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Well it's just coming upto a year since I had my emergency stoma. Since joining MAOM I have learnt all different kinds of ideas to help with the stoma. Not only that I have made a lot of good friends who I can talk to. The beauty of this site is it's not just giving tips and ideas we talk about anything and everything. So thank you for giving us a great site. XX
Posted by: Caz67
I have been re-reading some of my previous rhymes and found a few that loosely fit into the category of MAO reviews. (How was I to know that the administrators would decide to request such items for a specific slot on the site? So that they don't go to waste, I will reproduce some of them as I find them:


I thank you all for your support
and all the things that you have taught
me on this site over the years
to sort me out and calm my fears.

When I came out of hospital
and I was feeling horrible,
with nobody that understood
which did not make me feel too good.

I went upon the internet
to see what advice I might get,
because I felt alone and blue
accepting I had not a clue.

I stumbled on this stoma site
where contributors seemed they might
both understand and give advice
which I believed was rather nice.

It’s what I needed at that time,
for whilst I penned my thoughts in rhyme,
there’s nothing like a friend to chat
and share exactly what we’re at.

When people have experience,
and have shown some resilience,
they seem understand our plight
and conversations seem so right.

I think it’s nice when people share
and show the world that they can care,
for this is a great attribute
to which, I wish to pay tribute.

I wish to thank each one of you
for all the good things that you do,
and hope that you will carry on
long after I am dead and gone.

Be Withers 2020
Posted by: Bill

Short review. MAOM has helped me feel better by helping others it made me feel useful, worthy, important. It took my depression away. The more you use the site the more you get out of it.

Posted by: xnine


I’d like to write a nice review
that might express something quite new.
Then I read previous points of view,
which said the things I wanted to.

I would endorse the things I’ve read
about what other folks have said,
for these are the benefits and things
that joining a site like this can bring.

When I was an initiate, (novice)
it seemed to be appropriate
to express myself in rhyme
as this is how I spend my time.

When contemplating what to write
with contributing to this site,
it seemed to me, my ostomy
could be expressed in poetry.

Thus, when I had something to say,
a rhyme, for me seemed the best way,
for rhymes can often capture stuff
that prose don’t capture quite enough.

I do appreciate the way,
this site lets people have their say
in whatever mode they will
about the things that make them ill.

There are not many forums for
discussing stuff most folks abhor.
So, this site fulfils a small niche,
where angst and problems can unleash.

Where raw emotions can decant,
so, folks feel free to have a rant,
and we can all associate
is something I appreciate.

                           B. Withers 2021

Posted by: Bill

I have learned a lot from this site. People are willing to share things that has worked for them,  Things like supplies, skin care, different surgeies,blockages, and a lot more.

Posted by: lovely

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Posted by: c57557555

If I was a relative newbie with an ostomy, I have no doubt that this site would be very helpful to me.  The members are quick to respond to questions and issues and they are filled with experience.  When I joined, I already had a lifetime with an ostomy, so I just regard it as a place to meet and communicate with other folks similarly situated.  Either way, it is a good site.

Posted by: HenryM

Great place for newbies to learn, I have helped many folks on here learn to irrigate, plus learned a few tricks myself. Great informative site.

  After I got my ostomy I found this site and got a lifetime membership. I have had so much help from the core members, things that even the wound care nurses didn't know. If you haven't been through this journey you don't know - only the people that have experienced this first hand truly understand what your going through. The support is enormously helpful getting through this. Afterwards when you start to learn how to deal with this new normal you can begin to help others.  ...mtnman. 

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