Thank You Everyone!

Feb 01, 2024 12:42 am

I want to thank everyone for their suggestions, messages, and tips! So many have helped! We are learning as we go, learning the ins and outs of this bag. I have ordered special tape that does not irritate my skin and am now using Domeboro powder before putting on a new bag. My boyfriend says that my skin is so much less red!

Saw an ostomy nurse today; she said my boyfriend is doing everything right. One of my issues is that I am really thin, and my skin is really crinkly due to the surgery. We shall see how this bag goes.

This site is a real blessing. Everyone here is so awesome!


Feb 01, 2024 1:12 am

Thank you, Kim! 🍻 We are only as good as our members, so remember that everyone here, I'm sure, is very eager and happy to help anyone, anywhere. We value your input, and we will try our best to answer any question.

This is truly an awesome site with some awesome people. I'm really proud to be part of it.

I'm really happy in some small way that my advice has helped you. Keep your chin up.

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Feb 03, 2024 12:02 am
Reply to warrior

Through everything I have been through, my fighting spirit has never wavered! My boyfriend commented to me last night, who would have thought you would wake up from surgery with the bag. I do not complain, just try to find solutions. I am learning Ms. Ostomy's M.O. LOL yes, I have named her. I talk to her many times a day. She would not let me nap today. She was quiet and as soon as I laid down to nap, she would go nutso. Kept having to get up and empty the bag.

I really am so happy to be able to eat again! Yeah, it spills out through the bag eventually, but I can eat real food again! Have not really eaten much since early October when this journey began with a hole in my esophagus.

Feb 05, 2024 2:43 pm

Kimmy, do you "crust" with Domboro powder? What brand of tape did you find? My stoma is named "Little Buddy" (Gilligan). When he "barks" (gas) I just reply "Say, Little Buddy" - The Captain

Feb 05, 2024 10:32 pm
Reply to rlevineia

Hello Captain and "Little Buddy"! I do not crust with the Domboro; I mix it in with warm water. After my boyfriend removes the bag, he takes some gauze pads and wipes it all around my belly, where the bag and barrier strips have been. It is so very soothing! I will say my belly is becoming much less red when the bag is removed, and I am not having as much pain and itchiness with the bag on. For me, I think the Domboro was perhaps a game changer.

I found a Nexcare blue tape on Amazon. I was out of it when I had to tape myself down a week or so ago until my boyfriend could get here. The other tape makes my belly raw! But I did what I had to at the time. I am now stocked up on the blue tape.

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