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This is a story about a wealthy man who was known for being eccentric. He once hosted this big party, and in the backyard he had a huge swimming pool full of sharks and alligators.

After assuming that most of his guest had arrived, He announced,"If anyone can swim across the pool un-harmed, I will give you anything you want. "Within a matter of seconds, there was a big

splash. Dodging sharks, maneuving aroung the alligators, this man made it across with great swiftness and just slightly ahead of sudden death.

The wealthy man said, "You're the bravest man I ever met. What do you want me to give you?" The man replied, what I want is, the name of the man that pushed me in!

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Good one


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This is a funny one Angel. 


Hi Angel.

Nice one - I like that.



Very funny!

Very good 😊
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