Post ostomy-related questions.
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Ostomy, intimacy, dating, relatioships and all that jazz.
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Give food advice from personal experience, share healthy eating ideas, post yummy recipes.
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Share your workout habits, sports you play and advice for healthy lifestyle.
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Talk about anything you like. Just be nice! :)
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Crack a joke!
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Tips about your ostomy.
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Reversing your colostomy, ileostomy or urostomy.
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New products, questions, recommendations, issues, improvements and anything else.
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Ideas for new ostomy products; improvements to existing ones; likes and dislikes; ostomy research; collaboration with other ostomates.
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How Ostomy changed my Life and perception of Life?
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Post any questions not related to ostomy.
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Share great places you've been and want to recommend. Found cheap hotel or deal on a trip? Let everyone know.
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What insurance do you have - house, car, medical. Does it cover all? Any tips for others? Questions?
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Things that matter.
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FOW collects, repacks, ships and donates quality surplus ostomy products and related literature.
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