Need help with crunchy bag sounds and waterproof cover!

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Hi, I have a 2-piece system and my bags are extremely crunchy! All I have to do is move a little and the sound can be heard by everyone that is near me. Does anyone know of a cover for my pouch to muffle this? Plus, does anyone know of a waterproof shower cover?


Hi Bubba,

Just Google "ostomy cover" and you'll find hundreds of choices. Most of those will be a single layer cotton material, so they won't hide your "crunchiness" totally. You can try a Stealth Belt, which is spandex........and the older ones I believe were neoprene. Both of those should quiet down your noisy poop sack, with the neoprene probably doing the best job. There's also tons of covers on eBay, if that's more your thing.....or even Amazon. And if you're even remotely handy and can work a sewing can make a custom cover with any special features you want built in very easily. Just remember to use the flexible stitch setting when sewing around the hole that goes around your barrier (around your stoma). I made a few early on and forgot about that......if the hole can't ain't getting it on!

As for the shower this forum for "shower" or "showering". That topic is discussed routinely.



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I am not sure what brand appliance that you use, but I have the Convatec appliance two-piece system. My appliance comes with a sheathing attached that muffles any sound. I have never had any trouble in this regard with it. Before Convatec, I used the Hollister appliance and yes, this used to make a lot of crunchy sounds. With this system, I used an appliance covering that was sold separately, which was effective in reducing any noise. I did not like it, however, because after several uses, the cover would sometimes slide off and as a result, would fall down my pant leg and out the bottom.



This has been a problem for me. When I used to work as a newspaper reporter covering county council meetings, sometimes my stomach would growl excessively and the reporters near me would give me strange looks. I didn't feel like I would get to give them an explanation since I had to have the operation and secondly, it was none of their damn. I didn't ask for this and if they had a problem with it then they could go straight to hell.


I'll second that, Cincinnati!! I had my gut make some loud noises the other day at work. I was standing next to a mech showing him how to install a part on something sinister (sorry, can't discuss our weapons systems here in public) and my stoma made a loud "gurgly gurgly POP!" sound. He looked at me and I looked at him, and then he just smiled and said.....gut? I said yup, and we both (at the same time) said......know you can't fart!....and we had a laugh. But I've been in meeting conference rooms sitting around the big-boy table and had my stoma start talking during the quietest times of the meeting. Those folks don't know my secret, so I just put my notebook over my bag and try to slide under the table as far as I can. But I'm with you.....nothing I can do about it......and it's none of their damn business. Life goes on.



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Here is a link for StomaCloak covers. It is reusable but a little costly. It says it helps with odor and noise.


I too use the Convatec two-piece system and only have crunchy noise when it has filled with gas, and that is short-lived. I was sent some samples of other Convatec pouches once that seemed like they were nothing but crunchy plastic. I hated them, and they actually left me with a rash because of the moisture from the shower made them stick to me.
I would suggest another pouch that still fits your flange.


Ha ha Bob! At least our farts don't stink! (At least until we unzip the Ziploc)


At home, I really do not notice my stoma fart noises, but at work, it is kinda funny and embarrassing. I just laugh a bit and blame it on the chair or hunger. And you all are right, it is no one's darn business.
When I was dating my last boyfriend, he heard the crackling noise of my bag, and I said it was candy paper in my pocket. I rarely tell people about my bag. After about a month, I told him I have a colostomy, and he looked it up on the internet. He thought it was strange I had paper in my pocket every time we went out. We dated for 3 years.


I have cleared my throat or coughed at times to cover the noise. But most of the people that I am around know I have an ostomy.


The old "candy wrapper in my pocket" trick! Maried... that's brilliant. If I ever do start wearing the new crunchy Hollister bags (I have them but only wore them a couple times), I'll remember to put a spent candy wrapper in my pocket (for effect).




I did have a piece of candy in my pocket last week one day when we walked the dog. I always treat myself to 3 Lifesaver mints when I walk the dog. My husband looked at me like, "Stop playing with your pouch and making that noise!" Haha

It really was the candy!


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