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Meet An OstoMate is not a typical ostomy website, but rather a vibrant multi-topic community where people have fun, discuss various things, laugh together, cry together, and give each other plenty of love and support.

One of the greatest features of Meet An OstoMate is the ability to search other members by location, gender, age, interests, and other criteria. Members use this feature all the time to find someone to talk to or to even start a relationship.

You will also love our forum, member blogs, chat room, private chat, private messaging, photo gallery, events section, classifieds, and more.

Meet An OstoMate is one of the greatest online communities. The best part is that people here care for each other. If you feel more comfortable sharing your story with someone who understands, then go ahead and join us today.


Our members

"It has been a treat for me to be a part of this site and to share and read and laugh with you all. I do wish we all could live or be closer to one another but since we are not, this site makes it feel as though we are all neighbors and in some cases like family. How cool is that!"

"I don't know how it really happened. But I felt like I could definitely be there for her when no one else wanted to. So we started talking more ... and texting ... and skyping. Somewhere inbetween all that, I just fell in love. She's probably the best out of anyone I've dated, really. I mean what are the odds of finding someone who's absolutely perfect for you? Then take those odds and factor in someone who's perfect for you that has a bag? That's like a one in a trillion chance right there. Now we talk constantly. Every day I just realize how lucky I am/was/will be. Lucky that I didn't die and got an ostomy, lucky to have her now, because she makes every day so perfect, and lucky that I'll have her for a long time (hopefully.)"

"This forum is extremely valuable. I had my first date with a gal with an ostomy this past week ..."

"I appreciate the support & understanding more then you know!! ... I am thankful I have this forum & you great friends!"

"First let me say this is a fantastic site! A WOC nurse led me to you and I've learned so much from here in the past few days."

"Complain, vent, scream, cry....WHATEVER! We are here for you! ..."

"And when you need big arms for a hug -- that's here too ..."

"I have to say I have only been on this website for 2 weeks and you are all so nice and helpful ..."

"I just got my colostomy in October '08 and I am learning more from this site than from the professionals ..."

"Love this site ..."

"I've met some great people from this web site and thank them with all my heart for their support ..."