. In Jan 2010
he woke up with stoma bag aft...

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Gi surgeon magazines offer stats on reversal sucess rate

I have hunted online for months on medical doctor web sites and the stats for reversals don't look that good.  They state the big concerns are     if you have another condition that might add more risk to surgery. (heart disease, diabetes, pulminary problems)
           if you are obese
      &nbs p;   if you are over 55
If you can be considered for the reve...

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Stoma reversal

I had a stoma for about 10 months as I lost 2/3 of my bowel due to an accident.
I had the reversal op about a month ago. I have abdominal pain/discomfort almost like muscular pain and a distended stomach.
Will this subside?
Many thanks

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Colostomy reversal now ileostomy - help!

I had an attempted colostomy reversal, they found yet another leak and now I have an ileostomy.  I am having trouble getting my bag on before any output and it's made the skin below my stoma very red and raw.  Anyone have tips or suggestions?

Thanks in advance!

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Hello everyone/anyone, i'm due to see my doctor and would really like to try for a reversal of my illeostomy, i have been previously told that the chances are slim because of scar tissue, has anyone got experience with this sort of problem.  I really want the good and the bad news as i would prefer to go at it with a realistic attitude. Thanks

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I have a reversal in oct, tramkidol dont work for pain,

Tramidol is somthing i am allergic too, like Morphone and that Phamily and is dangrerous.  Take Lorace or Other Pain Pills Not related to what I am Allergeic too.  I have Major surger in OCT. I will have the surgery as a Cathoic and making out a living willl.
  Go by what you can live with Love JG or Jenny

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3 months post ileostomy reversal update

I wanted to put a quick update here to let those interested know how I'm doing since my ileostomy reversal 3 months ago.
I had good progress for the first 2 months but the past 3 weeks seem to have gone backwards.  I'm still in a lot of pain and spending too much time in the bathroom (8 - 12 x daily).  I am housebound all morning and if I need to go out at all, I fast beforehand.  Gas and cramping are a huge problem!

The surgeon is fairly happy with the...

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Gastritis and reversals

does anyone know if having a case of gastritis would effect whether u can be reversed or not? my boyfriend cutrrently has gastritis and is supposed to be reversed in 2-4 weeks. just curious so i can start the countdown. thanx


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What is a reversal???

what is a reversal? I just had ostomy surgery 2months ago and am a bit confused. Even if they can't do a J-pouch thereis still other surgeries?

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Ostomy reversal timeline?

I had my (emergency) transverse colostomy on December 1st, after a bout with diverticulitis wouldn't resolve, abscesses formed and ruptured.  The doc said we need to wait 6-7 months, at least, before reversing it.  I am wondering what others' experience is in regards to the timeline for reversal.  It seems to me a good idea to wait until everything is healed and strong, yet it also seems like it would be good to do it while the body still remembers how to poop!

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I had my reversal done

I was wondering if someone could tell me exactly what its like to have a colostomy and give me all the details. Good and bad. Ive had and ileostomy since 2011 and my doctor is talking about me getting a colostomy. I would really just like to keep the ileostomy but he is very much against that. So Im just very interested from hearing from someone who has one instead of everything Ive read. Please be honest with me! Thankyou< >  < >  < >  < >

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I had my reversal done

Hi guys, I know I've been gone for a while but with good reason!!
Most of you know my story, of how ai got to be an ostomate, read my profile thingy, so I won't bore you with the rest.
Here's my story of what I just went through and my reversal.

Since my original surgey (hysterectomy) in October when Dr. Malpractice cut my colon, I have had a drainage of pus from my vagina and some horrible pelvic pain.
I went in and had a barium enema, it showed no fistula but i was still...

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Having my reversal tomorrow

To all of my wonderful ostomates, thank you for your support, advice and encouragement.  I wanted to let you all know that my surgery date was just bought forward to tomorrow (Friday, feb 19) instead of Monday.  I promise to post as soon as I am well enough to let you know how it all went.  I am scared to death but hopeful of success.
To Rachel, Happy birthday for Monday!  To Hannah, I hope you are back online soon and have a wonderful success story to...

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Two weeks after my reversal, all seems to be going well..

I post this here, and on other forums of similar subject manner so people facing a comparable 'reversal' situation can read my experiences. Comments and questions are most welcome.

I was driving home from work in December 2008, when i was hit by a young man who was attempting a reckless maneuver at insanely high speed. Ultimately, He crossed into my lane and plowed directly in to the driver's side of my car. As i was bring cut out of the car by the emergency services, i faded into uncon...

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Reversal stories...please post. good and bad

I want this to be a topic of the month as everyone seems to think that reversal is the answer..I want people who have great stories to post here as well as any other bad or not so good stories to post here...I want everyone to hear all the good and bad...........Please share,    as I personally believe the medical establishment hangs the proverbial "reversal carrot" out for those of us that are chronically ill and believing that its better than Ostomy( because they ...

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Colostomy reversal

hi everybody!!
i am just wondering if any one has had a colostomy reversal and is willing to share any information that may help!


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Colostomy reversal & hernia repair

Hi all, I need some advice I had a colostomy reversal & hernia repair 9 weeks ago and all seems to be settling down one or two small issues but generally all seems to be ok. My question is do I or should I use anything to hopefully stop a reocurrance of a hernia . I am aware that I should'nt lift anything too heavy. Many thanks pippa

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Reversal is friday - pretty scared

  Hi, All.I decided to do it. Friday morning I am going to have a reversal. I just had the colostomy August 22 - so this is pretty soon (from what folks on here have said) but my doctor is very confident. Course he is the guy who punctured my colon during a hernia repair. Perotonitis came next - then - The Bag...

The last surgery almost did me in - literally. I admit to being really, really scared about this next one. I don't have an infection this ti...

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Reversal surgery scheduled - can't work up good thoughts

My reversal surgery is set for December 4. You would think I'd be celebrating but I am really scared. My last surgery almost killed me. Plus I do not hear a lot of great things about reversals.

Are there any happy stories out there about reversals that went well? It is only about 5 weeks since I got my ostomy and it is about 5 weeks til surgery is scheduled. I have not had time to "get used" to this business. I still feel like I am healing. Lots of aches and pains. I get wind...

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After my colostomy reversal and hernia repair

Hi, just to keep you all up to date I had my operation on the 14th October was in hospital for 5 days I have done very well all seems to be settling down obviously tender and sore.

I have been told not to lift anything for a while and certainly to avoid anything heavy.

However I do have a question when you suffer with a hernia and you get it repaired and you give it plenty rest over the weeks/months can you carry on as normal in other words are you able to lift things that co...

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Reversal surgery

man i wish it was me mine is not able to be reversed stuck
with it forever Sad(((  

sucks ya know my mom who says she thinks its cleaner old
fashioned way good she can worry about 24 7 and i will take
her normal bathroom habits and give her my bag

can.t wear same kinda clothes i did before cause it sticks
out a lot .  

i wish which quack doctor to blame this whole cancer thing
on the first pl...

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Reversal surgery

man i wish it was me mine is not able to be reversed stuck
with it forever Sad(((  

sucks ya know my mom who says she thinks its cleaner old
fashioned way good she can worry about 24 7 and i will take
her normal bathroom habits and give her my bag

can.t wear same kinda clothes i did before cause it sticks
out a lot .  

i wish which quack doctor to blame this whole cancer thing
on the first pl...

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Last week i had an ileostomy loop reversal,can anybods help

  hi everyone,i recently had my ileostomy loop refersal after 2 and half years of haveing a stomer bag i started with a colostomy then i had an ileostomy,then i had to have my intestine repaired for it was not possible to have a reversal due to the scar tissue blocking the flight path   so to speak.last week i had my ileostomy loop refersal,which at the moment all seems to be well apart from servere cramps and big time diorea,...

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Reversal surgery

Just wanted to report that I have just completed the first of two surgeries needed to complete my reversal/reconnection. Actually I had considered it for years & had already decided not to undergo the surgeries. I had a good system & had learned to live quite comfortably w/ my ostomy, plus at my age I just didn't want to go thru all the time, pain & discomfort. Then the peristomal hernia I had developed trapped my bowel & almost cut off it's blood supply. After 8 hrs in the emerg...

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Reversal back to colostomy

My wife has had a reversal but has been finding that even after 4 years she still has to constantly visit the loo , making her very sore , we are unable to go for a walk any distance unless there are public toilets nearby , we cannot go to the theater or cinema , on our last visit to the hospital she was asked if she would like to have a colostomy which we are told she would only have to visit the loo once a day or every other day , it seems there are two types one with a p...

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Colostomy reversal / takedown

Hi, there, I have responded to two mates with questions on this subject so far.  All I can say is I had mine done July 1, 2009.  I had the take down on the colostomy, 2 hernias and what my surgeon said was a 'tummy tuck'.  He did extensive surgery on me.

Was in the hospital 5 days until they are sure there are bowel sounds.  After I got home the first few weeks were not the best.  Not all my problems were from t...

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Colostomy reversal & hernia repair

Hi , my name is pippa and I am looking for advise and other people's opinion on colostomy reversal & hernia repair it will be getting done all at the same time, which I think is good.

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hi guys!
i am due to see my surgeon soon about having a reversal done,and im not sure what to do?
can anyone that has had successfully or not please be kind enought to leave me a post of there experiance of this operation and what life is like afterwards in regards with output,pain,success or not,thankyou xx

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Colostomy reversal

hi there,
Anyone out there who has went through the reversal of their colostomy.  I have heard good and bad regarding this.  I think I would like to hear some more of the good before I commit myself to have this procedure.

The colostomy itself was not too bad except that I had septia and peritonitis and almost died twice.  Now that that is all over and done with I am scared to go back and have surgery again, even though I hear it is not as bad as what ...

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