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Hello everyone!

It has been almost a year since joining this site. I just wanted to share. I know a lot of people get concerned about meeting someone on here. I'm not a lifer membership and I had someone initiate to take me out. I've been divorced since 2009. He lives in Chicago. I ignored the first time thinking he was joking. I live in Milwaukee. So a month later he sent me a message through this site saying he wanted to meet me. That was in April this year. I must say it was the best thing that could happen to me. We talk almost every day. We have so much in common. He comes up all the time to spend the day or weekend together. It really does make a difference when someone has an ostomy like you. Such understanding and we always have something to talk about. I want to share because sometimes people think it's hard to meet someone or they say this site doesn't work. I'm a testimony that this site does work. We are talking marriage this time next year. I will keep you posted.🤗

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I'm happy for you, congratulations. Wish you the best of luck!!! Angelicamarie


Hello drfields24. Thank you for sharing this and congratulations. It is so uplifting to hear stories like this where things work out for people and I wish you the best for your future together.



What a great story, thanks for sharing your positivity! 3


Nice, heart warming story. Good luck!



Good for you. very happy for you


Way to go,  hopefully the best chance you've ever taken in life!!   Wishing you the best. 


Very nice great story. Good luck


That's fabulous , so happy for you both! 

Would like to think this is possible for all of us on this site. Best of Love, Luck, Health and Happiness to you both



It's nice to see that it happens for some people. I hope someday to be able to share a similar fabulous story.......



Okay, so I just came across this post three years after you posted it.  How about an update...  


My name is Edward Aills I have a ostamy because I got shot six times I am scared to even talk to a girl face to face because this ostamy.messes with me mentally I know I spelled it wrong lol ...well anyway I am lonely as hell and looking for a relationship I can't figure out how to put pictures on here but if you have messenger  I can send you pics  

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